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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sorry no post today

Was out in the heat most of the day and I'm not feeling well. Didn't do preview last night so will skip for the day.

Running late but new freebie

Long day. Got surrender check on Dad's policy and was disappointed to find it under $4,000. That sure won't go far. If lucky, it might pay for repair of his hearing aid - if it can be repaired. His audiologist is one of the most caring people I've ever met. I spoke with her today, planning to set up another appointment to take him in. But first she wanted to know all about how he was doing (he's known her longer than twenty years) and where he is now. She said she will go to him! Possibly Wednesday evening at earliest. She will go ahead and make another mold of his ear in case he has to order a new hearing aid, but will also check to see if it can be repaired since it appears all the electronics are there.

Dad was quick to have me notice that his ankles weren't swollen but his abdomen is still very distended. I spoke with his nurse before I left and she updated me on lab tests and x-ray that had been done. They lowered the Lasix dose back to where it was, but x-ray showed small amount of fluid around his heart. He will see the nurse practitioner tomorrow.

My husband, already a good cook, has been watching the Food Network and getting inspired to create new dishes. Saturday, he decided to try making an Alfredo sauce from scratch. Usually I resort to Bertollini jarred Alfredo sauce because my husband prefers red sauces, or as they say, gravy. He put his sauce over bow tie pasta. It was so good! I had some of the leftovers tonight and was amazed at how well it reheated. Tomorrow he has promised to make pepper steak, another dish he makes better than I do.

So next kit colors are:
I couldn't think of a good name, so went with Shopping Therapy. I know a lot of ladies who go looking for a new outfit, or shoes, or accessories when they want a lift, want to pamper themselves. Funny thing, hubby saw the folder labeled Shopping Therapy on my desktop and asked what it was, saying quickly, "No, you don't do that. That was [his first wife]s thing!" Years after they had been divorced and after we married, Ms X, was still running up charge card bills and had the audacity to have the bills sent to our address when their son was living with us. He got to mail before we got home and would take the bills to her on his weekends there. That is, until I came home early with a migraine and found a red notice from Bloomingdale's in the mailbox with her new married name and our address! Needless to say, there were fireworks. There's more to the story and it just gets crazier.

But back to new kit. I happened upon a designer resource by Daelman's Designs that was so cute, I had to have it. In part because it featured one of my favorite colors. So the idea for this kit was born. Here is your first zip:
I've left the pieces she designed with her original file labels.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Last of Little Sailors freebie

Nothing especially newsworthy happening here. Heat has soared and going outside is asking to be miserable. I'm now into day 5 of the 21 day meditation challenge called Desire & Destiny from Chopra Center. Is it helping my stress level? Maybe, sure isn't hurting. If you would like to learn to meditate for all its benefits, sign up at Chopra Center to be alerted to next challenge.

This is it for Little Sailors:

Hope you have enjoyed the kit and weren't too turned off by my digression into mental health issues.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Migraine free! & free templates

So far today is going along pretty well. No headache, hubby brought me cinnamon raisen biscuits for breakfast, and I've got laundry going. The nice thing about doing laundry is that once the laundry is loaded into the washer, you've got that 30 break when you can do something else, then back to washer and load clean clothes into dryer. That's another 60 minutes you can do something else. As for the folding, it goes quickly when you watch a little TV while doing it. Of course, you know all this, I'm just being grateful for our modern methods of cleaning clothes. Just think of what it used to be like with cauldrons of scalding water, lye soap, wash boards and so on.

Today I have a couple of templates I've made, loosely related to the kit.
Back to chores.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

So much for planning & freebie

We are experiencing some high heat and humidity here and I am trying to stay indoors as much as possible. Today wasn't a good day. Early on had a vague headache I attributed to sinuses and weather. Just puttered around, not really doing much. Mail did not bring refund from Lake Taylor Hospital, nor check from insurance company, or even notice that the surrender form for annuity was received. Just mortgage bill and gas bill.

Got a call from nursing home telling me that Dad wasn't feeling well. The nurse said she knew we were to take him about his hearing aid but every time she tried to get him up and dressed, he complained he was too tired and cold. He keeps the room fairly hot and bundles up. She said he was cold and pale and she had called in the doctor. More labs were taken on STAT request. I called and cancelled audiology appointment.

Vague headache began to move into migraine. I'd tried to get a refill of Maxalt (med for migraine) yesterday and was told it had to be ordered. So I just went to bed. While I was down, nurse called again and told hubby they were still waiting on labs. Dad hadn't wanted lunch but she persuaded him to eat some soup, telling him it might help him warm up. She mentioned something about an abnormality in the labs related to his heart that they are following up. They will keep me informed.

Meanwhile, hubby had gone for groceries and made barbeque so we had that for dinner. After dinner I finished Black Notice by Patricia Cornwell and came in to computer to do day 3 of the meditation challenge hosted by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. I'm a day behind but if tomorrow goes well, I can do day 4 in the morning and day 5 in the evening. It has been helping with relaxation.

Now here is today's zip:
Again, the "background" is actually an overlay.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Freebie - zip 20 of Little Sailors

Did you know I have a Facebook page under Sher Scraps 4 CU & Wonderland Scraps? Used it when I was selling in scrap stores and it is still there. I intend to go in and update with info abut the freebies here on the blog but rarely find time any more and nearly never get the info up at the beginning of a series. Will try to do better.

Had doctor's appointment today for routine blood work etc. About to go check on Dad but have to quickly move a bunch of files off my desktop to one of the hard drives. BIL is coming over this afternoon to look at a problem with hubby's computer and always takes a peek at mine. He would have a stroke looking at my desktop and warn hubby I'm heading for a crash and go on and on about how much stuff I have on my drives. I know he is right about the desktop because it's been slowing down but I tend to dump stuff there to sort through. I do get around to moving those files to where they belong but it's pretty bad right now.

Here is today's zip:
That "background" is really a coral overlay I used to make a paper earlier on. Thought you might want to have it to play with, use on another color background, change the coral color, whatever.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Another day, another task, another freebie

Another day begun with good intentions. I went to the bank to get more papers notarized to get Dad's affairs in order, then went to post office to send them off registered mail. On the way I began to feel a migraine coming on. The skies were getting terribly dark and wind picking up as a big storm headed our way. My plan was to leave the post office, head over to check on Dad, then stop in at grocery store on way home. But the storm was getting closer and my headache getting worse. The grocery store was closer to home so I stopped there to pick up supplies. As I was putting groceries in the car, it began to rain. Got home with pounding head and also symptoms of low blood sugar. Tabled plans to go back out. Put groceries away, got some protein and something for pain and waited a little to see if storm and/or headache would let up. Storm did, headache did not. I laid down for awhile. And that was the extent of my day. Had left-over chicken Parmesan and spaghetti for dinner and have just rested up since.

Not going to get on my soapbox today but did want to add another tip about dealing with depression. It's also helpful to people who have problems with anxiety or are just going through a stressful time. Write! It has been scientifically proven that journaling has both physical and mental benefits. Find a quiet place you won't be disturbed and write for a minimum of 20 minutes. Put pen or pencil to paper, start writing and don't stop. Don't worry about neatness, spelling and punctuation. Don't stop and read what you've written. Keep that pen moving and just write whatever comes to mind. The idea is to overcome your inner censor, that little voice that says, "Don't write that, don't tell that, what will people think?" and so on. This is for you! Look up freewriting or ask me about it. If you just go with the flow of your thoughts, you will be surprised at what you may discover. When you hit a snag and can't think of what to say next just write something like "I don't know what to say" or any other thing that keeps your pen moving. At the end of whatever time you have selected, put the piece away. Get up, make yourself a cup of tea, move about. Whatever. You should feel some relief if you have allowed yourself to write about whatever is bothering you. Wait maybe 15 minutes then go back and read what you wrote. You will likely find surprises. Perhaps you will find you wrote about something you didn't even know was bothering you. Or you might see where your thinking shows cognitive distortions that you can correct. You might even find an answer to a question. Seriously, this works! If you take up journaling on a regular basis (a great notion) don't fall into the trap of just noting what you did that day. Tackle your thoughts, problems or even just an issue that interests you. And if you decide to only keep a gratitude journal, don't go overboard and write generally about everything you are, or think you should be, grateful for. I believe it works best to just choose one or two things each day to make note of. And be specific. Generalities like, "I'm grateful for my husband" don't really mean much. Why are you grateful for him? Today? Example, "I'm so grateful my husband did the laundry today because I was exhausted." Big difference. Final note on this (at least for today lol) my thanks to Molly for her comments and understanding. And if anyone would like to comment with things that help them through rough spots, that would be great.

Little Sailors 19:
You will note there is another cap and it was left fairly large. Thought maybe someone would want these as photo props.