Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve morning update

Hi all, I just updated today's post before realizing I had it set for 9:00am and it was already "live." I added links to 2 posts from Chopra Center about New Year's resolutions and a link to Ro Paxman's blog where you can find a Life Planner (get original pages) and update for 2015. Very useful information so go have a look. And now, for me, some chores before husabnd gets home from work. We are going out for Chinese buffet tonight then quietly waiting for the New Year to come in. Tomorrow we will have our dear grandson visiting. On Friday, if clear weather prevails (had snow flurries and cold rain yesterday), expecting a visit from my ex-husband (Jeremy's father) and his new wife whom I've only met through e-mail. Sad news that my friend, Deb Abbe (Designs by Abbe) has lost her father. He has had a struggle with a number of conditions and is now at peace but, as always, it's difficult for family and friends to lose him. Please send thoughts and prayers her way. I'm pleased to report that our Miss June is in better spirits as the New Year approaches. Had her stitches out on Monday, the pathology report indicates her arm is now cancer free, and the doctor doesn't think she will need plastic surgery ( the wound is almost completely healed) nor physical therapy! If you are going out tonight to celebrate, please be careful. Let's see if we can all start 2015 safe, healthy and happy. Hugs!

Holiday Treat freebie Day 31

First, I'd like to end 2014 with thanks to all my customers and blog friends. Your support and encouragement has been wonderful. I decided to retire both Sher Scraps and Wonderland Scraps effective today but have been asked to continue designing for Digi Style Designs. I really need some time off to attend to other matters, things I want to do for me, education, family stuff and more so I have said I'm taking 3 months off and will then reconsider. In the meantime, I will continue to post freebies here, at least once a week, more if I get on a creative roll. When this post is published, it will be New Year's Eve. I choose this last package with that in mind. May these vintage angels guide us into a happier, healthier, more peaceful 2015. Hugs to all, SherryD Because I've participated in a couple free Chopra Center meditation challenges and am on the mailing list, I just received a post about resolutions and thought others might find it useful. Here is the link: There is also another page that talks about 3 New Year's resolutions for personal growth that you might enjoy: And if you would like some help getting organized for 2015, do check out Ro Paxman's blog (think Scrap girls) for her Life Planner: If you have any links regarding making 2015 a better year, please feel free to share them here.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Holiday Treat day 29 freebie

It's almost over - December, holiday, closing sale at Digi Scrap Designs. If you want any Sher Scraps or Wonderland Scraps products go to Digi Style Design and get them on sale now. As of 1/1/15 those shops will close. Don't know if I'll come back to selling designs or not, but will have at least a weekly freebie here on blog. All 2014 freebies will be gone at end of January. Now today a few more decorative figures:

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 27

A few more Holiday Treat goodies today. I found that I'd missed a pack of papers after all, so here they are: And a couple more figures: Hope you are having a wonderful holiday! *** Please note: link to Santa Stuff on 12/25/14 was incorrect but I've corrected it now. Go back to Day 25 post for corrected link. Thanks

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! Holiday Treat freebie 122514

It's here! Christmas 2014. I hope you are enjoying the day with your family and friends. Don't worry, your freebies will be here until the end of January 2015. Today it's a bunch of Santa Stuff (CU4CU) from Sher Scraps: And from Wonderland Scraps, the last of the papers: Merry Christmas! Love, SherryD thanks to Stacey for alerting me tolink problem with Santa Stuff. I've corrected it above.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Treat freebie 122414

It's Christmas Eve! All are your stocking hung? gifts wrapped? tree sparkling? You've made cookies for Santa I hope and don't forget to leave a few carrots for the reindeer. Get those little ones snuggled in bed, make yourself a cup of cocoa or eggnog if you prefer, and put your feet up for awhile. Today there are both PU and CU treats for you. From Wonderland Scraps, there is a PU wreath, a border, and a floral vignette. Many thanks to Jaguarwoman for the wonderful resources I've used in several of these packages. And from Sher Scraps, what might be a silly idea. I made a 10 inch tree, put a star in package, and then made 4 photo ornament frames. One thought I had was to put family pics in the frames, then shrink the ornaments down to fit the tree and make the photo tree the focus of a paper. Another way you might use them would be to make a pretty background, and string the photo ornaments across the page. I'd love to see what you do. Not just with this package but any of these freebies. Hope your Christmas is merry and bright, full of Love.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Treat freebie Day 23

When he was small, my son, Jeremy, started referring to the 23rd as Christmas Eve's Eve. It was always a day of last miute preparations: another batch of cookies to make, a few gifts left to wrap, calls to distant family to be made. It's Saturday, the 20th as I write this and schedule it. There is still so much to be done yet! Mostly cleaning. My mother would have a fit if she were still with us. Mom was a great housekeeper despite working at a full time job. About a week before Christmas, she'd have done a major cleaning of the house. so that on the 23rd she could just go back and touch things up. The idea was to make the house hospitable for the Christ child. And Santa too. I really miss her! Today I've got more papers for you (you should have a big stash by now) and just one more set waiting. Hope you like these.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Treat freebie Day 22

Today, with a little help from the talents of Jaguarwoman and Karen Stimsen of Wool Sweater Street, I bring you a beautiful ribbon frame and a couple of pretty tags. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 21 freebie

Goofed on scheduling Day 20 - published before scheduling but that's okay. Anyway, today some bows and a border.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 20 & Holiday Musing

It's a few days 'til Christmas, my house is a mess But Miss June's doing well. so I say "God bless."/ Some baking's been done, but no gifts have been wrapped. It's nothing like Christmases past./ I'd expect to feel down but I'm just too darn tired. I'll bake a few cookies then lie down to sleep. I'm sure all the cleaning is certain to keep./ The thing to remember in all of the rush is what's so often forgotten in the holiday mush./ Once a long time ago, God gave a gift. Not big in size but great beyond our belief./ He gave us His son as a baby so sweet. And as His son grew, we all came to know, that He'd come to save us./ And thus it is so that the true heart of Christmas is Love. So remember the precious gift from above and on Christmas and all days give the best gift of all and love one another both big and the small./
The first couple stanzas were running through my head as I tidied the kitchen so I decided to begin this note with them. The rest just grew as I typed. I know it's not a great piece of writing but I decided to share it with you anyway before I head in to make some Italian anise cookies. I hope your holiday preparations are going well and that all your plans come off smoothly. Today I have (yes) more papers for you:
Here's the link:

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 19 freebie

Wow, had to believe it's almost Christmas! I'm writing this on the 18th and yesterday it was 68 degrees here; today it's cold. After almost a week of severe gastritis such that even drinking water hurt and bending was a no-no, I'm finally feeling better. Yesterday was the first good day in a long while and good thing as Miss June had more surgery on her arm. The first was 6 months ago for skin cancer. It wouldn't heal properly, ended up developing a staph infection and has just been a terrible ordeal. Yesterday the surgeon went in to explore and determine the underlying problem. It wasn't as bad as anticipated because most of the previous wound had finally healed but a biopsy showed questionable cells at one spot. The questionable area was excised and the hope is that after about 12 days it will be healed and she'll be able to use her arm again. Meanwhile there is little she can do for herself. She's staying with my father, who is doing what he can, and I'm going back and forth to help out. Saying lots of prayers that she heals quickly this time and has a much better year in 2015.
I finally got my fruitcake baked yesterday after I got home. This is the latest I've ever been making them! Will get them all wrapped up in their brandy soaked cheesecloth in a few minutes and hope they will have mellowed enough by Christmas. Finished the tree last night too. Tonight I'm trying a recipe for Italian anise cookies. I don't care for the taste of licorice but my husband and his family love it so I thought I'd try to make a batch of these cookies - some for husband, rest for MIL. And then there is so much cleaning left to do since I just wasn't able before now. Immediate family is pretty forgiving of my housekeeping and how my health issues effect it. However, we have one friend coming for Christmas dinner who is blunt and doesn't mind pointing out errors and omissions. He has pain issues too but since it's just him and his dogs, he will knock himself out to get things done and pay the price later. He doesn't understand why I don't do the same, after all, I'm home all day, right? I'll just smile and be forgiving if he has snide comments to make about whatever I don't get done. Oh, we're also expecting a holiday visit from my ex and his new wife, whom we have yet to meet.
(Thanks to Becky's Creation for cute border.) Despite all the stuff that really needs doing, I'm trying to figure out what other goodies I want to make to have on hand for guests. There are some who will expect chocolate chip cookies and fudge and that's easy enough but I want something different. An old favorite is Russian Tea Cakes (without nuts). I'm thinking maybe marble squares since I haven't made them in awhile. Wish I had Trish's (Jeremy's old girlfriend) recipe for almond cresents. She got it just right. I'd love to hear about your favorite holiday treats.
(this pretty border is form Carolyn's Scrap Creations) I've checked my folder and think there's still plenty there to take us to the end of the month with Holiday Treat. Today I have some CU4CU trees for you:
Pick up here: Please share the news of these holiday freebies with your friends and tell them all 2014 freebies will be avaailable through January 2015. Also remember that my retirement sales are on at Digi Scrap Designs and good until 12/31/14. Don't stress yourself or work too hard getting ready for the holidays. Remember that the heart of Christmas is Love. It's more important to spend quality time with family and friends and to remember the reason for the season than to have every detail of your celebration be perfect.

Holiday Treat Day 18 freebie

Don't you think we need some gifts for our Holiday Treat kit? Here area couple and a bell deco too. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 17 freebie

Something a little different today but still in Christmas theme and using items from Holiday Treat. This simple bag topper fits the standard ziplock baggie and helps make a simple treat like cookies or candy seem more special.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Best Gift & a freebie for you

On this day in 1977 I received the best of gifts, my son Jeremy Ryan. I hope he isn't having to work today and that he and his girlfriend will be able to spend the day doing something fun. Baby J, I love you!******************************************** Today more papers:
You will find it here:

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 13_ Cu Ribbon Swag Freebie

Something a little different today. these ribbon swags span a 12" page. There is a slight gap in the center, which I didn't fix because I always planned to put an ornament or trim of some kind there. I've included the small bow pictured on red swag in preview and the holly sprig too.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 11 Holiday Treat _ Frames 2

Thought you could use some more frames? Special thanks to Cari Lopez, Jaguarwoman, and Joanne's Digital Designs for designer resources. This Holiday Treat kit began when I saw jaguarwoman's Roseberry resource. As I've mentioned before, I'm not into poisettias at Christmas. I make my own Christmas wreaths and my favorite was one my mother called Roses In The snow: a pine wreath with red berries, varigated holly, white roses, a touch of "snow" and a gold bow. Sadly, it saw it's last Christmas in 2012. That's what Jaguarwoman's Roseberries reminded me of. THis year, as last, there is another pine and rose wreath to grace my front door, only this time I used large deep red roses. Hope you will enjoy these frames. Personal use only, please.

A little grousing and a note about freebies

I came in and set down at the computer while I'm letting my hair dry naturally. I intended to pay bills then move on to some other tasks elesewhere. I've done everything but. I'm procrastinating. There, I've owned up to it. My chronic fatigue is in high gear (has been since shingles outbreak) and that means I'm functioning in low gear lol. But my hair is still damp (I hate to blowdry) and I've got a nice hot cup of coffee so might as well chat a minute . . . or two. To Stacey and my other friends who, like me, can't seem to get caught up, just thought I'd let you know you aren't alone. I really do need to get to the post office where I will have to stand in line a good while to mail some packages. Then I've got to head over to AC Moore and pick up a sterling silver bail for grandson's crucifix. I thought I'd be able to attach it to the chain I bought with just a jump ring but the chain is thicker than I thought. From there I'm supposed to do a Costco run. You can imagine what a zoo that's going to be. But each batch of my fruitcake requires 10 eggs and I've got less than that plus need extras for regular cooking. Really want to get those cakes baked and wrapped in their brandy soaked cheesecloth so they will be good by Christmas. That reminds me - need another pint of apricot brandy and I hate going to the liquor store. Once I get home, there is laundry and tree decorating. I also promised I'd make turkey and dumplins tonight. No rest for the weary!
[by Edith] While I'm being grumpy, let's talk about Christmas trees. Sure, I love the real ones but the cost is prohibitive and they don't hold up well. So, years ago we went over to a fake tree. It was a big one at first but after I became disabled, I changed to a 4.5 foot prelighted tree. Putting lights on was the hardest thing for me with my bad neck and fibro. The tree I bought maybe 7-8 years ago has always had a problem with the way the top fit and has onlly gotten worse with time. I spurgled and bought another 4.5 ft tree this year. My husband was not happy. He would just as soon have a little 12" predecorated tree and call it done. Me, I've always loved putting the tree up after Thanksgiving and leaving it up until Ephipany to enjoy all the decorations and twinkling lights. It's cheerful, you know? But sure, it's still a lot of work and I tire so easily. This first year with the tree, it seemed to take forever just to get it out of the box and fluffed up. They cram them into boxes to take as little space as possible. Good for the manufacturere but not for the customer. With the prices they charge, I think these trees ought to come with a free tree wrangler. Someone you call once you get the box home and make an appointment with so that the wrangler comes out to your home, shows you how to set the tree up and fluffs it all pretty for you. I know what you're thinking: If she wants someone to set the tree up and fluff it, bet she'd like someone to decorate it too. I used to enjoy doing that but quite honestly, and I hate to admit it, it's tiring now. I'm thinking that next year I might talk my grandson (he's 16) and his girlfriend into coming over for a tree trimming "party." Get them to decorate in exchange for pizza and movie tickets? It's a plan.
Now, about freebies. First, all 2014 freebies will be available until the end of January when I will clean out my 4shared account to make room for new year. Second, you can expect to find a freebie every day this month. I'm working hard to schedule a week in advance so I don't miss a day. Still have more of Holiday Treat to post but don't know off hand how far it will take us. When I've scheduled all I've made up to this point, I will either make more holiday themed stuff, or if you prefer, will fill in with general stuff? Let me know what you think. Hugs!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 9 - Stockings & Sticker

Today I have a CU4PU treat for you: 2 Christmas stockings and a vintage stocking sticker. Special thanks again to sweet Cari Lopez.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 8

If you are trying to make pages with the Holiday Treat items presented so far, you might be needing a frame or two so that is the treat for today. Two embellished frames and the metal frame that is part of the green frame (in case you'd like to do something else with it). Special thanks to friend, Cari Lopez for the resources I used to create these. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Day 7 Holiday Treat

Hope you are having a nice weekend. With hubby on vacation, we have been soo lazy! We did manage to send Christmas cards out, tried to take BIL to lunch on his b'day (12/2) but he was working in another city. Happy Birthday today to Baby B aka Berkeley, my son's sweetheart. She's only 29 today. I suggested she stay that age lol. I'm trying to figure out where the time has gone as I haven't accomplished much of anything since Thanksgiving. But this week I intend to catch up on housework and holiday stuff and get back into my aqua therapy routine. I've got some shopping to do still, have to put up the new tree I bought (did buy that this past week), make fruitcakes, and once tree is decorated, I'll start wrapping some packages. Also have to put finishing touches on the doll clothes I made for Inara. Pulmonologist wants me to have the new Prevnar 13 pneumonia vaccine so have to call my primary doc about that. And have to go stand in line at the PO to mail a couple packages. Going to try to schedule all days for this week so that nothing interferes with there being a freebie on line. Next week I have a couple of appointments scheduled so need to get as much done this week as possible.
Before I add today's freebie, I want to thank everyone for the lovely comments. I'm happy to hear you are joining my little treat. I'm trying to alternate papers with elements as I go and there will be some more CU items too. Now here is today's freebie:
Special thanks to Cari Lopez, Christy Strum of Buttermug Squash Designs, Karen of Woolsweater Street, and Trine of Nothing But Freebies for resources used. Pick up your papers here: Hugs, SherryD

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Day 6 Holiday Treat - freebie

Today some floral elements for Holiday Treat. The preview shows 3 elements but the folder contains a fourth - the holly without the rose and additonal berries as shown in preview.
Find this here:

Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 5

I've been being so lazy with husband home on vacation. Yesterday (Wednesday) we went out to Hobby Lobby which has just opened in this area. Like most guys, he had something he wanted to look for and wasn't interested in prowling the whole store. I just headed for the bead section to pick up a couple things I wanted to finish up some metal bookmarks I'm embellishing with beads and charms. Will go back and explore more throughly next week while he's working. Next he treted me to lunch at Olive Garden. Full of Tuscano soup, salad and bread sticks (he tried and loved the Chicken Gnocchi soup), we came home and napped lol.
Today I thought you might want more papers? Have to point out that the red and gold beaded paper was created using a great template set from Karen Stimsen of Wool Sweater Street. Thanks Karen!
Find this one here: Hugs!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Treat day 4

So, today I signed for my Medicare Advantage plan to start January 1st. Feel sick over how much my health care will cost this year - not the premium which is reasonable but add in co-pays I haven't had to pay, big deductible and prescription costs higher than previous. Stil, far better than not having any insurance, right? I just better not be sick much this coming year. Sure . . . . Other than that, not much new. Have lots of housework to catch up on now that one holiday is past and I'm feeling better. Then it's making fruitcakes (people really do eat my fruitcake and I have a list of people to make them for) and decorating for Christmas and a little more shopping to do. We are all going to be busy for next few weeks, aren't we? Just isn't going to feel much like Christmas this year without my Jeremy here. I know, grin and bear it Mom, they grow up and have their own lives. Anyway, here is today's treat some Santa themed brads and flairs. They are CU4CU.
You will find it here:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 3

How about a few elements today? I don't much care for poinsettias; I prefer roses so you will be finding red and white roses in this kit. Today the roses are mixed with holly and pine in the page topper. There is also a large journal tag and a flair showing a cute Victorian child. I love vintage, can you tell? My thanks to friend, Joanne of Joanne's Digital Designs for the holly spray template I used and which you will see again.
Pick this up here:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 2

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Day? My son and his girl came down from Pennsylvania and my father and his girlfriend came to dinner too. Fortunately, I was over my bout with shingles and hives but worn out. Still, all those good hugs I got from Jeremy and Berkeley were well worth pulling myself together for their visit. J & B were so sweet and did all the cleanup and food storage after dinner. They had also made a huge batch of Chex Party Mix (original recipe) and brought it along. Good snacking! The kids (they are't really but once someone's baby, they stay your "kids") aren't going to be here this Christmas as both are working so I just wish I'd been a little livelier while they were here, but they were tired too from long drive so it was okay. Weather here is bouncing badly again so Sunday was a waste for me due to sinus headache. At least I've managed to set my retirement sales, put up Day 1 of holiday treat and set this to go on Day 2. This time the treat is Personal Use so from Wonderland Scraps - 3 full size papers:
They are waiting for you here: Enjoy!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 1 of Holiday Treat

I was working on a Christmas holiday kit when I made the decision to go ahead and retire on 12/31/14. I never did come up with a name for this kit which is in traditional colors, so I decided since I'm giving it away in pieces each day in December, I'll just call it Holiday Treat. I don't plan to do an overall preview because: 1) I'm not sure I've finished with it & 2) some pieces are PU so under Wonderland Scraps and some are CU so under my Sher Scraps 4 CU label. If you are interested in what I've been creating, you will just have to check in and see what's up for offer. This first package is of some vintage figures in colors to coordinate with all the other pieces or to be used alone. It is CU4CU.
You can pick up Day 1 here: Hope you enjoy Hugs, Sher