Sunday, April 29, 2018

For Monday freebie

Need to get an early start tomorrow so I can stop by bank and close out that joint account I had with brother. If he hasn't taken his name off when I withdraw the balance, I will give his Florida address so they can send him a notice. Then over to Suffolk to sign the closing papers and on to Virginia Beach to pick up check (if it is ready). Since the episode at Dad's house the other day only contact has been me calling to let Thom know about agent coming to pick up keys and distribution of sale payment. We suspect he will show up in Suffolk for meeting with trailer attached to his car and go on his way from there.

Anyway, I wanted to post a template for Monday's freebie:
If possible, I may make another post tomorrow.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday Deco Dandies freebie

During the 1930s our Deco Dandy was almost certainly a baseball fan. Here are some vintage 30s baseball related items he might have had sitting around and a bright blue paper:

Forgot to post Friday freebie

My apologies. First, for ranting about family problems. I do appreciate how kind you all have been about that and how supportive. I haven't felt anger like that in years and I hated how I found myself feeling about my brother. But truth is truth and I've every reason to distrust him as he hasn't kept any of his promises yet and behaves very selfishly. If my tirade did nothing else it showed him I can get angry and that my kindness in letting him do pretty much what he wanted was that - kindness, not weakness. Wish you could have seen his eyes when I walked through the door and blurted out my initial message. Once I got some of the vile out of my system, I recognized that the most important thing was to try and do as my parents wished as much as possible. If I have to pay the final bills he has promised to pay half of, so be it. At least my integrity is intact, right?

Second, I apologize for not posting Friday freebie. Had it ready but I guess all the drama set off my fibro because I had a bad pain day. Was going to post after husband and Rachel went off to Inara's softball game but as soon as I'd eaten dinner, I knew I needed to lie down flat on my back. Totally forgot to do anything else.


More later tonight.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

This is Thursday, right? Freebie

Nerves are frayed. Yesterday my husband made Eggplant Parmesan and spaghetti and we had my two youngest nieces over for dinner. Didn't get much done yesterday. Today I had to keep calling the attorney's office to try to find out what time closing is on Monday. Brother never called or emailed me back. Earlier today something made me check the "gift" account which we had funneled money into to pay Dad's nursing home bills. I'd already written a check to give my brother half the smaller checking account and had planned to take Thom to bank to get cashier's check for his half of "gift" account minus $500 and have his name taken off the account so I'll be able to close it once final bills are paid. I figured if we both left $500 in the account that should be enough for final bills (utilities) and if anything was left I'd send him half of that. I discovered he must be in town and just hadn't called me because he had taken out half the money in the "gift" account without talking to me first. I was furious! I had my husband drive me over to Dad's house and sure enough there was a trailer in the driveway, just car missing. I used my key and had unlocked the deadbolt when Thom unlocked the regular lock. First words out of my mouth were ugly, wanting to know who he thinks he is. He yelled back at me and told me to get out of the house. I actually gave him a soft shove (not usual me) and told him it was still half my house too. Read him off about not calling me back, leaving me to wonder if he was in hospital or angry with me or whatever and about dipping into bank account without discussing it. It was not a pretty scene and I am ashamed over how I handled it. It's just that I've had so many problems with him! Things settled down and I apologized for how I talked to him (just now realizing he did not apologize to me) and explained why I was angry etc. He hadn't gotten an answer about time for closing either and went on to say he found the garage and shed unlocked and the 13ft ladder and air compressor he'd planned to pick up gone. My husband and I had carefully locked everything up last time we were there so figured it happened when buyer brought contractor over to take measurements. Since then I've talked to realtor who contacted buyer etc and they claim no knowledge and swear everything was locked up. Came home worse for scene and had email from attorney's office. We will close on Monday at 11a.m. and that will be that. Brother says he will send me check for whatever bills come in but that's probably a lost cause. Asked about our guns (he didn't bring them and hubby got angry about that so Thom said he'd ship them) and about Mom's pearls and ring. Thom never addressed the issue of the ring but told me he had taken the pearls to a jeweler for assessment and was told they were fakes. True? not true? I don't know. I hadn't looked at them that closely but they were in the case I remembered Mom pulling out to let me wear them at my wedding. I don't feel I can trust my brother who has become like Dr Jekeyl and Mr. Hyde because of all his pain meds and how he abuses them at times. I'm heartsick and disappointed with how everything has turned out, but if I never hear from Thom again after he goes back to Florida, so be it.

Thanks for putting up with my tiraide. Have another Deco Dandies zip today:

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Didn't realize Monday never posted _ freebie

I had finished Monday's post late Sunday night and had it scheduled. Couldn't preview but thought it would post. Checked that afternoon and evening and couldn't get it to go. No time early Tuesday to check on it. Just finding out now that Monday and Tuesday didn't post and it's Wednesday already? Here is what should have posted on Monday:
And first zip of Deco Dandies:
To misquote ZZ Top "Every girl's crazy 'bout a [well groomed] man."

On Tuesday another template:

And today another Deco Dandies. A paper, frame, and a couple pieces of decor:

Sorry about delayed posts.


Having trouble with Google Blogger since Monday

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Moving stuff & freebie

By the time this posts, we should be in the middle of moving my few things out of Dad's house. Still haven't heard from brother about when he is going to arrive and he hasn't told me what time closing is on 30th. I only know it will be at attorney's office because real estate agent told me. This coming week should allow me to put closure to all of Dad's affairs. Last medical bills were paid by insurance so will only have utilities to pay once house sold. And some calls to cancel services, of course. Holding one of the bank accounts open to pay final bills but otherwise dividing up remaining funds to pay brother off. Will be glad when all is settled.

Today's zip is more blues stuff with an antique car included.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday-looks to be busy until evening

Tonight John will go to grand-daughter Inara's baseball game. She turned out to be a better ball player than her brother. So I'll be able to clean living room without him underfoot.
As for today's zip of Deco Divas, it wasn't planned with this in mind but other than the fussy frame, I think the papers and elements are suitable for guys. What I'm planning to do at this point is put together some zips of masculine elements we will call Deco Dandies. I think you have plenty of papers but you might see a few more that I feel are more masculine in tone, okay?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wednesday - new diva in Deco Divas freebie

Had a man come out today about getting new gutters - the kind that are covered against leaves and other debris. My gestimate on cost was closer than hubby's. Didn't have to do deposit up front, will just pay after installation and inspection. And they will be able to do it on Monday! One more thing on our major to-do list.

Today you will meet the last of our divas, Paola, which is Italian for Paula. She's sleek and elegant. Looks ready to go out on the town, perhaps to the opera?

Two episodes of Criminal Minds tonight for season finale. Isn't it awful how short TV seasons have become?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tuesday _Deco Divas freebie

Today I slipped one of the masculine elements from previous kit into the Deco Divas zip. Also need to explain paper 25. You will find it presented 2 ways - first as a jpeg paper and 2nd as a psd file in case you want to be able to use the border as a frame. The rest of this week's zips are pretty well made up so don't know if I will repackage to add more masculine stuff or templates or just do those next week. Off to get busy here.
PSD file is alone in zip 13-2 and it is huge no matter what I do, so if you don't want it, the jpeg paper is in zip 1.

Monday, April 16, 2018

New week! More Deco Divas freebie

Still on meds but vertigo almost gone and boy am I grateful! Thank you all for kind thoughts and wishes. I always seem to come down with something at the worst times. But I won't whine about what I need to do.

Kristi, I would love to send you some of our recent weather to replace that snow. The last couple days we have had temperatures in upper 70s. Last night there was a storm warning with some nearby areas being warned of possible tornadoes. We had hurricane strength winds here and crazy rain that sounded like sleet. It was coming down so hard and from every direction, or so it seemed, that I felt like I was lying in a cardboard box instead of a house. Today it's in 60s and cloudy and still windy but the inside of my house feels like it is 80 degrees. My husband just baked some Italian meatballs and that heat just isn't dissipating.

While we are talking about Kristi (you woundered why your ears were burning, didn't you?), she made a comment to which I want to respond with an offer. She said she liked that some of the elements in Deco Divas could be used for masculine layouts. Which made me think of a collaborative kit I suggested when I sold at Digi Style Designs. It was around the time that the new (Leonardo DiCapro) version of The Great Gatsby was starting in theatres. I suggested we do a Gatsby Glamour build a kit. I created a bunch of stuff for my stores, Sher Scraps 4 CU and Wonderland Scraps. In doing so, I thought about the main characters and made minis of things that suggested their personalities. Which means I have some masculine elements. The color for the build-a-kit were these:
As you can see, there is a lot of similarity to our present palette. Now I'm not certain how much of Gatsby Glamour I still have on this computer but if you would like, I can try to find the masculine elements.

Meanwhile, today we have:
More red and black.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday freebie

Feeling a little better so I'm going to try to get a few things done today while avoiding as much head turning and bending as possible. Today's zip contains a mix of elements and a couple more papers:
Just realized that I must have accidentially moved an embroidered motif such that it only shws a tiny bit in the preview. Not going back and re-doing preview so you will just be surprised. The motif is authentic to the period.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Thursday freebie

Ha! I managed to get something together for today so that puts us back on schedule. A template:

It's Thursday & I'm a day behind. Freebie in post

Looks like it is just going to be 5 freebies this week instead of 6. Sorry but I'm taking Antivert every 12 hrs for the labrinthitis and doing lots of sleeping. Not seeing much improvement yet. Okay if I'm still and not moving head but that is limiting! Wihtout further complaint, here is what I was planning for Wednesday download. This zip introduces you to Natalia NZ's Pamela. She is the Poser tube that caught my eye and suggested this kit. Then when I went into the store to make the purchase, I found Natalia had 2 other Deco/Jazz Age ladies and I couldn't resist those either. You've already met Beata and will meet the third, Paola, next week. Today's zip includes a couple more papers, a border, frame and a couple elements.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

late on Tuesday freebie


Disappearance & freebies

Sorry to have disappeared but flu left me with vertigo. Almost fell twice Monday just walking across room so spent most of day in bed flat on my back. Any movement and things started spinning and nausea accompanied it. Saw doctor yesterday afternoon. He says no infection visible in ears but flu triggered labrinthitis. I'm to take Antivert twice a day until vertigo stops. Meanwhile get tired easily and have to be careful moving about. Being still is about the best thing to do if I want to avoid falls and nausea that makes it difficult to keep meds and meals down. So far not seeing any improvement but I've only had two doses so far.

Here is freebie I should have posted on Monday:

Should be able to finish packing up Tuesday freebie and get that posted later on. Right now it is time to lie down again.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

More flu in household and found perfect example

Last post I showed you examples of art deco period fabrics but didn't have a truly outstanding ugly example. Found one. Check out this dress:
Can you imagine yourself wearing that?

Was sitting up here at computer hoping to get sleepy before going to bed and suddenly I hear my husband get up and go into the bathroom. He's got fever and chills and dry heaves. Didn't mean to pass on this virus or whatever but looks like I did.

Finally got a return email from brother (after I'd emailed him twice!). The contract was delivered as promised but had blown off the porch. He signed it and overnighted to agent. I've got to feel good soon. Lots of stuff to do here at home and have to make room to bring over things from Dad's house. Plus need to go over there and see what I might do before Thom and Roberta get back. Need to be about fourty again with the drive and energy I had at that time. Started taking some new vitamins last week in hopes the supplement might get me back in balance.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Gloomy Saturday but I have a freebie

Overcast here with light rain on and off. Had trouble sleeping last night. I'm a restless sleeper and when I'd go to switch sides I had some dizziness. Beginning to wonder if this has been the flu or is a sinus/ear infection. Going to try to flush my sinuses with a solution an ENT gave me recipe for back when son was having lots of sinus infections. And try a little heat. If still lingering Monday will get in to see my doc.
Today's zip of Deco Divas is in blues and silver. One of the papers is based on a floral fabric from the period. I find many of the textiles made for clothing of that period to be garish with large abstract shapes and odd (to me) color combinations. Couldn't find the examples I wanted but this will give you an idea.
Lots of purples and oranges found. Now the feedsack fabrics of the period, which you often see in quilts are cute, I think.
To complete today's zip there is a ribbon and bow in grey/silver, a silver silhouette and a bead border.

Was thinking about what Kristi said about Downton Abbey, which I've only seen clips of. That series took you from Edwardian period up into 1920s or 1930s didn't it? The stills I've seen show lovely costumes. I'm going to have to find and rent the series because it all looks so beautiful and then there is Dame Maggie Smith whose performances are legend.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Feeling better Friday freebie

Finally feeling better. No swimming head so far today and no nausea, just fatigue. Have another zip of Deco Divas for you. Remember how I said there is some overlap in styles/time periods between Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts and Art Deco? Bear in mind that art history is not my specialty. It is more a matter of having a great interest and admiration for certain artistic styles and certain periods of history. To that end let me qualify a little of what I said earlier about the styles. Of the 3 mentioned, my favorite is Art Nouveau. I love those sensuous curving lines, all the flowers and maidens with long flowing hair. I do not, however, care for the bugs and amphibians often portrayed. Dragonflies and butterflies, yes. Beetles and salamanders etc, no. I also appreciate much of the Arts & Crafts movement. It was a response to Industrialization and paid homage to the hand crafted. Arts & Crafts cottages are adorable (to me), and while the furniture has simpler lines, I could be quite comfortable with it. Then there is William Morris, who figures largely in the Arts & Crafts movement. He designed in pretty much all areas: homes,wallpapers, fabrics and so on. His intricate fabrics and wallpapers are to my eye very Art Nouveau. Here for instance:

The fabric on the left is called The Strawberry Thief, on the right is a floral and the bottom one is called Forest Fabric.

Now below is an example of a Craftsman Bungalow (what I've been calling cottage). I've seen a number of these in my city, many in the Larchmont section and would love to go inside. At one time (many years ago) Sears sold plans and kits to build these bungalows. Notice the interior examples. Simple lines to the furniture and woodwork. Added to it are a William Morris wallpaper border and William Morris textile for drapes. Goes together well doesn't it?
Here's one I love:

Among the architects and other artists of this time was Charles Rennie Mackintosh from Glasgow, Scotland. He was influenced by the Art Nouveau, Scottish design, and the simplicity of Japanese design. The best example of his style with blended strong right angles with subtle curves and floral design is the MacIntosh rose. It's modern and sleek but not cold. (P.S. you will get this in a later zip)
Which brings us to why I started this discussion today. In today's zip you will find a frame in the MacIntosh rose style. Also two papers, a bow, a Deco era ring, and a decorative piece with flowers.

I appreciate the comments you have made that let me know I can feel free to "discuss" topics with you. Never know how someone will take it when you start a one-sided discussion; but because I don't know what your knowledge base is, when I talk about old stuff especially, I like to give a little background for those who may be unfamiliar with, for example, the term Art Deco.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Thursday and freebie

Feeling a little better - at least I was until brother called to say the house contract I'd over-nighted to him hasn't arrived. Tracking shows it was delivered yesterday afternoon. Just lovely!


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Flu & freebie

Have had the flu all day. Even though I had today's zip ready, I couldn't get to the computer -just moving my head made me dizzy and nauseated. A little better now.

Today's preview shows the cluster I made with the character, Beata (whose name means blessed). In the zip I bought Beata has a box to sit on. Didn't suit me so I gave her a vanity and bench and added a Deco era perfume bottle and powder box to it. You will find all the separate pieces of the cluster included in my zip.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A little more of Deco Divas freebie

Just got the house contract via email so have to sign and run to post office to overnight to brother so he can sign and then overnight to agent. Planned closing is April 30. Which means I've got to get busy right away and clear space to put the furniture I'm taking from the house plus antique trunk for Jeremy & Berkeley and also carry bookcases over to nursing home. Whew! Going to be a busy couple weeks. Thom can't get here until after he has his pump filled on 4/18 so I want to do all I can before they arrive around 21st. Have to contact lawyer today too and check on Dad's taxes. Another busy month but I hope to have some fun in May.

Today in Deco Divas we have two more papers, a flair made from one of my favorite Erte prints, a fashion figure, flapper dress and shoes. Tomorrow you will met one of the Deco ladies made by Natalia NZ.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Would have been Dad's 89th birthday today. Monday- new kit & good news

Monday again! Last week we had a couple of good things happen so hoping for more of that trend this week. First, let me thank you for all the lovely comments about the last kits. So happy you enjoyed them. I did notice a big blunder to the Easter Greeting TOU today as I was making changes to the form for this next kit. I accidentally left the words "CU4CU" at the top of the form which I'd copied from another kit from the past. Easter Greeting is not CU. Anyway, let me catch you up on what happened last week.

I showed Dad's house multiple times last week. Got my brother to understand my concern about an offer we'd received where we would hold the deed to the house and allow the investor to go ahead and start renovation; the deal being he'd pay us so much per month it took him to complete work in addition to the offered price - at the end of his work. Thom made a counter offer that would let us sell the house as is, be paid, and be done with it. The offer was accepted and the contract is now with our attorney. If he thinks all is well then we will close the end of this month. Got EOBs (explanations of benefits) from Medicare and Anthem and it appears they paid all for Dad's last hospital visit. Think that's the last of medical bills. Also got someone out here to give us a quote on repairing a crack in our fiberglass bath tub. Didn't know if they would need to go under the house and cut out flooring to make repair and then replace that or if we'd have to get a new tub made that would fit over the old. We expected it to cost big bucks. As it turned out, it wasn't as bad as we thought. The supporting fibers under the crack were fine. The man was able to do a repair from the surface that didn't take long at all. Smelled horrible and I had to go away for a few hours. Four hours and $85 later, the tub was ready for use and you can't tell there was a repair. Next up - new gutters - the kind you don't have to clean. Now that one will be pricey.

Today we start a new kit called Deco Divas. My starting point was some Poser tubes by Natalia NZ. I just couldn't resist the images of beautiful women dressed in late 20s and 30s styles. These 3D renders are amazingly lifelike. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the style called Art Deco? If not, here is a link where you can learn about it:
The style started in 1900 and ended about 1945 with a revival in the 1960s. It is similar in some ways to Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts Styles. When I can't decide which of these periods something belongs to, I resort to a quick cheat (not always accurate): if the item is ornate, curvy and of a nature theme, it's probably Art Nouveau. If simple lines but nature related, probably Arts & Crafts. And if the forms are strongly geometric and/or abstract, then it's probably Art Deco. But as I said, this is not necessarily true. For instance, there are fashion prints of shepherdess type outfits that are Deco. Not geometric at all.
Like this:
No wonder people get confused! Plus the time lines overlap. What you may be most familiar with in Art Deco is something art historians refer to as Streamline Moderne, the American version of Art Deco which is less elaborate and sleeker than the European version. Like the Empire State building. What you will see in this kit are images and forms you will mostly likely associate with The Great Gatsby. At least, that's the plan.

BTW the picture in the frame is actually a flair. And the border at the bottom was planned as a paper header.