Monday, November 30, 2015

Touch of Color: Silver freebie

So, did you do any Black Friday shopping? and if so, did you get real bargains? Today is Cyber Monday so still lots of sales going on. I've about finished but have some restaurant gift cards to pick up and need to visit Barnes & Noble for some books for grand-daughter. Friday and Saturday I was worn out and didn't get anything done. Sunday spent some hours at Dad's visiting with June & packaged up some of the Christmas kit. This time I'm going to do just one T.O.U. that will credit all resources I might have used. That way, you can eliminate a little bulk by only keeping the first info folder and deleting the others. It's surprising how much hard drive space is taken up by extra folders, repeat TOUs (where designers just use a general one with a separate credits page), piracy graphics, store graphics designers are required to add, and previews of other products for advertising.
Let's end November with a Touch of Color - Silver. You might find this little stash useful to fill in your holiday layouts.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Oops! Some Aspects of Autumn - Thanksgiving freebies I forgot!

See what I had scheduled incorrectly? We do have a post for today! Somehow I forgot to put these on my post list. Better late than never, right?
Link: And now we move on to December! Ack! Christmas only 25 days away!

Oh no! I goofed

I thought I had set something for every day of November but it seems that in spite of all I had put together, I was short by a few days. What with Thanksgiving, I forgot to check until just now. The day is nearly over so I'll go ahead now and set up a Touch Of Color freebies to finish out the month. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday? Ours was nice. Miss June hasn't been feeling well. After staying so strong through the worst of her battle with cancer, surgery, and radiation, she is now very depressed and anxious. When she saw the breast surgeon the other week to follow up on healing, she told her she wasn't feeling too well and the doc put her on a mild selective serotonin re-uptake drug for depression. It does take about a 10 days to 2 weeks to feel a difference but the day before Thanksgiving June was so miserable, Dad took her to urgent care. The doc there told June that the medication she was given lacked a component for anxiety which is what she seemed to be reporting. He conferred with her family doctor and wrote a prescription for another drug to take for the anxiety. June roused herself to come for Thanksgiving dinner and said she thought the new pills were helping. But Friday when I stopped by to drop off Dad's checkbook, which I'd balanced for him, June looked so bad and felt even worse. Her expression haunted me all last night. Today I went over to check on her and she is no better. Weak, weary, depressed and anxious without a clue as to why. I know it's a bad time of year for her; she's lost 2 children and her sister over the last couple years during November and December. That doesn't seem to be at the root of whatever is going on now, however. It's been such a rough year with one thing after another so maybe it's just a cumulative effect? Tomorrow I'll take her to see her family doctor. Meanwhile, if you can find room on your prayer list, please add her.
I don't really like the name I chose for your Christmas gift, but I'm going ahead and using it anyway: A Traditionally Elegant Christmas. I'll be using a fairly standard set of colors and hope to give it an overall elegant feel. Here is the color swatch:
Look for a Touch of Silver on Monday.

Aspects of Autumn - Thanksgiving Journal Page 2 freebie

Here is the 2nd journal page I created:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Aspects of Autumn - Thanksgiving Journal Page

Thought I'd share with you a couple of journal pages I made to add Thanksgiving photos to. Here is the first and, as always, it's personal use. I did not add the TOU to the folder on these because you already have all that information in the various zips.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Thanksgiving surprise for me and eventually for you

Taking a break from cooking and looking through some old folders of work-in-progress. I want to give you a present every day in December but with lots going on, I wasn't sure if I could get enough done to manage that. And then I found a folder where I'd started a Christmas kit but didn't finish it. It goes back a long ways to when I used to use D'Ambrosio Arts as a trade name in scrapping. (Found no one could remember it!) So right now I have a ton of papers! I mean over 50. Haven't added up elements yet. Not many in old WIP but I've got a lot done and more in progress. Definitely think I can manage 31 days now. And now back to cooking. Oh, going to call kit Traditionally Elegant Christmas because I stayed with traditional colors for most part and I'm trying to give it an elegant feel.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just stopping in to wish you the best of holidays. Be sure you remind yourself of all you are grateful for. Hugs! P.S. Forgot a few AOA _ thans things so come back tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Almost ready!

The house smells good! Pumpkin pie is in the oven. With lots of help from dear husband, all that could be made ahead has: deviled eggs, 2 kinds of potato salad, my friend Jennifer's cranberry relish. He will put the turkey in on slow cook in the morning and go pick up a box of fresh baked rolls. I'll make stuffing, butter beans and corn (since Dad and June can't have leafy green veggies), gravy, put out some Red Eye country ham for Dad, and pickles and olives. Simple over all but it's still a feast to us and we will all enjoy the leftovers for days. Then the scraps will go into a delicious turkey potpie. I've done about all the cleaning I can manage and it will be fine for tomorrow. More to do after the holiday to get ready for Christmas but I'll get some help from my husband who will be on vacation prior to retirement. All told, I think this year is going to end well. I hope you all haven't worn yourselves out too much and will be able to enjoy your dinner with family and friends, then take a couple days to recover. Skip the Black Friday sales (except on-line); it's just not worth it. Hugs!

Aspects of Autumn - Thanksgiving Word Art

Today a little word art:

Monday, November 23, 2015

Aspects of Autumn - Thanksgiving freebie

Today a couple of clusters:

What's up at my house

Sounds like most of my friends are about ready for Turkey day. I am not. Bursitis in left knee was very bad on Friday, actually hot and swollen. So I did little Friday and pretty much nothing Saturday, just iced it, took Tylenol and rested. Better today but it is difficult to do much on Sundays (of course we aren't supposed to anyway). With hubby home and then Dad coming to visit sometime in afternoon or evening, it is hard to know what I can work on. Finally got grandchildren's wish lists but I'm sure I make their mother angry by complaining how this is always a last minute thing and I can't do last minute shopping. well, she is always talking about how stressed she is and she's half my age. I think it's only fair to remind her I have health problems and can't be running around last minute; I get stressed too. I stated that from now on I was going to set a deadline of 10/31 for wish lists and if I didn't get them I'd just do whatever I felt appropriate. I prefer to get the children what they really want or need and I always coordinate with her but enough is enough. I'm sure I'm on her you-know-what list. Anyway, I was able to do a little cyber shopping today and a few small tasks. Tomorrow husband will work but after that he's got about 13 days of vacation. I find it so much easier to clean when he's not home. Do all husbands want to know where their wives are and what they are doing when they are in the house together? What is that? I'm without a car while BIL works on it at his house but hubby will take me last minute grocery shopping tomorrow. Only need to pick up a couple things. Over the weekend BIL worked with our heater again and discovered the saety switch is going bad which might be why it keeps cutting off. He's temporarily bypassed it and a new part is on the way. But it is a new week and this will be better than last.

Hmm, can't get goggle to put in an image? Enough of me anyway.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Aspects of Autumn _ Thanksgiving freebie

It's getting close! Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Got all your cleaning and shopping done? Have you been thinking about all you are grateful for? Here are a few Poser figures to adorn your pages:

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Aspects of Autumn - Thanksgiving freebie

But the turkey is the star of the show, you say. Where are the turkeys? Didn't think I'd forget, did you?
Think these will do for you? Link:

Friday, November 20, 2015

Aspects of Autumn _ Thanksgiving Trim

There is a good bit f trim in the main Aspects of Autumn pack and I think all would be fine with the Thanksgiving papers so I only put a little bit into this pack.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Aspects of Autumn - Thanksgiving freebie

Of course, you will be needing some frames. While you could use some from the main Aspects of Autumn set, here are a few more:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Aspects of Autumn _Thanksgiving Tags freebie

There are two things in particular we remember about each Thanksgiving Day - who was present at the feast and what we had to eat. These tags will help you capture those facts.
Link: Hope you find them useful.

Catching up

In about 10 minutes it will be midnight here and we will be going into Wednesday! Talk about being behind in everything! My husband has a good heart and he is trying to help a co-worker but had no idea how complicated the situation was going to become. You have probably heard that saying, No good deed goes unpunished? He spent his entire weekend trying to help his co-worker's daughter. It was supposed to just be teaching the girl how to put on new brake shoes and having BIL, who was coming to check on my car, put on a brake cable. But there are so many problems with her old car they were outside working on it both Saturday and Sunday and it still isn't ready for state inspection. It is still parked in our driveway to avoid it being towed. Meanwhile, BIL found out the leak in my car isn't the freeze plug as originally suspected but a bad manifold gasket. I don't really know what he was talking about except we had to order the part and the job will take a few days in his spare time. To add insult the gas company was doing some work in our area and our service was interrupted. That meant that sometime during the early morning Monday the heater and water heater went off line. It got cold in here! Well, cold for this area - in mid 60's. I couldn't do all the laundry that had piled up or take a shower. But I had a doctor appointment this (Tuesday) morning so when I got up I had to take a shower and shampoo in lukewarm water. Fortunately, our exhaust fan also has a heat setting. I wrapped up and cut that on for a few minutes while I finished drying off and blow-dryed my hair, something I rarely do.
Doctor gave me a medication to help me get to sleep, thinking that could be part of my exhaustion. Have tried several things before and nothing has worked but will try this one. Drew for blood work including a thyroid test and gave me a flu shot. Got home to find BIL had been here and got the hot water heater going (hubby and I had tried night before) but the heater was out again! My husband reset it again and so far it is still working. However, BIL thinks the mother board in heat/AC system is going bad and that is why it keeps cutting off. Ordered one of those. At least I was able to run dishwasher and a load of laundry. More tomorrow. Made up my list of what will be needed for Thanksgiving dinner and tried to set a schedule to get cleaning and cooking etc done for the holiday. Drat, I'll just finish with Thanksgiving and hubby will be after me to go ahead and decorate for Christmas, send cards and shop! On the 9th my Red Hat group is going to have a little luncheon and cookie swap so that's something else to prepare for. Grandson and his girlfriend want to come for dinner and cards soon. Husband's last day of work is 12/18. The Red Hat Snowball Express is 12/19 and while I've already created my head piece, I still have to find something dressy to wear and it must be red and white. Christmas weekend I have to travel to Richmond for the engagement dinner and must prepare some goodies to take along. Right now I'm looking forward to 1/1! But I imagine many of you are just as busy. Anyone have some energy to spare?
The murder mystery dinner this past Saturday was rather disappointing. Only 6 of us were able to go and that included a new member. We kept getting differing information about the price of the event (no fault of our queen): website said one thing, one employee said another and so on. The deal was to be seated at 6:30, have appetizers, play would start after, then break for buffet dinner, and finish up play afterward. Room was really too small to allow people to easily move about (they wanted us to go around to talk to people as other tables for clues and so on). Food was not worth the price. We got called up by table to serve ourselves. Appetizers were meatballs, salad (mostly lettuce with a few cucumber pieces by the time we got to go) and rolls. They had a small variety of foods for the buffet but none very tasty. Dessert was a slice of chocolate cake no more than 1/4 inch thick. The actors moved among the guests and it was so noisy you sometimes couldn't hear what they said. They tried. No way would I go again.
Many thanks to everyone for the lovely comments on this months freebies! About the wordart, Stacey had commented that she found creating it difficult. I always wonder how much is too much when it comes to embellishing it and I'm pleased you liked what I did . Somehow just adding a style to text didn't seem worth doing as many of you can do that for yourself. And I don't do alphas, in part because I rarely use them myself, and also because they seem to end up big and bulky if you want to put any detail in them. That said, if there are items you feel are lacking or would just like to see more of, feel free to let me know. Can't promise anything, but I will try to accomodate.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Aspects of Autumn _ Thanksgiving freebies begin!

Checking my post list and checking it twice and it looks like I've got things covered to the end of the month. Wish I could say the same about all the other November things on my To-Do list! Anyway, thought I'd finish this month with some items themed for Thanksgiving. I pretty much stayed with the same colors as the rest of Aspects of Autumn. This way you will be able to intermingle the two. Today, we start with the papers. I'd thought about 4 themed papers would be enough but ended up expanding that to 10.
Link: Best start putting your holiday menu together!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Autumn Harvest Cluster

While I was working on Aspects of Autumn freebies and some Thanksgiving stuff too (Thanksgiving is part of autumn), I made an autumn harvest cluster. It's huge, I warn you, but you might want it and can shrink it down to whatever size you'd like.
Link: Thanksgiving additions coming next.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Aspects of Autumn Odds & Ends freebie

Today some odds and ends of elements for Aspects of Autumn. You've seen some of these in clusters but now you have the single elements.
Link: And I'm off to a murder mystery!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Word art freebie

You might like to create your on word art from kits but some like a couple pre-made pieces, so here goes:
Link: Tomorrow I've got a Red Hat Society event. For our Novemeber meeting we are going to a dinner theater for a buffet and murder mystery. Not sure if I will find time to put something up or not. Just have to wait and see.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

So tired but did a journal page with Aspects of Autumn

Trying to get stuff done but still having problems with exhaustion and shortness-of-breath. B12 supplement doesn't seem to make a difference.See doc next week so will check with him. anyway, while taking a break from chores, got around to making myself a journal page with Aspects of Autumn. No, didn't think to save it first as qjp, but do want to show you what I did.

More Aspects of Autumn freebies

Hmm, haven't given you the first piece of trim, have I? Not counting pre-made borders, that is. So how about some ribbons and bows?
I couldn't decide what would be best so there is a variety. Link:

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

More Aspects of Autumn

So now you have papers and elements and borders and clusters. What are you going to do about adding your photos? You could make your own frames using the papers or you might want to use these:

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Like autumn gourds? This freebie is for you.

If it's fall, you are sure to see various kinds of gourds decorating porches and gracing tables. I made a few clusters with gourds for you.
Pick them up here:

Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday, Monday and another freebie

Monday again already! I figure you are beginning to wonder if I'm going to give you any elements you can put together yourself? They are heading your way. Today it's a group of elements I'd class as organic - flowers, plants and such.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday freebie - more Aspects Of Autumn

I'm thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and thought I'd make a few autumn flower arrangements - digitally, of course.
Link: Later on I'll give you some flowers and a greyscale vase too so you can create your own arrangements, if you would like.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Aspects Of Autumn freebie

Hope you are enjoying Aspects Of Autumn? Thank you all for the nice comments I've received so far. Before I give you today's freebie, I came across something in my files that I know a couple people who collect chickens might like:
It's an old piece of Victorian scrap in jpeg form. Sorry, I didn't have time to extract it for you. For today I have Autumn Beauty border and word art:
Link : Will be trying to get a few things done this weekend but will have something scheduled for you. Hugs!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday freebie_ Aspects Of Autumn- Apple Clusters

Who doesn't love a cool, crisp apple? And as evenings grow cooler, how about some hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick? Yum. Here in Virginia, if you go up around Charlottesville this time of year, there are places you can buy freshly made apple doughnuts too.Today, I have some apple themed clusters for you:
Link: Enjoy!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Monday, November 2, 2015

Aspects Of Autumn freebies coming your way

Hope everyone is happy with the decision to move freebies to dropbox? Hard to believe it is November already! This month I'll be posting Aspects of Autumn and from time to time something else. There is no overall preview of Aspects of Autumn because it was going to be too messy. Instead I've made an overall preview of all the papers which will be split up into 3 zips. Between zips of papers I'll give you zips of various element groups, each with a preview so you know what you are downloading. How does that sound? Today we will start with zip 1 of papers:
Link: Come back tomorrow for some borders. Hugs!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

About downloads & possible viruses

Tonight I'd like to address 2 concerns about downloads and possible viruses. First, I'm aware that 4shared has become, like most other free file-share sites, less user friendly. I am no longer selling my work in stores but just making things to give away. On a limited income, there is no way I can add a paid file share program to my budget. I've used 4shared for so long, it doesn't bother me and it's been convenient. It was suggested that I make downloads available through dropbox which most people find easy. I have not done so on a regular basis before now because I had a problem between dropbox and my PC. However, I have been able to resolve it and from now on I will offer links to my public files on dropbox. I will not, however, go back and add all the previous 2015 freebies to dropbox. Too much work. I'm going to add a dropbox link to my earlier post for today. As for the stuff on 4shared, I've made a couple of screen shots that might be helpful for those less familiar with 4shared. When you go to a 4shared link for one of my items, the screen will look like this:
You would click the button I've highlighted in red. It should then take you to this screen:
You will click on free download as circled in red. Do not click on any other "download" button you might see elsewhere on the screen. There will be a 60 second or less countdown and then your computer should ask where you want to save the file to. Sorry about there being a time delay but all free file share sites have them.
Second, some of you have said that when you try to download my files from 4shared your browser or personal virus check program tells you the file might be infected. I haven't had this problem on 4shared but went in and downloaded one of my files to see if my Google browser or my personal BitDefender program would advise of a problem. Neither did. Further, once the file downloaded, I scanned the zip with BitDefender to verify that no virus or such was found. BitDefender said it was clean. However, I have had multiple experiences where Google Chrome put notices on my downloads of other people's files saying there might be something harmful. First couple of times I deleted the files. Then, when it happened on a site I know well and trust, I dismissed the warning and retained the file, putting it in a folder on desktop which I then scanned. There have been only a few occasions when I've done this that my scan came back advising the zip had some sort of infection. Of course, in those cases, I deleted the zip and didn't visit that site again. I don't know how browsers decided that some sites could be harmful other than people reporting them as such. Just thought I'd tell you abut my experiences and hope this information is useful to you.

New Week . . . new freebie

It's just after midnight as I write this. Didn't have one trick-or-treater again this year. And now it is November! Lots to do in the days ahead. Sure didn't get anything of value done yesterday and now it is Sunday and another week beginning. Today I have a little autumn fairy for you. I call her Goldie.
Goldie is here to let you know that this month you will be getting autumn themed stuff as freebies. And perhaps some more Touch Of Color sets. Link: BTW be sure you snag all the 2015 freebies you want because they will be removed at the end of the year. Also available now at this link: * If you had trouble with earlier link try one above.