Thursday, May 31, 2018


no post today. Weather moving to stormy and I've got severe headache.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A turn around day and freebie

Had yesterday all planned, I thought. Post was pre-scheduled (although I forgot to include fairy_2). I got up, had breakfast and showered and shampooed. Found I was running a few minutes late. Dressed, dryed hair, gathered up book for Shirley and item to be returned to Target. Knew where my swim bag was in the back room, just had to get past obstacles to reach it. Nearly ready to go and something made me check the swim bag. Everything there except - swimsuit! Looked where I thought it might be but I'd since re-arranged some of the dresser contents and couldn't spot it. Decided I'd head on out to lunch and just stop by house on way to workout center. Then I couldn't find my purse! Frantic last minute search and I thought I had it. That's right, thought I had what I needed. Only the purse fell over on it's side on the way and since the top was unzipped, I checked contents before going into restaurant in case anything important had fallen out. Good thing I did because I discovered that I had transferred the important contents, that is licsense, money, credit cards, etc. back into the small cross-body bag I've been favoring. I was so upset. Here I was late and no way to pay for lunch. Didn't want to ask anyone to loan me money so went in, handed Shirley book, said hello to all and hugged LaVerne for her loss, apologized for lateness and said I couldn't stay. A couple of friends offered to loan me money when they heard what happened but I hate to borrow from people, especially people I don't see often. Madelyn got up and hugged me saying she was sorry I was having a bad day. This from the woman recovering from breast cancer! Then Deb's husband, David, told me to sit down and stay that he'd pay for my lunch. (David usually drives Deb to meetings since she has Parkinson's.) He wouldn't take no for an answer, so I'll buy him lunch next month. Anyway, did me good to chatter with the ladies and give Deb some quilting pointers. We even decided on where we will meet the next two months.

Left Reginello's in better, calmer mind state. Stopped in Target and did fastest return ever. Popped into the house, found swimsuit amd went up to workout. Had the pool all to myself and exercised for an hour. It was so peaceful and I didn't overdo it.

As Larkin finishes her ice cream, she catches a glimpse of something white through the whisps of mist. "Is that . . . Oh! I think I saw a unicorn!" The purple fairy looks off in the direction Larkin points to. "Yes, there is one there. And lots more around too. Just wait 'til you see all the babies. They are so cute!"

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Holiday weekend now over and more of Larkin's Dream freebie

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend? And while picnicing, visiting the beach, or whatever family fun you had, I'm sure you remembered to take a moment to remember and give thanks for our military men and women, who sacrifice to keep us and the values we hold dear safe. For my part, I can't honestly say I know where the weekend disappeared to. We had a visit from Tyler, I got a few chores done and poof! It was Monday already. I'm writing this Monday afternoon and scheduling post for Tuesday which is likely to be a long day away from home. My Ladies Who Lunch group will be meeting at an Italian restaurant for lunch and chat. They choose places that will let us sit and chatter for hours so we can get caught up on all the happenings or lack thereof. I've got books to take to Shirley and Madelyn. Think Steph will be back from vacation in Hawaii and hope she has lots of photos. Deb said she was going to start her first quilting project and would have someting to show me this time. Connie will have photos of new grandbaby. And we will all need to console LaVerne over the death of her dog. Afterwards, I need to stop by Target to return a sports bra I bought - one of those athletic racer back things. What was I thinking? With the constant fibro pain in my neck and shoulders it doesn't make sense to fight with having to pull that thing over my head and down into place. Nope, for yoga I do have a pair of yoga pants and will just wear a comfortable cotton bra covered with a loose tee shirt. Would like to try to stop into Womens Workout before coming home and maybe walk around the pool a few laps. All depends on how late I leave the ladies. I've been wheezing a lot last couple days and trying to remember to use new inhaler. Going to have to take it slow with workouts until I can bring my oxygen diffusion up some.

Walking a little further on, another fairy pops into view. "Maybe Larkin would like something cold and refreshing?" She waves her hand and through the mist and Larkin sees a display of ice cream. "Oh yes," she says, "I'd love some ice cream!" "Oh course! Ice cream solves everything!" It was difficult to make a decision, but Larkin finally chooses a strawberry cone that has a curious sparkle to it. The fairy explains the sparkle is edible wish sprinkles and tells Larkin to make a wish before taking the first bite.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Yummy freebie

"This rug feels really soft," Larkin comments to the fairy. The fairy giggles and replies, "That's 'cause you're walking on a cloud carpet." Alarmed, Larkin looks down and realizes she can't see her feet in the mist. "Am I going to fall through?" "Oh no, silly." Larkin begins to notice patches in the mist. "Look up," the fairy tells her and she sees that they are passing under an arch that looks like the candy dots on paper she sometimes gets. Then, through the mist, Larkin sees fluffy pink and blue clouds on paper cones! "Is that cotton candy?" "Sure is. Want to stop and have a bite?"

Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday freebie - Larkins Dream

Our grandson, Tyler, is home for awhile. After college let out, he had been staying in North Carolina with his Grandma Pat, who was dying. He came for dinnner: Papa's barbeque spare ribs, fresh corn on the cob, and Nonna's potato salad. He thinks he is going to be working this summer for the environmental company his father works for. Might be going to Guam.

Larkin admires her outfit in a lovely hand mirror that was lying under the dress. She turns to go out the bedroom door and finds it closed. It's also different, with a fancy decorative stripe down the middle and a sparkling door knob. If she was familiar with Alice In Wonderland, Larkin would probably think, "Curiouser and curiouser!" When she opens the door, the area beyond is hazy, everything indistinct. It feels a little scary but then a fairy appears before her trilling her name softly, "Larkin! Come out and play." Who can resist such a lovely creature?

Thursday, May 24, 2018

More of Larkin's Dream freebie

Sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday. We had an afternoon appointment to pre-plan and pre-pay for our cremations. Both the man we met with and my husband are talkers. There was a lot of conversation before we got into the planning. I had gone to the website and downloaded an information sheet about what they would ask and filled in my info. Printed a copy for my husband, but he didn't see any point in filling it out since the man would be asking us questions. Eventually we got it all set up and it will be one thing my son and grandson won't have to deal with when something happens to us. Had a few other errands and next thing I knew it was time to make dinner. I fixed up some chicken breasts to roast, made four-cheese rissoto, and snap beans. By the time dinner was over and everything cleared away, I was worn out so I never got back to finish up the zip for yesterday.

Today I met a couple friends and we went to see The Book Club. Fun movie for those of us over fourty. Actually, think 60 somethings. I won't tell you much but will say I liked Dianne Keeton's story line best. For that matter, I liked her guy, Andy Garcia, best while Madelyn preferred Don Johnson. Shirley thought all the guys looked good lol. We followed the movie up with any early dinner at Slotzsky's Deli and sat around and talked a long time. Since I knew hubby would be at Inara's softball game and had arranged to make/buy his own dinner, I dropped into Target to find a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra. Most of the athletic pants they carry are marked "Tight," which is not for me. Finally found a nice cotton blend pair that are more relaxed. Think those will be fine but the athletic bra probably isn't going to work out. One of those racer back pull over the head type; I think it is going to be too tight. While in Target I started to get overheated, sweaty, weak in legs. Couldn't be low blood sugar so not sure what was happening. Maybe oxygen diffusion too low? Got out of there and sat in car with A/C running, sipping cold drink for a few minutes before driving off. All seems fine now, just tired. Anyway, here is part 3.

Returning to her room to dress for the day, Larkin finds clothes already laid out on the bed. But they are not her ordinary play clothes and she knows her mother and grandmother are still asleep. Who left these things? Is there going to be a costume party Larkin didn't know about? She wonders because, you see, what she has found waiting for her are clothes for a princess! Now Papa does call her Lil' Princess and she did dress up as a princess on Halloween but this isn't her costume, and that isn't the tiara Nonna bought her. Still, there must be a reason these things are here, so she gets dressed.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Isn't it sad and freebie

My brother called yesterday while I was at the doctor and when he didn't reach me, sent me an e-mail today telling me he knew when the tax refund had been mailed to me and wanted to know if he could expect to get a check from me by the end of the month. Isn't it sad that he is so intent on getting every penny he can from Dad's estate? He will never have enough because he doesn't understand that all the money in the world and material things are not going to fill that hole inside him. I sent a return e-mail that was calm and matter-of-fact. I outlined how all the previous agreements he made have not been fulfilled and I have no expectation he will pay half the final bills like he says, so I set out conditions (fair ones) under which he will get a check from me for his portion of the refund. I also let him know that while I don't understand his problem with me, his talk of "You're my sister and I love you. I would never do anything to hurt you" is just talk. I'm not feeling any love and once this last transaction is done, I said I doubt he will have any use for me and if it's his wish to cut off all ties with me, so be it. It was a little easier by e-mail than talking on the phone. Just want an end to the tension he creates for me.

) When Larkin woke up, it was barely light out and since it was the weekend, she decided not to wake her mother or grandmother. She went into the kitchen intending to make herself a bowl of cereal. She was surprised to see a big box of doughnuts on the table. They were iced in chocolate, vanilla, and pink frosting and smelled so good! Best of all, they had cute little faces like those on her Shopkins, only these faces were made with frosting and candy so completely edible. It was going to be hard deciding which to eat. She went to the refrigerator to get some milk and chocolate syrup for chocolate milk. Sitting down at the table with her milk and a plate, Larkin lifted the box top, closed her eyes and waved her fingers around over the doughnuts , then stopped when she had pointed to one. It had pink frosting and a strawberry gel swirl. On her plate it went. She thought it would be okay to eat two so she repeated choosing with closed eyes and got a vanilla frosted one with sprinkles. Putting it on her plate, she closed the box neatly and made her thumbs up sign to Ducky. This was going to be a yummy breakfast!

Monday, May 21, 2018

I'm back & new freebie begins

Sorry to have disappeared like that. We decided to go see Berkeley and Jeremy Mother's day weekend. My father had refinished a 19c barrel topped steamer trunk which was to go to Jeremy but he couldn't fit it in his Dodge Charger when he was here for the funeral; so we carried it up to him. Long ride to Mechanicsburg PA but we found a route that did not include the headaches of I-95. Much more peaceful. Jeremy took us out to dinner Saturday night (to avoid Mother's Day crowds) and then we took them to dinner Sunday. Nice visit but too short. Monday we headed across to New Jersey to visit with hubby's favorite cousin, Joann. She's about five years his senior and has been having health problems. Lost most of her hearing a couple years back and won't wear her hearing aids because she says they give her vertigo. Then a couple months ago, her vision which had been declineing suddenly went out totally. She had some surgery and we had hoped things had improved. No, all she can see are vague shapes and some colors. Since she lives alone this is very troubling. We helped her with some things while there: hubby took her grocery shopping and I read her mail to her and updated her checkbook. We talked to her about going into assisted living and she is against it. Then hubby spoke with her youngest son who looks out for her as best he can and learned that he had moved her into a very nice assisted living place after the surgery. A month later the administrator called and told him to come get her. She wouldn't participate in any activities, complained about everything, wouldn't eat and cursed staff. All except the last sounded familiar. When we took Joann out to dinner, we also discovered that she has no patience with anything and complained loudly about the restaurants (places she's gone to in the past and liked). It's a bad situation. I sure hope that when or if I'm in that position God gives me grace to accept the help I need gratefully and not be obnoxious.

I'm now trying to catch up on all the appointments and so on that I had to put off when Dad was ill. I have this whole week booked, except one of my scheduled days is to meet with my lunch friends to go see the movie, The Book Club. Today it was my pulmonologist and I sort of dreaded it. Last year I had improved my lung capacity by 2% (I have C.O.P.D.) but I haven't been using my inhaler and I'm out of condition due to all the other things I had going on. Went through testing and learned that I'd lost 2% lung capacity but worse, my oxygen diffusion was down from 70 something to 56% Guess that is part of why I've been feeling so tired. Got a new inhaler, this one with small amount of a steroid, and have to go back in two weeks to see if I'm improving.

So I decided it was time to do something for me. I had to stop at the little Walmart grocery store on the way home and it is in the shopping center with the Women's Workout Center I used to be a member of. I marched myself right over and re-newed my membership. I figure it will take me a couple weeks of just walking around the pool and gradually adding in my aqua therapy exercises before I can do anything more. With the fibro, the pool exercises are about all I can comfortably manage. However, the Center now has yoga lessons and I'm going to try joining that class in a couple weeks. A little over a month ago, I happened upon a sale of GNC's prenatal vitamins. It made me remember how my baby fine hair had grown stronger and thicker when I was pregnant. I've been struggling with hair fall from age and stress and nails breaking in the quick, so I decided it couldn't hurt me to try the prenatal vitamins. Maybe they contain something or a different amount of something that other vitamins lack. The bottle says to take one of these big capsules 3x day with meals. Not being pregnant, I decided to try taking just one a day and see if it made any difference. I'm happy to report it has. More so with my nails which are now long and healthy, somewhat with my hair

I wanted to do something different and some free resources I received gave me the idea for this new kit, Larkin's Dream. It's fantasy of the sort a little girl like my grand-daughter, Larkin, would have. But I think it might be fun for a lot of us big girls who still enjoy sweets, treats, pretty things and things that sparkle. If not for scrapbook pages, big girls could make themselves some cute journal or planner pages.

It's bedtime. Fresh from a sweet smelling bubble bath, Larkin dries off and puts on her soft flannel pajamas and slippers. While she brushes her teeth, she thinks about some of her favorite things: tea parties with Nonna, cupcakes, pink lemonaide, Papa's Italian dinners, fuzzy puppies and kittens, and sparkly stuff. In the bedroom, Larkin takes the clips out of her long hair and picks up her bedtime buddy, Ducky. Ducky is a soft plush animal half the size of his owner; he sits patiently as Larkin says her prayers. The two snuggle down under the bed covers. Larkin rubs her cheek against Ducky's fuzzzy head and whispers: "I hope I dream of unicorns." It had been a busy day so it doesn't take long for the little girl to fall asleep. The dream begins.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Yes I know . . . more Deco Dandies freebie

It's Tuesday already and the week is flying by. Yesterday was rainy but I had errands to run. By the time I got back home, caught up on news with husband, it was time for me to cook dinner and then clean up. Spent some time with hubby then worked on Deco Dandies when I discovered I didn't, as I'd thought, have anything ready to post. Once I finished up yesterday's zip it was after midnight so I decided I'd just wait and post today. I'd gotten a little disturbed throughout the day because I had to relate the story of my brother's parting shots to another family member and it stirred up all those bad feelings again. I know I have to let it go. I know it is always better to choose love than hate. But I also realize that in trying to be kind and fair I was a fool. They say you can't be taken advantage of unless you let it happen, right? And yes, I resent Thom's treatment of me. I don't hate him, I'm just disapppointed and hurt that someone I thought cared about me certainly doesn't. I wish it was all over and I could just pretend he doesn't exist and move on. But I know I'll hear from him at least once since he will be eagerly awaiting his share of tax refund and will be calling to check on it. Fun, fun, fun.

But more than enough about that! Here is zip you should have gotten yesterday:
Aviation was a hot topic in the 30's and men, loving all forms of transportation, couldn't get enough of all things related to flight. (Why do I feel like I've said this before? Oh, maybe because of the airplane lamp?) Anyway, today you get an aviator figure, a globe, and some assorted elements, plus one paper.

By now, you know how I am - I get started on something and can't decide where to stop. Today's zip has elements for another masculine favorite in 1930s form - football! Couldn't reist including a couple of vintage photos of football players too.
One more paper and lots of football memorabilia.

*** I'm getting ready to go out of town to see my son and may not be back to posting until 5/18 or later. It will be a new topic, just not sure what yet. Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Saturday freebie on Sunday

* First, to the visitor who asked if I would post to another server so she would't have to get Dropbox. I was not ignoring you; I have been busy. In answer to your question, I give away my designs for free and chose a reliable and safe free server to make these designs available. (Some other services have had problems including but not limited to hacking and viruses.) I don't believe you need to have a free Dropbox account to download items from my links. It would be inconvenient and time consuming for me to upload to more than one server so I will not be doing so. I suggest you try to download my Dropbox links and open them as you would any other zip file.

Yesterday was a busy day with family. My niece and God-daughter, Rachel Marie, graduated from Old Dominion University. The ceremony was at 2pm but such a large crowd was expected that we left home at noon to get a decent parking space and obtain handicapped seating. Long time sitting on hard chairs and the section we were in had AC vents blowing directly down on us. I got so cold. Not so bad for hubby who was wearing a suit. We got home about 4:30 and just had time to unwind a little and warm up, then it was go out again and pick up my Aunt and her boyfriend as we had promised to go out to dinner with them. Home again near 10pm and we were tired.

Quiet, rainy day today so we are just taking it easy. I've got what should have been yesterday zip of Deco Dandies for you. One stacked paper and loads of masculine elements. Bakelite, a kind of early plastic, was all the rage in the 30s and made into almost everything: handles for eating utensils, jewelry, boxes of every description and so on. This zip includes a Bakelite box and a desk set. Aviation was big news and men, loving all forms of transportation, were crazy about it. Today's zip includes a desk lamp made like an airplane. You will also find other desk/office related items like fountain pen, ink well, books with bookends, clock, reading glasses and so on. Hope this is fulfilling your wishes for masculine touches? I would have liked to include some Deco era Poser men like the ladies I included but Poser figures of men are few compared to those of women and often the expressions and hairstyles leave a lot to be desired.


Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday and lots of Deco Dandies elements (freebie)

Put together a lot of elements for today's zip but first I want to share something about 20s-30s fashion that I discovered. I think it's a hoot! Some men wore trousers called Oxford Bags:
Isn't that hysterical? there must be 4-5 yards of fabric there.

Anyway, here is today's zip:
Couldn't resist sneaking in a locket with a photo of Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Photo mat freebies

Eighty-five degrees here and going up but at least humidity is low. I so dread sticky summer weather. It makes me feel so weak and nauseated when I have to be out and about for any length of time. Paid a couple final bills for Dad today and made copies noting my brother's portion.

Something a little different today. I came across some old art deco era photos in dark blue photo mats. Love the crazy shapes so cropped out the photos and am giving you the mats. They should work nicely with our Deco Divas and Dandies.

Putting together some more male acessories, so check back.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Smoking man Deco Dandies freebie

Tuesday flew by. Had lunch with my friends from Sentara and we didn't leave restaurant until nearly 4:00 p.m.! Brief time at home, then on to pick up my Aunt and her boyfriend who wanted to go to Rt. 58 deli for hot pastrimi sandwiches. Made the mistake of asking for mine grilled and while delicious as always, that extra bit of grease from the butter grilled bread was kind of overwhelming. By the time we got home from dropping them back at their house around 10 (they love to sit and talk), I was exhausted and not feeling too well.

Here is freebie I should have posted yesterday:

Picked up my check for house settlement today. Did I tell you that Monday, after all the papers were signed and I was about to leave, my brother practically ran out to the car and asked if I'd gotten the tax check. At first I thought he was referring to the city real estate taxes but no, he wanted his half of the federeal income tax return. I explained (again) that the tax documents weren't sent in until almost last minute from lawyer's office and added that the refund wasn't very large anyway. He proceeded to pull out his phone and quote me the amount of the refund which is just a little over $1,000. "I consider that a big refund," he said. I told him when the check comes in I will send him his half. Then I asked about Mom's 50th anniversary ring which he was supposed to have brought back to me. He claims he had it appraised and the value was under $200 so he didn't sell it. I know better but when I told him what Dad paid for it, Thom said Dad got ripped off. Sure. Then he brought up the pearls again in a nasty tone saying he still wants to know what happened to those. I don't know what his problem(s) is but he definitely has some! When he calls me, which he will, to ask about that refund, I intend to let him know I'm holding it until all bills come in because while he says he will send me half on the bills, that will be like everything else he has said. Also waiting to get John's guns back and Mom's ring. And what about the money he told me (from Florida) he was going to bring me from what he and Roberta had made doing yard sales of Dad's stuff? He always has his hand out, always taking. Sadly, even if he had it all, he still wouldn't be happy.

Today I have some borders I'd made for Deco Divas and had forgotten about: