Monday, May 2, 2011

Once In A Lifetime

Four of us at Southern Comfort Scraps got together to create a wedding kit which we are calling Once In A Lifetime. We had a large color pallet. Some of us tried to use all of it; others, me especially, used just a couple fo the colors. Here's the total preview:

You can find the kit at scs here:
It contains 60 full size papers, 128 full size elements, and 5 tagger size papers and 210 tagger size elements. It's available for a price of $8 OR spend $8 anywhere in the store and get it free!

Here is my portion:

As you can see, I was having too much fun. Made 16 papers and over 50 elements. Elements are resized and shadowed for preview and not all are shown. Go take a look.

It's been some time

since I posted. Had a bad spell with fibro acting up and also was making changes in my medications.

VCU lost to Butler in the Final Four but I'm proud of our guys for getting as far as they did.

On the home front, Tidewater has already had some days in the 80's so summer isn't far away.

My son accepted a position in Pennsylvania so by about July will be farther from home.

My step-daughter, Lisa, is being sued by the sister of her deceased fiance and father of her baby girl for custody. Next court date is 5/28.

Our friend, Raymond, a co-worker of my husband, is having two back surgeries this month. One tomorrow and the second next week. He's had prior back surgery so we're worried for him.

My BIL is about ready to get back to work on the house. This coming weekend he's coming over to start ripping up the tile in the front bath in preparation for new vinyl floor and re-painting. Once that is done we move back to work on living room. Need sub-floor put down to compensate for warping of hardwood floor during a past fire. Then it will be carpet and new furniture! I so hope to have it all done before Thanksgiving.

Watching my father's health. He developed atrial fibrillation and has been on Coumadin about 3 months now. They were supposed to do a little procedure to shock his heart back into proper rhythm but last visit there was no sign of A-fib so they are asking him to stay on meds and go back sometime in June. Poor guy, he's fed up with being on Coumadin because it's so restrictive (he can't even go for dental cleaning) and just wants them to do the procedure so he can come off hte drug. Otherwise, he seems amazing well for someone in early 80's.

I'm working on kits for Sourhern Comfort Scraps and Sunflower Scraps Boutique, writing, and getting back into aqua therapy exercises.

Not very exciting but that's my life at present.