Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve freebie

I'm setting up this post on 12/15 and many things may change before you read it. I thought the best way to end December would be to give you a small kit for New Year's Eve. Played with various color combinations but wasn't thrilled with any. Then I got to wondering if Pantone had named it's color of the year for 2016 yet and if so, could I use it in a kit. Turns out that for 2016, Pantone broke precedent and named two colors for the year, two that they felt balanced one another: Rose quartz (a pink) and Serenity (a blue):
Today I give you my take on a New Year's Eve celebrated in those colors; I'm calling it simply, Pantone 2016 New Year & I hope you like it. 5 zips, each with a preview for that portion. Here's an overall preview:
There are 12 full size papers and about 67 elements.
Paper Link:
Elements 1:
Link Elements 1:
Elements 2
Link Elements 2:
Elements 3
Link Elements 3:
Elements 4
Link Elements 4:
If you are going out to celebrate and will be drinking, please choose a designated driver. Be safe out there; some people will not be as responsible as I hope you are and yo will have to drive defensively. Of course, if you are staying in, enjoy a cozy evening with loved ones.
I will be taking a week off to relax after all the craziness here, but I will be back. Please remember that 2015 freebies will expire on 1/15.
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas winds down with the old year. Freebies!

2015 is just about over! For many (most)? people tomorrow, New Year's Eve, will mean the last of Christmas. Maybe today you are firming up your plans for New Year's Eve as you munch on leftover cookies and eggnog. I found a couple little things in my TEC folder to fill in today. First, some more overlays:
And some mistletoe I should have posted earlier. Still, with New Years in sight and the traditional kissing that comes with welcoming in the New Year, you can still use some mistletoe, right?
Be sure to gather all the TEC goodies you want before mid-January when they must be gone. Hugs!

2015 almost over. Catching Up.

First, I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments on recent freebies. And I especially want to thank you all for understanding my need to vent about how things have been going here. Your prayers for June are much appreciated. I'm sorry to report that things are no better. Last week I had a severe fibro flare-up, was exhausted physically and mentally. I cried off and on for three days because I knew I'd hit the wall and could not continue running back and forth to Dad's to help with June. Finally I had to talk to them and let them know how bad the pain was. I think I may have told you that I told them both that I felt it was time for June's family to step in and help out. Dad just can't do it all on his own and I was worried about his health. They were pretty understanding about it. June was reluctant to ask her son for help. Dad hugged me and said I'd done more than my share and it was okay. Spent a day in bed trying to damp down the pain then tried to get a few things done in the house. No decorating and no baking which felt strange. It was wet and too warm here and that wasnt helping at all. John did what he could to help out and I managed to clean both bathrooms, tidy the front of the house a little, vacuum the living room, and wrapped a few gifts.

Christmas Day June's family went over to my father's taking food and visiting and Dad was able to escape and come over to spend a little time with us. It was quiet and lonely here. We fed the bus driver who works this route, carrying dinner out to her. Had our dinner and cleaned up, talked to some friends and family on the phone. Saturday we went out to Suffolk to see my SIL and her family. Came home and went to bed early because I was expected in Richmond on Sunday. Did I mention that a case of shingles started up? Started the antiviral right away.

Traffic wasn't the nightmare I expected on Sunday but driving 2.5 hours wore me out and I was nervous about meeting my son's future in-laws. The evening went pretty well and I was reminded of how much I loved living in western Henrico years ago. As I got ready to leave, my son and Berkeley gave me a tin of party mix they had made and my ex-husband's new wife (we get along well) had a tin of homemade goodies for me to take home too. I nibbled a little on the drive home to help stay awake. Got in before 9:00 PM and talked to hubby for a bit before crashing. That was our holiday weekend.

Don't even remember much about yesterday because I slept in and rested all day. Today we went to see the new Star Wars movie. I hadn't been all that enthusiastic about going. I remember when the first one came out and being all hyped up about how good it was supposed to be. At the time, yes, the special effects were amazing but it was too much fighting for me and too little character development. At least that is how I recall it. I've seen the others in the series but have not been an affectionado who likes to see them over and over. This one I really enjoyed. Maybe it was the humor and seeing old faces (like Harrison Ford - that's no spoiler) that brought back memories. We came home pepped up and expected to have a visit from grand-children. Didn't happen. At 9:00PM hubby called grandson saying we thought you were coming by. Tyler thought his stepMom had called to let us know they wouldn't be because out-of-town company had come in. She forgot to contact us.

June saw cardiologist on Monday and was told her heart is functioning at 40% - no wonder she feels awful! He said that since they had to put pacemaker on right side due to her cancer surgery on left, the leads had further to go and it will take about a month to allow everything to heal and when she goes back in January, he will be able to make some adjustments. So that situation isn't any better for the time being. Will be checking in on Dad and June tomorrow.

That's about it for here. I'm taking first week of January off because I have a number of appointments. Have a few ideas for next offerings but am also open to suggestions.

Hope all have had a good Christmas. If you will be going out to celebrate New Year's please be careful. We are going out for Chinese - a tradition ever since husband stopped DJing New Year's Eve parties. After dinner, we will come home to peace and quiet and bring in the New Year gently.

Hugs to all!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas freebies

By now you have surely taken lots of holiday photos. Have you found time to scrap any yet? Perhaps these corners will come in handy:
And you might want some figures or dolls for your layouts:
Do you celebrate in the old way, counting the 12 days of Christmas? I do and consider the last day of the season to be January 6, Epiphany, also called Three Kings Day or Little Christmas. That will be the day I begin taking down Christmas decorations and, because it's such a bummer to take down the tree, my tradition is to set aside a small gift for each of my immediate family members to open that day. Do you have any traditions about removing the holiday decorations or celebrating Epiphany?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Sunday, December 27, 2015

A couple more Christmas freebies

I know most people associate the poinsettia and Christmas cactus with Christmas, but I prefer the fragrant, velvety petals of roses. Although I rarely have fresh roses during the holiday, I use silk ones in deep red or creamy white on my wreaths and in other decor. Naturally, I had to give you some Christmas roses too.
I also have some pieces I'll call decos:

Saturday, December 26, 2015

It's still Christmas and there are freebies

There might still be some gifts coming your way or even sitting under your tree to be unwrapped. Here are some for your pages:
Of course, you need some toys on those pages too:

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas! and freebies too

I hope that you and your family will have a wonderful Christmas.
Today just some angels to remind us of those present at the first Christmas:

In minutes it will be Christmas here on the East coast

It doesn't feel like Christmas.. It's wet ( has been raining for several days) and too warm with temperatures over last several days ranging from 60's to near 80! The only decorating I did was to put a wreath on the door and set my snowmen in the bay window among some plants. The only baking I've done was fruitcakes made last month. June remains an invalid, sleeping on Dad's sofa, only sitting up to eat meals we bring to her. Dad, who has looked much younger than his age (86) is now suddenly looking old and exhausted. I'm in a bad fibro flare-up. Have had pain in 8-9 of 10 range about four days now and have been depressed because of it. For about three days I had crying spells because I knew I was going to have to let Dad and June know I was up against the wall with this pain and wasn't going to be able to continue helping out. Wednesday I finally talked to them, explaining my health problems and said June's family would have to come through and help them or else hire a nursing assistant. I told my Dad I refuse to let him get sick too trying to do it all himself. Something has to be done. June doesn't want to ask her son for anything but Dad said he was going to have a talk with him. I hope June's family will do something and quickly. The only other thing I can see happening is to put her in a nursing facility. I know her son has a big Christmas party at his house tomorrow, which June and Dad usually attend, but June doesn't feel she is able to go and I doubt her family is going to make arrangements to send meals to her and dad so I'm planning on doing that.
I've managed to get both bathrooms clean, vacuumed the living room, and wrapped gifts. Before I go to bed I've got some ribbons to attach to packages and I'll work in the dining room a little more. At least tomorrow's dinner will be a simple one: boneless spiral cut ham I just have to heat in oven, baked sweet potatoes, Kentucky spoon bread, loaves of Outback's yummy brown bread. Picked up some mini cupcakes and eggnog for dessert. Yes, eggnog has too many calories but I'm enjoying a cup right now that is spiced with a little brandy. Discovered one quarter size shingle at base of spine tonight and started taking anti-viral so hoping the nog will help me sleep.

May each and every one of you have a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015 & freebie

The little ones are frantic for Santa to arrive. Perhaps they have even been tracking his progress on radar as offered by local news stations. Be sure in all the hustle and bustle you set aside time to read the Christmas story to them tonight, reminding them that tomorrow we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Perhaps you will go to church in the evening or Midnight Mass (I love that) or maybe like me and others who can't get out much, you will watch the mass on TV. How sweet it is to tuck your little one's into bed to dream of Santa and presents, visits from friends and relatives, goodies and more. You will make last minute touches perfect when the house is quiet and perhaps find a minute to yourself to reflect. And you can collect today's freebies, if you haven't done so already.
What could be more appropriate than Santa today?
And of course the reindeer and sleigh that bring him:

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It's Little Christmas Eve! How about a freebie?

Is your tree up and decorated? Here are some for your scrapbooking needs:
And some stockings to hang:
You should have plenty of elements now if you want to decorate the plain stockings.

Monday, December 21, 2015

The children are getting antsy and a freebie

I remember when my son and my grandchildren were small and how excited they were as Christmas drew near. So much energy in the kids while the parents were beginning to droop lol. We used an artificial tree but added fresh greenery and holly to scent the air. About now we'd be refreshing the first batch with more, frantically wrapping gifts, pulling batches of cookies out of the oven, and making sure the house was clean because santa won't come to a dirty house. (My Mother's rule.) Hope everyone is ready.
Here's some holly for you:
and a few pieces of more modern word art:


Sunday, December 20, 2015

It' Christmas week! And a freebie.

As I schedule this, I'm betting I will still be working on decorations, wrapping gifts, and making goodies. So I'm posting some more ornaments:
(You can see I got carried away!)
Might be a good time to mention that my first TOU with credits missed a few designers which I've added these last couple of times. While I know I didn't use resources from all of those listed, I looked at so much of my stash I wanted to be certain I didn't leave out anyone whose resources or inspiration might have helped me complete this kit.

And now some pine decor:
(BTW that swag is huge and meant to serve as a page topper.)

Just adding a note to thank everyone for lovely comments and for good wishes and prayers for June. I went to Snowball Express, our annual local Christmas party, yesterday. It was a nicely set up venue with great service from the wait staff at Holiday Inn on Greenwich Rd in Virginia Beach. We were treated t a nice lunch, entertainment, and vendors with great Red Hat goodies. Our party favor this year was a collapsible vinyl hat box - very useful! As a door prize I received a pretty snowman candle. My friend, Mary, got a Christmas teapot ornament and since she knows I love tea stuff she insisted on giving it to me. She is such a sweetie. I bought a Red Hat teeshirt, a rhinestone pin that reads I {heart} tea and a teapot charm. But, since it was my first Snowball Express, I didn't know many people - mostly the people from my chapter. I was so tired that at one point Mary said I looked miserable. I tried to appear happier. Best of all, Mary and I both put all our raffle tickets in the bin for the wonderful teapot shaped purse. Mary has been trying at every event for years to win one and this time she did! It is so cool - made in an embossed silver fabric. As soon as one of our group posts her photos, I'll show you.

Got home around 4 PM after leaving here at 10:15 AM. I'd barely gotten out of my fancy attire when my father called, wanting to know when I was coming over. So I changed clothes, swung by Wendy's to get June a burger
and headed over to sit with her while Dad went out to get something to eat. I'm embarrassed to say that I was really grumpy and thinking about how good it would be if June's son and DIL would kick and and do something. I'm worn out! June looked a little better but she is still weak and afraid to be alone. Had some trouble with her catheter that sent her and Dad to ER at 2 AM Saturday morning. Stopped at Captain D's on my way back home to pick up some dinner for hubby and I. I hurt all over - fibro really kicking and so tired - mentally and physically. Took a muscle relaxer and couple of arthritis strength Tylenol before going to bed.

I confess, I'm pretty depressed right now, my house is a disaster zone and I am not joking. Have given up on doing much for Christmas here. Will somehow manage to wrap grandkids gifts and that is about it. Then I hear that my brother and SIL may be driving up from Florida. Haven't seen brother in a couple years now and I wish I was up to enjoying their visit. But I'm ashamed of the way the house looks, don't know if they are hoping to have Christmas dinner here or what. And I still haven't gotten details from my son about when on Christmas weekend I'm supposed to drive up to Richmond. Would like to just go to bed and pull the covers over my head and stay there for a couple weeks. But I can't. I'm not broken, but I'm severely cracked at this point. And now that I've written such a bummer note, I'll get myself up and do some housework before I have to go out again. I hope all of you are having a great holiday season. Good news from others helps.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Last Christmas papers - free!

Today, the last of the papers. With this zip, you should have 48 full size papers.
I'm writing this and scheduling on 12/8 and wondering how everything that needs to be done for the holiday is going to get done. I hope that you all are finished with your prep (except holiday meal, of course) and will be able to sit back with a nice cup of tea, coffee, hot cocoa, or hot toddy and just gaze at your decked out tree while listening to Christmas music.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Still more Christmas bows & some trim - free!

It's been crazy around here. Took June to hospital Wednesday to get pacemaker installed. Long day! They decided to keep her overnight for observation. Thursday morning she was having some pain and dizziness but after checking things out, she was finally released in afternoon. Hoping the pacemaker, which took her heart rate from 30 to 60 will make a big difference in how she feels. Meanwhile, Dad and I are about drained.
Today the last of the bows:
A few trims too:

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas papers and bells - freebie

In a few minutes I will leave to take June to the hospital. The cardiologist found that her heart rate was too low and will be installing a pacemaker today. It's a minimally invasive procedure and if it goes well I will be able to take her home this afternoon. If you have a second, please say a prayer for this woman who has been through so much this year. thank you.

Next to last zip of papers:
Ring these bells:

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas freebies

Today a small hybrid freebie - a rocker card. Print out both sheets, cover on cardstock, inner on regular paper and fold together. You can secure the inside with a tiny spot of glue on back of liner.
And some greenery to deck the scrapbook halls:

Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Birthday to Jeremy and a freebie

On this day in 1977. my son, Jeremy, was born. Best Christmas gift I ever received! Can't be with him today as he now lives in PA but I'm certainly thinking about him and how he has changed over the years.
For you today, I've got some ornaments:

Friday, December 11, 2015

Day 11 Tradionally Elegant Christmas freebies

Wednesday my Red Hat group had our cookie swap/luncheon hosted by Queen Mary and Joyce. It was such fun! Joyce had all sorts of goodies set out for nibbling, Mary brought one of her delicious cheese balls, I brought meatballs, and we had a yummy lasagna Joyce had made for lunch. Only one member could not attend and we missed her. We played Dirty Santa and talked about everything under the sun. Mary & I stayed to help Joyce pick up and laughed with each other - being overtired (little sleep night before) and complained of our aches and pains. Had a nice cup of eggnog with a touch of brandy just before we left (I wasn't driving.) I was so tired when I got home I went to bed and crashed for about five hours. After I'd been up awhile, I called Dad's to see how he'd done with his surgery (skin cancer on top of right ear) and how June was doing. He claimed he was fine but had taken June to ER that afternoon. Her UTI is no better, so docs catherized (bladder not emptying fully) and put her on new antibiotic. Also ran an EKG and she was told her heart is "weak" and an appointment is set for Monday with a cardiologist. I can't help but wonder if her heart was effected by the radiation therapy since all her pre-op tests over the summer had been fine. Definitely cannot leave her alone now so I'm on call to go over when Dad has to go out. Between them, they have about 5 doctor appointments for next week. I'm thinking of just putting the wreath on the door, wrapping gifts for grandkids, and setting the lovely flower arrangement Betty gave me Wednesday (poinsettias and green plants) in the bay window and calling my decorating done. Too much else needed in terms of normal cleaning and upkeep with all this running back and forth. Just hope June feels better soon.

Remember I said I had lots of papers for you? Here is another pack today:
and some vertical borders:

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Things are hectic & freebie

Still haven't begun decorating and haven't even written cards. June is having panic attacks and wants someone with her every time Dad goes out. If I suggest she go with him, she says she is too weak. Called this morning, waking me up (I'd had a rough night); she was worried about dad. He had gotten up, had breakfast with her, but after going in the back of the house to fetch something June needed, he said he was dizzy and was going to lie down. Apparently June had called to him later and got no answer. She got as far as the bedroom door but couldn't face going in. She couldn't see him breathing and didn't know if he was just asleep but feared he was unconscious. I threw clothes on and went over to find her wild eyed. Walked to bedroom and saw Dad's eyes moving, spoke to him and he answered. Said he was fine, just wanted to rest. Stayed awhile until I could see June calmed down then came home with a sinus/tension headache. Needed to be busy making meatballs & cookies for tomorrow's luncheon but felt exhausted so laid down for what I intended to be a short (hour maybe) nap. I was totally out when husband came in from work and until he woke me around 4:00 to say June called and could I go over and watch TV with her while Dad ran an errand and went out to eat. I feel terrible about it, but I had to beg off so I could get mys stuff done. I sure hope her meds take effect soon because this running back and forth is driving me crazy and messes up our dinner here. Wish I knew what she's so afraid of but she can't talk about it, says she doesn't know.

Sorry for running on. Had a few minutes while meatballs simmer. Now for tomorrow's freebie. Just one zip today of frames: