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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday freebie

Doesn't it figure? Everything is happening at once. Grandson Tyler was supposed to get in from college last night; we expect a call telling us which night he will be coming for the chicken parm dinner hubby promised him. My friend, Joyce is due in tomorrow from North Carolina. She's coming in to stay with our friend, Mary (Queen of our Red Hat group) and go to an event. Hoped to meet with her for lunch while she is here but my schedule is going to be tight for awhile. Brother Thom and his wife, Roberta, got into town last night. Have no idea what the delay was but they want to meet to discuss all that needs doing at Dad's house. Today I have to focus on cleaning my house because it's awful. Got to at least get the front (visible) part done.

So, here is today's zip:

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Midweek freebie of Halloween 2017

The background paper will work nicely for any fall related page, don't you think? Inside the zip you will also find a png of the tambourine I put in the child's hand.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

It's all about the candy . . . (freebie)

* Sorry about error - link fixed

Today I'm grateful for cooler temperatures. Would have been a good day to go to Dad's house and work but I just wasn't up for it. Feel exhausted and sure, some of it is this cold, but I think it's mostly weariness of heart. I know, just have to suck it up and do what needs doing. Sometimes easier said than done. Have a regular folowup with my primary care doc tomorrow - typical blood tests and so forth - and will talk to him about this exhaustion but doubt he will find anything amiss. Among other things, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Immune Disorder Syndrome years ago - it has a new name now - and that seems to go hand in hand with fibro so maybe that's what's going on. At heart, I think this malaise is probably more about not being able to do more for Dad and feeling abandoned by my brother and his wife. I'm at the point right now that if they do call, I really don't want to talk to them. Don't want more excuses and I sure don't want to hear what a nice visit they are having with my nephew's family and how Bryan has taken them here or there or whatever. That sounds petty on my part but at least I'm being honest. That's the end of my whining - for today at least - and on to something more cheerful.

Dressing up for Halloween is fun but it's really all about the candy, isn't it? So sad that the world has gotten so ugly we fear our children going door to door, even in our own neighborhood. And parents must warn children not to eat a thing until the parent carefully examines everything a child brings home. I'm old enough to remember being invited into known neighbor's houses to rest a bit and have some punch and a cupcake or cookies before going on to collect more candy. We would get whole chocolate bars, not minis. (The price on chocolate this year is crazy!) It seems we'd have candy for weeks. Our Moms insisted on taking a portion and setting it aside (hiding it lol) for a later time. Everyone got into the act, with adults dressing up to escourt their children around. Now it's illegal many places for anyone over 12 to wear costumes on the street. One Halloween when I was in elementary school my Uncle Bobby (Dad's eccentric, artsy younger brother) dolled up his Volkswagon Beetle with lips and eyelashes; he and his wife dressed up as Beatniks and drove around everywhere. Another time, when I was in high school and had a Halloween party (where I met my husband for the first time), Uncle Bobby showed up on stilts dressed as a goul. He was such fun! But I'm babbling. Here is your zip of Halloween 2017:

Monday, October 16, 2017

Dreary Monday and freebie

Weather is wonky - drizzling and grey, cooler temps at night. Spent a croupy night, chest tight and coughing. Hot tea, essential oils, steamy shower. Finally got some sleep after 10 a.m. Ditching on dinner out with hubby's fellow retirees. Now just have to figure out what we will have for dinner.

Today we have one of a pack of borders I created when I thought that and papers were all I was going to do.

Thought for today with thoughts of Kristi and her current situation:
You are doing all you can with great love but don't neglect yourself.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Late post for Saturday freebie

Once again, I'm seriously late. Yesterday (Saturday) went to visit my Dad and take him a few things. He looked good, was sitting up, watching TV. That went smoothly. Went over to his house and worked several hours, boixng clothing for thrift store, boxing up movies that might sell at a yardsale, cleaning out drawers in the main bathroom vanity. Stopped at store to pick up a few items. Came home in drizzle, damp to skin, with a headache coming on. Gave up and went to bed. By the time I got up and ate a little cereal, it was near midnight.

Here is Saturday zip with a wonderfully spooky ghost courtesy of Creative Intenionz:

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday freebie Halloween 2017_7

It's rainy and gloomy. Can't seem to get it together today. Got the Blues bad! Anyway, today being Friday the 13th, I guess I should have planned for black cats but we've got witches instead.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rainy Thursday, another headache and more of Halloween 2017

Quick post. Nice to hear you are enjoying Halloween 2017. I appreciate your comments. Today I've got another owl for you owl lovers:
{And google won't let the preview post! Will try again later 5 attempts enough for now.)
Finally able to load preview! See above.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Midweek and freebie

Leaving in a few minutes for nursing home visit and then will be going by Dad's house to do some work. Here is today's post:

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

After midnight so Tuesday freebie

Lost another day to headache. Today I'll have to double up on things early on as we will meet with Sissy & John for dinner. No word yet from brother. I assume they are in NC, but who knows? I'm so overwhelmed by condition my home is in that I'm fantasizing about tossing everything out, having a demolition cleaning team come in while I escape somewhere and then coming back to start over. Keep telling myself it didn't get like this overnight and isn't going to improve overnight. Then I have to add in visiting Dad time and taking care of all his stuff. One day things will be better, right?

I know I'm all over the place with the Halloween kit but it's all Halloween and should somehow work together.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Monday freebie of Halloween 2017

Not feeling well (lightheaded & don't know why) so was going to post Monday early (not quite 11 pm Sunday now) and just saw that Friday and Saturdays posts are no where to be found! Not even a case of forgetting to "publish." The drafts aren't even there & I remember previewing and publishing both! I don't have any idea what happened.

Forgetting any message there might have been to go with pieces of Halloween 2017, here is Fruday's zip:
And Monday's:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Last day of Boho Baby freebie

This is it - last day of Boho Baby:

Tomorrow we begin with a Halloween kit. No fancy title, just going with Halloween 2017. Typical colors. Finished Sandy's lapghan last night and started a messy bun hat for Robin, one of our pharmacists. I'm off to go back to Dad's and work, then come home and do more work. Relaxation today will be watching Big Bang Theory and crocheting. Oh and packing up first zip of Halloween kit for tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Mid week & freebie

Got a few things done yesterday but not all I'd planned. Went to post office with a packed envelope of papers to send to paralegal and a stack of bills ready to go out. Had solved the mystery of APS retirement vs New York Life retirement checks. Don't know how the paralegal missed it but I had too. The check stub from New York Life clearly reads APS pension plan/retirement check! So that one stub we had reading APS from December 2016 was just a summary of benefits paid that year. The paralegal kep putting it down in calculations as a $300+ check he received monthly. I suppose because who can imagine only getting $56/month as pension payment? But APS, which my husband remembered stood for Auto Parts Services (or did he say Systems?) - anyway that company went bankrupt soon after my father retired and it seems New York Life picked up the pieces of the pension plan. They must have done some investing because the most recent check stub shows that this year so far they have paid out more than $500.

I stopped by Dollar Tree on my way to my parents house and was able to pick up a few small boxes. I started by tagging a few things I know are going to various family members. Then I went into the "car room" and started going through a couple stacks of papers to see if they were something I needed to keep or trash. The only things not trash were some tax assessments on the house and paperwork for the covered gutter system Dad had installed a few years back. Next I cleaned out the desk drawers and filled boxes with adding machine tape (there's an adding machine somewhere in the house), scratch pads and post-it notes etc. When I ran out of small containers to box the stuff up, I put the other small office supplies in the long top drawer. Took a couple boxes back to Dad's bedroom and boxed up outwear Tee shirts, bagged clean but used undies & socks for thrift store.

Next I decided to gather up family photos. Thom and I had discussed seeing stacks of frames in the bottoms of the closets in my old bedroom and the car room. I began pulling out those in the car room. The majority of the frames were empty! Started boxing those up. Found my paternal grandparent's 50th anniversary album and the album I made my parents for their 50th and set those aside. The only photos I found in frames were a couple from my brother's wedding, a small collage with his boys, and a double frame with my son's graduation photo on one side and wedding photo of John and I on the other. Put the ones for my brother on the bed he'll use when visiting and mine in a bag to take home. I was especially looking for a photo of my mother taken when she was 16 for her piano recital. So beautiful. It used to be on the dresser in my old room but was moved at some point. Figured I'd find it in the closet there. Pulled out more empty frames! No clue to what Dad did with the photos that used to be in them. I wasn't feeling well - stomach pain again - and began to get upset over the missing photos. Why had he taken them out of their frames? What did he do with them? If he didn't want them, why didn't he ask me if I did? He's asked me about other stuff he wanted to remove - odd things. I would have said yes. Suddenly I was sweating and it was only 71 degrees in the house. I had planned to go to the bank to deposit a check and get funds, drop off my mortgage payment, and stop at the grocery store for a few things. Started having bad reflux with acid coming up in my throat and serious headache. Had to come home and go to bed. Pretty well ended my day, once again unable to do much more than sip water.

Today is better but then I slept in late because I was up and down all night. Deb, your suggestions about the buttermilk were right on target. And, as it turned out, my husband had made buttermilk pancakes for his breakfast and saved some batter for me. He was happy to make it for me when I got up and they were so good! I've only had buttermilk pie once when I was at a tearoom in Richmond but a dear friend who was with me had given me her recipe for it. Wanda said their mother used to make it often when they lived in West Virginia. Thanks to Deb's suggestion, I'm going to pull that recipe out and get busy.

We are supposed to pick up Sissy and John E. and go for Chinese buffet tonight. To be honest, I'd rather stay home and do liquids but if I don't go, my husband won't and everyone's plans are ruined. Guess I will make a show of craving wonton or egg drop soup and then get a little rice. Afraid to do anything heavy.

Finally, here is another Boho Baby zip:

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cooking adventures, clearing things up & freebie

It's about 1 am here and I'm still up because of an upset tummy. Hope to get a lot done tomorrow so going ahead to post. A few days ago we came across a copycat recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken, something my husband really enjoys. I can't eat it because of the MSG - makes me deathly ill. We decided we would try to make the recipe minus the MSG. That is, my husband would attempt it. First quandary was would the breading stick to skinless, boneless chicken breasts? Thought of a fix for that, mixed up all the spices etc. Recipe suggested cooking in a pressure fryer. We have a pressure cooker that includes a fryer basket and is supposed to be able to fry stuff. Getting the oil to the proper temperature recommended was a bit of a problem. Got it all going and after a while it smelled good. When it came time to remove the chicken and put the fries in the new crisper in the oven, I could hear my husband grumbling. He had taken the chicken out and put it on a rack to cool down and drain but it looked awful. Oil soaked with a gooey coating. Don't want to tell you what my first thought was when I saw it. He scraped off the coating and tested the chicken. It was done and had flavor so once the coating was removed, he deemed it edible. One disappointment. As for the crisper, I was cooking frozen fries meant for oven prep. I can't see where there was any improvement over just cooking them on a foil covered baking sheet. Weren't supposed to have to turn the fries with the crisper but might have helped. Disappointment two. Fixed a veg and sat down to eat. We both ate the portion of chicken we had on our plates but agreed it was too salty and oily. My husband isn't one to throw food away but he told me we weren't going to bother with the rest of it. He said he is looking forward to safe, leftover goulash tomorrow.

Re-read Thom's message and it made a little more sense. Then he called and told me what happened. His doctor had made arrangements with a facility in West Virginia to fill his pump. He and Roberta had driven as far as North Carolina and stopped to see their son and family. Thom got a little nervous because there have been problems with pump refills before so called to confirm they had all the required information and were ready for him. They said they never got the information his doctor sent. So he called her and she contacted the facility again and this time was told they would not refill a pump for a patient who did not live in their state! My nephew paid to fly his parents back to Florida so Thom could get his meds. They plan to fly back to North Carolina on Friday, spend a couple days with son, DIL, and grandkids, pick up their car and drive up here. We talked a little about clearing out Dad's house and how things are. Explained I'd been ill a good part of September and am feeling overwhelmed. Even the simplest things I have to do for Dad's fiances and Medicaid application get complicated. And meanwhile, I'm not getting my own stuff done.

Now, having complained yet again, I'll give you more Boho Baby.

Guess I'll be dreaming about what to do with the rest of this buttermilk hubby bought for the chicken recipe. Biscuits sure but what else?

Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday & already behind for the week + freebie

I seem to be slipping in terms of getting posts published. First I didn't get Saturday's post out on time because I forgot to push publish button and walked away. Then I just wrote a little chat note yesterday and today I see I hadn't published that either. Not that it makes any difference but still. Lots on my mind.

Went to see Dad yesterday but he was determined to sleep even though I tried to wake him a couple times as he's told me to do. Cleared out all the phone messages he ignores and discovered one was important; have to see to that today. Went by Walmart and picked up signs for garage sale and house for sale. Both have to happen this month. Tried to contact my brother by email. He wrote back something about having been in West Virginia but had to fly home to get his pump refilled and would call me in a few days. West Virginia? Guess I'm confused as he had said he and his wife would be coming here in September to help me with Dad's stuff. Not hearing any more from him, I'd assumed he was ill and that was why they didn't call or come here. Yes, I had a moment of hurt and anger. But there is probably some great explanation, right?

Anyway, here is more of Boho Baby. One of you had suggested I do some babies in Halloween costumes but I didn't feel I was up to the task. However, I did come across some free vectors of costumed babies and I'm including them.

Sunday afternoon - just talking

I'm really sorry about yesterday's post not publishing on time. And because I was thinking 30 days hath September when I started putting Boho Baby together, I've got 30 zips. Didn't think to take out the Sundays I don't post. Anyway, 4 more zips - just elements. I think 46 papers is more than enough, don't you? As for October, I've got discovered a stash of items I'd been putting together for a Halloween pack sometime before I stopped selling. So, it looks like you will get a Halloween kit after all. I know some of you may not celebrate Halloween and I understand that. However, before you tune me out, let me tell you two things: 1) I don't do gory; 2) I don't do Satanic. Now there might be some witches but as in those who practice an old nature religion, not devil worship. Oh, there might be some minor scary like skeletons. Not a problem, I hope. Anyway, there should be some solids, bows, and accents you could also use for autumn pages.

Have any of you gotten into this big trend of Red Copper cookware? When it started, I thought, big deal, probably a lot of hype. Sure, I know copper conducts heat well & I've had pans with copper bottoms (I still keep a tea kettle with copper bottom) but what a pain to keep clean. Before my father became so ill, he became impressed with the commercials and bought a small red copper frying panto make grilled sandwiches. But he never got around to prepping the pan. One day while over at his house picking up mail, I thought about the pan and decided to take it home and try it out. My husband cooked breakfast in it and was so impressed, it became the only skillet he'd use. Then he saw an ad for a big square pan with rack and fryer basket etc. He has been wanting a large pan with metal handles he can put in the oven, so he went out and bought one. It's been getting a lot of use. I've been doing french fries in the oven for some time, trying to cut back on frying, and began eyeing the copper crisper thing. Bought one today and will try it out in a day or so. In short, we're in on the copper cookware thing and would recommend it to anyone.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Last day of September and another Boho Baby freebie

Today is the last day of another month and Boho Baby is coming to an end. I've begun working on something for Halloween. I've done so many Halloween kits over the years that I just don't want to do a full fledged kit. What I've started to put together is a set of Halloween borders and some papers. Might do some clusters. Depends on if I get inspired and right now I am not. In addition to having been battling illness, I've been procrastinating on clearing out my parents home and getting it ready for sale. Dad isn't going to get better; the medical staff has been frank, saying that with diabetes, congestive heart failure and kidney disease, his condition is only going to deteriorate. And he's 88 years old. My brother hasn't even called me since letting me know they came through the hurricane alright. Time to face the fact that I am on my own. My brother has said he wants to go through Dad's tools to get what he wants before we put things up for sale. Dad also has a small bedroom that, since my mother's death, he has devoted to a car "museum" - the cars being a huge collection of scale model cars ranging from Matchbox cars to detailed models produced by the Franklin Mint. Plus all sorts of car related paraphernalia. We intend to contact the Children's Museum in Portsmouth to see if they would like the collection and could perhaps have a little sign saying donated by my father. My husband suggested we could go ahead and at least clear that room out but my brother has said he wants to pick out a few things from the collection to save for when his grandson is older. I don't know what Thom wants and he isn't making a move to either tell me what to put aside for him or get here and do it. It's frustrating.

But enough whining. Here is today's zip:
***Sorry - I forgot to push the publish button last night after I previewed.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Windy Wednesday & more Boho Baby freebie

Two days now with real meals. Today we will be going to dinner with Sissy & John and having Italian food at Ynot Pizza. I'm not in the mood for pizza so will probably have their ravioli. Anyway, worked more on lapghan for Sandy and I'm getting close to point I can start adding border. Next crochet project lined up is a messy bun hat and fingerless mitts for Robyn at my pharmacy. After that, another big project - poncho for step-daughter in the new Caron Cakes yarn. It's variegated in neutrals - black, grey, ivory. Should go with anything. If she will wear it. Hard woman to please and never worries about pleasing anyone else. Still, she is my husband's daughter and mother to our grandchildren. I do my best to get along with her.

And today we have zip 23:

Yes, I've noticed that despite intent to get away from conventional pink and blue, I too keep coming back to it. Did you know, in Victorian times little boys wore pink a lot? It was considered the infant form of red which was thought of as a masculine color, ie., anger/war/blood.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rainy Tuesday & Boho Baby freebie

Last night I had a real dinner! Chicken, mashed potatoes and peas. Pretty good day. Was overcast when I left home for treatment plan meeting at nursing home. Dad didn't have hearing aid in but he sat in with us. Nothing much new really. Left there and dropped into TJ Maxx looking for some sweet almond oil (which I found) and picked up a new top in an autumn wine. No sooner left there when the wind increased and rain started up. Not a surprise really since I know there is a storm off the coast of North Carolina. Had planned to drop by Hobby Lobby or Michaels, since I'm feeling so much better, but rain was getting worse and I still had to stop for milk so headed back home.

I've been trying a couple new things the last few days. One is a roller bottle blend of essential oils with magnesium. I've been putting it on the soles of my feet each night before bed and haven't had foot cramps. The other thing is my own concoction loosely based on some other alternative remedies. I've been told turmeric might be helpful but don't want to take it in capsules. Tried golden milk before bed and turmeric ginger tea. Because turmeric settles, you have to keep stirring. For last 2 nights, I've taken an 8 oz bottle of room temperature water and added a teaspoon of lime, a teaspoon of turmeric, and a teaspoon of sugar (to cut the bitterness). Seal it up, shake well and drink. The nice thing is you don't have to drink it all down quickly. If the turmeric starts to settle, just seal up and shake again. I've gotten to sleep a little more easily, slept well, and have woken up earlier than usual well refreshed. Sure, it might be coincidental but I think it's making a difference.

My friend, Tosha, has been invited to sell her products at 3 craft shows/fairs. I'm excited for her but I remember that you can get excited thinking of all the exposure and how much you might sell but you have to consider all factors. Sent her some hints Sandy and I learned about record keeping to see if such events are really worth while, questions to ask organizers and so on. And in between bouts with belly and pain, I had fun playing with some designs for her. I found her current business card too busy and hard to read so came up with a couple alternatives to offer. Finished up the master for her thank you cards, and made up a printable pillow box she can use if she wants to give away samples. I've explained to her that she's under no obligation to use anything I give her, it's just fun for me to design and if it helps her, so much the better.

And now here is today's zip:
There is a double feather ring wreath in the package too.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday again. Freebie time!

Yes, I have to remind myself of this. (& I should have tried to correct their spelling. )In my mind, I wasted all of last week, or almost all due to combination of fibromyalgia flare-up (I know I've talked about this before) and gastroparesis flare-up.
I slept as much as possible to get away from the pain and ate as little as possible. Fortunately, I had Glucerna on hand and that, lots of water, and occasionally a bowl of instant oatmeal got me through. Today I am feeling better and thank you all for your kind well wishes. Now I've got a lot of catching up to do! My house is a disaster zone. Tomorrow I have an appointment at nursing home to discuss next 3 months of care (not sure what there is to discuss) and technician from Cox Cable is coming out to install some kind of updated box for telephone service. Loads of paperwork to copy for paralegal and send off. Have heard nothing more from my brother since he called to say they made it through storm okay and would be coming up in September to help with Dad's house. Don't know what's going on there but suspect I'm on my own. It's 9/25 already, lots to be done at the house (I can't manage it all in 5 days) and house should be put on market in October. Fun, fun, fun.

Usually by this time of year I'm doing holiday planning but the thought of this year's holidays is depressing. Don't know what to do about Dad during holiday. It takes people to get him into his chair and medical transport to take him any where and if we were to somehow get him here, we can't move him or change him. So I guess it will just be going over to see him. Jeremy and Berkeley won't be coming home this year for Thanksgiving or Christmas. For me, Jeremy is Christmas. Tyler is in college in South Carolina and whatever time he gets to come home has to be divided among a lot of family. Larkin's time will be divided between her mother and aunt's family so it will probably be like last year when she and Lisa were here for a day between Christmas and New Year's. Aunt Sissy and John always spend time in North Carolina during the holidays at some peaceful time share place. Haven't even begun to think about shopping and all I know for sure I'll be doing is making fruit cakes next month. Got to come up with a way to make things more enjoyable. Certainly focusing on the reason for the season but something too for the secular side of festivities.

Now finally, here is zip 21:

Friday, September 22, 2017

Next Boho Baby freebie

Has not been a good day. I have partial gastroparesis which means my stomach is partially paralyzed and doesn't "process" as it should. Have been miserable and careful last few days but last night it got worse. I've had to force myself to even drink water because I don't want to be dehydrated, but eating anything has been impossible. That's why I'm running late.

Without further discussion, here is Boho Baby 19:
Overalls, even for girls are practical so I tried to give these a Boho girl slant. Another frame for you, papers, deco.

A few graham crackers should keep me from low blood sugar and tomorrow things are sure to be better.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Miserable Thursday & freebie

Fibro still in high gear. Went to my appointment, quick stop at store to pick up an item needed for dinner, then home to crash. Did get some good news. My friend, Tosha, has been booked for 3 craft fairs based on customers who loved her products! I'm so excited for her and have promised to create some thank you cards for her. She and her husband put together a flyer about the products, which you can download here, if interested.
Today I tried a roll on essential oil blend that has magnesium, camomile, marjoram, and lavender. Supposed to help relax muscles. I put some along my jaw line because TMJ acting up too and it really helped! Not much relief on neck but also put some on the soles of my feet and was able to drop off quickly for a nap. Nice how something so simple (and much less toxic than many medications) can help.

Here is today's zip of Boho Baby:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Midweek freebie of Boho Baby

Having fibro flare-up so short post. Last night there was a hint of autumn in the air and despite pain, it had me smiling. Was getting the urge to bake bread and make beef stew. Temps back up again today, darn it. Still, I found some recipes that look good and am prepared for a cooler day. Here in Norfolk, when you go to the local store and look for Italian bread what you get is a loaf shaped a little shorter and fatter than the French bread that tastes about the same. According to my husband, Italian bread should be crusty on outside and soft in the middle which store bought isn't. So I've collected a few recipes and intend to try making him bread like he grew up with in New York. Also found a great looking recipe for cinnamon raisin bread. But for tonight, we will have leftover spaghetti and/or meatball sandwiches and dessert will be more cheesecake with pineapple topping.

Today's zip of Boho Baby makes me think of the Bohemian love of nature with the greens and a little owl toy.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Today is gloomy & wet. Zip 16 of Boho Baby

Got a few things done yesterday and when I visited with Dad, he looked good. He was sitting up in wheelchair and had finally agreed to let faculty barber trim moustache, beard and hair. Almost all the family called or e-mailed birthday wishes for my husband, which was very nice. He enjoyed lots of crab legs and a little Chinese food at dinner. Guess I had maybe 30 minutes to read on Kindle while he finished up. Cheesecake turned out well. With weather acting up - rainy and pressure changes - we both had aches and pains last night. My fibro gave me a fit so I had to get up and take some Tylenol and Benadryl just to take edge off so I could sleep. Better now. Going to make this an easy day though.

Today Boho Baby is going out to visit so we have a portable cradle. In addition to usual take alongs, don't forget some powder and some booties as little toes chill quickly. We're adding to nursery decor too with some word art to express one of many values we hope for baby to grow up with.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Happy Birthday to my husband & Boho Baby freebie

Today is my husband's birthday. I was up late last night making his favorite birthday cake - cheesecake with pineapple topping. Next month will be the 50th anniversary of the day we first met at a Halloween party I had in high school.

And today we have a little floral touch to Boho Baby. The zip includes a plush blanket paper, embossed paper, watercolor lavender wreath, floral border, and butterfly word art.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saturday again? Freebie - Boho Baby

A little more boyish today:
BTW the background paper is supposed to be a blanket - in case you couldn't tell.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Not superstitious are you? It's Friday & 13th zip of Boho Baby

Feeling better today. Went to Dad's house to get mail & packed a few boxes with clothes to sell or give away. Quite a number of items still have tags on them, never worn. Need more boxes. Lidl features products from a different country each week and this week was Britain & Ireland. So I dropped by to see what they had. Not much actually. Picked up 2 boxes of tiny frozen tea party pastries. Should be nice for next tea party with grand-daughter. They also had some fresh croissants with hazelnut filling so I got a couple of those. I've had one before and it was good. Pass on the apple turnovers though as they are bland to the point of being tasteless. Don't have to cook tonight so will get more laundry done and do some printing of statements I need to mail to paralegal for Dad.

Today's zip is a little more boyish:

I'm prepared for tomorrow's post but this weekend I'd best get busy setting up next week. I know we need some ribbons and bows. Maybe some borders? Templates? Are you interested in brag book pages for the bracket shaped books?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Freebie & more essential oil products

Long day. Took Dad to dermatologist. So glad I had medical transport when I saw the difficulty the nurse had getting him out of bed and into wheel chair. Biopsy report on lesions removed last visit to dermatologist said benign. One little blast to freeze a tiny place on nose that has bothered him,and after checking his arms and back, we were good to go.

Today's zip of Boho Baby has a bedtime theme:
I remember when my Jeremy was little & still in a crib, if I'd had a hard day I'd go in once he was asleep just to look at him all snuggled up so sweet and reach over to pat his duck fluff hair. I'd come away smiling and feeling peaceful.

Tosha's been busy making lip balms:
She said the strawberry one has a tint because it was made with finely ground organic freeze dried strawberries. Nice huh?

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Remember I was going to tell you about a "new" product?

Let me first start by telling you about a friend of mine. Two years ago, at my son's wedding, I met a remarkable young woman named Tosha Warren. Here's a photo of her:

Isn't she lovely? the best part is that the lovliness isn't all external. Tosha is one of those people you meet in whom you can see God's light and love shining forth. She hasn't had the easiest life. She was abused as a child and had some disasterous romantic relationships. Some would come away from all this bitter. But Tosha sees all that has happened to her as lessons God was trying to teach her, leading her towards the path she was chosen for.

Tosha has two wonderful sons from her early marriages, has since found a wonderfully loving and supportive spouse with whom she had another son, and has realized that her role is that of care giver. Not just for her own sons but as a foster parent. Too often we hear horror stories about foster care so I'd like to tell you about Tosha and her husband, Wes, in contrast. At present Tosha is mother not only to her son Christian,who is in high school and ROTC, and Kevin who is in 7th grade, but also to Kyle who is a super active 5 year-old. She and Wes have taken in a goodly number of foster children over the years, including Andrew, a three year old with special needs, whom they have since adopted. All of these children are being provided with not just necessities but a loving Christian home with two parents who adore each and every one of them.

Talk about super Mom - Tosha is also Team Mom and photographer for Christian's varsity football team. Christian dreams of entering the Air Force Academy after high school and with top grades and many other achievements, his future looks very bright. Kevin too is highly intelligent. But because he suffers from dysgraphia, causing him to be slow when writing papers and such, Tosha has decided to home school him. That's a big task but she is undaunted. Kyle is, as Tosha puts it, "a spitfire," full of energy and may have ADHD but she resists medicating him, accepting him as he is and enjoying all his wonderful qualities. Kindergarten will be a nice respite for all concerned. Finally, there is Andrew, who has Down's syndrome and was born with fused fingers on both hands. All the extra care, the surgeries to separate the fingers and so on, were just more reasons to make Andrew part of the family. From all reports, he is a delightfully happy little guy.

Tosha used to work part time to help with family needs but with taking on Kevin's home schooling, working outside the home isn't a possibility now. So Tosha has started a little cottage industry. I'd said earlier that I was going to tell you about a new product I received last week, but that was somewhat misstated. You see, I received one of Tosha's body butters. I know body butters aren't new, but it was the first time I tried Tosha's product. All the body butters are made with shea, mango and coconut butter and essential oils. No water. It goes on so nicely, melting into the skin and leaves dry skin with a soft, satiny finish. I have the lavender and sandalwood type and the scent is heavenly! Now I have my eye on the Eternal Romance one. Tosha says it includes "Rose, ylang ylang patchouli, bergamot and a touch of lavender." Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? And she is hard at work crafting lip balms now too.

As you can tell, I'm quite impressed and will be a regular customer. With cooler weather coming soon, I thought maybe some of you might be interested in trying her products. Right now, she is still working on her website but you can reach her here: or on Facebook

Thinking ahead

Next month will be here before we know it and of course, when we think of October, we think of Halloween. To be honest, I really don't want to do yet another Halloween kit. But I might manage some papers and maybe some clusters and/or borders if you would like. What do you think?

Good News & freebie

Yesterday my husband learned his aunt & cousins in Newport Richie, FL had made it through the hurricane okay. Then my brother called and he sounded in good spirits. They lost one tree at their home in Sarasota FL but sustained no real damage, just some debris to clean up. Hope to hear soon that he & SIL are on their way up here. Is everyone else okay?

Kristi, sorry about your hard drove. Especially bad as you now have important event to scrap. PM me on
I may have something helpful.

And today we are up to #10 in Boho Baby:

And I'm off to do some laundry.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Remembering 9/11 & freebie

Like most people, I imagine, I'm thinking back to where I was on this day when tragedy struck. I was at work at a health insurance company and on the phone with a doctor's office when the representative next to me leaned over to say that a plane had just struck one of the World Trade Center towers. She was on break at her desk and listening to a radio station. Moments later all systems went on hold as we learned more about what was going on. A few people had mini TVs they used during lunch hour and we all crowded around to see what was being reported. Overall the feeling was of having entered some surreal Twilight Zone area. There were tears, prayers, frantic phone calls trying to reach loved ones, and fears too because our area is full of military installations and therefore another prime target for terrorism. A horrible day I am unlikely to ever forget. My family was lucky in that while we had family members who worked at the World Trade Center, they were away from the office for the day and, therefore, safe. Today I'm remembering all who perished in the events of that day and sending up prayers for their families and friends.

Thinking and praying too for all those affected by the terrible storms of this hurricane season. Waiting to hear how my brother & SIL fared in Sarasota.

Today in Boho Baby we have a little sunshine for the nursery:
Had to include a giraffe in memory of my son's nursery. Here's your link:

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Worst hurricane season in ages & Boho Baby freebie

Wow, hurricane season is really rough this year! I finally heard from my brother yesterday. He called to say he and his wife are riding out the storms to come in their home in Sarasota FL. He'd called knowing I'd be worried and that they are likely to lose communication soon, wanted to tell me he loves me, not to worry that their home is old but sturdily made with stucco. They had been tieing their trees such that if they fall, they should fall away from the house, moving outside stuff in and generally preparing. He reminded me that they have a guest cottage too so if the house is damaged, they can go there or vice versa. Promised to call when storm has passed. Said there was no point trying to go any where as roads were packed with cars and all hotels between Florida and into South Carolina are sold out. Thought maybe they would try to get to his son's home in Ashville, NC but he said that's on the storm's predicted path too. Besides, with his pain problems, long car rides are difficult.

Going to drop by Dad's house to pick up a few of the hundred's of flashlights and lanterns he's got over there. He went through a period where he was trying every new type of light producing device on the market and every time I'm over there I find yet another flashlight. Seriously, when we hold the estate sale there will be a box full of flashlights of all kinds and sizes. Next I'll stop by A.C. Moore's craft store because they have yarn on sale. I've decided to make my step-daughter a poncho as part of her Christmas. She won't wear sweaters but is always complaining about being cold and huddling up with a blanket. Seems to me a poncho could be just the thing as she'd be able to get up and move around yet still stay warm. Then on to check on Dad and let him know I talked to Thom.

Today in Boho Baby we go back to more feminine colors, although in Victorian times baby boys wore pink, a pastel of red which is considered masculine. And this is the last of the ribbon frames. You were probably wondering if I was ever going to give you something other than ribbon frames. Yes, I will.


Friday, September 8, 2017

More Boho Baby freebie

I'm going to get back to you on that product I mentioned yesterday (?) because I've been lazy and haven't written it up yet. At the moment I'm going to post zip 7 of Boho Baby which is a little more boyish. As usual, when I can''t decide on a version of something, I'm including 2 versions of the bib - one with text, one without, although I really like the text one. Still, someone might want to put baby's name on the bib instead.
Did some paper work stuff for Dad this week, minimal chores around here, talked to my son, but haven't been able to reach my brother. Maybe he and his wife have gone to N.C. to stay with my nephew because of hurricane tracking. Will try them again this evening. Wanting to hear when his surgery is scheduled. My son and his wife got disturbing news the other day. They were supposed to be renting a house which had a downstairs apartment already rented. The deal with the homeowner had them doing painting and such to be reimbursed and allowed them to start a gradual move in before October. The owner went to the city to arrange separate addresses for the apartment and house (like a & b ) and learned the township will not allow him to rent the house as two separate residences. It has been being used that way for about 6 years since he bought the place, with the apartment dweller already in place. Now he would have to remove the apartment guy and rent the whole thing to Jeremy at a higher cost or cancel plans. Since part of the idea of moving there was a reduction in rent, it's all fallen through. Not good news for my son & DIL who have been working overtime at their jobs and then working at the house too, with Jeremy having health problems. He sounded so down when I spoke with him and was concerned I was calling him with more bad news (about my Dad). What's that saying? when it rains, it pours.

Terrible news about all the devastation from hurricanes and more to come. Scary!

Sorry about improper link. Fixed now.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Quick freebie for Boho Baby

For those who might like to have a bohemian themed birth announcement, try these. The psd files offer choices so grandparents as well as parents can proudly announce a new addition to the family.

Back later to talk about a wonderful new product I got in the mail yesterday.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

4th zip of Boho Baby freebie

Just got back from visiting Dad. Watched him fiddle with his hearing aid for about an hour (during which it was impossible to hold a conversation). He is having trouble inserting it into his ear. Next, he decides the battery is dead, so I replace it for him, wait for him to put it in ear. I'm hearing the buzz it makes when it is moved around outside the ear so know the battery is good. He thinks something is wrong so I get the cleaning kit and watch him play with that. Finally he decides that I broke the hinge on the little door latch. I know it was fine when I put the battery in and suspect if there is a problem it is because of the way he picks at the thing. He wants me to call audiologist tomorrow. We try to talk but it really doesn't go well and I was glad I brought along the lapghan I'm making for a friend. Not long before I leave, Dad decides he wants sound on the TV. He'd been watching "River Monsters" without and I don't know why he decided to turn the sound on when he's not wearing the hearing aid. He kept turning it up until it was at 95! I was sitting near the TV and thought my head would explode.

Anyway, here is next zip of Boho Baby, a little more girly:

Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy Labor Day! Free Boho Baby kit zip

I finally made some scones the other night. Well, that's what they were supposed to be but were more like stones! I used a different recipe for cream scones and they didn't rise at all. Thought maybe I needed new baking powder but tested it after the disappointment and the powder is fine. Don't know what happened. Ate them anyway.

Just not wanting to do much of anything. I've been playing games on PC and working on Boho Baby. Finished The Emperor's Tomb; Steve Berry does not disappoint. Started a book I'm to review for Handlebar Publishers called The Master's Mind, not the one by Bryan Mark Taylor about artists, but this one by Lance Hahn:
Only a chapter in but Hahn is looking at the concept of what we think we become from a Christian viewpoint.

As for Boho Baby, so far we have some papers, a few frames, the ever essential diaper, and a swaddle blanket. Baby needs a place to sleep so today we have a cradle and a few other things,

Waiting and wondering what will happen with tropical storm Irma. Please pass us by.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Oops _I'm way late & start of Boho Baby freebie

I apologize for missing yesterday's post. I visited my Dad then came home to have fast food dinner with husband while we watched some Netflix movies. Next thing I knew, it was past midnight and I could no longer keep my eyes open. Today I will give you 2 posts - one for yesterday and one for today, okay?

I ended up adding 2 more colors to Boho Baby and it is beginning to come together better. I think zip one sets the tone for where I wanted to go. I found a rather plain free vector of a Mom pushing a baby carriage and tried to give it a Boho look. Included an umbrella in this first zip in case there are baby shower pics you might want to use the kit with. And you will find 2 versions of papers 1 & 2 because I wasn't happy with the way the original color set was coming out.

And today's zip:
Here you can see the faded denim blue I added.

So, it's Labor Day Weekend, right? Lots of getting back to school prep and end of summer celebration. Me? Have already done my part to get grand-daughter back to school with all the supplies she needs. Now if she will just focus this year! Going to stay off the streets as much as possible this weekend and avoid traffic. Got some cleaning to do, started a new lapghan, coming to the conclusion of another Steve Berry book (The Emperor's Tomb), calls to make to son, brother, and friends. Have a good holiday weekend and be safe.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Sweet thoughts, end of Shopping Therapy

Feeling better but nerves in face still touchy.

Got a comment from Doreen about making honeycomb candy and while lying in bed trying to distract myself from pain I got to wondering about why the brittle in peanut brittle (which I used to make years ago) and honeycomb have such different texture. Peanut brittle is hard and shiny while honeycomb is full of air bubbles, as the name suggests,and tender (there's a better word for what I mean but I can't think of it just now). I also remembered I have a recipe for the Irish version called Yellow Man. Hm, when able to get to PC I'd have to look at the differences. I suspected it has to do with amount of baking soda and maybe with use of Golden Syrup as opposed to other ingredients. As it happened, I finally got my stomach settled in the wee hours of Wednesday morning and when I got up to drink some milk, the Violet Crumble called my name. Crazy, I know, since all I'd had to eat Tuesday was a little bread, milk and cereal. I "reasoned" :) my blood sugar was low so it might even be a good idea to break off a bit and slowly enjoy it. Know what? I have to retract my earlier statement about Violet Crumble being better than Cadbury's Crunchie bar. In my defense, it's been ages since I had the Australian candy while I can occasionally find the Cadbury here in Virginia or have my son get some in PA. I realized that the chocolate on the Nestle's product (Violet Crumble) is waxier and less chocolatey than Cadbury's chocolate. And the honeycomb center of Violet Crumble is a lighter, finer texture with less flavor than the center of the Crunchy bar. Isn't that fortuitous since the Violet Crumble (when it can be found here) is nearly twice the cost of the Cadbury?

So I checked the various recipes and found that only 1 tsp. of baking soda is used in peanut brittle, 2 tsp. in Yellow Man and 1 tablespoon in honeycomb (at least the one recipe I looked at). Big difference! Doreen, if you are reading, I wonder if you've used the Golden Syrup the British and Australian recipes call for or just honey and corn syrup. Would be interesting to know how much difference it makes in taste. Glad Dorren reminded me too of the intense reaction that happens when the baking soda is added. I'd nearly forgotten that and it can be tricky. Will be awhile before I can get around to trying the recipe -- too much work to catch up on and not good to make when weather is so humid and stormy. I agree that coating the pieces in chocolate is a must. We can discount the extra calories because the chocolate helps preserve the honeycomb which needs to be in airtight container.

We have reached the end of Shopping Therapy with final items in silver and pink.


I'm not quite where I wanted to be with Boho Baby. Had hoped at this point to be a week ahead but just not happy with some of what I've done.