Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Didn't realize Monday never posted _ freebie

I had finished Monday's post late Sunday night and had it scheduled. Couldn't preview but thought it would post. Checked that afternoon and evening and couldn't get it to go. No time early Tuesday to check on it. Just finding out now that Monday and Tuesday didn't post and it's Wednesday already? Here is what should have posted on Monday:
And first zip of Deco Dandies:
To misquote ZZ Top "Every girl's crazy 'bout a [well groomed] man."

On Tuesday another template:

And today another Deco Dandies. A paper, frame, and a couple pieces of decor:

Sorry about delayed posts.


KM Miller said...

Sherry - Hope things are going well with the moving of items from your dad's house. Get plenty of rest!

Thank you for the Deco Dandies files. They are perfect masculine pieces.


Carlyn Moore said...

Hi Sherry,
Thank you for adding Deco Dandies to the Deco series. Love the entire kit and looking forward to more additions. Have 5 grandsons that will be gifted with your artwork on cards and scrapbook pages.