Thursday, March 31, 2016

More Easter Chic freebies

Slowpoke here has more Easter Chic for you today. I'm in the process of making a reservation at a hotel In NC for my son's wedding in June. The kids are getting married in Nags Head at a friend's beach "cottage" (more house really and very nice) June 11. Resort area, beach holiday season, Mama in sticker shock. I need to be there for 2 nights and that isn't going to be cheap. I see that some of the young guests are camping. Yuck! This old woman needs a restful, air conditioned room with microwave (for my heat wrap for pain) and fridge too. Anyway, here's what we have today:
Oh, might as well give the last zip too:
Hope you have enjoyed this kit. Not sure what is up next.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Freebie & Happy Birthday to my brother, Thom

When I was 8 I stayed with my paternal grandparents over Easter weekend because Mom was in the hospital. She was walking through labor pains. Labor was always a slow process for her because she had polio as a child. Sounds strange, doesn't it? But she struggled with my birth and had surgical and forceps intervention to deliver me. She wasn't expected to have any more children but surprise! The uterine tumor her young OB diagnosed started kicking! Anyway my baby brother was born on Easter Monday of that year. He lives in Florida now so I'll be giving him a call today.
Your freebie today is:

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday and more of Easter Chic

I know, Easter is past but maybe you haven't had time to scrap those Easter photos yet? If you have, just add these freebies to your digital stash for next year.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Monday freebies

More Easter Chic today:
Working on entertainment center today. Got all the movies and CDs in the drawers and have just about finished putting shelves back and adding my Precious Moments collection and some tea things. Should have dining room table cleared before dinner time. But so much else to be done! Homework - a never ending nuisance!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Decorating with free Bunny Banner

Croupy night yesterday and early today. Taking it easy and planning to watch basketball again in a few. I've been seeing banners of various sorts lots of places. They add a cute touch of color. So I decided to use the colors of our Easter Chic kit and make a simple bunny banner. I made 9 bunnies and set them up on 8.5" x 11" psd files so that you can use them individually if you would like or you can merge layers together, save as jpeg and print out. Use a heavy cardstock to print on, cut the bunnies out, glue on a small white pompom for a tail, punch holes in the ears for stringing (if you have notebook paper reinforcements, you might want to put those on behind the ears to protect the holes from tearing). I had planned to have mine put together and up so I could take a photo of finished product but seasonal allergies disturbed plans. Anyway, it will just be the two of us for Easter and we aren't doing a traditional dinner. Husband will be cooking flounder, hush puppies, and twice baked potatoes tomorrow.

Hope to be back later after the games.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Day 5 of Easter Chic

I'm so behind of getting an Easter kit out to you! But much of it can be used for Spring, I think. Today I've got some frames and some decorated eggs.

2nd freebie of the day for Easter Chic

I promised I'd be back with another freebie before I go to bed. Here it is, some round bows in the kit colors.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

What's Easter without eggs? Freebie

Trees and bushes are flowering here and the air must be filled with pollen because I've had gummy eyes, coughing and wheezing today. Benedryl time! My car is due for inspection and didn't pass. Replacement part has been ordered. Haven't accomplished much of anything today. Watching the NCAA Sweet Sixteen basket ball games. First two tonight have been blowouts. Taking a moment in between to post a small freebie. Here are some pastel Easter eggs that you can decorate as you wish.
My plan is to come back and post another freebie today in a couple hours.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday news & Easter Chic freebie

After several hours (Maybe more because I left while it was going on) the Cox Cable technician got everything fixed. Seems there was a glitch at the box and some other thing. Hope we will not be billed for service call. While the Cox man was at the house, I went to the hospital for the CT. When the tech came to get me she motioned me out into the hall to talk to me. My doctor ordered it done with contrast. Guess what? I'm allergic to the iodine contrast and would have reminded my doctor if he had told me. Iodine allergy is written on my chart! Of course, I'd noted it on the form at the hospital. The tech wanted to know what happened and if I'd been prepped. I calmly repeated what I had written next to the allergy information: anaphylactic shock and that after I'd been prepped with Benedryl for several days. "Oh," she said. Would I be willing to drink the other contrast they were going to use and they would skip the injection? Sure, if it wasn't likely to cause a bad reaction. So I drank about about 20 oz of what tasted like dirty water and had to wait an hour. Test only took 3 minutes. After being gone about 3 hours I got a call maybe an hour later from my doctor's nurse to say the CT was normal. Great. Really that's good news but next time I have that pain, I guess I'd best go to ER right then and maybe we can find out why it is happening.

Glad to hear that some like the Easter colors. Today I have 2 more simple papers that will read like solids and crumpled ribbons in all the colors. Working on some more elements today.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Ready for something new? Chat and freebie

I meant to give advance notice but didn't manage. From now on, I plan no posts for Sunday. Of course, I might surprise you once in awhile. Where have I been? Once we got the ceiling repaired and re-plastered, we did a little replacing of some objects but didn't get very far. Cox Communications in our area finally started going digital. A month or more ago, we received the digital boxes for our 2 TVs. but when they connected it all, we couldn't get channel 3 (CBS/local WTKR). Most of my favorite shows are on CBS so my husband called and spent hours (really!) on the phone with Cox technicians trying to sort it all out. They had him doing this and that, over and over again. When he said they needed to send someone out, he was told we would be charged. Now we've been customers for over 20 years, so he was angry that Cox was going to charge us for this change they were making. I made another call and got the same run around. We disconnected the digital box and proceeded as before until the change over really started happening and notices would appear on channels as they "disappeared." Tried box installation again and had same results. Hubby was threatening to go to dish when someone checked far enough to learn that a number of people in my neighborhood couldn't get CBS (my father is 20 minutes away and he could). A compromise was agreed on: a technician would be sent out. If the trouble was their fault, no fee; if our fault, $60. Turns out it is their fault; they need to add a signal booster for this area. We will get a $20 credit and the tech is due out again tomorrow. Meanwhile we can't put all the stuff back in the entertainment center because we had to pull it away from the wall and leave it that way until Cox fixes the problem and re-connects the box.
Since my birthday on 3/10 was spent removing things from the living room, we decided to go up to Dover Downs and spend a night up there. Had a road trip sing-a-long, tried a new restaurant, and played penny slots. No, didn't really come away winners, but because of the way I play, we didn't come home broke either. Rested up after all the driving, did some chores, took care of some family business, and a couple doctor appointments. Now I'm back. I was debating whether or not I wanted to do another Easter kit and did some surfing hoping for inspiration. Came across this photo in an ad:
And thought these would make great Easter colors. Tonight the first papers in Easter Chic:
I know 2 papers isn't much but I'm just getting started. Tomorrow I have to go for a CT to try to figure out where these bouts of severe upper right abdominal quadrant are coming from. Not the gallbladder; that was removed a couple years ago. Doc says it might have something to do with the mild gastro paresis. We will see.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Scrap Like a Lady freebie

Here is a little kit I call, Scrap Like A Lady, which was made for a challenge at one of the stores I used to sell in.
Today the papers:

A Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you!

I got to thinking about how all the papers in Celtic Charm are rather "busy" and thought you might welcome some that read more as solid. So here you are:
I also have a border and two clusters for you:
If you have gone out to lift a few Guinesses with your pals, as I'm certain my son and his fiancee have, I hope you have made it home safely. I think it's a pity that Americans tend to think first of green beer when they think of 3/17. There is certainly more to being Irish than that and I doubt St. Patrick would have approved of a drinking holiday in his name. I'm half Irish and am ashamed to say I went out today without wearing the green! I'll blame it on still being tired from our little road trip to Dover Downs. We stayed in Delaware one night and played penny slots at the casino there. We like to sit side by side playing the same game and see who fares the best. I play with an eye to coming home with a little something. It's entertainment and I never expect to win big. My system is to put $20 in the machine, play it out except when I've doubled the money I put in (so have $40 on the machine), I cash out and save that ticket. Then if I've allotted myself another $20 for the time, I put that money in and try to double it. If I lose it all, oh well, I've paid for entertainment. If all I can manage if a credit of around $20, then I've at least broke even. At the end of the day I cash in those tickets and hope to have a little profit. I usually do better than my husband who gets on a winning streak and forgets to cash out while he has a profit lol.

Tomorrow I'm off to tea with my Red Hat sisters. Unfortunately, I will miss my college, Virginia Commonwealth University, playing in their first round of the NCAA championship. I've left strict instructions with hubby that he must watch and cheer the Rams on.


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Last of the free Celtic Charm papers

This zip for Celtic Charm contains the last 2 papers. Yes, that will make it a Baker's dozen. Now you have elements and papers to record St. Patrick's Day happenings. We will be in the middle of having a new ceiling put up in the living room and hallway but I hope to put together some borders or clusters to add to this kit. Be sure you wear something green tomorrow! Hugs.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Celtic Charm - free papers

More of Celtic Charm. Another zip of papers, this one contains 5 full size papers.

Just adding some notes to this scheduled post. A few things have happened since I last actually wrote. At the end of February local Red Hatters gathered for Go Red For Women - a luncheon dedicated to women's heart health. We heard from members who have heart disease and learned about how women's heart attacks are often different from men's. (Most women think they have a bad case of indigestion!) We had lunch, door prizes, shopped for "bling," participated in raffles, and did some line dancing to burn off those luncheon calories. I got a great surprise; I won the circle of roses hat in the raffles. Here are a couple of scrap book pages I put together.
The photos only show 3 of us from our Red Lilies group. I'm hoping to pick up on photos of the other 3 who were in attendance.

Since the funeral I've been crocheting whenever I watch TV. My step-daughter, Lisa, and her little girl, Larkin, had admired my fingerless gloves when we'd taken them out to lunch. Lisa's favorite color is purple so I made her a set of the gloves and a scarf for her birthday. My husband made her favorite dinner - his beef stew. Before we had cake, Lisa opened her gift bag and Larkin was surprised to find she had a gift bag too. I had made her a scarf of fluffy yarn in a mix of baby blue, white, and beige and a set of gloves in baby blue trimmed with white fluffy yarn. Larkin put her gloves on immediately and didn't take them off until she went to bed!

We've been busy this past week with family stuff and doctor appointments. Sunday my son and his fiancee were here and took me to a movie then the four of us went to dinner at Outback. On my birthday (3/10) we were busy cleaning out the entertainment center which holds my Precious Moments collection as well as all the audio/video equipment, CDs, and movies. We also had to remove as much of the stuff sitting around on tables and things on the wall because work was scheduled for Friday. We had some professional plasterers come in to repair living room ceiling and re-do the living room and hallway ceilings. They moved the furniture around as needed and did a nice half scallop pattern. But we still have lots of work to replace everything we moved. Between watching college basketball tournaments, I wiped down the entertainment center and started putting movies back in alphabetically. Almost done with that but still have CDs and figurines to do.

We are hoping to take a day or two this week and go on a road trip to celebrate my birthday. Maybe do some visiting of family and stop in a casino to play slots for a couple hours. Friday my Red Lilies are going to celebrate 3 March birthdays by going to tea at The English Rose Tea Room in Virginia Beach. Looking forward to that.

My thanks to all for the lovely comments you have left me. Sorry I have been away so much.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Celtic Charm freebie - some elements

As promised, today I have some of the elements for the Celtic Charm kit. Overall preview:
And a not too attractive preview of elements only as set up for the overall:
At least it will give you a better idea of what the elements are. Today's element zip:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 2016 goal pages freebie

Sorry I'm late with these.
Hope you are keeping up your journaling.

Thunderstorms, heavy rain & tornadoes. Or what has been going on here. Also a new free series beginning.

My last post was what? four days ago? For two days I stayed off the computer as Virginia got hit with high winds, heavy rain, thunder, and 8 tornadoes!

The news link above states that 4 people were killed, but last I heard it was 5. Lots of destruction, even where tornadoes didn't land as the ground was saturated and the high winds took down trees and slammed a lot of things around. We were worried because of a tall pine tree in our neighbors back yard which backs up to ours. In the past a lot of the tree's limbs have been lopped off and it's top heavy towards our house. We can't have the limbs on this side cut because it would kill the tree and we would be held responsible. So we just pray it doesn't fall over and take out a big part of our house.

The weather has also made my sinuses go crazy and I've been coughing a lot which wears me out. Still croupy today and resting up but have to get some things done around here in short order. My step-daughter's birthday is Thursday and she will be coming over to have one of her favorite meals - her father's stew. Friday I'll be doing last minute clean up because my son and soon to be DIL are coming to visit on the weekend. Looking forward to that.

I started this on Wednesday and other things intervened. Sorry about that but you know, Life happens. It's Saturday now. Hubby is at Cabin Fever Pickin' Party - an annual Bluegrass Music event. Not my thing. At present I'm not in the mood to do anything but there is much to be done. Right now I'm going to start you on "Celtic Charm" and set up a few days of posts. Here is an overall preview of the kit, which you will get, as usual, in installments.
Today some papers; shown is preview of all papers. Today's zip contains 6:
If you haven't given up on me, come back tomorrow for some elements.