Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve freebie

Happy New Year everyone! In one hour (Eastern time) it will be 2017. Sure hope it is a better year for everyone. For those who journal, use planners etc, I promised to post at least the first quarter of 2017 goal sets. I have actually finished all 12 months but will post the first six months at this time and the remainder tomorrow. Here is a very simple preview:
And here are the links to the individual zips:
January 2017:

Wishing you all the best in 2017!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Quick note with useful link

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. Ours was pretty good - is preety good, I should say, since Christmas doesn't officially end until Epiphany on 1/6. We've been celebrating since the 23rd when my son and DIL got in from PA. Sadly, Jeremy was ill and had to cut short their holiday plans once they left us. We've been juggling visits from other family members since and just got back from Suffolk where we visited my SIL and her girls. 2016 isn't ending on an upbeat note. My father is having dizzy spells again and isn't using the walker, saying it is too big for the house. My son's stepmother is away from her home standing vigil as her father is rapidly declineing. My Red Hat's potluck had to be cancelled due to illness. But the days march on.

As New Year's Eve fast approaches, some of us are wondering whether it is worthwhle or not tofollow the tradition of setting resolutions for the coming year. If you are considering doing so, you might find the attached link helpful. It came in a newsletter I receive.

If all goes as planned, I hope to put together and post a package of goal and results sheets for the first quarter of 2017 by New Year's day. Stay well, safe, and be happy!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday & guess what?

It's Thursday night and I'm getting ready for my son and his wife. We will be having an early Christmas tomorrow. Things have been hectic and since there is more family to see and do things with, it is likely to be busy here until after the New Year. In fact, until 1/4 after hubby's colonoscopy. So here is what I am going to do. I'm going to post the rest of Christmas 4 Kiddies tonight, wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and take a long holiday break.










Overall preview:

Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday!

Was supposed to be Wednesday freebie

It's a little after 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning and I am just about to go to bed. The day got away from me quickly what with cooking and cleaning and having to take multiple rest breaks. anyway, here is zip 5 of Christmas 4 Kiddies:

I'll make up for lack of Wacky wednesday freebie later today,

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday freebie - zip 4 christmas 4 Kiddies

The news from Dad's cardiologist was good and not. The EKG showed his heart rhythm is steady, which is good. However, the doc listened carefully to all Dad and I had to say and told him to reduce the heart med he'd given him to every other day and that might bring his heartbeat up some. He also said dad can stop taking Coumadin. Yeah! The doctor said these measures were not a fix but might help some and he will check him again in a month. Once home we got the wreath on Dad's door and his lighted tree up.

Here is today's zip:

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas 4 Kiddies freebie zip 3

Another step closer to being prepared for holidays but running out of time. Heard that my son is ill and trying to get better for the holiday while still working. In healthcare - sounds unlikely, doesn't it. Today it's turned cold again and we are having rain mixed with sleet. Taking dad to doctor and doing some things for him. Day will be gone before I know it.

So, here is today's zip:

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Christmas 4 Kiddies freebie 2

Not getting any sleep the night before procedures caught up with me yesterday. The thing I hate worst about going for anything like the colonoscopy is having an IV put in. I have small veins and am a "hard stick." This time I thought I was tired I would not care. I warned the nurse about previous problems I've had, like the time I went to ER for a kidney stone and it took 12 tries to get an IV in. She was horrified and promised they would not do that to me. After examining my hand, she said she thought she saw a good vein but was going to give me a little lidocaine first in case it was tricky. She made one attempt and called for someone who was excellent finding veins in such cases. That nurse went up and down my arm looking for a suitable vein and noted that some of them rolled. She got a machine that helps find veins and shot my arm up with lidocaine and finally got a line in. After that, it was no big deal. Doctor took biopsies of my esophagus because I've had some trouble with spasms, found mild gastritis in my stomach, and removed 3 tiny polyps in colon which she didn't think were problematic. Got home and had a bowl of plain rice with a little butter and some gingerale and went to bed, taking along a bottle of water. That was about 3:00 p.m. and I only got up for more water or bathroom until about 9:30 a.m. today! A whole day wasted.

And today not much better. Finished up wrapping and adding all the bows etc. to packages and arranged for easy finding of each family group. That was pretty much it. Weather here is about to go from freezing to 70s tomorrow. Had a headache all day which is probably sinus and weather related but could also be dehydration. Working at getting all that under control.

Anyway, here is today's zip:

Thursday, December 15, 2016

It will be Friday here shortly so posting new freebie

It's late Thursday and I'm about to try to get a little sleep before I have to be up at 3:00 a.m. to finish the rest of the prep. Thought I'd go ahead and post for Friday since I expect I'll want to sleep when I get home. Hubby has promised to take me to Outback for dinner, figuring I should be starving when I wake up. I expect I won't last long once we get home. Need to get up early Saturday to get some cleaning and other stuff done. I saw my first snow flakes the other day when I went to store. Just a few tiny little things that dissolved before they reached the ground. I love snow - when I can stay inside and watch it while sipping hot tea or cocoa. When I lived in Richmond and we got sizable snows, I was younger (30s) and loved to bundle up and go for midnight walks around the neighborhood. Now I'd probably fall and break something. Kristy, you be extra careful in that weather there. You've done enough damage to yourself this year! Seriously, take care and heal up so you can start 2017 well.

For the rest of the month - or however long it lasts, I've got another Christmas kit for you. This one, called Christmas 4 Kiddies features some adorable candy cane babies and young children. Hope you like it. Here is your first zip:

Thursday - last day of Holiday Shimmer

Today is prep day for procedures tomorrow. If you're over 40, you have probably experienced the preparations for endoscopy and/or colonoscopy. Such fun. (NOT!) Going to hospital to have both tomorrow.
Here is the last of Holiday Shimmer:

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday - tired & a freebie

Got to spend a little time with grandson, Tyler, today after Snowball Express. He is anxiously waiting to hear from Virginia Tech and George Mason University this coming week. dad says he is doing okay but the guys reported that his bruises are pretty dark and he admitted that he is aching on right side where he fell. Will check in on him tomorrow.

Today's freebie is zip 8:

Friday freebie & late Wacky Wednesday

Friday is disappearing fast! Husband took Dad for his Coumadin check and asked the nurse to check out his injuries. He has a huge black bruise on his head and under the eye on that side but the nurse said he looked okay and told him the same thing I had: if he experiences any confusion, headache or visual disturbances, he is to go to the ER immediately. While they were at the doctor's office I manged to get things a bit better organized, wrap a few gifts, and do some minor cleanup. Not too active though as I am suffering from the side effects of that course of penicillin. Got a short nap in before going to pick up the girls. Went to Cracker Barrel for dinner then to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens to see the holiday lights. Larkin ooohed and aahed. And she loved the Beanie Boo snowman, Scoops, I'd brought along for her. Saw it the other day when I did some shopping and knew she would like it.

Tomorrow is Snowball Express, the area Red hat Christmas party. Wish I were looking forward to it but I'm not. The best part will be spending some time with my pals, Mary and Joyce, and seeing some of the other ladies from our group and a few others I know. I borrowed a red top from Mary, more so she wouldn't feel Karen's discontent with my lack of compliance to dress code, than because I care. Didn't get around to making the fascinater I'd planned on so have hastily wrapped some white feather trim around a headband and added a red poinsettia that has some sequins on it. What I'm looking forward to most tomorrow is getting home, into comfortable clothes and doing some baking. My fruit cakes have not been baked yet! I am going to have to douse them with brandy a little more than usual.

But the tree is up, wreath on the door, the majority of gifts are wrapped. I've even chopped veggies except potatoes so that I can make a stew when I get home tomorrow. Next week we have 2 appointments to take Dad to and then I lose 2 days to my medical prep and procedures. I can't seem to get caught up, let alone a bit ahead.

I totally forgot to post a Wacky Wednesday freebie!
That is a Cu 4 Cu element pack I never got around to putting in stores. And the preview is missing something. See if you can figure out what lol.

And today's zip:

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday freebie

Just past midnight here but today will be hectic. Last night Dad fell again and this time he hit his head on the edge of the brick hearth. I was so alarmed when we got there and found him on the floor in front of the fireplace and I could see his bloody forehead. He's on Coumdain so excessive bleeding is a big risk. He had a sizable lump just above his forehead but part of the abrasion had already scabbed over and the other was no longer actively bleeding. I wanted to take him to the ER but he told my husband and me he was okay, just needed help getting up. I cleaned the wound gently, not taking any chance of causing it to bleed again and made him apply ice after we had him settled in his chair. My husband went out and got him his dinner while I sat there observing Dad and listening to his frustration about his condition. He wouldn't come home with us and didn't want me to stay over but we stayed awhile to make sure he wasn't showing any signs of a concussion and checked on him later by phone. I feel so bad for him. He does not like the way his health has been this past year and is discouraged that the cardiac inversion did not correct matters. I will take him to the cardiologist on the 19th and talk to him about a pacemaker.

Yesterday was also my DIL, Berkeley's, birthday. I was late calling her but she was cheerful and I was relieved to know that her birthday card arrived on time. Due to unanticipated complications in her new boss' health, B has been working full time instead of part time and getting lots of experience. She and Jeremy have been working hard these last months and are looking forward to being here for the holidays.

I'd best go ahead and give you zip 6 before I go to bed as I've got an eye appointment today plus checking in on Dad and numerous other to-dos.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yikes - Wednesday already!

Didn't accomplish much yesterday so today will have to push it. Tree is up but needs decorating, still some packages to wrap, lots of baking to be done. Hubby and I will have to take turns using the oven. We are so hoping BIL will be able to get by and fix dishwasher. Tomorrow I have to run out to Virginia Beach to try my new contacts (I wear hard gas permeable ones). Friday we will be busy for hours with the girls. Saturday we will both be going to events at different times. Holiday season can be a whirlpool of activities for sure.


Hope all your plans and activities are going smoothly. Hugs!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Monday, December 5, 2016

Busy Monday and freebie

It was a running errands day: pharmacy, grocery store, Dollar Tree, take rosemary to lady at Kindred Spirits, then to Dad's. He'd slept through his appointment for Coumadin check so I had him call to see if he could come in, got him dressed and took him up there. Perfect score! Back to Dad's to take out trash and recycling, hang the wreath over the fireplace and fold a load of laundry. Poor dear, he was worn out with all that fluid buildup.

And today we have:

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Just chatting

I can't seem to get motivated today! Maybe it's the weather. It's gotten cold after a couple of days of unseasonably warm weather in 70s. Of course, by "cold" I mean Tidewater version - 47 degrees. I read Kristy's comment about snow and thought back to when I lived in Richmond and the pretty snowfalls we had. Love to be able to sit at the window, book in one hand, cup of tea at the other and watch snow fall. Did accomplish a few things yesterday - got ornament boxes out (hubby will bring tree in tomorrow. Today he's watching football.)' made turkey potpie (yummy and saves cooking tonight), left a mess in kitchen which hubby had cleaned before I got up today, ordered another gift or two. Not all that much done really but had some balance problems. Think my Eustachian tube was blocked.

Just talked to Daddy and he's got problems with fluid buildup again. I have a feeling when we go back to cardiologist on 19th we will learn that he needs a pacemaker. He's asked me to pickup prescriptions for him tomorrow and help him put wreath above the fireplace. I'm hoping to bake fruitcakes tomorrow night and get that out of the way. Also start making batches of my 4 minute microwave fudge. I've got a list of family and friends who want some. Hubby told me that on Friday we are going to pick up Lisa and Larkin, go to Crackerbarrel for dinner and then take them to see the light show at Azalea Gardens. In addition, he has to bake 2 pumpkin cakes for his retiree luncheon on Saturday.

I haven't been able to find an affordable outfit to wear to Snowball Express on Saturday (Red Hat Christmas party). The organizer wants everyone to wear red and white or one or the other only. I understand her vision but I have neither time nor a lot of money to put into getting a special outfit for this event. Guess I will wear the red satin with black print and trim Chinese long tunic over black leggings. It was a thrift store find in my size (fits nicely) for only $7. I think it is festive - just not all red and white. The Queen of my local group told me that the organizer will not approve and I'm sure that is true. However, I had joined the Red Hat Society to meet people and make friends. I thought it was supposed to be about sisterhood, not about who dresses the best and has the most bling (they love rhinestones). In my little group it is about sisterhood but in the larger society not so much, which is very disappointing. My comeback to my Queen was, "If Karen doesn't approve, she is welcome to buy me an outfit she approves of." Although my Queen & friend is one of the warmest, kindest people I know, she seemed offended by my remark and told me she didn't care what I wear, but was just letting me know how it would be perceived. Sure didn't mean to upset her but I find I have little patience lately for such things. For a short while I felt like I must be an awful person but I was being honest. Oh well, I paid my fee so I'm going. Hope to not embarrass my friends. Those who want to look down their noses at me - let them. They haven't a clue who and what I am and their opinions don't matter to me. As I told Mary when she was feeling bad about being snubbed at the convention by these "better-than-you" women, all that bling they are wearing is not diamonds and neither are they. Beginning to wish I'd kept my $60. We will have some kind of chicken for lunch and I don't care much for chicken. Could care less about looking at the hats, clothing, and rhinestones stuff vendors will have, don't line dance. Just wanted a chance to spend more time with my friends.

Had best head out to garage and get laundry to fold. Should be able to finish one sweater sleeve today and maybe half of the second one. Will try to get one batch of fudge made and boxed. And have to figure out what kind of hat I can make to wear Saturday.

Oh, if you use an e-reader like Kindle, I just got the coolest accessory. I purchased one of these:
Using this is so much more comfortable than trying to hold on the Kindle while reading. I do have a case with a stand but found that it made the Kindle heavier and I was rarely reading where I could set the stand up. Slipping my hand into this to hold the Kindle is so much better!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lots to do & freebie

Thursday was a Daddy day. Took him out to get his hearing aid cleaned and hearing test updated. Then he wanted to go to The Original Mattress Factory and get a quote for a new mattress and box springs. A couple shops over was Dollar Tree where he buys all the new word find books he can (he likes a particular publisher) so he will have something to do. When I got home hubby had made spaghetti with homemade meatballs for me and Italian sausage for him. Yummy! He had wrapped some gifts while I was gone and did the dishes. I was so tired after dinner; I didn't do much more than work on a crocheted sweater for Larkin while watching TV.

Friday I was having trouble with the penicillin upsetting my stomach and didn't get much done. Tidied up a little, paid bills, sent birthday card out to Berkeley, put some gift clothing in tissue and boxes, and prepped the fruit for fruitcake. A lot of you are probably groaning reading that. That's okay, I didn't like fruitcake for a long time. Then one day a lady I worked with in the telephone company (years ago) came in with what she referred to as a golden fruitcake. She made it herself and our whole crew was glad to have it. Her name was Flo Byrd, and she insisted I give it a try. Way different than the dark, dense, heavy with nuts fruitcake my Welsh (maternal) grandmother used to make. I got the recipe and have tweaked it over time to come up with "Sherry's Brandied Christmas Cake." Now I make some for a lot of friends and family and I look forward to having some with coffee. That candied fruit is so waxy and tasteless when you buy it. I found that mixing up all the required fruit in a huge bowl, dousing with apricot brandy, and letting the fruit sit a couple days, stirring occasionally does wonders to bring out the fruit flavor. That's the step I'm at now. Ideally the cakes should have been made in November and wrapped in brandy soaked cheesecloth and put into tins to mellow. Still, by Monday I should be able to bake and will just make sure I watch to keep the cakes moist until giving time.

Today our yard man will come over to cut grass one last time and clean up pinecones and other debris. I'm going to make turkey pot pie, do some cleaning, and try to finish the sweater pieces. Will also get out ornament boxes and take tree down and set it up. Decorating will happen gradually over next few days. Also do some more wrapping. Just about done shopping but what is left is really important - gifts for my husband, son, and new DIL. Hubby is hard to buy for. Son and his wife have been together for some time now and have most things they want. We used to exchange wishlists but didn't this year so I'm having trouble thinking what they might like. Their birthdays are 12/7 (hers) and 12/14 but I decided to just go with cards and checks so that is taken care of.

Wondering how your Christmas preparations are coming. Will you be making special family treats like cookies, candy, party mix?

Here is today's zip:

Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 1 of Holiday Shimmer

Kinda busy. Trying to clear off and out the window seat so I can starting putting the tree up tomorrow. Set up Holiday Shimmer for daily freebie and, guess what? It is only going to go so far. Therefore there will be a second kit to follow it. That one is called Christmas for Kiddies.

Here is today's zip preview:
{Google won't take preview! Tried to add thru Photobucket but it's been so long since I used that & not sure if it will post for you)
Got it! Had to sign out and back in before it would take preview.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dishwasher & freebie

Good news about dishwasher. BIL came by and says the control valve (he called it something else) that lets water in and senses when machine is full is has gone bad. We ordered the part and it should be here in the week and BIL will put it in. $15 part plus something for BIL is much cheaper than a new dishwasher!

Today more of Women Who Wear Black:

About a holiday kit for this month. Sad to say but I really don't have time to develop a new kit. So, what I will do is give you a kit I used to sell. It is called Holiday Shimmer:
As you can see from preview above, it's pretty traditional. I hope this will suffice for your December freebies. I will start posting it tomorrow.

Wacky Wednesday freebie - late!

Ack! running late again. Just when you thought you had seen the last of Deco Dazzle, here it is again. For your Wacky Wednesday freebie, I put all the left-over elements together to give you a miscellaneous zip.