Saturday, July 14, 2018

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Memphis 80s freebie

Just got back from Delaware yesterday afternoon. Needed a little get away and it is too hot out to do much, so we went to Harrington Raceway & Casino to entertain ourselves with penny slots. My husband is usually lucky and makes a little profit. I usually come home with at least what I took with me because if I put $10 in and get it up to $20, I cash out and put that ticket aside. Do the same each time I put in a portion of whatever I've planned to spend that day. This time it didn't work out well so I had some loss but, it was still entertaining for awhile. We also look forward to seeing some movies on HBO at the hotel since we don't have HBO or Startime (whatever the pay movie channels are these days) but the hotel we stayed in only had HBO as a pay service and we didn't think it worthwhile. Our grandson was kind and stayed here at the house for us while we were gone, gathering mail, putting trash out etc. Tomorrow it's back to pool time and getting some stuff done around the house for me and grandson starts a summer job with a security company putting in cables and cameras and such.

This Saturday will be the last of Memphis 80s and, frankly, don't know where we will go from there. Not feeling terribly inspired.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

How about a little more music? Freebie


Same old stuff here. Yesterday was our 22nd anniversary. Hubby cooked and grandson came to have dinner with us. Always good to see him.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Memphis 80s freebie - music is always important

Yesterday my Aunt Sissy's boyfriend, John E, dropped by with some spare ribs he'd made for us. Nice surprise! We had made potatoe salad and were just going to grill some hot dogs to go with, but we couldn't let those ribs wait in fridge, could we? Spent this morning and early afternoon doing some picking up and cleaning. Late coming back from pool. Nothing much going on for now.

Today zip 8 of Memphis 80s is about music:

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day!

Here in my hometown, I remember parades held downtown when I was small but can't recall a 4th of July parade in particular. Since we lived just blocks from the bay at that time, we usually got together with my Mom's older sister and her brood. We'd go to the beach and play in the water while the grownups crabbed. Once they had caught enough for a good feast, we'd head home and we kids would play in the yard while Aunt Dean and Mom cooked the crabs and got all the other food together. After a big picnic with fried chicken and such for us kids and the grownups (except my Dad, of course!) picked and ate crabs, we'd finish off with ice cold watermelon. We saved the rinds to be pickled later. Before dark we'd head back to the beach to get a good spot for watching fireworks and run around with sparklers. By the time the last fireworks lit the sky, some of us kids would have fallen asleep on the beach towels. It seemed to take a long time to gather our things up and trudge home. We'd fuss about getting bathed because we were so tired but once pajamas were on, we went to sleep quickly with no protest.

No parades in Tidewater but there are activities in the local cities and most conclude with a big fireworks display. Too hot and humid for my husband and I to be interested in going out. We're having a nice quiet day at home. Instead of a picnic, hubby will make his delicious spareribs as main course.

As I told you, I hadn't planned to make a holiday kit, just did some playing around. That said, it's a hodgepodge of red, white, and blue - quickpages, papers stacked and unstacked, and a variety of elements. Maybe you will find something you can use.
I feel pretty good about the quickpages.
Link 1
Link 2

Papers - These are kind of wild

Link 1

Link 2
Link 3

Elements - A mix of old and new

Link 1

Link 2

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

It's July already? Memphis 80s freebie

This year seems to be flying by, which might be good considering things that have happened. Summer heat makes it difficult to be motivated to do much. Keeping up the pool exercises, although last week I had to force myself to walk out the door and this week will be a change in schedule because of holiday. Working on coming up with a housekeeping routine I can stick with and getting ahead on some of the mess that accumulated during the past year. It's overwhelming but I must get things back to "normal" so I have more time and space to do things I want to do. Like breaking out that new sewing machine. Would like to make some bed runners for Christmas gifts and I also want to get back to crazy quilting. Have a couple CQ projects in mind.

Today what I have for you is
Turns out I went heavy on skating/skate-boarding.

Thinking of Independence Day tomorrow or, as we tend to say now, The 4th of July. I was looking at some old photos of how people used to celebrate. Parades and picnics, sure. But they really went all out in the past. Bystanders as well as parade participants dressed up. In the days when towns were smaller and there was usually a park or common green in town, there was usually a gazabo or bandstand where a band would play patriotic music while you ate your picnic lunch. Often there were games to keep the kiddies occupied and families might lounge around together on blankets or quilts spread on the grass and chat with neighbors until the skies darkened and the fireworks display began. Some, maybe all, of these things still happen today somewhere across the country. Thought I'd share some of the old photos I found on line.