Thursday, January 31, 2013

New from Sher Scraps 4 CU

Just added some Fancy Frames
and Sweet Victorian Romance Overlays
Available at all my stores where I am having month long sales in February. Check them out.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Charity Kit Appeal

Some of you may already know that we recently learned my husband's sister, Paula B, has breast cancer. During routine mammogram a tumor of about 1" was discovered and, unfortunately, it has broken through the chest wall. Paula is a professional cake decorator and her husband is a supervisor for a contractor. They have no medical insurance and with 3 daughters at home plus my 87 yr-old MIL, the medical bills will be devastating. I am asking for volunteers to contribute to a collaborative kit that will sell in Bella Zingaro Studio and Berry Applicious with proceeds to go to Paula. I know we are unlikely to make a lot of money doing this, but every bit will help. Instead of doing a kit aimed at breast cancer in predictable pink, I thought a kit with wider appeal would be best. Paula's favorite color is purple which made me think of pansies. In the Victorian language of flowers, pansies stand for thoughts. They have also been called Heart's Ease and that seemed appropriate too. That said, here is the color swatch:
We all have other obligations, so I thought if we could have everything to me by say 2/20 then I could put it all together and have loaded by 3/1 and advertise. (I'll be away 2/22-2/24). If you are interested in participating, please contact me at with Charity Kit in subject line. Whether you can contribute a little or a lot, anything would be appreciated. Kit name is simply For Paula. Please name your files like this: yourintials or trade Also, would you please include a preview of your portion? Thanks so much for considering this appeal. Hugs, SherryD

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Romantic Emphemera by Felice Originals

My friend, Felice, s feeling better and is back to designing! She sent me a copy of her new release for Valentine's Day and I've made a couple layouts to show you how pretty it is. This kit has 15 papers and 70 elements all made at 300dpi and is available in full or tagger size. Here is the kit preview:
There is also a CU alpha made to go with kit:
You can find both in Felice's shop at Exquisite Scraps And here is my Love Is In the Air page:
and Vintage Love Story:
Do check out this lovely kit!

Have been MIA

December 2012 was a rough month. The first week I fell down stairs at a friend's house. No breaks, thank heavens, but lots of soft tissue damage to right leg which kept me away from computer with leg propped up. Had to hire help to get ready for son's pre-Christmas visit and caught some respiratory bug the day before he and his girlfriend arrived. I barely remember our holiday. That bug went into bronchitis and I learned I am now in stage 1 of COPD. January was sure to be better, right? I'm feeling better although I still have a bruise and knot on my right shin and am still coughing. Started cleaning up the after holiday mess and thought I was getting back on track. Then we got unexpected news: my husband's sister has breast cancer! She'd already had the needle biopsy when she told us and was waiting for word on additional tests and scans. We still don't know details of treatment plan and are worried. First, because the tumor has broken through the chest wall. Second, because she has no medical insurance. I'm organizing a charity kit with proceeds to help with her expenses. More on that later. It's been difficult to concentrate but I've been trying to finish moving into CU Scrapz n More and move into Berry Applicious and Sensibility Scrapping. FTP and zen seem to take forever! I've hired a friend to help with advertising (she's really good at it!) and have to get back to doing my newsletter. Meanwhile it seems all my stores are changing requirements and I'm having a hard enough time catching up. Working on it though. Notes on Moving In Sales coming soon. Hugs!