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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Moving stuff & freebie

By the time this posts, we should be in the middle of moving my few things out of Dad's house. Still haven't heard from brother about when he is going to arrive and he hasn't told me what time closing is on 30th. I only know it will be at attorney's office because real estate agent told me. This coming week should allow me to put closure to all of Dad's affairs. Last medical bills were paid by insurance so will only have utilities to pay once house sold. And some calls to cancel services, of course. Holding one of the bank accounts open to pay final bills but otherwise dividing up remaining funds to pay brother off. Will be glad when all is settled.

Today's zip is more blues stuff with an antique car included.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday-looks to be busy until evening

Tonight John will go to grand-daughter Inara's baseball game. She turned out to be a better ball player than her brother. So I'll be able to clean living room without him underfoot.
As for today's zip of Deco Divas, it wasn't planned with this in mind but other than the fussy frame, I think the papers and elements are suitable for guys. What I'm planning to do at this point is put together some zips of masculine elements we will call Deco Dandies. I think you have plenty of papers but you might see a few more that I feel are more masculine in tone, okay?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Wednesday - new diva in Deco Divas freebie

Had a man come out today about getting new gutters - the kind that are covered against leaves and other debris. My gestimate on cost was closer than hubby's. Didn't have to do deposit up front, will just pay after installation and inspection. And they will be able to do it on Monday! One more thing on our major to-do list.

Today you will meet the last of our divas, Paola, which is Italian for Paula. She's sleek and elegant. Looks ready to go out on the town, perhaps to the opera?

Two episodes of Criminal Minds tonight for season finale. Isn't it awful how short TV seasons have become?

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tuesday _Deco Divas freebie

Today I slipped one of the masculine elements from previous kit into the Deco Divas zip. Also need to explain paper 25. You will find it presented 2 ways - first as a jpeg paper and 2nd as a psd file in case you want to be able to use the border as a frame. The rest of this week's zips are pretty well made up so don't know if I will repackage to add more masculine stuff or templates or just do those next week. Off to get busy here.
PSD file is alone in zip 13-2 and it is huge no matter what I do, so if you don't want it, the jpeg paper is in zip 1.

Monday, April 16, 2018

New week! More Deco Divas freebie

Still on meds but vertigo almost gone and boy am I grateful! Thank you all for kind thoughts and wishes. I always seem to come down with something at the worst times. But I won't whine about what I need to do.

Kristi, I would love to send you some of our recent weather to replace that snow. The last couple days we have had temperatures in upper 70s. Last night there was a storm warning with some nearby areas being warned of possible tornadoes. We had hurricane strength winds here and crazy rain that sounded like sleet. It was coming down so hard and from every direction, or so it seemed, that I felt like I was lying in a cardboard box instead of a house. Today it's in 60s and cloudy and still windy but the inside of my house feels like it is 80 degrees. My husband just baked some Italian meatballs and that heat just isn't dissipating.

While we are talking about Kristi (you woundered why your ears were burning, didn't you?), she made a comment to which I want to respond with an offer. She said she liked that some of the elements in Deco Divas could be used for masculine layouts. Which made me think of a collaborative kit I suggested when I sold at Digi Style Designs. It was around the time that the new (Leonardo DiCapro) version of The Great Gatsby was starting in theatres. I suggested we do a Gatsby Glamour build a kit. I created a bunch of stuff for my stores, Sher Scraps 4 CU and Wonderland Scraps. In doing so, I thought about the main characters and made minis of things that suggested their personalities. Which means I have some masculine elements. The color for the build-a-kit were these:
As you can see, there is a lot of similarity to our present palette. Now I'm not certain how much of Gatsby Glamour I still have on this computer but if you would like, I can try to find the masculine elements.

Meanwhile, today we have:
More red and black.