Thursday, April 12, 2018

It's Thursday & I'm a day behind. Freebie in post

Looks like it is just going to be 5 freebies this week instead of 6. Sorry but I'm taking Antivert every 12 hrs for the labrinthitis and doing lots of sleeping. Not seeing much improvement yet. Okay if I'm still and not moving head but that is limiting! Wihtout further complaint, here is what I was planning for Wednesday download. This zip introduces you to Natalia NZ's Pamela. She is the Poser tube that caught my eye and suggested this kit. Then when I went into the store to make the purchase, I found Natalia had 2 other Deco/Jazz Age ladies and I couldn't resist those either. You've already met Beata and will meet the third, Paola, next week. Today's zip includes a couple more papers, a border, frame and a couple elements.

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