Thursday, June 17, 2021

Stawberry Girls

Yesterday was my last PT session due to the cap on Medicare benefits for same. Now I need to find a place I can continue to practice my aqua therapy exercises. Unfortunately, the Women's Workout Center I used to use down the street went under during Covid. There aren't any other women only exercise places with a pool here, so I will have to check on some of the coed pools and actually need one with a heated pool. Going to give it a few days before I do a serious search. A few of the exercises I can do using the edge of a countertop for support but can't get the same results. A few others can be done in bed or a chair. Main thing is to keep doing whatever I can. Electrician will be her Saturday to try to straighten out the shock problem. Sure hope it will be easy for him and relatively inexpensive. Otherwise the weekend is free and I hope to catch up on some chores and do more sorting and organizing of stuff. Today's zip

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Zips 6 & 7 of Strawberry Girls

Zips 6 & 7 for Strawberry Girls Sorry to be running late (again!). Spent weekkend preparing for electrician to come out about miswiring in electrical box. My new grand-daughter (Tyler's wife) was a tremendous help in getting that closet cleared so the man can stand in it. We took everything out except what is on the shelf at the top, took the wire shelving unit apart, sorted a bunch of stuff out and trashed a lot of boxes things had been kept in. Next day I worked hard to rearrange things in the computer room because Sally was coming back Monday to put up a shelf there and I wanted to be sure she had safe clearance for the step stool. Girl is a hard and willing worker. She wouldn't let us pay her (we usually pay our grandson when he helps out) but was happy to take a vintage, folding sewing rocker and a full size cane rocker I had. We just don't have room for them so it was a good deal for both of us. I was exhausted when I went to PT yesterday but still worked out. Today I'm taing it easy as I have PT again tomorrow. Tired but in a great mood and hope to spend Thursday and Friday catching up on chores and more. And do some writing too. Hope everyone is doing well. Link zip 6: Link zip 7:

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Zip 5 Strawberry Girls

Working in back room so quick post Back with more of Strawberry Girls

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Writing on Monday becauses I'll be at lunch with the girls tomorrow. Recently we've gotten shocks in the kitchen, somewhere there is a wire not properly grounded. So we asked an electrician to come out to figure out where the problem is, dreading the outcome. We hoped it was simply a receptacle problem. Nope. After checking through the kitchen and then the power box outside, the electician informed us that originally the power box had been inside the house and a previous owner had moved it outside. In doing so, some wire(s) got crossed or imroperly grounded. He needed to find the original box location. Guess where it is? In the second closet of the back bedroom. The room where all the junk has accumulated. Very carefully he made his way to the box and said, yes that was where the problem was. But to work on it, he needs safe passage into the room and the closet needs to be cleaned out so he can stand in it and work. It is a real disaster zone, I'm embarrassed to say. I have been putting off cleaning the room out for some time now. Just don't have the energy and am overwhelmed. Now, I'm going to have to tackle it if it kills me. Always something, isn't it? Sunday our grand-daughter, Larkin, turned 11. When we asked what she wanted for her birthday, she hesitated then said she would like Papa to make liver and onions for her! So he did and we are taking it over to her today. (she was at her Aunt's for the weekend.) The only other thing she mentioned was stuffed animals but she has more than enough. Recently she had asked me if I knew what my zodiac sign was as she had just learned she is Gemini. We had briefly talked about the associated birthstones and flowers, which gave me an idea for a gift. Her birthstone traditionally would be pearl and, as I'm sure you know, pearls - real or fake - must be carefully handled. Not the thing for a little girl who is going to constantly finger it. I learned that moonstone is the contemporary birthstone. It too isn't terribly hardy but should hold up better so I bought a sterling silver necklace with a triangular shaped rainbow moonstone for her. If you believe in the gemstone lore, it is a good choice. I just have to be sure she remembers to take it off to bathe. This month at Just Art our color challenge is blue. Here is my entry:
An now, zip 4 of Strawberry Girls. Link:

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Link 3 fixed

I dont' know wht went wrong with link 3 but it is corrected now in th eoriginal post. To be certain, here it is again: Link:

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Zip 3 of Strawberry Girls

Back with more of latest kit. Also some of the challenge pieces I've done in last month or two. This one was for a big photo challenge & earned me a Gallery Standout.
My ATC Challenge for May was a choice of Mother's Day or sweets. Here are my examples.
Another challenge was to make a page featuring buttons. Easy peasy for me since I use buttons in crazy quilting.
That one got Gallery Standout too.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Strawberry Girls freebie

PT again today. I'm working hard, trying to make the most of it as I know my time is running out. Just learned that the Women's Workout Center down the street from home has gone out of business during Covid. That is where I'd planned to continue doing my aqua exercises. Now searching for another heated pool to use when my therapy time runs out. Came home again today and crashed for four hours Here is your 2nd zip of Strawberry Girls Link
This is our happy grandson and his bride: