Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Above you see a colorful Easter/spring scene set for an easter egg hunt. The large egg has an opening for a photo of your favorite Easter bunny baby. This is a free quickpage for you that I am giving away thru ScrappersZone. However, I just discovered a problem -- SZ is upgrading their server so I need to wait for an okay to provide a code for you to download. Sorry for the delay.
Did you notice that the banner shows a new tradename? I had originally wanted to use Ambrosia Arts as a trade name, playing off my last name. However, there were already several Ambrosia Arts so it was necessary to add "Of Virginia." A cumbersome name I kept shortening to AAOV. A friend suggested I just go ahead and switch to using my last name with "Arts" behind it so D'Ambrosio Arts became official over a week ago or more.
No opportunity to change things on the blog however 'til these few stolen moments. My husband has been down with the flu which went into pneumonia (or so the doctors think) and I caught the flu too. Can't seem to get over one thig completely before another crops up. We're doing better but still some things to work out. Need to re-check the "spot" the radiologist found on his lung and I need to overcome the remaining exhaustion. The house is a shambles; order needs to be restored!
No completed Easter kit with all this going on. But I'm looking at it this way - I'm ahead for next year. Other things in the works however. Several kits near completion, and I'll be setting up monthly ATC challenges at ScrappersZone for those of us who love digital or hybrid ATCs so be sure to check the forum there.
Meanwhile, I've got commitments. Here: finish cooking dinner; tomorrow catch up laundry and schedule in all the other chores that have been neglected without overdoing it and setting off fibro. Have layouts to post for ScrapKitten and Echo too.
Hope you all have had a great weekend, Will post link for freebie as soon as I get go ahead from site. May Spring with it's promise of renewal bring blessings to you.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Product: Honoring Eire

My St. Patrick's Day & Irish heritage kit, Honoring Eire, went into my stores last night. In the first photo, below, you can see the element pack. There are one or two little goodies I couldn't show in the preview.

Here you see the 16 papers in the kit - perfect for St. Patrick's Day or to celebrate your Irish heritage. Many will also be useful for other layouts as well.

I'd like to give thanks here, as well as in my TOU, for designer resources from AfriDigiDiva, Echo's Scraps, Macatelier, Outlaw By Design, Pauline Joy, and 5th Dimension Designs.
If you are interested, the kit can be found at:
I'd love to know what you think, so please leave me a comment.
P.S. Look for a quickpage set made from this kit in the next couple of days.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Leaving Scrapbookersplayground

As of this evening, I have left Scrapbookersplayground. Why? you might ask. Although I have enjoyed my relationships with the other designers and the friendships I felt I made with Terri and Diosa, I cannot agree with the unbusinesslike practices and philosophy of the owner.

I know that I have kept up my end of contractual agreements and have then gone the extra mile whenever possible. However, SBP has not kept up their end. I'm really saddened to have to make this decision and want to say as little about it as possible in fairness to the innocent. Let's just say at present that I am deeply disappointed with how things have turned out and feel it is in my best interests to focus my attention on my stores at Kutnkudlyskreations and ScrappersZone.

Although I have been warned by designers who formerly worked at SBO that I should expect some unplesantness at my departure, I sincerely hope not. If pushed, I will, however, be perfectly candid about my reasons for leaving.

That little bit of unpleasant news done with, I'm going in to feed my dear husband some fresh homemade oatmeal cookies and listen to him talk about his evening at Cabin Fever Pickin'. Hugs to all and goodnight.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Tribute To Sandi

I've received more sad news about my friend, designer Sandi Tice (Sandi Scraps). Some of you know her, or have at least heard me talk about her. She is the woman who survived breast cancer (I believe she said it's been 10 years) but then suffered chronic pain from reconstructive surgery. Some time ago I told you that the respiratory infection she had been treated for over several months had worsened, and upon further investigation, she was found to have lung cancer. I knew that over a week ago she was scheduled to receive the results of her tests. When I didn't hear anything, I tried not to be alarmed because she was already undergoing chemo and I knew she was very ill from it.

Sick as she was, Sandi made a point to go to the marathon in her home town benefitting Breast Cancer research. She stood for hours handing out water to the runners. She said she "had to" be there because "they ran for me." Sandi e-mailed me some photos her family had taken: of her in the van going to the doctors and another, handing out water at the marathon.

Finally, last night, I got the news: the cancer is already at stage 4. Those of you who have been through this with friends and family know what this means. It has metastisized. The cancer in the lung is inoperable and it has spread to her brain - again inoperable.

After crying for a week, Sandi has picked herself up and is doing what she must. The doctors have told her that with proper care and little stress, she might live up to ten years. She's been reminded that every day advances are made. She is holding on to fragile hopes while she continues to lose weight and her hair falls out from the chemo. She told me it's 80% gone and I had to remind her that it's not what makes her beautiful.

I made the page above in appreciation of Sandi's courage, her determination to help others even when she's down, and her hopes. I'e used a combination of pieces from Raspberry Road's "Alive And Kickin'" breast cancer survivor kit; papers, lace, and clip from Twisted Sisters "A_TH3" kit (I apologize for not remembering what that stands for); a Victorian angel to watch over her; Clothie's bird doodle turned dove for hope; and roses from my Roses To Recolor series. The photos used include one from her TOU, showing a beautiful, vibrant woman; a snip from a photo taken in January when she had visitors from SBP; and the two photos she sent me.

If you will, continue to keep Sandi and her family in your prayers. I know how much she appreciates that.

Thank you.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Write Her Story

Hello all,

I'm been away from my blog for a good while now. Caught that nasty respiratory virus that's been going around and with my other health problems, it just hung on and on. Beginning to feel more like myself now so plan on getting the blog back up to speed. Yes, that means there will be freebies again soon!

A few things are happening at present that I'd like to mention. First, it's National Women's History Month. Go here to check out events going on around the country: You might also beinterested in this link from Columbia University about Women's Studies: I would really love to see some of my fellow artists doing something special for Women's History month. Create a piece of art depicting some woman who has been an inspiration to you. Scrap a page telling a story about some woman in your family or among your friends whose live has been/is meaningful. Write your own story! Create a scrapbook kit to commemorate the special women in your life. If you do any of these things or otherwise do something to celebrate Women's History month, please wrote in and tell me about it. I'd love to hear from you.

Second item of news: I'm joined the Scrapper's Zone team as a designer. I hope you'll come and visit my store there. My rose templates didn't make it into stores as planned die to illness but today 10 sets will be entered at Scrapperszone and Kutnkudlyskreations. Look for a special deal on buying the entire set. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be finished with previews of my St. Patrick's Day kit and will post those.

Third item of news: my friend, Sandi Tice (she designed as Sandi Scraps at Srapbookersplayground) has had some devastating news. Sandi is a breast cancer survivor of eight years (I believe I have the number right) who has been in chronic pain since reconstructive surgery following that battle with cancer. Several weeks ago, she contacted me with the bad news that lung cancer was found and she'd had to start chemo. Last week I learned that the cancer is not, as hoped, contained. Any of you who have had experience with cancer know what this means - the prognosis is horrible, the chance of survival very slim. Later today I will be posting a layout showing recent photos of Sandi. RIght after chemo started, her city held it's Breast Cancer Marathon. She got up out of bed and went to the marathon to hand out water because, sick as she was, she told me, "They ran for me. How can I not help out?" I've got photos of her there. Now she is too ill to stay at the computer long so I only hear from her once in a while. I ask all of you who pray to please keep Sandi and her family in your prayers.

Fourth item: it is with regret that I announce the temporary (I hope) retirement from designing of my friend, Jay aka Alabama Stone Thrower Creations. Family matters require her time and energy at present. Here's hoping Jay will be able to return to the designing community in the near future.

That's it for the moment. Off to upload those Roses To Recolor sets.