Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Running late on Tuesday's Nouveau Spring freebie

Sorry I didn't get this up earlier. Tonight just 2 simple lightly embossed papers in colors to go with first zip. Having company on Wednesday so may not post.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Nouveau Spring freebie & other stuff

Some might say I ought to apologize for sort of disappearing for a few days after saying I was going to post some new freebies. But it's my life, my blog so I don't feel a need to do so. However, I'll share what's been happening here. Not much by most people's standards but . . . got my hair cut last week (it was about halfway down my back) and then went back on Saturday for a perm. Saturday was in the 40's, raining and bleak. The stylist cut more layers when she learned how I wanted to be able to just finger comb it out on bad days. I did pretty good during the process until at the end when she was taking the rollers out. Then my neck went into spasm. After about 2.5 hours I was leaving the salon with wet hair, the idea being that letting it dry naturally right off would be likely to help the curl stay better. At home, after it had a chance to dry I found I had curls but not like I've had in the past. Could be change in my hair with so much of it silver. Whatever. I had a major headache from neck spasms and sinus so went to bed for awhile. Yesterday I looked into the mirror in the morning and thought my hair looked like Einstein's! The short layers near my face just sort of hang there; not very flattering. Will wash it tonight and see what I can do with it in the morning. My thought had been to make it look better without having to do a lot to it since it's baby fine. Now I'm thinking how much better it looked after I'd just had it cut - shiny and sleek. Ah, hindsight!
Have also been learning to negotiate the Red Hat Society's website and have tried to get in touch with some of the open local chapters. Have heard from Queen Toni of the Mechanicsville chapter - not local to me but she knows lots of people here in Tidewater and is going to contact some for me. Also got news about the September Funvention in Williamsburg. I've been giving some thought to what sort of red hat I'll have. As I understand it, your chapter gives you a red ballcap to wear until you decide what sort of hat you want to buy or make. My first thought was to make a Victorian ladies riding hat in steampunk style. Still might but now I'm leaning towards something that is probably more me. I have a big teacup collection so why not a fabric teacup hat? It could be on a headband or attached with hair clips on it's underside. I think that would be cute and light.
And I've been working on another kit. I love art nouveau with it's curving lines and focus on both nature and fantasy so that is what is coming next. Today you get zip one.
I'm using colors from the art nouveau flairs I gave you. Link:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Love Art Nouveau & a freebie

Despite the high pollen count, which is wrecking havoc with my head, I love the last few days we have had here in Norfolk. Warm and dry, not hot and humid, a bit breezy at times. Azalea festival time! Flowers and flowering trees everywhere blooming and making the world a prettier place. It made me think of one of my favorite art styles/design periods - Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau is known for it's flowing lines and interest in the natural world - plants, animals and so forth. So I looked in my stash and found some vintage Art Nouveau postcards and created some pretty flairs for you today. Having done so, I think I may just have to make some papers and a few elements in this style too; tomorrow will find me drawing a color swatch from today's flairs.
Link: Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Art Journal page with Country Liv's Spring Art Journal

Just have to show you a page I made for my art journal using my friend, Liv's, newest art journal kit.First, her preview of kit below and then links to her stores.
You can find this and her other products at BerryApplicious and Scrapbird The vibrant colors and wide variety of elements plus papers in both American and European sizes make this a must for your art journal stash. As you know, after some months of being able to do little, I'm making up for lost time and doing some things to perk up my life. This kit worked in perfectly to journal on changes I'm making. In the page below, I cut the rough heart shape from one of the papers and took the partially colored lady in hat and did more coloring to make her a member of the Red Hat Society.
I dont' have a freebie for you today due to being down with sinus headache. The only digi work I've done is to finish up some brushes I was working on yesterday. Tomorrow I promise to have something for you. Hugs!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Nice Spring day & journal card freebie

Another lovely Spring day - lots of pollen but nice temperature. Managed to get a few things done
Waiting now to get info on local chapters to see which is best for me. Looking forward to making some new friends and having some fun. Most chapters meet twice a month but activites vary from one chapter to another - going out to lunch or tea together, going to movies, card parties, other events, even cruises! Today I stopped procrastinating and went and got my hair cut. It was about mid way down my back and looking straggly. I have baby fine hair and it just lays flat unless I have a perm. I'd taken to putting it in a ponytail more often than not because I just couldn't do anything with it. Today I just walked into a salon and got it cut to just below my shoulders with simple layers at the bottom. Saturday I'm going back for a perm. I'm thinking spiral perm as that usually does best. Need something that I can just finger comb out on bad days but can put electric rollers in on special occassions. I can't manage anything that's complicated because of bad discs in my neck and fibro. Fingers crossed that Saturday goes well. Years ago I had it done once and left salon looking like Bozo the clown! But that was back in the days I wouldn't insist on the stylist fixing the problem. I just went home and washed and conditioned it. At this point in my life, I won't settle so hope the stylist does a good job or I'll have to raise a fuss.
Just journal cards today. I've been working on some brushes made from vintage documents and plan to make some papers with them to share. Maybe tomorrow. Hugs!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Touch Of Spring freebie 4

It's Saturday and I am being lazy. We went out for a brief time to go buy a new pressure cooker but otherwise just taking it easy. Well, me more than husband who has eggplant washed, cut, and being pressed in prepartion for cooking shortly. Today's preview

Friday, April 17, 2015

more Touch Of Spring freebie & something silly

Yeah, it's Friday! friday are lunch date days for me and husband. I don't always eat lunch but I do on Fridays. We either go out for late lunch when my husband gets in from work, or he brings something home. Today it was take-out from Arby's - something we haven't had in a while. Almost forgot I hadn't posted today's zip yet. Here it is:
Link: And here is something silly I've been playing with. Some art dolls based on food or Foodies as I call them. Don't know what you'd do with them but I'll share anyway. Maybe we can use them on recipe cards? This first set is The Milkmen.
Link: Will be back tomorrow with another Touch Of Spring freebie. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Touch of Spring - zip 2 freebie

Just a quick post to give you zip 2 of Touch of Spring Also have a couple journal cards for you:
I found some good eggplant today so my husband will be making eggplant paremesan for me on saturday! Yum!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

free Touch Of Spring

I'm back! Husband's vacation was uneventful - a staycation for the most part. We did take Dad and June on a drive to Belvedere NC to visit the Layden's family store. The Laydens make the best sausage! It's not all fatty like in grocery stores. This is handmade all the way. My father, who is a picky eater, loves their sausage and it's been awhile since we'd driven down to buy some. His birthday (86) was on the 2nd and he wouldn't let us do anything. Then my husband got the bright idea to go to Layden's. We bought him 10 lbs of their mild links, got 5 lbs for us plus 2 lbs of their special apple sausage links and a little sharp cheddar. Packed it all away in the cooler then went down the block to have lunch at The Nelson House which is a cute Victorian bed & breakfast with a small restaurant and gift shop. Had nice weather for the trip. Back home we all worked to pack up individual servings of the sausage and load in the freezer. Good eating for some time.
I don't have an overall preview but I've got a Spring mini kit for you that I'll be delivering in zips of 1 paper and 2 elements. Here's the first zip:
That's one paper, one bow and one art nouveau button. However, I left the button large - large enough for a flare. You can reduce it down to use a a regular button like I did to put in center of bow. More tomorrow. I'm going to go fold laundry. Hugs!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Holy Saturday & FYI

Watched Duke advance to the final NCAA game which will be on Monday night. Undefeated Kentucky is getting hit hard by Wisconsin. And if you don't follow men's college basketball, you don't care. Really just here to wish everyone a lovely Easter tomorrow and also to let you know that I probably won't be posting this coming week. My husband will be home on vacation and we've got some family plans. Somewhat dependent on how I'm doing with this leg problem. Just letting you know so you won't waste time looking for a freebie this week. If I do post something, it will still be available the following week anyway. That seems to be coming off rough but I'm tired and hurting, so please forgive me. I don't even plan to cook an Easter feast tomorrow. Hubby is making fried chicken livers for himself and I'll come up with something for me. Don't want to be standing and bending to much. Hope everyonehas nice weather to allow for egg hunts for the kiddies and the like. See you again before you nkow it. Hugs!

Easter Is Here freebie kit part 4

Hope you are having a nice Saturday. Here is the final part of the Easter kit. Enjoy and have a BLessed Easter.
Paper zip 2 is here: I also have journal cards 21 & 22 for you. There is both a secular and a religious version to record Easter memories. I've shared a religious memory with you. Only after loading the zip did I realize the last couple of times (at least) I've included the examples in the zip instead of just posting them. Sorry about that. I'm sure you can easily delete those copies when you unzip.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Is Here - freebie kit

It turns out that I did finish that Easter kit I was thinking about but I never got around to putting it in the store. I will give you the zips here with the last on Saturday and no post is planned for Easter Sunday.
Tonight you get element zip 1. Pick it up here:

On self diagnosing and freebies

As some of you know, I've been having left hip pain since January. First I self-diagnosed it as fibro and treated it accordingly, Didn't help much. February came with lots of ice and snow and everyone I know with arthritis was having pain so I figured, okay, at my age maybe this is arthritis and I treated it as such. But arthritis strength Tylenol gave no relief, nor heat or anything else I could think of. It would get a little better, then come back, and then it really got worse. Pain from lower back, through left hip, groin, knee and down into the foot! And since right shoulder was hurting too, sleep was difficult. I finally got in to my doctor on Monday. He said I have bursitis in right shoulder, left hip and left knee! Turns out heat is bad for bursitis and can make it worse. Cold is what you use and cortisone. I got to choose whether hip or knee was worse and was given an injection. My hip is feeling better now but left knee is still pretty tender and now right knee is complaining from where I've been shifting my weight. But I'm not complaining; things are improving!
Today I have a couple journal cards for you with some examples. I believe I have an unfinished Easter kit in my stash. Will be looking for that to give to you the rest of the week.