Thursday, June 30, 2016

Zip 10 of Picasso Lilies freebie

Have you been wondering where the bride and groom are? The pair in this kit is dressed traditionally in formal attire. Special thanks to Ariasparkle and MediEvil Creations for these Posers.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wednesday freebie zip 9 Picasso Lilies & Promises

This is a simple one. I saw this silhouette of a kiss and thought it would make a nice background for photos of that first kiss as Mr. & Mrs.
News today just depressing! Suicide bombers in Turkey. Fires destroying so much of our west coast. Flooding on east coast. The center isn't holding!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday freebie - zip 7 of Picasso Lilies & Promises

Today's zip goes back to the emerald color:
The newlyweds are okay - some pain from injuries, but nothing serious. This too shall pass.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Newlywed troubles

Quick post about our newlyweds. Their streak of bad luck hasn't ended yet. Just got word that last night Berkeley was out in the Corolla and when she made a left turn, another woman ran through a red light and hit her. The car is totaled. No witnesses last night. B seems to be okay but is being looked at by doctors where Jeremy works. I warned against saying too soon that all is well. I learned the hard way when a woman rear ended me years ago. Had a neck sprain and her insurance paid for car repairs and some physical therapy. I continued to have some neck pain that I was later told was probably from the accident, plus they think that is what triggered my fibromyalgia!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's day 6 of the Picasso Lilies & Promises freebie

I'm expecting 2 of our grandchildren any minute and wish I didn't feel so dragged out. I know it is the effect of the antiviral medication but I really need some energy! My husband is cooking beef stroganoff (hamburger really) for the kids and I'll visit with them until after dinner. There is a Bluegrass event tonight that he will be taking them to. Larkin really enjoys the music and danced all night when he last took her along. Malachai plays cello at school so John thinks he will enjoy the bass players tonight. Hope they have a good time. Me? I'm grateful hubby has someone to go with him, because I don't like much Bluegrass music, especially not what he calls the "high lonesome" vocals. That grates on my nerves. Ill have a few hours of quiet, maybe watch a Netflix movie while doing some laundry.
The newlyweds are back in Pennsylvania after a honeymoon in the British Virgin Islands. They stayed in a villa in the area called The Baths on Virgin Gorda. My son called me today, knowing I'd be upset by a comment on their FB page about broken ribs. Whose? How? He said that the night of the wedding, when just a few people were around, his new BIL accidentally stepped on his foot. His big toe went numb but Jeremy thought it was just a passing thing. He learned yesterday that the tip was fractured. This information came when he was examined by the doctor where he works for chest pain. It seems he had been climbing some huge rocks at The Baths. Weathered by the water, there were few hand/foot holds. He was fine going up but had to press himself against the boulder as he tried to climb down. He felt something pop. Turns out he broke 3 ribs! And Berkeley lost her wedding band, handmade in Ireland, in the surf. However, despite all this, they had a great time. Tired now, they will spend July packing and getting ready to move to another townhouse in August. Jeremy goes back to his usual schedule at Patient First and Berkeley does all the name change stuff and waits to hear when she can take her state certification test as a laboratory technician.
Today's zip of Picasso Lilies & Promises is a stacked paper, 2 trim and small floral deco.

Friday, June 24, 2016

More from Picasso Lilies & Promises

Shingles seem to be fading a bit so that means antiviral is working! Felt well enough to do a quick Costco run for just a few things. Hubby made meatballs and Italian sausage to go in spaghetti tonight - yum! I picked up some key lime cupcakes at Costco for dessert. Haven't tried them before so hoping they are good.
Today another purple paper, a corner ribbon, and a small heart deco.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Day 4 of free Picasso Lilies & Promises

Waiting on lab work to see if my liver enzymes leveled out. If they have, I can take something for the pain in my hip. Made an experimental page using a background from this new kit, a photo from the deck at the beach house and a photo of Jeremy with his Dad. Not sure if I like this or not. Jeremy's hair has been blown into a point in front by wind - funny looking!
Today's zip is in the soft cornflower/sand color of the guy's shirts.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pain & zip 3 Picasso Lilies

Writing this Tuesday evening to post on 6/22. the mystery of recent hip pain is solved. An outbreak of shingles! It attacks nerves and apparently that is what caused this pain. On anti-viral which makes me feel wiped out but does cut the outbreak short. Oh joy!

Today's zip is in the matron of honor's color - emerald.
This is the matron of honor, the bride's sister & her husband.

Monday, June 20, 2016

New free kit begins. Picasso Lilies & Promises - the Wedding

The new free kit is called Picasso Lilies & Promises: The Wedding. It is based loosely on the colors from my son' wedding.
The wedding this month was eclectic as it was held at a beach house in North Carolina but didn't use a beach theme per se. The bride wore a high-low design wedding dress with barefoot beach sandals, her attendants were in short simple dresses of emerald and purple. The groom wore linen slacks, a pale cornflower Hawaiian print shirt and sandals and his men the same shirt with khaki pants. With this kit, I'm ad libbing to give you typical bridal figures and a cake where our newly weds choose fresh fruit tarts.

Here is zip 1 which is pretty traditional:

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Introducing the newly weds

My son, Jeremy Ryan Schupp, married his girlfriend, the lovely Berkeley Rushka Halperin, on June 11, 2016 at the beach house of John and Bunny Adams in Nags Head, N.C.

I'll be back tomorrow with the first zip of a new kit, Picasso Lilies and Promises, which is based on the wedding colors.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Last minute details

Her it is, Thursday night and I have to be ready to leave first thing in the morning. I'm mostly prepared but there are last minute details - always. All I really want to do is sleep right now. Instead, I've got to finish up packing. In the morning we are meeting son, Eric, at I-Hop for breakfast. then I'll get on the road to Nags Head. My husband and Eric will go over to the hospital to check on Eric's wife who had back surgery today. there is so much going on right now that I'm not going to stress myself out further. Don't want to make promises I can't keep. Therefore, I am taking some time off from blog and should be back on 6/20 with something new for you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The end of the Steamy Spring freebie

If you have been collecting the Steamy Spring kit, yuo should have 30 zips as of today. Zip 30 has a large gear cluster and a big top border. I hope you have enjoyed this kit as much as I have enjoyed making it.

Today I have a doctor's appointment and errands to run. I'm trying to put together a small kit in the wedding colors but I'm having a hard time of it. As mother of the groom, I haven't been included in much of the planning as I can only tell you what I know until I actually see for myself how it turns out. My son and his bride are getting married on the deck of a lovely beach cottage on a cove at Nags Head, N.C. Call me conventional but I'd have gone for a beach theme and colors. Instead, the bride choose these colors (as near as I understand):
I know for certain the green she choose is emerald and this is my best guess about the purple since my son described it as "not as dark as eggplant, more like the purple in a crayon box." The groom and his men are wearing khaki pants with Hawaiian shirts something like the cornsilk color in swatch. The floral (I'm guessing hibiscus) design on the shirts is in white. The bride bought a lovely contemporary white gown - long with train. But she had the train removed and the skirt altered into a high-low design. She wanted a special hibiscus flower that isn't available so will be carrying a bouquet of Picasso Calla Lilies. One of her attendants will be in purple, the other in green; don't know what flowers they will have. She wanted gardenias for the table flowers but ran into a problem with florists being able to supply them so has some other back-up flowers. I'm going to see what I can come up with and share with you but that is for another day.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Larkin! & freebie

Today our granddaughter, Larkin, turned 6! Poor baby spent the morning at clinic because she is suffering from conjunctivitis in both eyes. Once she was home we went to see her and give her a bicycle. Hot pink with white tires on blue rims, mylar tassels on the handlebars, a seat in white with blue and pink paisley and a cute zip up pouch on the front. The pouch will be perfect for the Hello Kitty bike gloves and hot pink knee and elbow pads her maternal grandmother gave her. Her mother got her a funny helmet like a unicorn head that continues the hot pink and blue theme. It's an 18" bike with training wheels so she had to stretch to get on but once she realized she was safe, she started learning how to ride. Her mother will be getting a lot of exercise with her for sure lol. Got to get some photos soon. (Forgot my camera!)

Anyway, lots to do over next few days as Jeremy and Berkeley's wedding is on the 11th. Here's hoping that we get some rain free days with low humidity and nice temperatures for the weekend. Today we have zip 29 of Steamy Spring. It contains a decorative metallic disk, a jeweled piece you could put on a frame, and a counter top jewelry display box. Thought I'd never get that piece finished.
Link: One more zip of this kit to come, then we move on.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday freebie zip 28 Steamy Spring

Working frantically, trying to finish up Larkin's blanket before Monday (her b'day). So here is today's zip:
A couple more skirts for your store, a fancy gear, and another frame. Enjoy!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Don't like how this summer is shaping up and a freebie

This summer isn't shaping up how I'd like. Thought it would be a good one with wedding and 20th anniversary trip but it seems everyone is falling apart health wise! Husband isn't feeling well. One of grandson Tyler's grandmothers (he has 4!) has been having a series of issues and had to go into hospital. Haven't talked to Tyler or his stepmother today (it's her mother) so don't know if she has returned home or not. Poor grandma Brenda has had a series of broken bones that are taking forever to heal. Sounds like she needs nursing care for a while. And DIL, Tanya went to hospital a few days ago with horrible back pain and had an emergency MRI. She has a herniated disk and 2 others that have collapsed resulting in pressure on nerves and numbness in her legs. She was supposed to be released today (haven't heard yet) and will go back on 6/9 for surgery. The wedding is 6/11 and when I get back June is having her surgery on 6/13. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about all the running around to doctors, hospitals and homes to check on everyone, plus making meals and helping with follow-up care.

Today we have another jacket and more boxes.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Zip 26 of Steamy Spring freebie

Very humid day with fog not lifting until after noon! Had lunch (she crab soup for me) at the Captain's Galley and sat and talked for hours. A nap this afternoon and that was the end of my day lol. Over half way through Larkin's blanket. The main body of it, that is. Then there is the big border to do. On way back from movie the other day, I stopped in Hancock Fabrics to see if I could pick up some yarn at good price since they are going out of business. But really there wasn't much selection and prices weren't so hot. For instance, I like Lion Brand's Homespun and want to make a shrug for fall. Hancock was selling it at about $8/skein so even with discount not a bargain! I watch sales at Michael's and A. C. Moore and they often have it on sale at about $3/skein. However, I did buy 3 skeins of a bulky yarn that is machine wash and dry. I want to try making a bathmat that will be absorbent and easy to wash. Guess that will be next crochet project.

In today's zip we have some pretty hatboxes, a pair of taller boots and a jacket. Don't know why I got the bug to make this a steampunk shopping excursion but sure had fun with it.

Not sure what will be next but know next week and the following will be busy ones. Next week it's Larkin's birthday, some travel, and The Wedding! I'll get back from all that and will be taking June for surgery on Monday and helping with her, then Thursday our DIL, Tanya, is having back surgery and we will be trying to help out there. So, I might go simple here with some papers and element packs rather than a big themed kit. I am also thinking about putting together a printable journal kit in a 5" x 7" size. That would be pages to print on cardstock, some elements, tags, little pockets etc. Such kits are selling on etsy and the like for $10 and up. Generally I do art journal pages on letter size paper so I can slip them into plastic page keepers when finished and store in a binder. That works well for me but there is an appeal to designed papers ready to be embellished and written on in a more comfortable carrying size. Any interest in this?

Time to go grab a sandwich and settle in to do some rows on the blanket. Hugs!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Free June 2016 goal Pages for your journal


Short day today & zip 25

Slept in today really late so must get moving and accomplish something. Wanted to go see Alice Through The Looking Glass yesterday and had invited 3 friends but none could go. I decided to go on anyway since hubby was supposed to meet some former co-workers over at Hooters. What can I say about the movie? Colorful, great special effects. As best as I can remember the original "Looking Glass" this just basically borrowed the looking glass as entry to wonderland and the usual characters. This time, Anne Hathaway was less wooden as the White Queen. The character of Time was interesting. Overall though, you might want to just wait for it to come out on TV.

Today's zip has a few more shop items: a doll faced hat stand, another hat, a catalog. You will have to play around with sizes of hats and hatstands to make them look as you wish.

No promises but have any thoughts on themes? Want to submit a color swatch? If you like, you can submit swatch and/or themes to me at Please put Blog Ideas in subject line.