Friday, December 14, 2018

Today is my son, Jeremy's birthday & I've got a gift for you.

On this day 41 years aggo I received the best early Christmas gift - my son, Jeremy Ryan. He was actually due on Pearl Harbour day and, oddly enough, a baby girl was born on that day eight years later. The little girl, named Berkeley Rushka (I might be spelling it wrong - it's Russian for Rose and her paternal grandmother's name) would grow up to marry my son. It never fails, each December 13th I wake up near midnight. My son was born minutes into the 14th. He became my Christmas in many ways and when he isn't here with me on Christmas, it just feels so wrong. But he and his wife will be working on the holiday and then going home to celebrate their first Christmas in their new home. It's a long trip from Mechanicsburg PA to Virginia and when they do make it they have to hit all the stops: her Dad in Fredericksburg, her sisteer and their friends in Richmond, Jeremy's Dad and his new wife in Zion Crossroads (near Charlottesville), then here in Norfolk. Getting to be too much.

Anyway, since I am procrastinating getting work done and waiting on return call from my Baby J, I thought I'd give you a little gift.
These had been made for my CU line so you may use as commerical.

Hope your holiday preparations are coming along nicely.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

It's Dec 9 already? (There is a freebie at bottom of post)

Thought I'd just check in. Seeing lots of snow in North Carolina and western Virgina but here in Norfolk, it's 40 degrees (feels colder) and raining. Not complaining, mind you, as I don't have to go anywhere today. Friday was DIL's birthday. Had sent a gift by Amazon that I know arrived but card with gift certificate was probably late due to Post Office taking off in honor of former President George H. W. Bush. Tried to call her but her cell just rang, didn't go into voice mail. Could have been working. Yesterday we had Larkin (8 yr-old granddaughter) all day. Took her with us to husband's former employer's retiree holiday luncheon. Afterwards we took her to see the new Grinch movie and later to dinner at Pollard's. Pollard's is a chicken restaurent that has been around in local area for ages. Since she likes beef liver and onions that hubby cooks, he thought we should introduce her to fried chicken livers (not for me - ever!). They had fried chicken livers and mac ' cheese (which she loves). Larkin said the livers were okay but she likes her Papa's liver and onions better. I didn't want any more poultry as I'd had some turkey at the luncheon. Just got mixed greens (like homemade) and sweet potato fries. By the time we got Lil' Princess, as my husband calls Larkin, home, we were ready to just chill out for the rest of the evening.

I'm supposed to be doing lots today but can't get it together. The last few days we have been fighting ants. Terminix did exterior pest control the last of November so we were surprised when we found these ants in the computer room. Talk about annoying. Put down ant traps which they showed no interest in visiting. Remembering that they aren't supposed to like strong smells, I saturated cotton balls with tea tree oil and placed them around the countertop that runs the length of one long wall. Its where both our desktop computers plus printer etc are located. How icky to be sitting here typing or scrolling and find an ant happily crawling across your hand. It makes me feel itchy all over! Next wiped countertop with vinegar, again using strong scent idea but this time I used a non-flamable spray along baseboard and other areas. Still see one or two but hoping they are dying off. We had a few coming in around seam at kitchen window earlier but I'd squashed that problem and haven't seen any more since last week. Then today I go into dining room and found a few on the table! I am not happy. More vinegar wipedowns, more spraying. It seems to be happening to lots of people in the neighborhood too because last time I was in the grocery store I heard a couple older women trying to figure out which was best spray and traps to buy. Crossed fingers I cure this problem soon.

Running some laundry now while hubby naps in the recliner. Can't do anything in living room while he's there so another day slipping past before I can get into window seat of bay window to get decorations out. Don't even have a wreath on the door yet because it's in the window seat too. I did get my crocheted water bottle carriers finished and will be packing those up tonight. Made 8 for the girls in my lunch group as Christmas gifts and we are having our Christmas lunch Tuesday. Since we like to go on little excursions & like to take water along, I thought this would be a practical gift. Made them with long straps to go crossbody so you can take your water along but have hands free.
Yes, that is one male silhouette. One of our group has Parkinson's and her husband usually accompanies her since she might have a seizure. The goodie bags will also have a small assortment of candy.

Some time ago I had made some Christmas overlays under my CU brand of Sher Scraps 4 CU. Maybe you can do something with these.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Last zip of Autumn elegance freebie

This is it, the last of Autumn Elegance and the last of regular posts, at least until next year. As I said earlier, I'll probably post a little something during December but I am not planning on having a regular schedule, not planning on making large kits. But check in now and again and you might find some surprises.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Sale you won't want to miss at e-scapeandscrap

Have to share this sale news with you.
Lots of beautiful kits on sale for $1! I love G & T Designs, but you know I don't buy much breing on limited income and also designing myself. However, at $1 per kit, I had to indulge. The kits I bought will be wonderful for my art journaling. Trying to do at least a page a day. Here are a couple new ones. The first was made with G & T's Inked Again & my stamp of a gentleman:
And another (not G & T):

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

*** Big oops! This post should be

Thanks readers for letting me know about this error.

I was looking through my collection of quotations, hoping to come upon something inspiring to begin this post. Or just anything that caught my eye and seemed meaningful.

“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

― Marcel Proust
Giving thanks for the gardeners in my life.

Last week of Autumn elegance. Today's zip goes back to a more generic autumn theme.

Page I made with "Pom poms" from Anita at Just Art

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Holiday Weekend and more Autumn Elegance

Sending big hugs to all my internet friends. I appreciate all the lovely notes I received and wanted to give you an update on things here. Near last minute we learned that we could have Larkin for the day on Thanksgiving. Hubbby picked her up at 10 a.m. and didn't take her back home until about 9 p.m. She is still very active at age eight and still shows attention deficiet problems despite being on medication. Hasn't grown much but her hair has darkened and seems to have red highlights in it now. Larken is a very loving child, sometimes smothering in her need for attention and affection. But overall it went well. When we told her Tyler, who is her half-brother, was going to try to come for dinner, she got so excited. Hasn't seen him in a long time. (After H.S. graduation, Tyler wrote his mother a letter breaking off all communication with her because of her addiction and other behaviors, but mostly because even when he tried to visit and be with her, she ignored him.) Tyler had a prior commitment he couldn't get out of with family in Suffolk but called to say he would still stop by as soon as he could. He got here just after our dinner and it was heartwarming to see him and Larkin reconnect. She wouldn't leave his side and smothered him in kises and hugs and massaged his head. It wasn't a lonely day after all. But we were so tired that we decided (my husband instigated) this would be our last Thanksgiving at home. Just too much for two old people with disabilities. Next year we will head to a restaurant for a meal. My son, Jeremy, called just before hubby took Larkin home. Our card and housewarming gift (check) arrived on Wednesday so he wanted to wish us Happy Thanksgiving and also thank us for the gift. Wanted to be sure we could afford to do that. He and his wife understand retirement isn't always good financially. But our parents had helped us when we bought our house and we wanted to do the same for them. Thanks to a little left-over from my inheritance, iit was possible.

Did you have a good holiday? I sure hope so. Did you go out for the Black Friday sales? We stayed inside away from the mobs but I have done the Black Friday thing in the past when the children were young. I checked out Amazon's Black Friday sales but all I bought was a Barbie playset for Larkin's Christmas and a small gift for my husband, which wasn't on sale.

Unfortunately, I got a shingles outbreak yesterday - just one small patch - and started the antiviral. It seems to be helping - no itching, little pain, nothing spreading. But it sure wipes me not! I have slept so much these last few days.

Now here is today's zip of Autumn Elegance: