Sunday, August 30, 2015

We're talking wedding! & a freebie

It's really going to happen! I was begining to think I wouldn't live long enough to see my son get married (he will be 38 in December). Jeremy and his girlfriend had things they wanted to accomplish before getting married - getting out of debt (old school loans), finishing education, etc., etc. So Berkeley and Jeremy have been together 7 years and just officially became engaged this month. Jeremy designed her engagement ring and proposed to her in the Japanese Gardens at Maymount Park in Richmond, a place that was a favorite when they lived in that area.
They stopped in for short visit on their way back to PA so I could see her ring and congratulate them on making commitment to one another. Wedding is being planned for June 11 next year, which will be after she graduates from her training in laboratory technology. Yesterday evening Jeremy called and we talked for hours about the wedding plans. Looks like it is really happening!
Since the last freebie was a bright, warm color, this time I went in the other direction, looking for something cool and ended up deciding on black. Yes, I know, not a color at all but absence of color, but we think of it as a color and it's certainly not on the bright or warm side. So, here you go, A Touch Of Black. 5 full size papers and 9 elements.
Papers here: Elements here: Hope you find these useful. Hugs!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A new freebie set coming A Touch Of Color

Busy week here. While I'm deciding what I'd like to do next digi wise, I thought I'd start of series of color themed packages. Don't know about you, but sometimes I' looking for a pop of a certain color and have found it helps to have some folders that are sorted by color. Under Sher Scraps 4 CU, I made color sets previously that were CU. Since I'm not selling at this time but may in future, I'm making some mini color sets that will include a few papers in a color along with a number of elements in that color. The ones I'll be offering on the blog are listed under Wonderland Scraps and will be free for personal use. If anyone should wish to be able to use them commercially, I will sell under ss4cu for $3.00 per set. Just contact me at with SS4CU in subject line, tell me which of the sets you want and I will send you a preview showing CU and a tou to that effect. One color I don't use often but decided to start with here is yellow. It came to mind while discussing wedding colors with son and his fiance. They are having a beach wedding and he knows he wants blue and khaki but she hasn't made up her mind what other color to use for bridesmaids and accents. Thought she might want a touch of a warm color and offered suggestions of her signature pink, coral and yellow. Yellow is a warm color that looks good with blues and suits a hot beach theme. So, You are going to get a yellow package first, lol.
There are 4 full size papers here: and nine elements here: BTW have you tried the free game, Gummy Drop at Big Fish Games? It's addictive!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Quick share - page made with bg from Mermaid Musings

Just a quick share of a journal page I made with a background from Mermaid Musings, an alpha from Dana Conditt, and some photos of my Red Lilies group.
NOt real happy about the light spots on the oyster. Looked fine when just a pic of fresh opened oyster - for glisten - but now?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

More Mermaid Musings - paper zip 2 freebie

Hope you are having a nice weekend. Today I have part 2 of the papers for the Mermaid Musings journal page kit.
Link: Yesterday was fun at Horray For Hats. We met at a small restaurant that holds a little over 50 people and it was packed. Lunch was a combination of Filipino and traditional American food. Great lumpia! There was a vendor present who sold jewelry - mostly the bold sort of bling the Red Hat ladies favor. The big hit was a tiara which was snapped up quickly by one of the chapter Queens. (That's what we call the leader of a chapter). Lots of good chat and visiting. 3 people at my table won door prizes: our Queen, Mary and Cynthia won their choice of hats and I won a goodie bag that held a multi strand necklace of white beads. Normally at these events there is line dancing. Some danced to a few songs but it was a hot day and the A/C wasn't functioning properly so we gave it up quickly.
That's a group photo (Im hiding in the back). It was an occasion where we didn't have to wear our usual red and purple and could wear anything so long as we wore a hat. And here I am wearing my blues and greens:
I look so old! Overheated and tired but having fun. Don't know yet what is on tap for next month because it's Betty's turn to arrange the meeting and she is still in Florida. Got to run and put some dinner together. More soon.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

More Mermaid Musings journal page kit freebie - part one of papers

Today while I'm at Horray For Hats, please download part one of the papers for Mermaid Musings
Link: The rest on Sunday.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Mermaid Musings Journal Page Kit freebie - elements

Here you go, part one of Mermaid Musings - the elements.
Link: Hope you like it.

All sorts of things and freebie coming

Here it is almost the end of summer. Where did the time go? Actually, I do know. July was a whirlwind of doctor's appontments for June, her surgery, and after care. Still much going on in that area. She is doing really well. Surgery went off without a hitch. She didn't have any nausea after and little pain. On the down side, biopsy of lymph nodes done during surgery found cancer in 4 out of 11 and more cancer than in the tumor itself! So, she will be starting radiation treatment soon. Right now, it's physical therapy because she needs to be able to get the left arm up over her head so they can safely radiate the area in question. Once it starts, she will have 28 days of 30 minute radiation treaments.
Can't seem to get caught up from running back and forth and this month I've got Red Lilies (RedHat chapter) activities and appointments too. Created a journal page with my last freebie, Shore Thing Journal Kit but wouldn't you know, I can't figure out where I filed it! It included a photo of my son and his - yes, official fiancee'! He formally proposed on august 11 and the wedding is planned for June 11 next year. Meanwhile, I've been working on that Mermaid Musings Journal kit I'd mentioned earlier in fits and starts. Turns out I've got 20 (8" x 11") papers and 44 elements (that includes the word art). Here are the previews:
Have to pack things up and it looks like it will be 3 zips of about 30MB each. I'm going to try to get the elements zip posted tonight. I did not concern myself too much with how large the elements are because you can always reduce size if needed and some are of a size to be used in regular scrapbook pages. That's it for now. More later on. I'm off to work on my hat for tomorrow's Hooray For Hats event. Hugs!