Sunday, October 30, 2016

Monday again & freebie

Sunday was pretty quiet. Dad had more tummy trouble but otherwise was okay. Josh came by to clean out the gutters. I ran some laundry, did dishes, picked up a few things from the grocery store, took Dad dinner. My husband seems to have a full blown cold now and he sat around watching sports and napping. I'm not much for sports, don't watch football or much baseball despite growing up with a grand father and uncle who had played for minor leagues. When I was a little girl I watched the World Series with my Pappy and understood the game well. Today the games on TV seem like just a bunch of noise and I gladly escape to a book or the computer. Made some good floats last night with vanilla ice cream and Dr. Pepper Cherry.

Dad has two doctor appointments today but my dear husband is taking him. Dad is hoping the cardiologist will say he's doing fine and it is okay for him to drive. He is so looking forward to his independence. Still, his house is a wreck and I'm going to need to go over and do some cleaning. Hope to at least get my living room vacuumed and dusted while they are gone. It seriously needs attention and I need to toss a couple of plants I killed in recent weeks. If he is feeling better, my husband says he will take me to the movie after we get Dad settled back home.

Now today's zip:
The paper above is in a sort of gold style and will probably look best if layered with another paper(s). I have been working on various elements during the weekend so more coming.

Thanks to all who have been understanding of my situation and its frustrations. God willing, things will improve.

Sorry about forgetting link when I posted late last night.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

No Red Queen today and freebie

Not channeling the Red Queen today. I read somewhere that "anger is the guardian of depression." Guardian? What is that supposed to mean? Tried to find the quote but couldn't. Maybe someone thinks that getting irritable and angry keeps depression at bay, sort of choose one over the other. No maybe the person meant to say, "anger is a precursor to depression." Now that is often true. It's a known symptom and I knew what was happening, I was slipping under the black waters. That's how I visualize my depressive episodes. Churchill used to refer to his as being bit by the black dog and William Styron (whom I was fortunate enough to meet) referred to his as "Darkness Visible" which is also the title of his book about his own battle with the disorder. I am treading water with my head above the surface today, thank you. Sorry about yesterday's tirade. I realized that with everything being so chaotic recently I had missed a number of days of my meds (for diabetes, reflux etc as well as depression). Part of why I was beginning to drown. Today I stayed in and only concerned myself with making beef stew - a nice, nutritious fall comfort food. My husband and I had talked about going to see Inferno but he wasn't feeling well so we put that off. Knowing I need a break, he took dinner to Dad (of course, Dad won't eat beef stew which would be good for him).

I do want to thank Kristy for her words of concern and the useful link about caregivers. Even with my husband's help, it's been a little overwhelming being at Dad's beck and call every day. He needs help and I've been feeling guilty about not doing more. But the truth is, I can't take care of all my own stuff. I have limitations. Don't like it, but it is true and no point denying it. And I need some time that is just mine. Sounds selfish, doesn't it? But we all need time that is our own, free of demands from others. Anyway, I've given myself an attitude adjustment and forgiven my ineptitude. I've played a game while the stew cooked. Maybe this evening while hubby watches the World Series, I'll find a little energy to do some of the laundry that has piled up. Then I will be able to say I've accomplished something useful today without wearing myself out.

But now, for something more cheerful, a freebie!
That frame in today's zip is small. My thought is to use it to frame a title, sentiment, or date. Larger frames will follow. I've got lots of art deco coming. I've got 17 folders so far.

Oh, we are listening to Lewis Black on YouTube. If you can get past his language, he is a riot. Love the one about Bottled Water. Husband pulled it up and has me laughing. Now that is a good thing. Hugs.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday mini melt down and freebie

Yesterday was definitely
Who? 1) The guy who parked his car at the end of my driveway and blocked me in so he could sit there and text! There is a shoulder of the road and he could have pulled over to the edge any where but no - there he sat. I needed to leave to see my pulmonologist and I was in no mood for this. I got in my car, started the engine and when he looked up, I frantically motioned for him to get out of my way. I know, I should have been polite about it but I'm frazzled.
2) The toddler in the grocery cart in front of me who was trying to climb out onto the counter as his mother checked out. I spoke to him nicely and he spit at me! His young mother was so mortified. She stopped what she was doing, turned him to her exclaiming, "Matthew! You know better than that! Now you need to apologize to this nice lady." He looked back at me, then looked to her and said, "No!" He was about 2-3 so no, I didn't want to chop off his head and I understood he was just being "terrible." His mother apologized to me but it wasn't necessary. I was just pleased to see her making an effort to correct the boy and teach him some manners. So many don't bother.
3) All the political parties who disturbed the nap I tried to take when I got home and only had a short time before dinner delivery. That includes the NRA and Union too. Give me someone to vote for who can intelligently discuss the real issues, not play mud slinging games. Candidates - it isn't about you and your image; it is about how you can help our country!
Came across this the other day:
And here are a couple of messages for the candidates:
Not that either will pay any mind.
4) Husband, knowing I'm not feeling well, suggests I pick up dinner for us when I'm finished at Dad's.
5) Go to deliver dinner and some groceries to Dad and I've got a migraine. A family friend is visiting across the street, sees me and comes over. He wants to know why my husband and I haven't been available to go to lunch or dinner and says, "I hear you've been running the streets . . ." In Red Queen mode, I replied, "Yes, that is right. I've taken dad to doctor's 3 times this week, have done grocery and dinner runs every day. Been just a little busy." As if he doesn't know.
6) So I'm there with a gallon of milk in one hand, a bag with the burger Dad ordered and a bag with grapes and the neighbor across the street comes over after #4 goes to his car. She wants to know the latest on Dad - part concern, part curiosity. I thank her for her concern and give brief update, explaining I've got a migraine and need to deliver dinner. Does she take a hint? Oh no, she wants to chatter and tell me what I should do for my headache and this and that.
7) Stay with Dad awhile and as I get ready to leave I see that the neighbors across the street (yes, same one) have moved their big RV out onto the street and it is parked right across from Dad's driveway, making it difficult for me to pull out.
I hate being so irritable. Got home and hubby had fed himself and was very pleasant. He said he'd take Dad to doctor's today and over to see June and deliver the things she asked me to pack up. Got some tea and toast and called it a night.

Today should have been better. I got to sleep in a little while but got multiple phone calls. Went back to bed after fast breakfast and shower. When hubby got back from running Dad all around, he started telling me about what happened and what Dad told him about making another mess in the bathroom and wanting us all to go to Captain Dee's for dinner. Last thing I felt like was going to eat greasy fried food (yes, I know they have broiled fish too but yuck!). Then we had a conversation about how it doesn't seem Dad is going to fully recover from all this and how he expects me to do this, that and the other and I'm looking around and seeing all that needs doing here and got depressed. Husband said we will just have to "suck it up" and keep catering to Dad since he won't let anyone come in to take care of him and won't move in with us. And he/we can't afford to pay a claening service to go over to his house even if he would allow it. I do want to take care of my father and I know it's awful of me but I want to have regular meals with my husband. I want to have days to take care of appointments I need to make for me. I want free time to see my friends, go to a movie. I dreamed I had a week retreat at a nice hotel. No cleaning to do. A heated pool to swim in. Movies on the TV. Nice little shops nearby to browse in and quaint little restaurants that served comfort food. And then I woke up!

Today's freebie:

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday - another day, another freebie

Wednesday didn't go very well. I was on way to pick up Dad when hubby called to say Dad called to tell me not to come because he was dizzy and not feeling well. Went to check on him - more diarrhea and dizziness and he just wanted to go to sleep so told me to call and cancel his INR visit. I did and promised to bring him in next day. Cleaned up his front bath and the kitchen, then headed home. Still having headache and achy all over. Tried to return call from friend, Joyce, then went to lie down. Next thing I know hubby wakes me to tell me doctor's office called and wanted Dad's INR done today (Wed.) and to bring him in. So I did and learned his blood is too thick again (blood thinners are a bite!). She was also concerned about the diarrhea and wanted to test to see if he might have something wrong there. Got instructions to come back Friday morning for another INR after change in dosage. Then there was the fun of watching dad's expression while the nurse gave him the kit and explained about taking stool samples for analysis. Got him back home and situated, made butter beans and corn to go with the barbeque sandwiches we planned for dinner. Dad needs vegetables and is picky about them too so with Coumadin restrictions, it has been a challenge. He does like butter beans and corn though. Took a quick nap, waking up worse than before, delivered his dinner and the rest of the night was a loss.

Fortunately, I already had several zips ready to go. Here is today's:

I know you are seeing a lot of pattern right now but there will be solids/reads-as-solids coming to blend in. I've made a couple of stacked papers too. Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wacky Wednesday freebies

I'm writing this post Tuesday evening and scheduling for Wednesday because I will be out with Dad most of the day. There's a doctor's appointment, and then he wants to go visit June. About the time we fight traffic and get home, it will be time for me to make dinner, take that over and put away the trash and recycling cans that went out. Anyway, going to give you the third Deco Dazzle zip and am trying something new: Wacky Wednesdays. The idea behind Wacky Wednesday is to share various things I'm playing with. One week it might be some digital stamps, another a couple miscellaneous elements, or an experimental paper.

First today's Deco Dazzle:

And the Wacky Wednesday freebie is a vintage ice skater stamp:
(Just right click and save.)

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tuesday freebie

Feeling better today after much rest and it's a good thing since both my husband and I have a full schedule. He's off taking grand-daughter to doctor (step-daughter has no transportation and refuses to take the bus!) and I've got grocery shopping and lots of cleaning to do. So here is today's zip:
I think that phone should really be a candlestick type but I left it in since I'd already made the preview before it occurred to me.

He's better; I'm worse. And a new freebie.

There are 4 minutes left in Monday in my time zone as I write this. Things have not gone as anticipated but not the way you think. There were problems getting Dad's blood at a good level in terms of clotting factors but finally it was agreed he could have the cardio inversion procedure last Friday as planned. That went very well. They used the least amount of electrical stimulation and least amount of anesthesia too. It didn't take but a few minutes and then I was back in the room looking at my sleeping father whose color was much better and whose now healthy pulse could be easily seen throbbing in his carotid artery. By the time we left the hospital, he was saying he could feel a difference, that his head seemed clearer. He wanted to stop at Lew's Hotdogs for lunch so we did and he enjoyed his hotdog and fries. Yes, ideally I would prefer he ate something healthier but he only eats what he wants to. Got him home and thought he would want a nap as we had been told he would probably be sleepy off and on over the next 24 hours. For that reason, I was staying with him until we could be sure he was alright. Dad didn't so much as remove his shoes. He was so pleased to feel more alert that he sat up until about 9 P.M. talking and going through some paperwork. I had a bad sinus headache and had a rough time sleeping. Saturday morning, I evaluated how he was doing, made sure he got breakfast and took his morning insulin. He felt better but his legs are a little weak because he has been so inactive.

Still, I was able to go home and take a much needed shower, something for my sinuses and my antiviral and then crashed. When I got up later, I felt worse. Those of us with weak immune systems (fibromyalgia, CFISD, etc. etc.) are subject to have negative stress set off all sorts of problems and I guess that is what happened. In addition to the shingles outbreak and sciatica, I had flu like symptoms. Spent most of Sunday in bed or the bathroom and today too. Beginning to feel a little more normal so hoping all will be right shortly.

I had been working on a new kit for you in art deco style that I'm calling Deco Dazzle. It will have a minimum of 12 papers and 24 elements but more, I hope. Lots of glittery gold accents and the colors shown in this swatch:
Don't have an overall preview as it is a work in progress. But here is preview of first zip:

Tuesday's zip will be posted before 5 P.M. today (it's now Tuesday)

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Taking a break

Took Dad to cardiologist today and cardio inversion is scheduled for 10/21. Meanwhile, I am trying to pack up. Leaving in morning for Red Hat convention in NC. Will start posting again with freebies on Tuesday. Until then, stay safe and be creative!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Last zip of freebie Halloween & Hurricane photos

Here are a few photos of what our area looked like during Hurricane Matthew:
That last one is of an underpass!
We know to expect flooding here. Norfolk, in particular is surrounded by water - Chesapeake Bay is closest to me, downtown there is the Elzabeth River which is large and the James River, also big. Lots of tributaries etc. Plus a lot of downtown Norfolk was underwater at one time so landfill and buildings etc or not, it floods easily. Still, all things considered we were lucky. Heard from someone in Charlestown, SC that it was as bad there as Hurricane Hugo.

Last zip of Halloween.

I am working on something new which doesn't have a name yet. Using this swatch:
Theme will be art deco. Of course, art deco traditionally uses colors from this palette:
But I've done deco for Gatsby in the blues and like to stay away from orange but wanted something in warm tones. Just have to see how it turns out, right?

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hurricane Matthew & zip 5 of Halloween freebie

There is a lot of debris around and water still puddled in places but all considered we were lucky in this area. Had some electrical ins and out and lost cable. Learned today that a tree fell on Miss June's house but husband said damage doesn't look too bad. She's still in transitional care waiting for surgery. I'm trying to get ready for trip this weekend. That's about it for here.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Busy Day & part 2 of Halloween freebie

Today I took dad in for his Coumadin check. It seems that something between 2 and 3 is where the level should be. His level went from 3+ (too high) to 1 something (too low). More adjustments and a need to return on Monday for re-check. But Dad was feeling better. We went to lunch and then I took him to visit Miss June who is at a transitional care facility until plans are set for surgery on her hip. She's been having leg pain on the side where the ball of the hip joint was replaced some years ago. We are told that somehow the ball is wearing away the socket. I had taken along a book just in case he felt up to the visit so I just stopped in her room for a minute to say hello then went to lobby to read and let them have some time to themselves. After dropping dad off at home I decided it was time to force myself to go shoe shopping for some comfortable black dress flats. Luckily enough, I found a pair of Life Strides at the first store I stopped in!

So much I wanted to do around the house today but it was after 3 when I got home and I was tired. Laid down around 4 something and didn't wake up until after 8! My husband had gone out and gotten us a pizza for dinner so no need to cook. And he will take Dad to tomorrow's early appointment. I will get some work done tomorrow. Been looking at hurricane path and it seems my brother, who lives on FL's gulf coast won't be directly hit but will get some heavy rain and wind. Hope they stay safe.

And here is today's zip:

BTW to the reader who suggested getting the shingles shot - Please keep spreading the word. At first, docs said it wasn't going to do those who had had shingles any good, but they changed that decision a few years back and we have all had it now. I do think it helps short circuit the duration, which makes it worthwhile. Asked Dad today about his back but he said it wasn't bothering him and the doc wasn't it. No telling what was going on there.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Interesting Day & new freebie

It's gloomy with overcast skies, some wind, threat of rain. Even though there is now a possibility that hurricane Matthew might skirt by us, people are out getting supplies, gassing up cars, etc. Will be more hectic as storm gets closer. So I left to go get Dad's car, fill with gas, pick up his prescriptions and discuss dinner. Wind was picking up so I asked my husband to bring our flag in. He told me not to lock the door because after he got the flag down, he would bring in the garbage can. Off I went. Dad was slow getting car keys for me, wanted to talk a bit. Went up and got his gas and picked up prescriptions. As I am driving by our house on way back to dad's I see my husband out by the garbage can, waving at me. I wave back and proceed until I hear him yelling something. Oh no, what has happened now? I take next right turn and swing back to our house. He is still standing by garbage can and gesturing angrily.Turns out I must have automatically locked the door behind me, thinking ahead to other things. He had been locked out since I left and was not happy. Gave him my house keys and went back to Dad's where I got way laid by our Terminix man who is very friendly. Give Dad his stuff, hear he is going to eat more of the barbecue for dinner and switch to my car to gas it up. Came home wind blown and tired. So on to your freebie.

This is actually my part of a 2011 Halloween collab at Southern Comfort Scraps, a now defunct store. As you can see from previews, it was under the name I previously used for my designs, D'Ambrosio Arts.
There will be six zip files over next 6 days. I did not make individual previews for each zip.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday of baby hugs, thrift store shopping and a freebie

I took some time for myself today. Went for a visit with my friend, Mary Boykin and her husband, Gregg. Mary was babysitting their great-grandson, Issac who is a sweetheart. He is just the happiest and cutest little man. I enjoyed getting some hugs from Issac. Love babies and this one is a charmer. Here is a photo I snagged from Mary's FB page:
Issac lifted my spirits.

After I left there I stopped in at 2 nearby thrift stores. Had some luck too. I found an 8th teacup and saucer for our Halloween tea. The plan is to give everyone the tea cup they use as a party favor. I bought some Halloween goodie bags at Dollar Tree so that at the end we will rinse the teacups, wrap in paper towels and bag them up. The plan has changed a little in terms of location. We won't be on the houseboat this time but in the historic log cabin. I also found a cute black skirt that has a chiffon layer with flippy little pleats every so often at the bottom. Hope it fits as it would be great to wear with the sparkly red top Mary loaned me for the birthday celebration dinner at the convention. Assuming we aren't all blown away by Hurricane Matthew, that is.

Not looking good at present. Dad has asked me to gas up his Buick tomorrow when I go over, worried about the storm. Of course, I'm wondering just where he thinks we are going to let him drive off to in bad weather when we aren't letting him drive now. Didn't go over today, just talked to him on the phone and he said he was feeling a little better. Besides putting gas in his car tomorrow and picking up his prescription, he said he might want to go to lunch at Lew's Hotdogs. We will see. Meanwhile I got some of my laundry done and hope to do a few more things here over next day or two. Thursday and Friday Dad has doctor appointments. Saturday is best guess right now for storm to hit us.

And today we have the last zip of Grandmother's House:
Thank you for the nice comments on this.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday freebie

Yesterday morning my husband made his delicious barbecue, went to grocery store, and washed dishes - all while I slept! I am so fortunate to have him. The main purpose of making the barbecue was to tempt my father to eat. He's such a picky eater but he does love John's barbecue. He was so tickled when I called to tell him what I was bringing him for dinner and when I checked with him later, he really did eat some! He said to tell my husband it was even better than the last time he made it. I gathered up some of Dad's newspapers and put them into recycling bin and will do more when I visit today. Checked that place on his back and don't know what to think. There is one purplish raised bump now. Could be a spider bite that he scratched or shingles starting. Will check again tomorrow and see if he needs to go to urgent care or if it can wait until we go for his Coumadin check on Wednesday. At home, I accomplished absolutely nothing! Have appointment with my gastroenterologist this morning and might visit Miss June who is in the hospital again. Something is wrong with the hip joint that was replaced some years back.

Here is today's zip:

Tomorrow will be last zip of Grandmother's House. Here is what I think I am going to do since things are so crazy. I've got a few Halloween kits I used to sell; I'll locate one and post it for those who are looking for Halloween stuff. Then I'm going to start up a color series again. We will start with black and orange this month and see where it goes from there.

Saturday, October 1, 2016