Saturday, December 30, 2017

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve

and we will say goodbye to 2017. I don't know many who would describe 2017 as a particulary good year, but maybe I just know the wrong people. Tomorrow evening we will go out for Chinese food, a New Year's tradition of ours, with Sissy & John E. Last few days I've been thinking and wondering how many people still make up New Year's Resolutions and how successful they have been. Too often the ones I've heard and ones I've written too were doomed to failure. Many were hasty reactions to the questions of others, What's your New Year's Resolution? Or else well intended but not well thought out. I think one of the problems is that we sometimes think in terms of the whole year and feel like whatever we write down or vocalize should be something big, something major, befitting a span of 365 days. I've learned that to have a chance at success, resolutions should be framed as goals and must be: specific, measurable, realistic. We need to prioritize goals, have a plan to reach them, and evaluate our progress from time to time. Adding in some small rewards for reaching set points along the way can be helpful too.

For instance, two of the top resolutions you will hear is to lose weight in the new year and stop smoking. What's wrong with that? It's vague. How much do you want to lose? 100 pounds?? in 12 months? Not realistic. 40 pounds over 6 months - possible. Which is more important? Giving up smoking or losing weight? Let's say you decide losing weight is the top priority. Okay, how will you do it? Have a plan, like learning about proper meal proportions and sticking to them, exercising 3 times a week for 30 minutes, and drinking more water to help you feel full. Tell a close friend or family member your goal to help you feel more responsible to it and also to have someone support your efforts. How will you evaluate your progress? Have set points and weigh yourself once a week. It's not unreasonable to lose 8-10 pounds the first month, so make 8 pounds your set point. If you reach that goal by end of the month or before, how will you reward yourself so you will be enthusiastic about the next month? Maybe your reward will be a new CD you can listen to while you work out? But let's say you fall short of your set point, what then? Experts suggest making your set point a little higher next time. Not a lot, just a little. So perhaps you lost 7 pounds the first month and had planned to lose 7 next month. Change the second month's set point to 8.

You could, of course, be trying to reach the goal of non-smoking at the same time as you work on the top priority, but be realistic as both goals tend to be tough ones. Maybe put off the smoking for a month or two and work on an easier secondary goal, something you have a good chance of succeeding with, because that feeling of success will spill over to your work on weight reduction. This idea of combining a tough goal with a lesser goal is part of my thought that it's more efficient to set monthly goals rather than over arching yearly goals. With monthly goals you might choose 3 goals, a top priority goal, or piece thereof, and two lesser, but still important goals with better projected success. For instance, for January, your top priority is to lose weight. You'd like to lose 40 pounds by year's end, so you write you will lose 8-10 pounds in January, towards an ultimate goal of 40 pounds less. You make a plan to do that, then you note that you want to clean out your bedroom closet. What does that mean in terms of a plan? Take everything out, decide what to keep, what to donate, what to discard. Sweep the closet out and organize clothing you are keeping by type. Rule of thumb - if you haven't worn it in over a year, out it goes. Once you've got the closet in shape, have delivered the donations, and put out the discards, It is time for a small reward. Maybe throw a bath bomb in the tub and settle in for a long soak. And so on.

Of course, all of this is easier said than done as we all know. Still, I know people who have had success with the monthly goal setting - myself included. And it is sweet to be able to look back over the goal sheets and see what you have accomplished. Since I was making some sheets for myself this year, I decided I would share them with you. I realized last year's sets were too colorful and took too much ink (I like to print mine). Also the colored backgrounds made it more difficult to read text. And a larger size might be better. This time, pages are 8.5" x 11" with primarily white backgrounds. I've also included a New Year's Resolution sheet for those who want to do that. If you are hosting a New Year's Eve party, you could print out copies for your guests to fill in and maybe, you could later discuss how those resolutions are working out?


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Holiday Hiatus

How was your Christmas? As expected, ours was very quiet. But not as stressful as I'd imagined. We visited Dad at the nursing home for a couple hours. Don't think he knew what day it was. He seems to be wasting away and some times feels present, at others absent. Still, it wasn't as heartwrenching as I thought it would be. I managed to stay positive the whole time we were with him but when we left after his lunch arrived, I was a little upset and tried to hide it from my husband who had been disturbed to see Dad as he is. I somehow missed the edge of a ramp we were parked next to and nearly fell, managing to twist my spine a little. Not too good since Christmas Eve I'd decided to pamper myself with a long soak in the bath with a rose scented bath bomb. It was nice until I tried to get out of the tub. I've got safety bars and had grabbed one to help me stand and get out but somehow my foot slipped in the tub. If not for the safety bar, I think I'd have gone sprawling over the tub edge onto the floor. As it was, I managed to splash back down in the tub with one foot sort of under me. Got a twisting of right side. So with my two little mishaps, I wasn't in great shape for catering to company anyway. Before our dinner, we fixed up a dinner plate, dessert plate, soda and utensils etc and went down the street to wait at a bus stop for the driver on our route. Turned out to be someone my husband knew and she was so delighted he'd come out in the cold to bring her a Christmas dinner. Talked to my son and learned he is sick with some kind of virus and his mother-in-law is in the hospital at UVA in Charlottesville. DIL left Friday after work to drive down and see her mother. Haven't heard anything more yet but know MIL is in very bad shape. Jeremey told me she was not accepted for lung transplant list after all. The doctors wanted her to lose 30 pounds and exercise more. Pretty hard to do when you can barely breath and are on oxygen. Doesn't look good.

On the second day of Christmas, a migraine came to me. Luckily, it wasn't too bad when grandson came by so I was able to be with him for several hours. But he'd no sooner left than I had to go to bed. And that is why no post yesterday. I know I'd said I would start posting Snow Queen yesterday but I've decided I need some down time. So I'm going to laze about for the rest of the 12 days of Christmas and rejoin you on Ephiphany/3 Kings Day/Little Christmas (whichever you may call 1/6). In my tradition that is the day we take down the Christmas Tree. When I was young, my parents always took down the tree on 1/1 which also happened to be my paternal grandmother's birthday (1/1/1900) but it seemed sad to me. So when I had my own family, I decided we would take the tree down on Ephiphany and I always left a small gift for each family member to be opened once the tree came down. Often it was something like movie tickets, but it could be another small gift. No tree to take down here this year and we did next to nothing for Christmas gifts. So I'm thinking what I might do is make a King Cake for 1/6 and plan a special meal.

Starting 1/6 then we will have a Snow Queen kit and it might run longer than 6 days. Not sure what will follow that.

Stay well and be happy.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Last day of Christmas Princess freebie

Here's the princess:
Hope you have enjoyed your Christmas kits. I'll be back on Tuesday with a new, winter themed kit, Snow Queen.

Have a healthy & happy holiday. Merry Christmas!

***Sorry link didn't work first time. Fixed now.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Another day of Christmas Princess freebie

Went to nursing home yesterday. Brought two trays of snacks for the nurses on Dad's wing - one veggies and one fruit (I suspected they might get lots of cookies and sweets this time of year). There was a country music group performing in the main dining room which was filled with patients, but Dad wasn't there. He was in his room, asleep in bed. I couldn't rouse him but he was breathing well and looked comfortable. Sat with him about an hour. Hope he was having happy dreams. I was doing fine until I left the room and then started to break down, thinking about how he has no quality of life any more and seems to sink down into sleep more and more often. I'm aware he is leaving us but this slow descent towards death feels so unkind. Hurried to get out of there but one of the night nurses and the billing manager saw I was upset and hurried over to give me hugs. Two things help in regards to my Dad: I know he is in no pain and he is surrounded by a very caring group of people.

Came home to the delicious smell of a baked macaroni dish. My husband is such a good cook and helps everywhere he can - another blessing I am grateful for. Poor man is still in pain with kidney stones that seem to be moving but are taking their time leaving. Today while he watches Star War movies on TV and drinks all the water I can give him, I'm going to do some serious cleaning up. Hard to even know where to begin as there is so much to do.

Thank you all for your kind comments; they are a bright spot in these dreary days. I'm glad you are enjoying the kits. Today is zip 4 of Christmas Princess:

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Midweek and more Christmas Princess freebie

My doctor was delighted with the fruitcake gift yesterday. He is such a kind hearted person, I was happy to make him smile. Did a couple quick errands then came home to get hubby and off we went to Star Wars. He really enjoyed the movie. I thought it was okay but a little strange and I think I understand what some reviewers have said about it being less like the book series and more a fandom thing. Still, good entertainment. Sat through about 30 minutes of previews though and none looked like something I'd want to see. But on to the free kit.

Today we have zip 3:

Thanks for kind comments on this month's kits!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Star Wars? & Christmas Princess freebie

I'll be delivering a fruit cake today to one of my doctors and after the visit, my husband wants to go see the new Star Wars movie. I've been seeing and hearing reports that suggest it isn't so good but he really wants to see it so we will go. Tomorrow a friend is due in from North Carolina and I hope to catch up with her and Mary and go to lunch. It would be a welcome change of pace.

Today we have zip two of Christmas Princess:
Bright traditional colors with some Victorian scrap thrown in. Hope you are enjoying it. With Christmas on Monday next week, I will not be posting on Sunday (Christmas Eve) or Christmas Day. I'm sure you will be busy with your families and holiday celebrations anyway.

Check out this new store:
Lots of the sexy tubes taggers love but cute stuff too. they ae doing a 24 days of Christmas and have about 71 freebies in store right now. Many are cute Christmas items.

Monday, December 18, 2017

A week before Christmas and Christmas Princess freebie begins

Last night we joined my husband's sister, Paula, her husband, and two of their daughters to celebrate the 5th year anniversary of Paula's battle with breast cancer. Today she has been free of cancer for five years! Dinner at Outback was delicious and I enjoyed sitting next to my God-daughter, Rachel, and talking with her. She will graduate from Old Dominion University this coming May with a B.S. in Biology - marine sciences and currently is on the volunteer marine rescue team for the Virginia Beach Aquarium. Most recently she assisted in rescuing a sea turtle which she reports is now doing well. She has been fascinated with marine life since about the age of five when she would sit and intently watch a weekly Discovery Channel program about ocean life. She is particularly interested in sharks for reasons that escape me.

And today we begin the third week of Christmas/winter kits. This week it's Christmas Princess and here is your first zip:

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Saturday news & freebie

Went to see Dad today. He was asleep and didn't want to wake up. Noticed he has a bad bruise on his left hand and more bruises on forearm. Looked like maybe a blood draw so I went to ask nurse if anything was going on or just routine testing. She said last blood work was in November and came to look at his hand. He opened his eyes a little as she checked but went back to sleep. Next spoke with other nurses and went over his chart. Nothing about bruising. Notified the doc on call and was told to do a full body assessment. We think he probably banged his hand trying to pull himself up in the bed. He doesn't remember how it happened. They are going to put padded covers on the bed rails. Stayed over an hour and he was only awake for a few minutes of that. Came home and my son called to thank me for birthday gift. He was still working and moving on his birthday so didn't have time to get back to me until now. He has been sufering from bad neck pain for days now and at same time his wife is suffering from hip pain. He is getting x-rays etc done. She probably pulled something during the move. They are not putting a tree up this Christmas either. Still have boxes to be unpacked. Also DIL's sister called to say their mother's oxygen has been doubled. She is on transplant list now but it is unlikely she will receive transplant in time. Sister thinks the mother is giving up which is hard news for my DIL. December isn't ending too well but there is hope for the new year, right?

Today we finish up Mistletoe Miss:

Friday, December 15, 2017

Had an interesting occurence yesterday and more of Mistletoe Miss

Yesterday, near mid day, I was lying down to rest and hubby was on the computer. All of a sudden there was a terrible racket. He thought I was in the shower so didn't move at first. I jumped up to see where the noise was coming from. Know what we found? Water shooting straight up in the air from the toilet bowls in both bathrooms! And the rumble continued. He shut off the water while we started cleaning up the mess. Fortunately, just water. He called BIL who is a contractor to ask him what on earth could be going on. BIL had never heard of this but suggested the city must be doing something with the sewer lines. So hubby went down the street and found a city work truck. Yes, they were working on the sewer lines and had blasted air through them. Said it wasn't supposed to affect the nearby houses but it sure did. Offered to send someone over to clean up the mess but we'd already done that. After learning how much longer the workers expected to be, hubby came home and we left the water off to the bathrooms until we knew it was safe to turn it back on. Just lovely! Put a damper on day's plans, I an tell you. But imagine the surprise of other people who might have been at work, if they returned home to find water every where!

After doing one more load of wet towels, I'm going to try to kick into high gear and get some things done.

And here is today's Mistletoe Miss:

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The best gift and a freebie

Today is the 40th anniversary of the best gift I ever recieved, my son Jeremy Ryan Schupp. Hard to believe my baby turns 40 today! Ever since Jeremy's birth, being with him on Christmas makes the holiday for me. This year he and his wife, Berkeley, will be working at Patient First and I will miss them sorely. But Pennsylvania is a long drive away and I do understand that the days of my Baby J hitting the road to be with me during holidays are a thing of the past. This year he and B will have a quiet Christmas all their own - oh except for the company of their 4 cats: Pippen, Bilbo, Wynnie, and Kiki. It will hard for B's mother this year too because her lungs as now so bad she has qualified for the transplant list. I'm sure she is wondering how many holidays she has left and wishing the children were coming for a visit. However, her oldest daughter is with her so that should help. But I'm going to focus on the reason for the season and let the merriment come another year. We will watch Midnight Mass, have a feast to celebrate Christ's birth and chat with family and friends by phone. It will be okay.

I have another zip of Mistletoe Miss for you today:
I left that green ornament very large because I think it would be cute to do a cut out of a sitting child and perch the child on the ornament. Of course, you can always reduce it.

Did you know that Digital Scrapbooking Studio is doing an advent calendar freebie? The colors are very similar to Mistletoe Miss so if you collect those pieces too you will have a lot to mix and match.
Check it out here:

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Mid week freebie time

Temps are dropping here today with possibility of snow. Or so they said last night. Saw Dad yesterday. He's about the same. Now claiming the nursing home doesn't provide dinner on Sundays. I know they do. I suspect food services delivers dinner, finds him aslepp and leaves the tray. Staff is almost all in dining room with the other patients so could be no one wakes him up and then food services returns, he's still asleep and they take tray assuming he's eaten. Or he could be having trouble keeping track of time and when meals arrive. Hard to say. He refuses to understand it's not a restaurant and kitchen isn't open at all hours with orders to do things his way. Hearing aid still not found. Also the durable medical eqipment company that supplied his hospital bed when he was at the assisted living place called yesterday. They say I owe about $800 because Medicare has informed them Dad is now in a skilled nursing facility and his hospital bed wasn't returned. The assisted living place was supposed to have returned it when he left there in May. Called assisted living and could only get voice mail for the nursing director. Left word to call me about the matter but she hasn't yet. Went to Suffolk yesterday too to turn in a bunch of papers to the lawyer. My husband had planned to go with me but was in terrible pain on his right side. I think he may have kidney stones again. Made him drink lots of water since he refused to let me take him to ER. He says if it gets bad enough, he will go by ambulance. And here I thought Tuesday was going to be a good day.

All that aside, here is next zip of Mistletoe Miss:

Oops - a little early on post.

PS. Thanks for the info on capital gains, Kristy. As for my baby hat, it was a French style bonnet in organdy that my Mom made. She could make anything!

A few minutes into Tuesday & freebie

I've had a few stressful days lately. No particular cause, that is, nothing new and notable in a negative way. Mostly it's been over thinking and worrying about things over which I have no control. On an intellectual basis, I know better but sometimes my emotional intelligence slips. Days like that are so tiring. Husband is dealing with the blues due to the season and notions of how things should be as opposed to how things really are. Reality isn't always pretty and in regards to relationships, one can feel battered. You know you can't control other's behavior and shouldn't let them affect your happiness but it happens. He's hurting and it bothers me. But we muddle on. After some little accomplishments Sunday, yesterday was a loss. Pain wouldn't let me sleep Sunday night so ended up crashing in the middle of the day. But that's okay. Today will be better. Heading off to bed as soon as I post and have intentions to accomplish much when I get up and feel good about it. Waivering on whether I'll do some decorating but so much else needs doing, I don't want to work myself into a major fibro flare-up or outbreak of shingles. No - going to become healthier and stronger every day. Writing some positive affirmations for myself and have been browsing inspiring quotations. Hope your holiday preparations are going well and you aren't letting all the hustle and bustle wear you out. Be sure to take some time out to pamper yourself a little. You deserve it.

Today's zip:

Monday, December 11, 2017

New Week _ new freebie -- Mistletoe Miss begins

What are you reading now? Curious minds want to know. Over the weekend I've been reading The Code Of The Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani
I also cleared out more papers from my father's house and prepared a folder to give to whoever buys it. My parents saved information on every improvement they made such as new windows, fireplace, siding, new furnace and air conditioner and so on. Useful information should the new owners need repairs or want to update any of those things. Managed to get a few boxes out of the living room and cleaned out and re-organized the pantry. The freezer is next. Tomorrow the primary task is to get this stack of papers over to the lawyer's office as back up for the Medicaid application. One important thing I've taken away from Lakhiani's book is to focus on End Goals rather than Means Goals. As he explains, a Means Goal almost always includes the word "so." Such as Having a goal to finish a college education so you will be able to get a good job. Ask yourself why getting a good job is important and you are likely to say something like So I can afford a nice lifestyle. And why do you want that? What's your End Goal? Maybe it is to wake up each morning free of anxiety over how you will pay the rent and eat. End Goal: anxiety free. That's a poor explanation on my part but I hope you get the idea. One of my End Goals right now is peace of mind in regard to my father. Focusing on that End Goal, I can see steps I need to take to get there such as provide back up for his Medicaid application, schedule a quarterly treatment plan with his caregivers, and so on.

But enough about me. Today we start the next Christmas kit, Mistletoe Miss.
Here is your first link:

Friday, December 8, 2017

5th zip of Holly Maiden freebie

It's cold and wet. Raining with snow or sleet mixed in now Nasty weather to be out. Good night to settle in with hot tea and a good book.

Today's zip:

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

More Holly Maiden freebie

Yesterday we drove down to Nags Head NC to have lunch with Sissy and John. My husband was looking forward to those oysters. I had shrimp. Took my Benedryl just in case. Haven't been sleeping well lately and when that Benedryl kicked in, I got whoozy. Benedryl almost never makes me sleepy but yesterday was an exception. When we dropped Sissy and John off, I climbed into the back seat. Couldn't fight the fatigue. Slept most of the way home, came in and went to bed. Just as well we had decided against staying over in NC since I was no company. Despite all that sleep, still tired today. That's CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Disorder Syndrome) for you. Only I think it's got another name now. But we're here for more of Holly Maiden, right?


Monday, December 4, 2017

It's Monday & I have a plan - - new freebie

As I mentioned last month, I was planning to make a mini kit for each of four weeks in December using some kit starters I made some time ago. To me, a mini kit is 6 papers and 12 elements - or less. Instead I find that I have made a full size kit for this week. I'm calling it Holly Maiden and you are going to see a ton of holly! The nice thing is that the next two kits are in compatible colors so you will be able to mix and match. The fourth week moves toward winter colors as opposed to the brights of holiday season. Since I managed to put together and pack up all six zips for this week (with the usual zip preview), I also threw together some overall previews to show you what to expect this week.

Today we have:

Hope you like.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Last of Fall In Love freebie

Better day. Caught up on some sleep and went to see Dad. He looked pretty good and woke up for me; stayed awake whole visit. Hearing aid has not been found so it's difficult. He often responds to what he thinks you are saying, except it's totally different.


Next week will be a little holiday mini kit called Holly Maiden in these colors:

Friday, December 1, 2017

Having one of those days and more Fall In Love freebie

It's the first day of December; maybe that's it. My house is a mess, doesn't look the least like holidays around here, I've been copying loads of checks copies - both deposited checks and ones written for expenses (Dad's stuff), doing some basic chores like laundry and had planned to go visit Dad. I need to visit Dad as I haven't been over there since early in the week. Have been to attorney's office, and to Dad's house to clear more stuff and take photos of sale sign for application etc. etc. Was sitting at computer earlier, playing a little solitare to relax and my husband started playing some of his Bluegrass music. I don't care for much of the music and didn't think I was listening but there was a song about losing a father and wanting one more day. I lost it. Which upset my husband. Thought I got it under control and did some paperwork. A bit later there was a song about Just A Name On A Door - old folks in nursing homes. Had to leave the room. He wasn't intentionally playing songs that would upset me. He was editing a CD he had recorded to listen to in his truck. Anyway, haven't been able to get it together today since. Have the blues so bad, most anything will set off the tears. Postponed visit to Dad until tomorrow. And that's my whine for today.

Have another zip of autumn stuff for you:

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Last installment of Fall In Love freebie

Was on the road today for several hours, including a meeting with paralegal about Medicaid application for my Dad. Got a couple other chores done then home, rest an hour, make dinner, clean up, Jeopardy and now here. Feel like I didn't accomplish anything. Actually wrote today's text while waiting for paralegal. I'm afraid it feels trite and anticlimatic. Today is the last day of my illustrated story, but I will continue to give you autumn themed stuff through Saturday. Then I'll have to hustle to get the first week of Christmas kit ready.

No traditional family thanksgiving for either of them this year. Her parents were away on a cruise and his were going to Texas to see his aunt. They had been invited to go to the aunt's house but he had patients scheduled for Friday so a trip to Texas wasn't possible. With Sammi going to see her family, it would be just the two of them. He suggested going to a restaurant, but she wouldn't hear of it. They would have their own little feast. She fussed over all the preparations, anxious to impress her future husband. But she needn't have worried. All those years assisting her mother paid off and everything turned out beautifully.

He arrived bearing a gift of autumn hued roses and a bottle of wine. They began the meal with a prayer of Thanksgiving. As they began to fill their plates, she suggested they start thinking of establishing holiday traditions. Sure. Like what? In addition to starting with a blessing, maybe we could ask each person around the table to name something he or she is thankful for.Hmm, how about having to name three things? I think typically the first thing people will say is going to be similar, that is, something about family and friends. But if we ask for three things, it allows for something more personal, and maybe something silly? Okay, I'll start, she said. She raised her glass and said, First, I'm grateful for you. They clinked wine glasses. Second, I'm thankful I didn't burn anything. And third, I'm grateful I don't have to work tomorrow! How about you? I am thankful to have found you and that you agred to marry me. Second, I'm grateful I have an excuse to not go to Texas. Love my Aunt but her second husband gets on my nerves. And, last but not least, I'm thankful you made so much good food 'cause I know I'll be eating well for days!

There is always much to be grateful for, even during the tough times. We should all take time, on a regular basis, to take note of our blessings.


Today I'm thankful for a better understanding of what should happen with Dad's financial situation and I'm grateful for your warm recception of my illustrated story spin on freebies.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Fall In Love freebie

Today's episode of Fall In Love:

It was supposed to be a quiet night of Chinese take-out and college basketball on TV. Sammi greeted him at the door and sniffed the take-out bags appreciatively; she would be joining them. She's in the kitchen and in a bad mood, she warned as she helped carry the food into the kitchen area. His girlfriend was lying on the floor, head and shoulders in the under sink cabinet. There were displaced kitchen supplies on the floor and several wet towels. Sink was leaking, Sammi explained. She thought she could take care of the problem and it is better, but there's been a whole lot of grumbling and cursing going on. He took off his jacket, threw it over a kitchen chair and knelt down beside her. Can I help? I just can't get this thingy tight enough, she complained. He urged her out and assumed her place to check out the problem. She explained the spray attachment had been leaking. She had turned off the water, replaced the hose, and was trying to finish up but couldn't quite get the connection secure. With a new washer and a more appropriate wrench, he finished the job. I'm impressed with what you managed, he told her. She was still a little out of sorts. I'm not helpless! No, you certainly are not. They cleaned up the mess and then she left to clean up and change.

By the time she came back, she was in a better frame of mind. She gave him a big hug, thanked him for his help and they gathered drinks and food to carry into the living room. When the game went to break, he said, I've got some news. Oh? My parents will be in town next week and I want you to meet them. Her eyes widened as her mind ran through scenarios of what could happen. Dad has a conference to attend and brought Mom along. They would like to have dinner with us Thursday night if that's alright. Ah, sure. Don't be nervous. They will love you and even if they don't, it doesn't matter 'cause I do.

Later, when she got up to get drink refills, he turned to Sammi. She's worried. Yeah, she wants things to go right, wants you to be happy and knows it will help if your parents approve. I guess. Hey, listen, I don't know if this is the best time to do this or not but maybe it will distract her? He showed Sammi the engagement ring he'd brought with him. She covered her mouth to suppress her reaction and just nodded her head.

Is the game back on? she asked as she returned with filled glasses. Not yet. Need to talk to you about something. Oh, it'll be alright, she replied, brushing her hair back behind her ear. She assumed he was talking about meeting his parents. He turned toward her and reached for her hand and as he slipped the ring on her finger asked, Will this be alright? She hadn't wanted to go with him to choose the ring, had just told him she was certain whatever he chose would be right. Now she looked down at the ring, threw her arms around him and kissed him. It's beautiful! She held her hand up to take a closer look. The ring was different from all the ones she kept seeing ads for. Very feminine, with an oval main stone, and lovely details. I never imagined . . . wow. She laughed out loud. I can't begin to describe it accurately, but I love it. He grinned from ear to ear. Sammi ran over with her camera in hand. I want a close-up she said. She had taken candid photos as he presented it and now took a close up of the two of them and one that showed the ring up close. Did you know about this? she asked, letting Sammi examine the ring closely. Nope, not until a few minutes ago when he gave me a glimpse. Glad I had time to get my camera. Just wait 'til you see your reaction!

Days later, as she prepared to go to dinner with his parents, she thought, Of course, it matters how one's prospective spouse is perceived. She wanted to make a good impression and be liked, for that helped make for a harmonious family life. He had told her not to get too dressy as they were going to meet his parents at a steak house his father enjoyed. He wanted her to be comfortable and just be herself. His parents were already waiting at a table for them when they arrived. He'd warned that his father often appeared gruff but the man stood and held out her chair with a smile. Introductions went easily and conversation flowed pretty well. His mother gushed over the ring and wanted to know how her son had proposed. She explained about the acorn and showed the acorn charm she was wearing as a necklace. His mother thought it was all terribly romantic. Naturally, she wanted to know when the wedding would be. His father, patted his wife's hand and told her not to rush them to make decisions. She found his mother easiest to relate to as they both shared a passion for teaching. His father would be an aquired taste, she thought. The man tended to be brusque and his sense of humor was dry. She had moments when she felt ill at ease but when it came time to say goodnight, his mother hugged her with sincere affection and said she looked forward to getting to know her better. His father's hug was brief and a little awkward but he surprised her by saying, he'd enjoyed meeting her and thought his son had made a wise choice.

At a stoplight on the way back to her apartment, he turned to her and said, And you were worried? My father never liked anyone I dated. Unbelievable!


Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday - about acorns - Fall In Love freebie

It was a freak accident involving a full laundry basket, door and wall. Hard to explain how I managed to smash the joints just above the knuckles of the fingers on my right hand. The ring finger bore the brunt and is still a little tender but nothing like it was on Friday. Ice, magnesium oil with essential oils to fight inflammation and rest made a world of difference.

Moving on, let's get to the next installment in Fall In Love:
The Botanical Garden was a peaceful place for a walk. While the trees showed more bare branches than brillant foliage now, there were still some blooms to be seen. Fall colored chrysanthemums, viburnum, bluebeard shrubs, and salvia created bright spots of color. Squirrels scampered around madly; some buried acorns for later, while others dug for acorns to consume now. Garden crews were pulling out supplies to set up the Holiday Garden of Lights that would be lit after Thanksgiving weekend. Their voices and those of other garden visitors carried long distances on the cool, crisp air.

Coming upon a bench near a birdbath, he suggested they rest a little. After a few minutes of casual conversation, he got up and walked over near an oak tree and picked up an acorn. Sitting back down beside her, he held it on his open palm, as if to present it to her. She raised an eyebrow in question. What is that? he asked. An acorn, of course. But what else is it? he continued. A baby oak tree. He smiled at that. It is indeed. Inside that shell are the basic ingredients needed to make a new oak tree, a new life. The acorn has been used to symbolize potential, strength, life, fertility, even immortality. Yes, she said, I knew of some of those symbolic meanings. Did you know it's also a good luck charm? For luck, prosperity, and power. I did not.

He closed his hand and stuck it in his pocket and when he drew his hand out again, he asked her to open her hand. This isn't an engagement ring. That's something we'll choose together. But I want you to have this as a symbol of the new life we will build together if you will agree to marry me. Into her hand, he placed a silver acorn box and motioned for her to open it. Inside was a vintage acorn charm. She blinked back tears. I can't imagine a more beautiful proposal, she said. Yes, yes, I'll marry you. They exchanged a tender kiss and then she fumbled with the clasp on the chain that held the cross she wore. I didn't know whether you'd want to wear it as a necklace or put it on a charm bracelet, he told her. I'll get you a chain or bracelet . . . . She interrupted him with another kiss. For now, I want to put it on with my cross and wear it right away. Just then a squirrel paused a couple feet in front of them and cocked his head as he appeared to stare at them. Don't even think about it, she said softly. My acorn from my love. As if he'd understood, the squirrel turned his back, made one last look over his back and scampered away.


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Sorry - no post

Injured right hand - not serious but painful to PS. Back Mon 2 work toward finish of kit.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Turkey day prep and freebie

Imagine that most of you are busy with do-ahead Thanksgving preparations and, perhaps, guests. You will get to this post when you take a little break, right? We are keeping it simple this year as it is just the two of us. Dad doesn't eat turkey or the other items we are making so no point in putting aside goodies to take to him. Grandson, Tyler, got in from USC last night and it looks like we might see him tomorrow in time to watch the Redskins game with him. Like most young men, I'm sure he will find room for a little snack with us. I don't plan to post tomorrow, taking some time off from everyone except my husband, to reflect and be grateful for our blessings. Let me sincerely wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. For those who don't celebrate as we do in the US, I hope you will just take a day to be grateful for your blessings.

Here is today's installment of Fall In Love:
It was the most beautiful autumn she could remember.But then love makes everything look better, doesn't it? All seemed to be going right. He was settled in his new office and very happy to be working with troubled adolscents. Her classes were going well with most of her composition students in the A-B range and her fiction workshop included two students with serious potential. As for her own novel, after months of stagnation, she was again making good progress. Love gives you wings! she thought as she doodled a winged heart in the margins of her date book. And more and more both alluded to a shared future. Yes, her world was as sunny as the vase of sunflowers gracing her table.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday again? More from Fall In Love freebie

Cleaned out a lot of paperwork over the weekend - but that was just ours. Have a stack of stuff to file for Dad. Never ends. Did a major job of cleaning the master bath and rewarded myself with a bath using one of those bath fizzies. Smelled so good! Got to try to make some of those. Paid bills and did a few more things. Always seem to be behind on my to-do list. Today its laundry and some cooking.

You have probably noticed that sometimes I get carried away and create large zips, while others times just a small amount. Today is another large one - in 2 zips. The previews are not indicative of element sizes, nor do they reflect what is actually in each zip. I just divided the items into 2 zips. That being said, here is today's vignette.

They had made plans to drive to a nearby state park and walk around to admire the fall colors and after, stop at a historic inn for a late lunch. That morning when he came over to pick her up, a drizzle had begun. Was she still up to going to the park? She produced umbrellas and put on her boots. No way a little rain was going to spoil their time together. Some of the trees had reached their peak and dropped their leaves but others were blazing with color. Due to the light rain, there were few people walking the paths through the forest so it was quiet except for the sound of leaves scrunching underfoot, raindrops and an occassional scurrying sound of small animals seeking shelter. They were so comfortable with one another now that silences did not bother them at all. They were happy to walk along, exchanging affectionate glances, or pointing out sights. The rain ended soon and they were able to fold up their umbrellas. Birds left their hidden perches and flew about. A fox took a leisurely stroll before perching himself upon an old tree stump where he proceeded to groom himself, unaware he was being watched. Just as they were turning back to head to their car, they spotted a fawn at the edge of the woods, daintily chewing some grass.


Have doctor appointments tomorrow so don't know if I will get a post up or not.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Since I was late posting Thursday & Friday (freebie)

such that the timing pushed them into the next day, I'm posting again.

Skipping ahead to December, here is what I've decided to do. Most people want Christmas kits, no matter how many they have. Since it's going to be a busy month for everyone, rather than starting from scratch I'm going to use 4 starter kits I previously made under my Sher Scraps 4 CU line. Each includes a doll (Poser figure), a couple papers, and some elements. Each package will be my starting point; I'll add more papers and elements to make a mini kit from each. Below is a preview of the starter kits as I sold them to give you some idea of what is coming.

***Oops! Thata preview should have read 7. Thought I'd changed that.

Today it's a road trip in Fall In Love freebie

Today we did a couple errands, dropped in to our favorite pizza place to get a couple slices for lunch and went across the street to see Dad. Oddly enough the little shopping center that is home to New York Pizzeria is on Newtown Rd and just across on a side street is the nursing home. John went on back to see Dad while I exchanged a few words with the social worker. She had told me last week that she would arrange a haircut for Dad. He doesn't have much, like a low halo above his neck that is now duck fluff, but he does have some beard that needs to be trimmed. Turns out the barber went to get him and found him in bed. When he told Dad why he was there, Dad just pulled the covers up over his face and ignored him. Getting child like. Today he was in the wheelchair refusing to eat his lunch sandwich of chicken salad. He doesn't like chicken, fish, so many things. Instead he was slowly munching on some Pringles from the can I brought him last week. He did seem to recognize us but didn't say much. His hearing aid wasn't in and he didn't know what he'd done with it. I brought him the small bag of peanut M & M's he'd asked for and he had to get into those. We thought he'd try to eat the whole bag but he only had one then carefully folded the top of the bag and stored it away. When we left, I bent down to kiss him goodbye and told him I love him (I always do) and he surprised me by saying, I love you too. Dad usually doesn't engage in emotional responses.

Once home I didn't do much but fix a light dinner and work on Fall In Love. I'm happy to hear you are enjoying my little experiment. I think of each installment as a vignette. Today's took a bit longer and ended up being too large for one zip to be comfortably downloaded, so I split it in two. Tomorrow's graphics are ready, just need to do some text. Then I'll get busy doing housework - a lot - so Sunday I can bake fruitcakes.

I made an error in labeling these a and b in that b fits the first part of the story and a is more for the second. But you will figure it out.

Until tomorrow.

Friday, November 17, 2017

More of Fall In Love

Sorry I missed posting yesterday. You've heard me mention my Aunt Sissy and her boyfriend, John. John had called a couple days ago with some bad news about Sissy's health and also that of her son. We arranged a dinner with them at a place that's about an hour and half away. Picked them up in the afternoon and headed out. But almost dinnertime isn't a good time to be on the roads, especially when there is construction going on all over lately. Took us over two hours to reach our destination. The trip and dinner gave us time to find out more about the health problems and offer support. Sissy had a knee replacement over the summer and had continued to have a lot of pain. More tests and x-ray studies were done and, as she put it, the hip on that side was "all eaten up with arthritis." She will have hip replacement done in February. Around the same time she had that diagnosed, she heard from her son and learned he will be having open heart surgry next month to replace a valve. It seems that when docs were giving him chemo and radiation a few years back for a mass on his chest, it damaged his heart. Last night my son called and in talking to him I learned his MIL is a candidate for a lung transplant. When it rains, it pours.

I think there are periods when my father doesn't recognize people. You know how babies smile as a defense? Several times now I've gone to see him and he smiles at me like that. Not my Dad's smile, not like he knows me. He doesn't speak until I do and then it's a general response.The other day when I went over to take him some things he'd asked for, he was asleep with the tray table across his bed. Woke him gently and he had that expression he gets when the nurses wake him for meds or vital signs. I spoke to him but he didn't reply so I just started putting the items on the tray table, talking like everything was fine. I'd brought him a couple drinks, chapstick, and some Pringles (doc said okay to give him a little of what he wants now and then). I was putting things away and only when I touched the Pringles can did he speak: "Don't go away with that." His fine motor movements are failing so I opened tha can for him and he began happily to munch and stare at the TV. So we watch Frankie and Johnny together without another word from him. Eventually he snuggled down in the covers and went back to sleep.

It was the middle of the week and it was supposed to be a quiet evening. The plan was to go for pizza, then just hang out. But when he arrived at the apartment, she was standing in the open doorway looking upset. She had her cell phone to her ear but shut it down when she saw him approaching. I've been trying to reach you. Have to cancel, got to get to the hospital. She reached in to grab her purse off the table the girls kept next to the door and yelled back to Sammi. On my way. Be sure to lock up. He followed her to the elevator. Are you alright? Whats going on? On the way down, she told him about the call she had gotten from the roommate of one of her students. The girl had tried to commit suicide. As the EMTs were taking the injured girl out, she had asked the roommate to call and say she couldn't attend class next day. You must mean something to her, he said and let her know he would take her to the hospital so she wouldn't have to worry about driving. Why me? Because she has no one else, she answered for herself. The student had come into her office one day on a pretext, cried and told her she had been raped at a party. The girl was at odds with her parents and at nineteen could say no to them being called. She'd listened, consoled, and helped the student get the care she needed, even personally taking her for her first appointment with one of the school's therapists. She thought things were going okay.

He listened intently, told her she had done all the right things. But he knew she was feeling she'd missed something and was somehow at fault for what was happening now. At the hospital, they had to wait for permission to see the girl. When the doctor learned who they were, she was allowed to visit for just a few minutes while he waited outside for her. When she came out of the room, her posture seemed a little rigid, her face tense. She shook her head when he started to question her and they left the floor in silence. In the elevator on the way down to the parking lot, tears began to stream down her face but still she waved him off. It was only after they gotten into his car that she reached for him. He let her sob for awhile until she regained control and explained what she'd been told. Her student had been going to therapy, doing all that was suggested; had been holding up. Then she got a call from Student Health Services telling her she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease; that triggered her suicide attempt.

What can I do to help? she wanted to know. We need to eat first, keep you healthy or you won't be able to help anyone. Then we will discuss it. They gave up the idea of pizza and stopped at a sub shop instead, getting him a sub and her a container of cream of broccoli soup to take home. Back at the apartment, Sammi wisely stayed out of the way. They ate and then talked for hours until he insisted on making her a hot toddy to drink before she headed off to bed. At the door, she sat the mug down and threw her arms around him. Thank you! For what? For being here, for helping me, but mostly for being you. A long, tender kiss ended the night, leaving her outlook a little brighter.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tuesday freebie - late

About a week later, he picked her up to go to dinner. On the drive to the restaurant, she thought he seemed cool and distant and she wondered if he was about to say goodbye. Conversation just wasn't flowing as naturally as it had in the past, so while they sat sipping wine and waiting for dinner, she decided to ask what was going on. What? he asked looking befuddled. Something is wrong. Are you trying to find a way to tell me you don't want to see me any more? Because . . . . Before she could say another word, he reached for her hand, looked directly into her eyes and said, Nothing could be further from the truth. But there is something on my mind.
When she encouraged him to talk, she learned that he was struggling with a decision about a career move. When he'd completed his training as a clinical psychologist, he'd taken the first job that came along in his field. He had a lot of loans to pay back and thought it the best decision at the time. But he wasn't really happy working for a state run program for addicts. He felt the majority of the patients he saw were there because therapy was required for them to receive methadone to replace the street drugs they had become addicted to. I want to work with people who will sincerely work to improve their issues, he explained. He had just received a couple job offers and was trying to decide what he wanted to do.
Talking over the pros and cons of the offers, he realized he did not want to take the one out of state. While the working conditions and positions were about equal, the one out of state would pay better. But money wasn't the main concern for him; he realized he didn't care about making less if he could remain in the city and have her company.


Going out of town on Wednesday (today) so not sure if I will be able to post or not.

Monday, November 13, 2017

I'm short a few spoons today

Are you familar with Spoon Theory? Those of you who have chronic pain conditions probably have heard of this. For those who have not:
My apologies but I was in bed most of yesterday and some of today. I've run short of spoons and will have to postpone today's post of zip 4 Fall In Love.
Thank you for understanding.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Cold weather, comforts, and freebie

We finally have November weather but what usually happens here in Tidewater is that we enjoy seasonal weather for a few days and then, just before Thanksgiving when you're going to have the oven going, temps go back up, some times even into 80s! Yesterday we had the heater going and it's always sort of musty and dusty the first few times it comes on. Gave me a sinus - threatening to go into migraine- headache. Took sinus/allergy meds but the left side of my face just continued to be extrememly painful. Felt like someone had hit me in the face with a baseball bat. Thought about going outside and cutting some rosemary and dumping it and bay leaves in a big bowl of hot water to try steaming. Just couldn't get up energy to try it. Took a Tylenol - something I try to avoid doing. No relief. I was sipping a cup of hot tea when I spotted a tin of Cooling Relief sent to me by Tosha. It's a magnesium cream with peppermint used for pain. Why not try it? I applied some of my temples, forehead, behind the throbbing left ear, and along my cheekbones, being careful not to get too close to my eyes. In minutes the pain had diminished and slowly disappeared altogether. I was amazed even though I've had good results with the magnesium roller blend I bought to help with sleep and headaches. Magnesium supplementation throught the skin is really helping me with several health issues: migraines, sleep disorder, and fibro. When I couldn't find any more of the magnesium roller blend purchased, I set about creating my own version. I knew what the ingredients were, just not the proportions. It seems to be working as well for me as the purchased brand. My brother is still traveling so I haven't heard from him to know if he is getting relief too. If anyone is interested, I'll be happy to share my recipe. It isn't difficult to make.

Tosha applied for a business license and changed her business name from Essential Scents by Tosha to Fountains of Eden. She is continuing to expand her product line and was just picked up to sell her products at a Fredericksburg pharmacy. Visit her here:

Running late with this post because I got involved in an on-line conversation with a friend.

Today's segment of Fall In Love: (PS Sorry about formatting etc. Trust me, I know this isn't proper way but Blogger has it's quirks so I'm keeping it simple.)

Days grew colder, leaves fell like rain and pumpkin patches sprang up around town. Their phone calls became more frequent and longer. One Saturday, he called to ask if there was a movie she'd like to go see. She mentioned she was cooking - had just started a pot of chili - and invited him to dinner. I don't know how to make a small amount and the company would be welcome, she told him. He arrived carrying a bouquet of sunflowers. When I saw these, he said, I thought of you and the sunshine you've brought to my life. She beamed with delight and things were going well until she started setting the table. She asked if he would mind getting the sweet tea from the fridge while she pulled the corn muffins out of the oven. If you would rather have beer, she said, I think Sam has some of that Samuel Adams seasonal kind in there. There was a moment of silence. You didn't tell me you live with someone, he said. I'm sure I must have mentioned Sam, my roommate, she replied as she turned towards him. His expression was cool and guarded and she wondered why. Sammi? I never told you about Sammi? There was no glint of recognition. Then she understood. Sam, Sammi, is Samantha who teaches art foundations and shares the apartment with me, she told him as she took the tea pitcher from his hand. Tell you all about my wonderful, wacky roommate while we eat, if you'd like. He gave her a slight, lopsided smile. Sorry, for a minute there . . . . It's okay, she replied, we're still figuring things out.


Friday, November 10, 2017

Day 2 of Fall in Love

Continuing our autumn romance:

Days later, he called to invite her to a movie based on a book they had discussed. The weather was turning cool and while many trees were still green, others were beginning to show fall colors. Following the movie, they walked to a nearby coffee shop to discuss the film. She commented on all the pots of mums popping up all over the place and how soon pumpkins would predominate. Did he celebrate Halloween, she wanted to know? They both reminisced about childhood Halloweens and how sad it was things had changed so much. Over coffee, he encouraged her to talk about her work at the university. She had a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and taught both basic composition classes and a novel writing workshop . He loved how her eyes lit up when she talked about the value of story. He too believed in the importance of the written word but knew few people with whom he could discuss the value of literature and it's place in society. Driving her back to her apartment, he told her how much he enjoyed her company and would like to see her again. She replied she was glad they had met and would look forward to seeing him again. Please, she said, feel free to call me any time.


Please note: my free Dropbox account is about full so it's time to remove some files again. Holiday Tea will disappear sometime this weekend, so if you want it and haven't downloaded it yet, better hurry..

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Catching up and start of new free kit

Last couple of weeks have been busy and emotional. My brother and his wife finally arrived. They had just cleared up the problems relating to getting Thom's pump refilled and were preparing to fly back to Ashville, N.C. where they would pick up their car then head up to Virginia. Roberta woke to excruciating pain. Turned out she had a dental abcess so bad it required surgery and a bone graft. Naturally, it was some days before she was able to fly. We had much to deal with regarding Dad's finances and possessions. Going through the house to decide what items should go to which family members was very emotional.

Dad was, of course, very pleased to have Thom and Roberta visit him multiple times while here. We noticed some odd things with Dad during recent visits but Roberta remembered similar instances with her mother before she died and I've since read articles detailing the same things. The worst was during Thom's first visit when Dad told them June had died and he'd been a pallbearer. They were silent, not knowing what to say, then Dad continued, "But I know that's not true. She's here." In his nursing home, he meant, but she isn't. We are seeing some of the skin mottling the articles talked about - mostly its been his lips having a bluish tint, social withdrawal, and selective hearing.

A few days before Thom and Roberta were to head home, my husband and I drove down to Columbia, S.C. to see grandson, Tyler, at University of South Carolina. Using my Nonna intuition, I filled a doubled brown paper bag with some fruit, stape goods like spaghetti, sauce, boxed mac n' cheese, cocoa packets, microwave popcron, and a gallon bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies (his favorite). The day we went down was cloudy and it took forever due to construction and then, when we got on I-95 2 accidents held us up for hours. Next day temps were up and it was humid. Too humid to want to walk around campus. Tyler and his friend, Alec, introduced us to Old Chicago Pizza. For lunch (our treat) Tyler had something called a Hangover Burger which included bacon, a sunny side up egg, and hashbrowns! Alec and John split a deep dish pizza with almost everything on it. And I got delicious manicotti. USC had a football game (away) that afternoon so the guys invited us over to Tyler's apartment to watch the game on TV with them and other friends. We declined and went back to hotel to rest and watch a movie on Showtime. Once the game was over, Tyler called and we picked up him, Alec and Alec's girlfriend, Katie, and went to dinner at California Dreaming. Very nice. It's in an old railway station where trains still go by on tracks behind the building (hubby loved that) and turned out to be right behind the quad where Tyler lives. I could have made a meal out of the fresh croissants with honey they serve with meals. But the loaded potato soup wasn't to be missed. We enjoyed and refused to think about what our credit card bill is going to look like with all the meals, hotel, and other travel expnses. It was worth it. Next time maybe I can at least visit the library and bookstore on campus. Those are not to miss for an academic lol.

Thought I'd be up to posting again by Tuesday but needed more time to recooperate and take care of a few things here at home. Also, I'd had a hard time deciding what to do about a November kit. Yes, it's autumn now and sure, Thanksgiving is this month, but it all seemed so ho hum, you know? Too many years digiscrapping I guess. One of you commented that you like how I "twist" things a little. I like that you appreciate that. I want to give you something nice to play with but I don't want to be bored by doing the same old stuff so I try to entertain myself too. Thinking about that, I think I may have found an acceptable theme for this month and hope you like it.

Today we start "Fall in Love" an autumn themed romance. Here is the beginning of our illustrated story.

* They met at a mutual friend's Goodbye to Summer party. Both quiet, introspective people, they quickly discovered they had much in common: preferred small gatherings of close friends rather than large noisy parties, loved sunsets, books (the real, old fashioned kind), long walks on the beach, visits to the mountains in autumn, and much more. They sat on the beach in front of their friend's house, gazing at the sunset, talking as if they had known each other forever. Driving home, she thought about the man she'd met and wondered if sunsets might be proof that endings can be beautiful too, signaling the beginning of something even more beautiful.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Quick note

It's been kind of a rough day - emotionally - um yesterday that is. Your comments really made me feel good. And I got a photo from my son of him and his wife dressed up for Halloween for their workday at Patient First. Just have to show you. They went as characters from How To Tame Your Dragon:
Dragon tamer (Jeremy) and Toothless the Dragon (Berkeley)
How cute is that?

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! and freebies

So much going on yesterday and will be all week. Lots of family business to deal with. I do have today's zip for you and two extras as Halloween Treat, However, after today I won't be able to post until next week - too much on my schedule. Without further ado here is zip 22:
One very busy background, a floral frame and various elements.

And because you have all been so sweet about my crazy Halloween kit, two Halloween treats. First, a batch of elements, including an ATC I made earlier on:
And a set of 2 quick pages and 2 stacked papers:

Happy Halloween! May you have sweet and happy days until next time.