Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year's Eve & goal sheet freebies

We're at the end of another year. I hope that 2019 brings peace, good health, love and happiness to all. Last year was rough for me and I didn't use my goal sets much. Too much to keep up with. I do intend to make good use of them this year so I'll be able to look back at the end of 2019 and see what was going on in my life. So far I've got the first quarter goal sets completed. I added a page for those who do overall year resolutions, as well as a page to recap the previous year. I hope these will be helpful to some of you.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Geeting

Hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday! Used Source Christmas Fields by The Everlasting Story to create card. Resource can be found at Creative Market.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

It's almost here & freebie

Actually I'm pretty much ready. If I finish as planned,, I won't have to do anything on Christmas Eve. Just relax and watch mass from the Vatican. Hope all is well with you. Don't imagine I will get back to blog until after Christmas, maybe even New Year's day so I wish you a wonderful Christmas as we remember the greatest gift. May 2019 be a good year for us all.


Thursday, December 20, 2018

A little Christmas freebie

The tree is finished and the windowseat looks festive. The wreath is on the door but will need replacing next year. Getting ready for our Italian Christmas. Since we've had the blues about Christmas, we decided to shake things up this year. No traditional ham dinner. We are doing Christmas Italian style and invited my 80 year old aunt Sissy, whose family was originally from Naples, and her boyfriend, an 81 year old man she grew up with, John E. John E is of Greek origin so he loves many of the same types of food my husband and Sissy enjoy. My husband is doing all the cooking too! There will be an antipasta spread of various olive types, roasted red peppers, a soft goat cheese for spreading and caponata to put on crackers. He's making his famous lasagna, beef tips cooked in homemade tomatoe sauce, a dish that is composed of potatoes, spinach and red pepper, and garlic bread. I'm making up a dessert platter with slices of my fruitcake (better than traditional Panetone), some traditional raibow cookies (from a local restaurant), fudge, chocolate chip cookies (okay, not Italian). Decided to try my hand at making some anise biscotti for my husband. I don't care for anise/licorce at all but he loves it. So we will add that to the platter too. Since it turned out so well, I intend to make some amaretto biscotti too.

Hope your preparations are going well.


* sorry about link error. Must have been hurrying.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Today is my son, Jeremy's birthday & I've got a gift for you.

On this day 41 years aggo I received the best early Christmas gift - my son, Jeremy Ryan. He was actually due on Pearl Harbour day and, oddly enough, a baby girl was born on that day eight years later. The little girl, named Berkeley Rushka (I might be spelling it wrong - it's Russian for Rose and her paternal grandmother's name) would grow up to marry my son. It never fails, each December 13th I wake up near midnight. My son was born minutes into the 14th. He became my Christmas in many ways and when he isn't here with me on Christmas, it just feels so wrong. But he and his wife will be working on the holiday and then going home to celebrate their first Christmas in their new home. It's a long trip from Mechanicsburg PA to Virginia and when they do make it they have to hit all the stops: her Dad in Fredericksburg, her sisteer and their friends in Richmond, Jeremy's Dad and his new wife in Zion Crossroads (near Charlottesville), then here in Norfolk. Getting to be too much.

Anyway, since I am procrastinating getting work done and waiting on return call from my Baby J, I thought I'd give you a little gift.
These had been made for my CU line so you may use as commerical.

Hope your holiday preparations are coming along nicely.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

It's Dec 9 already? (There is a freebie at bottom of post)

Thought I'd just check in. Seeing lots of snow in North Carolina and western Virgina but here in Norfolk, it's 40 degrees (feels colder) and raining. Not complaining, mind you, as I don't have to go anywhere today. Friday was DIL's birthday. Had sent a gift by Amazon that I know arrived but card with gift certificate was probably late due to Post Office taking off in honor of former President George H. W. Bush. Tried to call her but her cell just rang, didn't go into voice mail. Could have been working. Yesterday we had Larkin (8 yr-old granddaughter) all day. Took her with us to husband's former employer's retiree holiday luncheon. Afterwards we took her to see the new Grinch movie and later to dinner at Pollard's. Pollard's is a chicken restaurent that has been around in local area for ages. Since she likes beef liver and onions that hubby cooks, he thought we should introduce her to fried chicken livers (not for me - ever!). They had fried chicken livers and mac ' cheese (which she loves). Larkin said the livers were okay but she likes her Papa's liver and onions better. I didn't want any more poultry as I'd had some turkey at the luncheon. Just got mixed greens (like homemade) and sweet potato fries. By the time we got Lil' Princess, as my husband calls Larkin, home, we were ready to just chill out for the rest of the evening.

I'm supposed to be doing lots today but can't get it together. The last few days we have been fighting ants. Terminix did exterior pest control the last of November so we were surprised when we found these ants in the computer room. Talk about annoying. Put down ant traps which they showed no interest in visiting. Remembering that they aren't supposed to like strong smells, I saturated cotton balls with tea tree oil and placed them around the countertop that runs the length of one long wall. Its where both our desktop computers plus printer etc are located. How icky to be sitting here typing or scrolling and find an ant happily crawling across your hand. It makes me feel itchy all over! Next wiped countertop with vinegar, again using strong scent idea but this time I used a non-flamable spray along baseboard and other areas. Still see one or two but hoping they are dying off. We had a few coming in around seam at kitchen window earlier but I'd squashed that problem and haven't seen any more since last week. Then today I go into dining room and found a few on the table! I am not happy. More vinegar wipedowns, more spraying. It seems to be happening to lots of people in the neighborhood too because last time I was in the grocery store I heard a couple older women trying to figure out which was best spray and traps to buy. Crossed fingers I cure this problem soon.

Running some laundry now while hubby naps in the recliner. Can't do anything in living room while he's there so another day slipping past before I can get into window seat of bay window to get decorations out. Don't even have a wreath on the door yet because it's in the window seat too. I did get my crocheted water bottle carriers finished and will be packing those up tonight. Made 8 for the girls in my lunch group as Christmas gifts and we are having our Christmas lunch Tuesday. Since we like to go on little excursions & like to take water along, I thought this would be a practical gift. Made them with long straps to go crossbody so you can take your water along but have hands free.
Yes, that is one male silhouette. One of our group has Parkinson's and her husband usually accompanies her since she might have a seizure. The goodie bags will also have a small assortment of candy.

Some time ago I had made some Christmas overlays under my CU brand of Sher Scraps 4 CU. Maybe you can do something with these.