Thursday, January 31, 2019

Frosty USA & freebie to go with Art Nouveau

Compared to many places in the US, we are lucky here in Norfolk, VA. Temperatures did drop last night but our present temp is in upper twenties and with wind chill feels like 24 degrees. I'm not going to complain as some of you have such low temps we are seeing reports of ice inside houses! I'm sure staying in with just our temps because the cold causes my lungs to seize up. My freezing friends, I am praying for you to stay safe and sending you warm hugs.

For our art Nouveau collection, I've done something I rarely do. I'm usually not one for doing an element and then just recoloring it over and over. And I don't really think of ribbons and bows much when I think of Art Nouveau. Some ribbon streamers from floral hair wreaths, maybe. However, I know most people like to have ribbons and bows with a scrapbook kit. So today's zip contains flowing ribbons in all the main colors used so far. There are a number of things you can do with these, including making a border, like the example I included, or downsizing and putting the ribbons together to make a simple frame that could be embellished with various things. Next post you will get matching bows.

I have a question for you and I'd like you to respond here on blog, please. How much art nouveau do you want? I ask because while making up the previous zips I discovered in my files a bunch of art nouveau papers and overlays etc. I had put aside to go into products for a store I used to sell in. Never got around to finishing them up and packaging so they are just sitting there waiting to be used. I'm hesitant to overwhelm you with too much of same theme, but . . .

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A change of color in Art Nouveau freebie

Saw endodontist yesterday to start root canal. Took about an hour and went pretty well. Good news is that he didn't see any further cracking so after this treatment finishes and a new crown goes on, all will be good. Was so afraid I'd lose the tooth. On the other hand, once the novacaine wore off, throbbing pain set in. Tylenol is not doing much so I was up and down all night. Today the whole left side of my face feels like someone took a baseball bat to it. Can't put my teeth together, so no chewing yet. Throbbing is down and now it is just a solid dull pain. Tomorrow will be better, I hope.

Today I've got some aqua for you:

Here is an example of how art nouveau architecture looked in Russian homes:
And another house:

Thursday, January 24, 2019

It's a vry gloomy Thursday . . . and Art Nouveau freebie

It's been raining here most of the night and most of the day so far. Quite gloomy. Had planned to go out to the grocery store but since it's nothing that can't wait, I'll go by tomorrow after I see pulmonologist. Will spend some of the afternoon today doing more decluttering. I know there are a ton of various plastic kitchen storge containers I can bag up for thrift store and I'll get some laundry done too.

What I have for you today is purple. Most of what I've found in art nouveau tends to be mauve or a light, grayed purple. Irises were very popular during this period, as were most flowers, so I made sure to include some.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Yellow in Art Nouveau freebie

Saw the endodontist this morning. Really like this doctor. He put me at ease immediately and just seems like a warm caring person. What I learned: last year around this time I had an abcess above the tooth in question. It was treated with antibiotics but it appears that the nerve is dying and so there is continual irritation at the root tip, with infection draining away down at the gum. One of two things are going to happen and we won't know which until the crown is drilled for the root canal. Dr Mayo says sometimes when a tooth has been cracked, a crown holds it together (as this one has for about twenty years) and a root canal can save the tooth. However, sometimes the tooth eventually continues to crack and if that is what he finds when he drills in for the root canal, then I am going to lose the tooth. Fingers crossed that he can save it. Part one is next Monday.

Today we add in some yellow to our mixed kit.
Several of you have comented about what the overall effect of this collection will be. I'll be honest and say I don't really know. That is, I don't have everything complete at this point; I've only completed through this week and each zip is based around one color. Still, since art nouveau used lots of colors in various combinations, I think most of these pieces should work well together.

A couple of journal pages I made last week. The first was for a challenge over at Oscraps about a word or theme for 2019 and used only Vicki Robinson's kit "Change."
This one was made with A & K Art's new lit, "Enigmatic."

And this one was for a Junk Box challenge with theme of spots for Just Art:

Freezing cold her yesterday and today. Went into garage to get clothes from the dryer yesterday afternoon and when I came up, I started coughing so hard I could hardly catch my breath. That went on all night despite using inhaler and taking elderberry syrup. Started again this morning when we walked out the door so I tried not to talk on way to endodontist. Hasn't been too bad since but I'm going to take some more syrup now and lie down for a nap. Hope you are warm and safe where you are and that your week is going well.


Saturday, January 19, 2019

Art Nouveau 4 freebie

I'm so happy to see that many of you are fans of art nouveau and I really appreciate your comments, not only about the freebies but in general. Wish there was an easy way to let you post examples of your work with these freebies here, but I don't know of one. If anyone is interested in showing off what they have done and would like it to appear here on the blog, the best thing I can think of is to put a link to your blog post (assuming you have one) in a comment or link to whatever gallery you may have posted in,. Then, with your permission, I can go to the link and post a copy of your work here. Hmm, did I make that as clear as mud?

Before we get to today's zip I just have to show you something I came across on Pinterest. It's a tiara made of angelskin coral. There was no information as to original source,

Now today we have some blue:

Friday, January 18, 2019

Credit Card Tip & Some beautiful examples of Art Nouveau

Sitting here at computer because I just got off the phone with Capital One - again! Despite the help of the fraud supervior yesterday, another fraud case was generated. They called me about it and I had to go through more verification, telling of narrative, etc. The young lady told me all was cleared. Little did I know that during this my husband had tried to use his card at Walgreen's, gota
not authorized" and was told to try it again. After second attempt he paid with ATM card and would tell me when he got home that he wasn't going to use the card again. I explained that the fraud specialist gave me a tip: some terminals don't read properly so if you try card once and it doesn't work, ask merchant to run manually. Do NOT try to scan it again.

On a brighter note, imagine being in Paris at the end of the nineteenth centruy and going shopping in this department store:
Isn't it amazing? Perhaps you'd live in a home like this:
Your dining room might look like this one:
Came across these on internet (all these were from Paris) and thought you might like some fuel for your dreams.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dental work, shopping, and Art Nouveau freebie

Busy day. Left early for dental appointment to stop in at TJ Maxx because I'd gotten an e-mail showing new boots they were supposed to have just gotten in. Quick in and out with no boots. Off to the dentist for the second of three, possibly four crowns. Two years of not keeping regular cleaning appointments and wear and tear during Dad's illness has caught up with me. Today's visit was pretty quick as it turned out that the tooth needing attention had an old - like maybe 30+ years ago crown. Great thing about that is no TMJ pain tonight. Felt good enough, despite numbness, to stop in at Broadway Shoes. Not only did they not have what I wanted but other boots I'd looked at were at a higher price. Target was right there at the same mall so I figured, why not? Really wanted black as I wear a lot of black jeans and slacks but no go. Did find a pair of brown hiking type boots that were comfortable, warmly lined and had great tread for bad weather. We are expecting some snow in next day or so. Bought the boots, and went to CVS for my prescription, a three month supply which ran over $500 and that caused my credit card company to deny the purchase as possible fraud. So annoying, It took 2 calls to the company to get it straight and the pharmacy staff had to go through the whole routine three times. Thank heaven they know me well and were very nice about it. Tomorrow I ought to be able to stay in and attend to things like laundry etc. Won't mind a bit if we get snow.

Today, we go back to warm, dark colors:

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Another day of Art Nouveau, which is a style most popular between 1890 and 1910. It then had a regurance in the 1960s. The style encompasses all art forms decorative and fine art. Two things really standout when you look at Art Nouveau - the curvy lines and attention to natural forms like plants. In addition to plant life, you will see lots of animals, insects, and sensuous human figures, often nude or various stages of undress. When it comes to wallpapers and tapestries of the period, they tend to be what we might call "busy" prints or very detailed and colorful. In our exploration here you will receive papers in typical prints but, since they are "busy", I plan to give you some "plain" papers to mix in.
Today we have some green:

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Finally - new art for a new year - freebie

Thought I'd be back sooner but a bad bout of sacroilitis combined with COPD acting up had me unable to sit at computer for long periods. So, it's a New Year - let's welcome 2019, which I am determined will be a good year, .with an Art Nouveau (new art) collection. The Pantone color od the year is coral and that is a color used in art nouveau so we are going to start there. I was inspired to use the coral color scheme seen here:
I think you can see how it works with this chart of traditional art nouveau colors:

Here is our first zip:

Hope to be back to usual Tues, Thursday, Saturday posts next week.