Saturday, April 30, 2016

Please bear with me . . .

Still in pain; doctor's appointment first thing Monday. New kit, steamy Spring, coming real soon.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Apologies & promised ATC element freebie

Sorry but between family duties and severe pain, I've been missing here. Going to have to get shoulder looked at as just when I think it's fine, it acts up again. The latest had pain radiating into my neck and down spine to mid-back with occasional pain down right arm. I've got no time or patience for it! Today have to go for re-check on COPD but quickly want to give you the promised ATC elements. Again done individually as pngs and also as a collage sheet for those who prefer to print out. For anyone who doesn't know, ATC stands for artist trading card - a little piece of art that is to be traded among artists and friends. Standard size is just like a baseball card - 2.5" x 3.5". The idea has been around for years and is still a fun thing to do. You can include your little piece of art with a card or letter to a friend, tuck into a lunch box, etc. etc.

Here is a quick example of a completed (simple) ATC:
(Yes I adjusted the color of elements to match up.)
And here are some elements for you:

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Artist Trading Card Backgrounds freebie

Quick post before the clock moves into Sunday. Today I have artist trading card backgrounds - as individual images and as a printable sheet. Will follow up with some ATC sized elements to play with.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Last day of Spring Fantasy freebie

Today my chapter of the Red hat Society, the Red Lillies, took a lunch cruise on the Spirit of Norfolk with other Red Hat chapters. I'd never been on the Spirit of Norfolk so it ws something different. This is a cruise up and down the Elizabeth River in Norfolk that includes a buffet lunch and entertainment. Here is a photo of the ship:
Will post photos of the group as they get shared on FB. Today may be last day of Spring Fantasy. Here's what we have: 2 more papers, a fountain, mushrooms, and another rabbit.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Busy day and another Spring Fantasy freebie

Had two doctor appointments (regular follow-ups) and some errands, plus finished up the invitation flyer for group's May event. Day flew by. I made a mistake with today's zip. I'd enlarged the grass border you will see in the preview when I saw how it looked there. Saved new version but somehow saved it to the preview as a merged file. What can I say? That was late yesterday night. You won't find the grass in the zip, which probably isn't a big deal but it makes me angry with myself that I deleted the original of it so will have to make it again from scratch. But not tonight.
The zip contains another of P.Ann's adorable Poser figures which I combined with a flower and settled on a bench, a garden parasol, and a flower.
One more piece of business to take care of then I can get some slepp. Take care!

Monday, April 18, 2016

So sorry and freebie

While I really enjoyed having Larkin here on the weekend, by the time we took her home on Sunday, we were exhausted! Got no sleep Friday night as Larkin was like a puppy, going in circles in her sleep. Saturday night was a little better but we had played all day. Sunday morning we picked up Larkin's mother (my step-daughter) and Larkin's half-brother, Malachai and all of us went out to breakfast. When hubby and I got home, we crashed for a few hours. Wish I could bottle some of Larkin's energy!
Here is the zip of Spring Fantasy that you should have gotten on Saturday:
Thought you could use a few flying creatures.

More later (whihc might be tomorrow)

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday night and the children are asleep. Plus Spring Fantasy freebie

Yesterday set off neck and shoulder pain after scrubbing the bathroom. Earlier today, I vacuumed, something I've been avoiding since I hurt my shoulder, and did other chores. Things have to get done , especially since the little Princess is coming for a visit. Our grand-daughter, Larkin, (she is 5) is spending the weekend with us. Hubby picked her up after school so they got here about 4 p.m. It's been a busy day. We have watched the Cars 2 movie, given Ducky (a big plush duck) rides in the big Tonka dump truck that Larkin's big brother, Tyler used to play with, read some Dr. Seuss, and made things with Play Doh. Larkin's Papa cooked barbecue last night to give his little Princess something new to try at dinner. She did pretty well eating a little barbecue, most of her baked beans and coleslaw. Surprised me to learn she likes coleslaw. But her favorite thing at dinner was deviled eggs which she had never tried before; she pronounced them "Yummy!" Just before 9 p.m. Larkin got into her pjs and was ready for bed without any prompting. Shortly after 9, as Nonna (me) was taking some Tylenol, Papa fell asleep in his recliner. It's about 10:30 here now, and I'm just getting a chance to post. Today's freebie is another paper, another frame, another bow, and some word art.
I'm going to take a few minutes to unwind with some solitare then I'm off to bed too.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Got to get some cleaning done but here's a freebie

So much to do and not sure how well my shoulder is going to handle it. Grand-daughter may be coming for weekend but still don't know yet, Today, no papers, just elements. Some more landscaping stuff, a frame, etc.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday already and another freebie

Seem to have picked up some sort of bug. Was up most of the night with flu like symptoms and today has been a waste. Today's freebie was already to go but it's a little odd compared to the zips so far. You should be now have some flowers, bushes, trees and a character or two. Thought you might like to make up a scene. Today's zip includes 2 sky backgrounds and a variety of landscape pieces. Try layering the grassy shapes and tucking in a tree or bush or flowers in between to look as though they are growing up through the layers.

Oops - missed posting Tuesday freebie

This was supposed to go up last night but I wasn't feeling well and went to bed early.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday again and more Spring Fantasy

It won't be strawberry season here until May, but Food Lion had some California berries yesterday and I couldn't resist. We had been talking about the days when we'd drive out to farms in Pungo and pick huge amounts of berries. Some for eating "naked," some for shortcake, some to freeze for shortcake and jam later, some for strawberry butter - so yummy on fresh biscuits. The CA berries seem to be a different variety than what is usually grown locally. These are larger and firmer and not quite as sweet. I just finished preparing some for shortcake tomorrow night and am taking a break.

I've been pretty productive today in ordinary terms. Did some laundry, picked up prescriptions, made homemade chicken potpie, and paid bills. Not bad. Just can't vacuum yet or lift much of anything. Shoulder doesn't hurt unless I drive, lift something (learned 5lbs of flour is too heavy) or turn wrong way. Hope to be doing well enough to go to pool on Wednesday. I won't swim, just do my aqua therapy exercises, going easy on those for arms.
Today in Spring Fantasy, we have another paper and 4 garden elements:
Tomorrow I should be able to post some photos of the pacifier clips and bunny lovey I've been crocheting.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Today a little fantasy in the freebie

So, you've been wondering where the fantasy is in Spring Fantasy? Today you get the first taste.
See that darling little elf character that I've posed on a mushroom? She is one of the lovely Posters created by Pat of Pann's Place. She is going to inhabit whatever Spring fantasy you create for your layouts with this kit. Coming up will be a variety of flowers, a few critters, and even some landscape pieces to use in setting your scene. Hope you will enjoy playing with it. Many thanks to Pat for use of her Poser creations!
(No post on Sunday. Come back Monday for more.)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Wondering and a freebie

Just wondering if anyone is enjoying Spring Fantasy? Whatever, I do have more today. Fortunately, I had finished today's freebie before I went out. Coming home from shopping yesterday, I realized that the papers I had in the passenger seat up front were likely to get wrinkled if I left them where they were. So I snagged that bag while at a stoplight and reached behind me to lay it on the back seat. Almost screamed as pain ripped through my right shoulder and neck. I guess I pulled a muscle (funny, used to be able to do that move). By the time I got home, I had pain in neck, shoulder, arm and down the upper part of my back. Hit the Tylenol immediately but it was difficult getting to sleep last night and pain is still sticking around today.

Anyway, here is today's zip of Spring Fantasy:

Have something ready to put up for tomorrow but Sunday I will be off. Hugs!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

On my way out but first a freebie

I'm trying to finish up a little project for my friend, Liv's (Country Liv's Graphics), great-grand-daughter who is expected next month. Last night I was sewing the pieces of the crocheted bunny lovey together when my plastic yarn needle broke so I'm heading out to buy more yarn needles. Hope to find some metal ones this time. Here is your freebie of Spring Fantasy today:
I know, you're still saying where's the fantasy in this? Some places already have sunshine and flowers of spring and that's a natural phenomenon. Just wait. BTW I also included a banner without the letters for spring in case you have another use for it. Hugs!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mid-week and more of Spring Fantasy

Tuesday was gone almost before I knew it! We had arranged to meet our youngest son, Eric, and his wife, Tanya and some of husband's former co-workers at Hooter's for all-you-can eat chicken wings. Not really my thing, but I went along. We left early so we could pick up one of hubby's former riders (hubby drove for local transit 42 years) at his job. We were about 15 minutes early to pick up the young man and I spotted a Hancock Fabrics in the same shopping center. Sadly, Hancock filed bankruptcy and is in the process of closing all stores. I needed a bag of stuffing to complete a baby project and if I could get it for less, so much the better. I browsed and got the stuffing plus a few odds and ends. At Hooters I asked our DIL to sit next to me so we could get better acquainted. The co-workers came in late, after we were finished with our dinners, but we stuck around to visit. Got home and both of us pretty much crashed in front of the TV.
Update on piracy issue. Pat determined that one of the people selling her products was someone she had been communicating with off and on for a couple of years. She closed the complaint after talking with the store, deciding to give benefit of doubt to the "designer." She could have misunderstood the statement on the web site. Since this discovery, Pat has updated website information to indicate that none of her free images can be claimed as one's own and cannot be sold as is. Hope that will keep others from taking advantage.

Today's Spring Fantasy:

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A little more of Spring Fantasy freebie

Only a few minutes before we're headed out the door, so quick post. Here is today's freebie:

Running Late with Monday Freebie

Ah heck - UNC lost to Villanova (I also follow them) for the basketball championship. I was watching and then came in to put up the Monday freebie but got distracted. Had too many tabs open from earlier and had to close some. Anyway, here is the first of Spring Fantasy:
Can't really tell much from a couple of papers and one bow, can you? Hang in there, it will get better.

I'll get tomorrow's freebie up early because in the afternoon/evening we are going to meet youngest son and his wife and some of husband's former co-workers for chicken wings. Well, the guys are going for all-you-can-eat chicken wings. DIL, Tanya, plans on having shrimp. Haven't decided if I want boneless wings or shrimp. We're going to Hooters, which isn't one of my favorites but sometimes the guys get to choose and I'll be a good sport about it.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Coming soon - new freebie kit

Please bear with me. I'm working on a new free kit for you. Calling it Spring Fantasy. I hope you will find it charming. Included will be some lovely fantasy figures, created by a sweet and generous artist, Pat, of Pann's Place. I have been "talking" via internet to Pat for several days now after discovering that at least two so-called designers have been selling the Poser figures Pat generously gives away as their own creations! I was browsing a site that specializes in card making materials and some scrapping and my attention was grabbed when I spotted a set of Poser figures that looked just like the ones Pat had recently created. I was shocked by how similar these appeared, so I pulled up another window and compared the Poser tubes that were being sold with the one's on Pat's website. They were identical! While Pat sells a few sets, she mostly gives away her creations and I knew she didn't sell under a "re-sell" license. That is, you can't buy or take her free Posers and resell them as is. So I contacted her and also sent an alert to the store's owner. After looking into it, Pat found that not only was the designer I'd pointed out selling Pat's Posers - all the items she was selling and claiming to be her own were Pat's! Looking further, she found another person also selling her creations. The store wouldn't take a piracy complaint from a 3rd party (me) and I do understand that. I forwarded the information they gave me to Pat and she has written to the store with details and links to her site to show exactly what she was talking about. I'm now hoping to hear from her that these people have been forced to remove the pirated products. Isn't it sad that someone so kind and generous is being taken advantage of so?

I think I had mentioned that I was going out of town Saturday? My friend, Mary, had bought me a ticket to go to a concert put on by Keith Henderson who does Elvis tributes. Now my mother was a bigger Elvis fan than I am, but who doesn't love the King of Rock 'n Roll? We were running a little late after waiting for one of our party and then having to deal with some heavy rain and bad traffic. When we walked in, Keith was doing gospel in Elvis style. He has a wonderful voice and grew up loving Elvis and singing along to his music. He's been doing these tributes since 1978 when there were only about 5 people doing such and he has quite a following. The second half of the show was pure Elvis rock. Keith changed into a black and gold outfit of the type the King used to wear and put on quite a show, pulling members of the audience in for hugs (with scarves ala Elvis), dancing and singing. Really quite fun. To learn more check out his website:

We stopped for dinner at Crackerbarrel. Once home, I relaxed on the sofa to watch basketball. So relaxed, in fact, I fell asleep and hubby couldn't wake me up. Sweetie left a light on for me and about an hour or so later, I made my way to bed. Sunday I just relaxed and visited with my Dad.

Now here is the swatch I'm, working from for Spring Fantasy:
I will put some up tonight but first I'm going to have the dinner hubby prepared.

Friday, April 1, 2016

New Month so set your goals!

It's April already! No foolin' - ok, I'm no good with jokes; that's my husband's territory. Anyway, we are about to go for a visit with grand-daughter, Larkin, and hope to snag a few pics. Today I have your monthly goal set
Can't tell you what is coming next because I'm playing with 3 different ideas. Maybe by this evening I will have decided and be able to offer a glimpse. Hugs!