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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Free Chick Thing 20

Still haven't finished all the figures for the hen party. Tomorrow I have 2 doctor appointments and a funeral, so I'm taking the day off from posting and will work on the other figures when I find time between things. Today I do have the first part of the hen party for you:

Dad seems to be doing a little better. Tonight was his turn to worry about his girlfriend when he couldn't reach her by phone. Called us wondering if we had heard from her and asked for her son's phone number to check with him. Chances are she had either fallen asleep early or else there was some kind of activity at her retirement home.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sharing a memory and a freebie

First, a little memory of Saturday's graduation:
Yes those old worn out people are me and my husband. Got to get a haircut 'cause pulling it back off my face on;y makes me look worse.

Still working on last Chick Thing zip. It's about a hen party. So today another Touch of Color.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Sorry to have been missing & freebie

I should have known better. On Saturday 6/17 our grandson, Tyler, graduated from high school. The commencement exercise was to begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Virginia Beach Convention Center where there would be 477 graduates and each had an average of 7 tickets for family and friends. Tyler said to get there early so we could get a good parking space and seats. We got up at 6 a.m. (Yuck!) Once commencement started, it was done in about 3 hours. Tyler graduated with honors from Ocean Lakes High School's Math & Sciences Academy (a special program for gifted students). Some photos outside where it was sprinkling, then home for a quick lunch. A pool party was planned at 2 p.m. for Tyler but more thunderstorms was coming so the party would have to be moved indoors. We found 3 phone messages from Dad's girlfriend. She had called Dad repeatedly and couldn't get an answer. Was something wrong? We were planning to visit Dad anyway so just stopped by to see Tyler and give him his graduation gift.

We found Dad sleeping peacefully and nursing said he had been doing fine. So we sat down and waited to see if Dad would wake up. Attempts to wake him just earned us a peek from half-opened eyes followed by a snuggle back down in bed. We were planning to leave when my ex-husband arrived to visit Dad. He'd driven down from the Charlottesville area, concerned about the recent hospitalization. The nurse came in and tried to rouse Dad, letting him know he had company. He opened his eyes, looked at her, said "I'm tired" and back to sleep he went. He's got his days and nights missed up. So the three of us sat there watching Dad and I caught my ex up on Dad's condition and how my brother is doing. By the time we got home, and had a little dinner, I was done for.

I planned to make up the post yesterday but woke during the night with a blocked ear, dizziness and nausea. Stayed in bed most of the day and tried to clear up the sinus congestion and ear problem. and here it is Monday.

Chick Thing is drawing to a close and I haven't had any comments about wishes for new kits. Guess you will have to be surprised. I have one more zip of Chick Thing I'm working on and it might not be ready to post tomorrow. If not, I'll come up with something else for the day.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dad, Modern Brides, and freebie

Went to the hospital yesterday afternoon, fighting traffic (the 15th is military payday). Was told Dad would be released by medical transport about 3:30. Snagged some food real quick on the way and nibbled as I drove. Don't worry - just waffle fries and chicken nuggets from Chick Filet, so safe to grab with one hand and pop in the mouth. I get there, find Dad asleep and when the aide comes in sometime later I'm told transport won't arrive until between 6 - 8 p.m. Went back down to the car to finish my lunch. Dad still sleeping when I got back up stairs. I read until my eyes were tired.

TV in his room was tuned to a channel on which "Say Yes to the Dress" was on. Not something I ever watch but nothing better to do. What an eye opener! All these brides looking for transparent gowns! Oh, they tried on a nice gowns that weren't transparent but . . . they all wanted to look sexy. Showing my age, I'm sure, but whatever happened to wanting to look like a princess, looking elegant? I totally get the days of innocence and purity are behind us, but these brides were trying on "dresses" that were, to borrow what my mother would have said, Trashy! I mean dresses that consisted of a low cut strapless corset top where the breasts were barely covered and down to the waist or below was just see through fabric with some lace and sparkle, the balance as form fitting as possible. One woman even talked to the consultant about having the see through part extended down to bikini line! Used to be you saved the see through lingerie for the honeymoon and just your husband's eyes. Now, it seems, brides who can afford these dresses (that cost between $5,000 - $10,000) are after showing off next to everything to all their guests. And why do big heavy brides nearly always choose strapless gowns their breasts threaten to pop out of? Just sayin'.

And now, at last today's freebie about something sort of related to above comments - falling in love.

Question: Something summery? or shopping next?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Already Thursday and freebie

Sitting up waiting for my hair to dry (don't like to blow dry it often) so thought I'd go ahead and put up today's post. The phone rang around 11:00 p.m. and John and I just looked at each other before he answered, expecting bad news. It was Dad who has his days and nights mixed up. He was slurring his words, saying no one was telling him anything, and that he'd called for the nurse about an hour past but no one came. My husband patiently explained what I'd told him about balancing heart and kidney function (I did explain this to Dad yesterday) and sympathized with him about being stuck in the hospital. He told Dad to press nurse buzzer again (we know he gets confused so might have done something else) and said that after Dad hung up, we would call the nurses station and ask them to send someone to him. He didn't call back so I guess they did.

Had thought I might go to movie with Mary today but she didn't return my call or e-mail. Perhaps she's upset with me because we had originally talked about going on Tuesday. But I hadn't heard anything from her and went on to hospital, then discovered late last night that she was late getting back to me. Oh well.

There's a new grocery store opening nearby. It's one owned by a German company, Lidl, so hubby and I might go check it out for specials early in the morning. If no word from Mary by 11:00 a.m., I'll just get some work done then head over to hospital.

As you can see, I finally got around to changing my blog header. Today's zip has another cooking chick:
Why chicks, you might be asking. A good friend of mine, Wanda C. loves chickens. Her kitchen in Amelia County, VA was decorated in everything chicken you can think of so whenever I see cute chickens. I think of her. I'd spotted one such chick some time ago and saved it to applique to a tea towel for Wanda and got to thinking about women being referred to as "chicks" or "birds." The anthropomorphic chicks I kept seeing, and phrases like "Oh, that movie is a chick flick," and so on gave me the idea for It's a Chick Thing. And now your link:
We are drawing near to the end of Chick Thing so if you aren't into the chickens, hold on. I think next might be something shopping related because I couldn't resist buying a set of commercial use elements in that theme.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sorry & another freebie

Dad still in hospital. It's become a balancing act between heart and kidney function. Came home with migraine yesterday and crashed; therefore, no post. Today Dad said nephrologist told him kidney function is improving but Dad isn't looking well, slurring his words, seems exhausted and blood sugar taken about an hour ago was 351! Can't figure that out since he ate very little of his lunch.

Anyway, here is zip 16 about getting angry or upset:

Monday, June 12, 2017

Apologies & more Chick Thing

Sorry I neglected to post on Saturday. Ran around picking up clothing for Dad for when he is released from hospital, then over there to sit with him. He's doing much better and we hope to bring him back to nursing home today. After the hospital, it was a trip to grocery store, then cooking dinner and one thing led to another. Just lost track of time.

So today we have zip 15 & I think you will like this one. All chicks love to be complimented, don't we? But fellows, please keep it sincere!

Thank you all for kind comments on this kit. It's been a fun change of pace for me.