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Friday, August 18, 2017

What's happening here and zip 22 of Shopping Therapy

Good news and bad news here. My brother is struggling with pain and hopelessness. His wife is still away helping out their son with grandchildren and I am worried about Thom being there alone with all he is going through. Wish he wasn't so far away! My shingles outbreak kept me awake a lot last night with intense itching. Once I woke up, it was more like deep pain in lower back and right hip - some of which could also be fibro flare. In good news, we sold Dad's car! I've got to double check for any personal items then go to DMV with the man who is buying it for his daughter. Another step out of the way. And, while doing some filing, I found the two books of stamps I bought a couple weeks ago and misplaced.

Nice to hear that you think the color swatch for baby kit is good. I know it and the theme, Boho Baby, won't please everyone but I wanted to do something a little different. When I sold kits in a number of stores, most had collaboration kits with designers required or expected to participate anywhere from every month to a few a year. Most of the time there were predictable themes and color swatches. I grew bored with having to crank out another Back to School, or Halloween or Valentines Day kit. I thought about baby something for September just because I haven't done a baby kit in ages . Have already made a number of templates to create elements.

Today more of Shopping Therapy:
This one is a mix, one gradient paper and some elements.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Possible color swatch for Boho Baby?

What do you think?

Paperwork day - tons of it & freebie

Tuesday night, sometime after 2 a.m., while I was sitting at computer catching up on mail and nice and drowsy, there was a horrific bang! My first thought was that someone had hit one of our vehicles again and I worried that it might be Dad's which is not officially "garaged" here according to his insurance. I ran to door in my pjs and looked out but our vehicles seemed to be in usual places, not moved by collision. My husband had been sleeping in his recliner and the noise woke him up too. He stepped out on the porch and looked up and down the street. A couple houses away, we could see smoke rising from an auto accident. I called 911 to report it while he added to ask for an ambulance because he could see that the front end of one car was demolished and there were sure to be serious injuries if not a death. Indeed when the police, fire department and ambulances arrived, it took hours to sort everything out. It was around 5 a.m or later before I drifted off to sleep with flashing lights still outside my windows. Police interviewed my husband and neighbors trying to determine what happened because the cars met head on. It looked like a woman in her late 30s was driving up the wrong side of the road (4 lanes with median between!) and collided with a man in his 20s. Never heard any sound of swerving or braking etc. The woman died on scene and the man died later in the hospital. Local news came out this morning and interviewed my husband and another neighbor and both were on news yesterday afternoon.

After the excitement of Wednesday morning, I lounged around with back and hip pain from shingles outbreak that had started up on Monday. Slept when I could and did little else except pay bills. Lots of paperwork to catch up for Dad today.

I'm wondering if by now you are getting tired of Shopping Therapy? I've got enough to stretch it out to the end of the month, including a number of pieces of word art. Have been thinking about next kit and I'm pretty sure it will be a baby one. But I'm tired of the usual blue and pink and even yellow and green. I know modern babies are often dressed in bright colors but I'm old fashioned and still prefer to see infants in pastels. There are, of course, other pastels that can be used and I've been giving that some thought trying to come up with a swatch. Thought about lavender, peach, mint, turquoise but can't get a good combination so far. Also, since the Bohemian or Boho look is popular, have been entertaining the idea of Boho Baby. At least maybe some Boho designs in pastels but nothing crazy in clothing and accessories. Babies are babies. Any thoughts? You are welcome to suggest color swatches, if you'd like.

Today we have:

Oops, was supposed to schedule that for Thursday -oh well.

Some good news - or better at least & freebie

Saw Dad yesterday and he looked a little better. He was sitting up in bed, had eaten a little, and was awake the whole visit. He's on antibiotics now for respiratory infection and getting breathing treatment. Spoke with his audiologist before I went over and learned that his hearing aid can be repaired for $1,404 and will be ready on Friday. Came home from visit to have nice dinner with my husband and relaxed after.

Today we have some pink and black. A girl has to have at least one little black dress, right? and undies to go with.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Must be stress & freebie

I guess the recent stress hasn't agreed with my immune system. Have had a severe fibro flare-up since Sunday night. Whole right side of my body affected. But today will be a better day. Has to be as I've lots to do, including going to check on Dad. Nurse called yesterday to say they were making adjustments in his meds again because too much ammonia in his urine. Not looking good.

Here is today's zip:

Monday, August 14, 2017

Zip 18 of Shopping Therapy

Spoke with my brother Saturday night. He was rejected by the Mayo Clinic! Really, they wrote saying they did not feel there was anything they could do for him! Meanwhile, he still has that headache, and has almost no feeling in his right leg. A visit to his doctor found another granuloma has developed around the pump implanted in his back. The last time this happened, it caused similar trouble blocking off nerves and the surgery was quite extensive. The trauma was so bad he was hospitalized for weeks, had to learn how to walk again and then waited weeks on inadequate pain control before a new pump could be installed. This time he was told they have to remove the pump and will not be replacing it because his body is fighting it's presence. Pain control will be a problem. Doctors want him to have surgery immediately but he cannot because while on a trip up north to see relatives his daughter-in-law took ill. She began bleeding severely from her uterus and had to be stabilized before they could send her back to North Carolina for surgery. Thom's wife is there now taking care of the grandchildren and until she gets back, his surgery must wait. I offered to fly to Florida to be with him so he could go ahead with his surgery but he says his wife should be home in about a week and he doesn't even have a surgery date yet. Of course, he wanted to be updated on Dad and I had only bad news to offer. Surely we are at the bottom of a cycle of negative events and things must start to improve?

A velvet paper, large frame, some bling.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Exhausted & catching up on freebies

Quick catch up on my corner of the world. Larkin was here until last evening. After her aunt picked her up, I showered, shampooed and crashed for about 5 hours. Love the child but it was exhausting having her hang on me every other minute. Nursing home called while I had her in the bath. Dad has congestive heart failure problems again. Fluid in the lungs. Back on increased diuretic for 5 days, blood tests every other day, and 5 days of breathing treatments to start on Monday. Went over to see him today and he doesn't look good. Exhausted from coughing, doesn't want to eat, his eyes are red and he keeps rubbing them and one has the look of infection. Didn't stay long so he could get back to sleep. Husband has been busy cooking chicken Parmesan and spaghetti for dinner with grandson. He will be here shortly to have dinner and visit with us before he leaves for college next week. As far as I know, tomorrow will be a day we can rest up.

Now, I thought I'd posted Friday zip late on Thursday but apparently not. So here is zip 16:

In zip 17 you will see I had some fun playing with gradients. And I saw the lace dress as something that would be appropriate for an engagement party, hence the ring and gift.