Monday, July 13, 2015

Finally a new freebie

I know, it has been a long time coming - something new and free. By the time this message posts it will be Monday July 13th and I'll be over at the hospital, waiting to see how June is doing after surgery. There has been a lot of running around this past week what with errands, doctor appointments, and so on and it's been so hot and humid that once I get back inside I'm having trouble breathing and exhausted. I come in, drink something cool, wash up and lie down. Had a list of things to accomplish while hubby was home on vacation but we only managed the most important ones. Writing this as I let my hair dry before going to bed Sunday night. Still have a few dishes to do and some laundry to fold. You know, housework is never ending. We have to be at hospital before light so tomorrow will be long day. They said the Breast Cancer Center at the hospital has a nurse for every two patients so I wouldn't have to stay overnight with June, but we will see. But on the digi-scrap stuff.
Yes, that's a hint of what is coming. I decided to make a beach themed journal page kit for all those who art journal and may be at the beach for summer vacation. The papers are 8.5" x 11" I like that size because I keep my art journal pages in a loose leaf binder and find that handiest. There are 8 papers and 15 elements which include some word art. Hope someone will find it useful. Have to admit that the element sizes are all over the place. The larger ones can, of course, be reduced and at least those might be useful to people who only scrapbook. Kit is called Shore Thing.
Link: Planning to follow up with a mermaid themed journal page kit.

Friday, July 3, 2015

The last of Manly freebie

This is going to be it, the last of Manly. I tried to include a lot of male oriented elements in the kit and didn't worry so much about the usual stuff. Do you really need bows and flowers for guys? I'm feeling restless so don't know what I'm doing next. Thinking of maybe some beachy papers or perhaps a color themed element and/or paper packs. Have a great Independence holiday weekend.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

zip 9 of Manly freebie

If you read the previous post and wondered what I was talking about, don't worry I haven't totally lost it, just so much going on here that I got confused. Thought I'd already posted zip 9, maybe because I already had zip 10 ready to post? Anyway, here is zip 9 of Manly: Still very hot and humid here, with severe thunderstorms in the evenings. Yesterday just went to grocery store and when I came in I could hardly breathe. After something cold, I needed a nap. Pretty much the same today. Went out for doctor appointment today and intended to come home and do lots of work. Don't know yet if company is coming for sure but so much needs doing anyway. I did stop at Ollie's on way home from doctor and picked up some of those Suduko and word search books for Dad and June. After a light lunch of cheese, crackers, fruit and juice, I gave up and took another nap. I can't help but wonder how people survive in those countries where it is hot and humid all the time. Wherever you are (whoever might be reading this), I hope your weather is nicer and that you are safe and doing well.