Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday freebie & car buying

And today we have zip 17 of Yesterday:

Yesterday we took care of some errands and went by Farmer's Market hoping to buy some corn. The ears were a little small and they were charging $6.50 for a dozen! Not happening. Husband surprised me by stopping in at a Toyota dealer so I could see if the Highlander I want will fit him so he'd have use if his truck breaks down. I saw one in ooh la la rouge I liked and gave it a test drive. Smooth! We made an offer but manager came back with $4,000 more than we wanted to pay and he and husband didn't get along. Today hubby has been negotiating with other dealers and we are set to go to Elizabeth City to see one that is just a bit over price we wanted to pay. I was headed out the door to pick up some stuff from grocery store when the manager from yesterday called and we talked. He has now made an offer about $500 less than Elizabeth City so waiting for husband to come home from taking grand-daughter to doctor appointment. I could have a new car by tonight!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Another Monday and another freebie of Yesterday

Monday again. Dad is feeling better - no shortness of breath, no dizzy spells but still having trouble with bad sinus drainage and fatigue. He's had the echo cardiogram and tech said he didn't see anything of concern. Hasn't seen cardiologist and won't until 9/22 but did see family doctor. She spoke with cardiologist about hospital visit and both say they think Dad was misdiagnosed at the hospital and both told him not to worry. Cardiologist promised to explain to Dad what has been going on when he sees him on 22nd. I'm going along to make sure all is understood. Meanwhile I will take him to hematologist Thursday about the report of low blood platelets. I've done a little research on the ascities problem (buildup of fluid in abdominal cavity). Congestive heart failure is indicated with ascities - which I already knew since I have a friend with congestive heart failure. But it is also a sign of certain liver disorders and Dad has had liver enzyme concerns before. I know he's 87 and wearing down but I don't see how any doctor could fail to be concerned that he had picked up so much fluid - 20 lbs? Seriously, of course all that weight on your chest would effect y our breathing and heart. I'll be asking lots of questions.

So today, let's get back to Yesterday with zip 15:
There are 2 more zips ready to go and more elements in a folder so I might stretch this out to 20 zips. At the end I will give you a composite preview.

Still fighting a summer cold. I've been coughing so much my chest hurts and I'm tired out. Slept off and on today whenever it let up. Have part of my Halloween tea menu set and now deciding on the sweet course. Lots of housework that needs doing - but it is never done, is it?

Thank you for kind words and prayers!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I'm sorry

My father usually visits on Sundays and called saying he wasn't feeling well. I went over to check him out and found him very swollen (about 20 pounds over his usual weight!) and having shortness of breath. At one point, when he was trying to get his pants on so I could take him over to the ER, he got very quiet and, worried that he was taking so long dressing, I went to look in on him. He was lying on the bed looking rather gray and said he got dizzy while dressing. At the ER he was diagnosed with acute systolic congestive heart failure and started on a diuretic to get the fluid build up down. He wasn't admitted because his cardiologist isn't at that hospital and he was scheduled to see the cardiologist next day for an echocardiogram. We spent nearly 6 hours in the ER and two beds over was a paranoid schizophrenic who also had bipolar disorder and hadn't taken his meds for some time. He was threatening the staff such that hospital security and the local police were called in. Quite an evening. Monday I took Dad in for his test, made sure he ate some lunch and then we went home to rest. Meanwhile, my husband had picked up our 6 year old grand-daughter for a scheduled visit. She launched herself at me for a hug when I came in. Thereafter it was play time with Larkin. Tuesday was shop for a backpack for Larkin (I'd already gotten her other school supplies), more playtime, then dinner out with my Aunt and her boyfriend.

I'm sorry I didn't get anything posted but I am exhausted. Will take a few days off from posting and definitely see you again next Monday.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Being Trifling and a freebie zip of Yesterday

Most of yesterday was filled with a Red Hat Society meeting at Smokey Bones restaurant. Enjoyed the company and the barbeque. Afterwards Mary, Joyce and I went to check out a place that carries hair accessories and the thrift shop next doors. I bought my Larkin some cute ponytail holders and, for me, a sparkly red shawl for Red Hat events. Today I'm being "trifling" as the older generation says. I just can't get going. Maybe because I got some disturbing news about my Dad yesterday evening. He has atypical atrial flutter - or to put it another way, his heart rhythm is off. I have to take him to the heart specialist on Monday for an echocardiogram and depending on what is found, the doctor might have to shock Dad's heart to reset the rhythm. He's 87 and has been looking really tired lately and has had several dizzy spells. The dizziness was in the morning and family doc thought it was low blood sugar and has re-adjusted his insulin but this last visit she took an EKG and decided to send him to his heart specialist. He told me he has had this problem before - about 4 years ago - but it went away without any treatment. Here is hoping the same thing will happen again.

But now for your freebie:

Friday, August 19, 2016

Ready for zip 13 of Yesterday freebie?

On the subject of kits with overall previews and Download_a_Day freebies, let me say that I totally understand that an overall preview is preferable. When I designed for stores, I always made overall previews. Sometimes, when it was a large kit and it was too difficult to include all, I would make additional preview - one of papers, another or more for elements. We all want to be able to see what in our files as easily as possible. The biggest reason I don't do overall previews now is that I create to a them or color scheme a little at a time as I can.

I can only share my solution to such download-a-day freebies. What I do, using Yesterday as an example, is when I open the first download I rename the folder that (in this case) says Yesterday_1 to just "ws_Yesterday. " I go into that folder and usually made 2 new folders - "elements" and "papers." Then I take what came in zip one and divide it accordingly. Zip 2 comes along and I download it into "ws_Yesterday," open it, rename the new "folder" preview to "folder_2" and separate the items into the elements and papers folder. I keep the latest info folder because credits may have changed and I might need to know; the old info folder gets deleted. at this point your "ws_Yesterday" folder will contain the most recent info folder, 2 previews, and "elements" and "papers" folders. With each new zip, I proceed as above. If I'm in a big hurry when I download, I'll simply add the zip_2 to the folder and move on. Might end up with several unzipped days before I organize. Or I might simply unzip the other folders within the the "ws_Yesterday" folder without doing any separation of elements and papers. Depends on my mood but because I am sometimes looking for just a certain paper or elements, I prefer to separate them. If you are really ambitious, once the DAD finishes, you could make yourself a composite preview and ditch the individual ones.

And now that I've rattled on, here is today's zip:

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesday already? And zip 12 of Yesterday freebie

Getting ready to go out to lunch. Today we are going to Jason's Deli at Virginia Beach. I'll just do the half sandwich (hot pastrami) with a cup of soup (broccoli cheese) combo. Then once we are home, I'll get to work on the pension papers that arrived. Got to get those in. Other than that today's agenda includes laundry and finishing up some calling cards (business cards) for my Red Hat group. Exciting huh?

Finished another book the other day, Lisa Unger's Ink and Bone
It will keep you guessing. Also Iris Johansen's Pandora's Daughter, a paranormal thriller.

Today's zip:

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Another hot day and freebie zip 11

A moment of panic earlier when I couldn't find my debit card but hubby spotted it for me. Out into the heat to gas up car, pick up hubby's prescription and a few grocery items. Came home with clothes sticking to me. Cooled off a bit and had to call about my pension plan. Papers due in by 9/6 and I'd filled them out for most part before vacation but now can't find them. How embarrassing! But they will be over-nighted to me so I can get them in on time. Time for a nap after I post your freebie.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday thunder storms and freebie

I was thinking last night that a good number of the elements for Yesterday are decidedly feminine. Think we might need to add in some masculine items. What do you think? Here is a composite of what you should have collected so far, including today's zip:
Today we have zip 10:

Re street problem: the mayor's office just called, wanting to know if the Dept. of Streets & Bridges had been in touch with us. No. The mayor's secretary checked into it and called back to say that department claimed to have been by on the 10th and fixed the problem on the 11th. No way. My husband repeated where the problem is and the trouble it is causing us and said if the department representative would just come to the door and speak to him, he would point out where the problem lies. Wonder how long until that happens?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday freebie

Another hot one today and my gastro paresis and reflux is acting up. Bad timing as we are going to early dinner at Aberdeen Barn with Sissy & John. Will take along some anti-acid/anti-gas pills and do my best to be sociable. Have things to do when we get home in preparation for tomorrow night when SIL and her husband will be coming over for subs and cards. So, that said, let me give a shout out to Kristy, who sent message she is not finding Yesterday boring. I was having a hard time with it at one point, perhaps because I have been looking at some art that has highly saturated color? Anyway, I've got up to zip 10 loaded to Dropbox. Thanks to all of you for your comments; they keep me motivated. Here is today's zip:
I am happy with how this turned out and hope you like it too.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Almost time for school & freebie

It was a hot one today - 3 digits on heat index. But I'd downloaded the school supply list for grand-daughter, Larkin, who will be starting first grade. Out I went in search of supplies. First stop, Dollar Tree to see what they mighty have. Picked up some things there including 2 cute composition books (no spiral notebooks, list said). They didn't have the plastic 3 prong folders she needed and I knew better than to buy Dollar Tree pencils so next to Walmart. Got everything else on the list and a few things for her to have at home. Whew - good to be back home and out of the heat. Going to go play Jeopardy but first, zip 6 of Yesterday.

After Jeopardy, have to clean out fridge - oh joy.

Storms, Olympic Gold & freebie

Had another mean thunderstorm earlier. Still, despite high wind and heavy rain, it went on its way after awhile. Much better than a hurricane for which August and September are prime time.

BTW that photo of a butterfly hat yesterday was just one example of what I've seen.

Watched Olympics some tonight. Wanted to see Katie Ledecky and Michael Phelps win in the swimming competitions. They said Phelps now has 25 Olympic medals and 21 of them are gold! Also watched our women's gymnastic team, which gave wonderful performances. Congratulations to local gymnast, Gaby Douglas, and her team mates on winning the gold.

"Yesterday" is rather boring, isn't it? Still finishing up a few more zips before moving on. Tonight I have #5:

Making a list of things I keep putting off, like some papers I need to send in to get the small retirement sum from Verizon which, when I I left was a company still called Bell Atlantic. Also putting together a list of ideas for the Witches' Tea I'm hosting for my Red Hat group in October. I'm really good at writing lists. It's checking off items I've completed that becomes difficult lol.

Monday, August 8, 2016

A Pretty Nice Day Outside! & freebie

I got up early this morning because the city was supposed to send someone out to talk to us about a problem with the street in front of our house. It's a main street, fairly heavily traveled and for years never caused us problems, other than the usual waiting to pull out of the driveway. A year or so ago, the city did some work on the street, adding some kind of gap joint that was supposed to allow the asphalt to expand in hot weather without the street buckling. Don't know what else they did but afterward, when heavy vehicles pass over certain points our house started to shake. It was minor at first but has become bad enough, when buses and garbage trucks especially pass by, that it can feel like the start of an earthquake. Doesn't seem to matter where in the house we are. I've been in bed and felt the floors shake. Things are beginning to rattle on shelves and we are worried about our foundation. We have made several calls all of which involve getting passed around from one number to a next. Guy never showed up. So I took a long nap and when I went out this afternoon to pick up prescriptions (I've now hit my gap!), I discovered the temperature was only about 80 degrees! Wow - haven't seen that in a long time.
So I decided to check out a couple of my favorite thrift shops. Scored a Toni Morrison book for 99 cents at one (I was a Morrison scholar in grad school) and a purple hat at another. Yes, I am a Red Hatter, so why a purple hat? Normally we wear purple clothes with a red hat (inspired by the poem "When I'm An Old Woman") but on our birthday we reverse colors. I have a purple feather thingy for my hair but didn't have a purple hat until now. It's a really nice straw (?) one in the perfect purple shade and only cost $3.95. I'll be able to doll it up with flowers, feathers, tulle, a rhinestone pin or something. Rhinestones are big with Red Hatters and I don't just mean in terms of popularity but also that they seem to like huge rhinestone brooches, necklaces and earrings. I've never been a fan of rhinestones. I've pretty much resisted the trend choosing instead those crystal beads that were popular in the 50s and real gemstones like garnet and amethyst. Of course, since the real stones get pricey, my pieces are modest. Right now I'm planning ahead for the North Carolina Red Hat Convention which will be in October. Making a list of required outfits and accessories. Among the things to consider is a butterfly themed party and a birthday celebration for one of the Pink Hat ladies who has always helped organize this annual event. She is turning 50 so will become a Red Hatter and we are all going to wear birthday attire.
Got our dental and vision insurance back - hurrah!

Had step-daughter and 2 of her 3 children over for dinner on Saturday. The "baby" is so exuberant. Larkin is six, has high energy, and is so loving. I had taken a shower before they arrived and was getting dressed when they came in. Heard her ask, But where's Nonna?" When I came down the hall, she ran to me with open arms, calling my name and wrapped me in a big hug. Malachai, who is 11, in contrast didn't look up from the game he was playing on his phone lol.

That's about all the news from here other than BIL came by, figured out why the roof leaked (flange around a vent on roof had rusted out), made temporary fix and will come back when we get supplies to do permanent fix. Love that man! He is so good to us.

And today's zip:

Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday and Yesterday 2

Sometimes things do work out. This week we learned that the company my husband retired from cancelled our dental, vision, and his small life insurance policy. We learned this when we got a bill for $120 for a dental cleaning that has been free under our insurance. The company tried to tell us he hadn't requested to keep the insurance when he retired. We knew he had so we asked to see what they had on file.. We were told they couldn't find the paper work. He knew who he had given the paperwork to. Calls back and forth to company and union. Finally, today the company called. Guess what? they found the paperwork and yes, he had requested to keep the insurances but they never told him how and who to pay premiums to. He thought they would take it from his retirement check. Nope. Anyway, the insurance will be re-instated once we pay the premiums they didn't take out. Whew! We had checked out other plans and it was going to cost us twice as much and give us half the coverage! Advice: make copies of any paperwork you have to turn in so you can prove what you did. Don't trust that people will do their part; be prepared.

Anyway, here is today's zip of Yesterday:

Thursday, August 4, 2016

New freebie - Yesterday 1

I finally got rid of my headache and I've been playing around with some brushes and this color swatch:
Didn't really know where I was going with it or if it might evolve into a kit but then things started to flow. This is the start of what I'm going to call "Yesterday" for lack of a more creative title. The color swatch seems intended for winter but it works for old and faded too, I think and it's just so calm and cool.

Dear BIL is here checking out the roof and fixing whatever damage that storm caused the other day. He said when he was coming in from the Virginia Beach site where he was working, he saw very dark skies over Norfolk. So far where we are, things are fine but could be we are going to get another storm this evening. He is such a sweetheart to come by after working all day, just to make sure we don't get damage.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

More rain! and a freebie

Went to lunch at Olive Garden with two of my Red Hat friends today. Heavy downpour started while we were eating and didn't seem to want to let up. Finally we gave up waiting for the rain to slack off and ran for the car. And on to Hobby Lobby to look for supplies to make hats or fascinators for up-coming events. Lots of standing water on the way home.

And here is today's zip:

I should be doing something useful but I am soo tired!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Weather, food, freebie

What a severe thunderstorm we had yesterday afternoon/evening! My father was visiting and he was just about to leave to go home when the skies opened up. Talk about a heavy downpour. It went on and on, not letting up for a couple hours with lightening everywhere. A leak developed in the master bathroom. Oddly enough, the drip was coming through the exhaust fan. My husband offered to drive Dad home in the truck because roads were badly flooded. When the storm finally slacked up, Dad insisted on driving himself home. He called to let us know he made it safely and told us about flooded areas he saw. Then today I saw the terrible flooding in MD. Wow - what destruction. We were lucky.

Today we have been cooking together. My husband decided to try creating a dry rub for baby back ribs. I made potato salad and when the ribs were ready we added fresh corn on the cob. What a feast! John's ribs were a big hit. So much so that I told him I don't want short ribs in the crock pot any more; I want these!

I do have another Beach Weather zip for you today:
BTW I finished M. J. Roses's new book on Thursday and can't wait until she does another in the series!