Sunday, November 30, 2014

Retirement Sales

Big announcement: I have decided to retire from Digi Style Designs effective the end of the year. I am putting all Wonderland Scraps products on sale for $1.00 from today thru 12/31/14.
and all but the Buy My Store at Sher Scraps 4 CU
I don't know if I will just be out of stores for a few months or permanently - haven't decided yet but I need a break. This does NOT mean there will be no more freebies. In fact, I've been working on a big Christmas kit and no sense putting it in the store. Instead, I will be giving away pieces here every day in December so stick around and load up. Many thanks to all my customers and friends. Hugs, SherryD

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Quick note re sale

If you love Poser figures, especially cute ones, be sure to go by Cute n Toonz quickly! Deb has decided to close shop and has everything 50% off. Time is running out so drop in soon. Sure will miss her but she says she is going to keep her blog going and offer freebies there.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Look what I found!

I was listlessly going through some folders where I keep my Sher Scraps 4 CU products, ideas, and works in progress when I came across some styles I'd made:
I've got to get them packaged up and put in store but made a few goodies for you using some of them: The items in the zip are CU okay. Hope you enjoy them. No new outbreaks of hives or shingles but still uncomfortable and the meds make me feel so tired! None the less, I've got to get busy tomorrow and get some work done. Hugs, Sher

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Please be patient

I managed to do something new. saw doc today and I not only have a bad case of shingles on lower back but have hives all over on top of it! Itching like crazy with a burning, peppery feeling along arms and legs making sleep difficult. So now I have a strong new antiviral to take 4x/day plus something to keep it from upsetting my tummy. Since I can't take steroids for the hives due to the antiviral, I'm on large amounts of antihistamines. Once this combo takes hold I'm likely to be half out of it for days. Just took the new meds and am going to try to crash for a few hours. Have been thinking about some new and different ideas for freebies and hope to be able to work a little later today and get something out to you. Hugs, Sher

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November has been rough

First it was the insurance mess, then the broken heater which meant of week of cold, now I've got another outbreak of shingles - worst yet. And so much to do before Thanksgiving! But enough complaining. I put a bunch of stuff in the store. First some Harvest Moon 2 Autumn color papers:
These papers are part of the current CAK so not included in 50% off sale. However, the packs of 4 papers are just $1 and the packs of 6 are $2. Next some element packs, overlay pack, and a template. All of these are included in the 50% off sale.
And I've got a CU4CU freebie for you too. It's a full size paper and a ribbon & button cluster:
You will find it here: Going to take a couple Bendryl on top of the anti-viral in hopes of being able to sleep. While I wait for it to work, I'll see what else I can finish up. Hugs!

Friday, November 14, 2014

New from Sher Scraps & freebie

Just added these batik overlays and sample papers in full size to store:
And I've decided to offer a tagger size version for free:
These are 800 x 800 pixels. Could be used for tags, ATCs, maybe even on cards. Pick up here: Cold here! But the heater part arrived and BIL will be here in morning to put it in.

It's the wrong time of year but it's a freebie

First, my thanks for those who expressed commiseration for the insurance problems and kaput heater. As far as the heater, part is still not in yet but yesterday temps were up in 70s! That's Tidewater weather for you - bounces all over the place. I went to the Workout Center and managed 40 reps on my aqua exercises, only feeling some spasms in lower back as I was climbing out. Usually I avoid the whirlpool and sauna because heat and humidity coupled with my fibromyalgia make me feel weak but I stuck my cramping foot in the whirlpool and found the temp tolerable so got in for a couple minutes to let the jets work on my back. Then I made the mistake of going into the inhalation room (or whatever it's called) and breathing in the eucalyptus vapor. That was only about a minute or so with my eyes closed so my eyes wouldn't burn. It's supposed to be good for you - open sinuses and bronchial tubes, is a natural antiseptic, yada yada. I've stayed away in the past because I know if I'm around dried eucalyptus for too long it triggers a migraine but I've been running food and supplies over to my Dad who has some sinus infection or cold right now and I thought this vapor might be a good idea. Because I have COPD from chronic bronchitis, I try to be careful about any respiratory problems. So I brethed in this vapor and did feel like my sinuses were cleared and my breathing easier. Nice shower and shampoo there and headed home. Started developing a bad headache about an hour later. And this afternoon temperatures dropped and it is expected to be colder tomorrow with rain and possible snow flurry. Filled out the paperwork for husband to turn in for the insurance change for him in January. Haven't heard yet what I'll be getting but I'm trying to stay positive. At my age, I can remember when good companies provided excellent health care plans for employees because they valued those who worked for them. Ditto with valuing customers without whom businesses don't stay afloat. But I'll stop there and not go into another rant. No point, is there? times have changed and change is the only constant.
Tried to get a few things done today before the chill got bad. Looked into files and found a folder with a kit I'd started some time back with the intended theme of Azalea Festival - an annual event here in Norfolk in April. Didn't get far with it but I'm offering those pieces tonight to anyone who can use them.
Link: And I'm off to find something warm to sleep in and burrow under the quilts. Hugs!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Finally - a freebie! & new products added to store

I know, I haven't put up anything free in a while now but today there is something I created just for you. I've been working with the Harvest Moon CAK at Digi Style Designs so have autumn on my mind. Today I have a zip for you that contains a stacked autumn paper (full size), a fall leaf border, and a Poser fairy. All are personal use only, please.
Hope you like this odd little mix. Pick it up here:
Sorry for the rant about health insurance etc but I wound up with anxiety. Our dear New York Life insurance guru and financial advisor, Mr. Stuart Birkel, is working on finding me a Medicare Advantage program to tide me over until I can go for a Medicare Supplement plan. The part for the heater is on the way and we hope it will be here before Thursday when weather will turn bad.
Here are the new products I just added to the store:
Don't forget everything except for this month's CAK items are 50% off all month.

It's Been Lovely . . . NOT!

Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. This past Saturday was one of those. It was cold in the house when I got up and my husband questioned whether I'd left the AC on. No, I'd changed the thermostat to "heat" because temperatures were dropping. No time to investigate though because we had to attend a meeting at his employer about changes to health insurance that will take place in January. About 2 years ago, his company dropped insurance with Anthem to go with Optima because premiums were lower. Every one is trying to save money. We expected to hear about an increase in the monthly premiums for next year. We were unprepared to learn that the regular HMO and PPO plans we had in the past would not be offered. All the company is offering employees are HMO and PPO plans with high deductibles and a Health Savings Plan. No more just paying co-pays for doctor visits or prescriptions. New plan would carry a $6,000 family deductible! If we could participate in the Health Savings Plan (HSA), the company would contribute $3,000 to the plan this first year (no promise on years to come) and we'd have to pay about $300/month into the plan plus the insurance premium. They tried to convince us this was a good thing - lower monthly premiums and the HSA would be in place to pay off the out-of-pocket expenses. Except, if employee or family member on plan has any other insurance (including Medicare), then you can't have a HSA and you pay everything out-of-pocket until you meet deductible. I have Medicare because I'm disabled. So I have to be dropped from the insurance so my husband can do single policy and HSA for his expenses. I don't have Medicare RX policy because I've had his policy and now to get on the Medicare RX plan, I'd pay a stiff penalty. We've had to contact our NY Life man who is a financial advisor and see if he can come up with a Medicare Advantage plan for me. To make matters worse, we have to make a decision by the 17th! Then we get home and discover the heating unit is kaput! No heat since Saturday (Friday night really) and the weather is turning colder. Today BIL checked out the problem and learned it's a part he called the "squirrel cage" that needs to be replaced. He can do that for us but the part had to be ordered and will be at least 3 days getting here. And guess what? weather forecast tonight says possible snow by Thursday! I could go to my father's to stay but both he and his girlfriend are sick with respiratory infections and that's what I'm trying to avoid. When it rains . . . When I'm not under quilts in bed, I've been spending a lot of time in PC room which is small and has the heat of 2 computers. Finished up some things that were in process and plan to put together some freebies for you tomorrow. Maybe a sort of grab bag but definitely something and previews of what's going in store too. Be patient please, I haven't forgotten you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Harvest Paper freebie & Sales

I have met many wonderful people in the digi scrap community (and sure, a few real stinkers!) and I am thankful for all they have brought to my life. That seemed like a great theme for a belated November sale in both my shops so I'm offering a discount of 50% off anything in Sher Scraps or Wonderland Scraps until the end of the month. The only exception will be any product for DigiStyleDesigns' current CAK, Harvest Moon and at the moment I haven't added anything to that category.
I hope to add a couple new products this week. Mostly what I've been doing is stressing out over situation with my niece (she moved out Friday evening), getting ready for Pumpkin Party Tea for grand-daughter (this past Saturday), running to scheduled doctor appointments, and getting back into routine with my aqua therapy exercises. The last 2 weeks I have made it to the pool at least 2x and am going for 3x next week when I have no appointments on M-W-F. I'm up to 35 repetitions of each exercise and while there's a bit of soreness, it hasn't triggered an increase in fibro pain. I do have a little freebie for you tonight and expect to add more later this week.
Special thanks to Angie Wenke for the cute fall graphics. Pick up your paper here: Hugs!