Monday, July 31, 2017

Monday, Monday & freebie of Shopping Therapy

I am slowly getting a few things done around the house. Taking a break before that nasty, back breaking chore of cleaning bathrooms. Yuck!
I finished Anita Shreve's The Last Time They Met this weekend and can't stop thinking about it. The novel is about a couple who meet 3 times and it works backwards from a meeting in their 50s, to one in their 20s, to their first meeting as teens. My battered copy (a thrift store find) contains a reader's guide for book clubs. I never look at those until after I finish reading and have my own thoughts about the novel. One of the questions asks about the ending and whether or not the reader anticipated it and caught the hints earlier on. I did and I didn't. Which is to say I knew what Linda's secret was and how it explained certain behaviors but I somehow missed the larger picture. Now I'm a serious student of literature so I'm surprised I hadn't figured out the ending. I thought back and sure, there were some oddities here and there but nothing that clearly fit together. I know I'm going to have to go right back and read it again. I do recommend it and suggest that if you find it a bit dry in the beginning, be patient and read on.

Today's zip:

I am frantically trying to put together the rest of this week's zips because tomorrow we will be picking up Larkin and keeping her the rest of the week. That Lil Princess (as her Papa calls her) needs lots of attention so I won't have much computer time until she goes to sleep. I've been contemplating ways to coax her into more reading sessions. My husband suggested that for every 30 minutes spent reading and/or working with phonetics cards, she would be allowed to watch 30 minutes of cartoons. (Seems she gets a steady diet of those at home and at her Aunt's house.) I also remembered the can of peanuts on the coffee table. Larkin likes peanuts so if I get desperate to have her read, I'll put a small paper cup on the table and tell her for every word she can read, she will get a peanut in her cup. Does that sound awful? I'm not used to children who don't like to read. Her oldest brother, the one who is heading off to college, loved books at a very early age as did my son. I wish I could figure out why she doesn't like to read. I'm wondering if she has been embarrassed in reading group at school because the other children have gotten more instruction at home and do so much better? Thinking of other activities for her while here. Of course, there will be a special tea one day. She will find her new toy trunk with a doll and extra outfit, 2 Dr. Seuss books, and a kit of little babies (kind of like Shopkins). Of course, we will also have to play with Play Dough and maybe try to teach her Uno. If the weather isn'
t too awful, we might try taking her to the Virginia Beach Aquarium. Fun, fun, fun.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday? Sorry I missed posting yesterday

Husband's oral surgery went well yesterday. We had gotten up so early to get there for earliest appointment that when we got home and he fell asleep in his recliner, I slept too. Weather has been rainy - all day today - and I have been having sinus problems. Feels like the Eustachian tube behind left ear is stopped up and it has been painful today. But hubby's keyboard broke early this morning so I went out in pouring rain to find the one he saw on Walmart on-line. Went by and picked up Dad's mail, went to both Norfolk Walmarts and couldn't find the keyboard he wanted. He'd said not to buy a more expensive one. I went ahead and bought Larkin's backpack because after looking at the cartoon type she'd likely pick and seeing how poorly they were made, I decided 2 things: don't feel up to taking her shopping this week and I'd buy a sturdier pack. Also picked up a couple Dr. Seuss books for us to read when she is here and a teen type doll and extra outfit to put in the toy box I got for her. She needs some stuff to keep here to play with. Then there were leggings on sale and a cute unicorn top for her too. No more Larkin shopping for awhile.

Came in drenched. Going to try a little facial sauna to open my sinuses - just some steaming water in a deep bowl with a few drops of lavender essential oil (not only smells great but has antibiotic properties) and a couple dried bay leaves (also for scent and detoxification), Hood up with a towel and relax while breathing in the steam. Good for skin too.

Anyway, I've got 2 zips of Shopping Therapy for you tonight:

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thursday already and another freebie

Bought the last two items for Larkin's school supplies today and found a sturdy tote to put it all in. The only thing left is to take her shopping to pick out a bookbag. Hubby went for his pre_surgery consult this morning and, miracle of miracles, the cost of having a tooth extracted under anesthesia went down from two years ago! He couldn't even think about having an extraction done with just novacaine. And no dentist wants to deal with him coming up out of the chair because he's in pain. We will go take care of this first thing in the morning, then he will sleep most of the day. I might be able to get some tings done that are difficult to do while he's up and around.

Today, zip 3:

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Quick post & a pink freebie today

Trying to get a few things done as we might pick up Larkin this weekend and keep her for a few days. Picked up almost all of her school supplies yesterday but will take her shopping to pick out a bookbag.

Today we have some of the pink side of Shopping Therapy:

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sorry no post today

Was out in the heat most of the day and I'm not feeling well. Didn't do preview last night so will skip for the day.

Running late but new freebie

Long day. Got surrender check on Dad's policy and was disappointed to find it under $4,000. That sure won't go far. If lucky, it might pay for repair of his hearing aid - if it can be repaired. His audiologist is one of the most caring people I've ever met. I spoke with her today, planning to set up another appointment to take him in. But first she wanted to know all about how he was doing (he's known her longer than twenty years) and where he is now. She said she will go to him! Possibly Wednesday evening at earliest. She will go ahead and make another mold of his ear in case he has to order a new hearing aid, but will also check to see if it can be repaired since it appears all the electronics are there.

Dad was quick to have me notice that his ankles weren't swollen but his abdomen is still very distended. I spoke with his nurse before I left and she updated me on lab tests and x-ray that had been done. They lowered the Lasix dose back to where it was, but x-ray showed small amount of fluid around his heart. He will see the nurse practitioner tomorrow.

My husband, already a good cook, has been watching the Food Network and getting inspired to create new dishes. Saturday, he decided to try making an Alfredo sauce from scratch. Usually I resort to Bertollini jarred Alfredo sauce because my husband prefers red sauces, or as they say, gravy. He put his sauce over bow tie pasta. It was so good! I had some of the leftovers tonight and was amazed at how well it reheated. Tomorrow he has promised to make pepper steak, another dish he makes better than I do.

So next kit colors are:
I couldn't think of a good name, so went with Shopping Therapy. I know a lot of ladies who go looking for a new outfit, or shoes, or accessories when they want a lift, want to pamper themselves. Funny thing, hubby saw the folder labeled Shopping Therapy on my desktop and asked what it was, saying quickly, "No, you don't do that. That was [his first wife]s thing!" Years after they had been divorced and after we married, Ms X, was still running up charge card bills and had the audacity to have the bills sent to our address when their son was living with us. He got to mail before we got home and would take the bills to her on his weekends there. That is, until I came home early with a migraine and found a red notice from Bloomingdale's in the mailbox with her new married name and our address! Needless to say, there were fireworks. There's more to the story and it just gets crazier.

But back to new kit. I happened upon a designer resource by Daelman's Designs that was so cute, I had to have it. In part because it featured one of my favorite colors. So the idea for this kit was born. Here is your first zip:
I've left the pieces she designed with her original file labels.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Last of Little Sailors freebie

Nothing especially newsworthy happening here. Heat has soared and going outside is asking to be miserable. I'm now into day 5 of the 21 day meditation challenge called Desire & Destiny from Chopra Center. Is it helping my stress level? Maybe, sure isn't hurting. If you would like to learn to meditate for all its benefits, sign up at Chopra Center to be alerted to next challenge.

This is it for Little Sailors:

Hope you have enjoyed the kit and weren't too turned off by my digression into mental health issues.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Migraine free! & free templates

So far today is going along pretty well. No headache, hubby brought me cinnamon raisen biscuits for breakfast, and I've got laundry going. The nice thing about doing laundry is that once the laundry is loaded into the washer, you've got that 30 break when you can do something else, then back to washer and load clean clothes into dryer. That's another 60 minutes you can do something else. As for the folding, it goes quickly when you watch a little TV while doing it. Of course, you know all this, I'm just being grateful for our modern methods of cleaning clothes. Just think of what it used to be like with cauldrons of scalding water, lye soap, wash boards and so on.

Today I have a couple of templates I've made, loosely related to the kit.
Back to chores.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

So much for planning & freebie

We are experiencing some high heat and humidity here and I am trying to stay indoors as much as possible. Today wasn't a good day. Early on had a vague headache I attributed to sinuses and weather. Just puttered around, not really doing much. Mail did not bring refund from Lake Taylor Hospital, nor check from insurance company, or even notice that the surrender form for annuity was received. Just mortgage bill and gas bill.

Got a call from nursing home telling me that Dad wasn't feeling well. The nurse said she knew we were to take him about his hearing aid but every time she tried to get him up and dressed, he complained he was too tired and cold. He keeps the room fairly hot and bundles up. She said he was cold and pale and she had called in the doctor. More labs were taken on STAT request. I called and cancelled audiology appointment.

Vague headache began to move into migraine. I'd tried to get a refill of Maxalt (med for migraine) yesterday and was told it had to be ordered. So I just went to bed. While I was down, nurse called again and told hubby they were still waiting on labs. Dad hadn't wanted lunch but she persuaded him to eat some soup, telling him it might help him warm up. She mentioned something about an abnormality in the labs related to his heart that they are following up. They will keep me informed.

Meanwhile, hubby had gone for groceries and made barbeque so we had that for dinner. After dinner I finished Black Notice by Patricia Cornwell and came in to computer to do day 3 of the meditation challenge hosted by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. I'm a day behind but if tomorrow goes well, I can do day 4 in the morning and day 5 in the evening. It has been helping with relaxation.

Now here is today's zip:
Again, the "background" is actually an overlay.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Freebie - zip 20 of Little Sailors

Did you know I have a Facebook page under Sher Scraps 4 CU & Wonderland Scraps? Used it when I was selling in scrap stores and it is still there. I intend to go in and update with info abut the freebies here on the blog but rarely find time any more and nearly never get the info up at the beginning of a series. Will try to do better.

Had doctor's appointment today for routine blood work etc. About to go check on Dad but have to quickly move a bunch of files off my desktop to one of the hard drives. BIL is coming over this afternoon to look at a problem with hubby's computer and always takes a peek at mine. He would have a stroke looking at my desktop and warn hubby I'm heading for a crash and go on and on about how much stuff I have on my drives. I know he is right about the desktop because it's been slowing down but I tend to dump stuff there to sort through. I do get around to moving those files to where they belong but it's pretty bad right now.

Here is today's zip:
That "background" is really a coral overlay I used to make a paper earlier on. Thought you might want to have it to play with, use on another color background, change the coral color, whatever.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Another day, another task, another freebie

Another day begun with good intentions. I went to the bank to get more papers notarized to get Dad's affairs in order, then went to post office to send them off registered mail. On the way I began to feel a migraine coming on. The skies were getting terribly dark and wind picking up as a big storm headed our way. My plan was to leave the post office, head over to check on Dad, then stop in at grocery store on way home. But the storm was getting closer and my headache getting worse. The grocery store was closer to home so I stopped there to pick up supplies. As I was putting groceries in the car, it began to rain. Got home with pounding head and also symptoms of low blood sugar. Tabled plans to go back out. Put groceries away, got some protein and something for pain and waited a little to see if storm and/or headache would let up. Storm did, headache did not. I laid down for awhile. And that was the extent of my day. Had left-over chicken Parmesan and spaghetti for dinner and have just rested up since.

Not going to get on my soapbox today but did want to add another tip about dealing with depression. It's also helpful to people who have problems with anxiety or are just going through a stressful time. Write! It has been scientifically proven that journaling has both physical and mental benefits. Find a quiet place you won't be disturbed and write for a minimum of 20 minutes. Put pen or pencil to paper, start writing and don't stop. Don't worry about neatness, spelling and punctuation. Don't stop and read what you've written. Keep that pen moving and just write whatever comes to mind. The idea is to overcome your inner censor, that little voice that says, "Don't write that, don't tell that, what will people think?" and so on. This is for you! Look up freewriting or ask me about it. If you just go with the flow of your thoughts, you will be surprised at what you may discover. When you hit a snag and can't think of what to say next just write something like "I don't know what to say" or any other thing that keeps your pen moving. At the end of whatever time you have selected, put the piece away. Get up, make yourself a cup of tea, move about. Whatever. You should feel some relief if you have allowed yourself to write about whatever is bothering you. Wait maybe 15 minutes then go back and read what you wrote. You will likely find surprises. Perhaps you will find you wrote about something you didn't even know was bothering you. Or you might see where your thinking shows cognitive distortions that you can correct. You might even find an answer to a question. Seriously, this works! If you take up journaling on a regular basis (a great notion) don't fall into the trap of just noting what you did that day. Tackle your thoughts, problems or even just an issue that interests you. And if you decide to only keep a gratitude journal, don't go overboard and write generally about everything you are, or think you should be, grateful for. I believe it works best to just choose one or two things each day to make note of. And be specific. Generalities like, "I'm grateful for my husband" don't really mean much. Why are you grateful for him? Today? Example, "I'm so grateful my husband did the laundry today because I was exhausted." Big difference. Final note on this (at least for today lol) my thanks to Molly for her comments and understanding. And if anyone would like to comment with things that help them through rough spots, that would be great.

Little Sailors 19:
You will note there is another cap and it was left fairly large. Thought maybe someone would want these as photo props.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Open letter to "Want to be helpful" about depression

Dear "Want to be Helpful,"

I do believe your intentions are good and I appreciate the suggestions for improved nutrition, various natural supplements, and a closer relationship with God. Let's add to that recognizing and countering cognitive distortions, exercise for increased endorphins, meditation for it's many benefits, and the value of friendships and support networks. I could go on.

I understand the reasons you doubt the value of psychotropic drugs and talk therapy. Yes, I really do. I know that women are more often prescribed drugs for depression than are men. I know drug therapy is not always an answer. Believe it or not, I have done extensive academic research on depression, most of it before chronic depression became a personal companion. I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and a Master's degree in Sociology with emphasis on mental health issues. That might not mean much to you, but it should let you know can tell the difference between situational depression (the so called "common cold" of mental health) and depression caused by other factors.

Not only do I have an educational background that has informed me, I have a family history and genetic history that reinforces (I won't say proves) that the depression I suffer from is bio-chemical in origin. It is literally in my head (decreased neurotransmitters) and in my genes as there are 9 of us on my mother's side of the family who have been diagnosed with bio-chemical depression. May be more. The majority of that 9 also suffer from migraine headaches, another disorder related to low serotonin levels (a neurotransmitter).

That said, there is nothing wrong with your suggestions, other than the need to discuss supplements with your doctor, if you are taking medication for depression, in order to guard against possibly dangerous interactions. In fact, I don't know many people who couldn't benefit from improving their nutrition. As for God, personally She/He is important to me. I attempt to meditate but my mind is overactive and stillness is hard to come by. My family and friends mean so much to me and I try to walk a fine line between calling on them when I'm blue and keeping it to myself as much as possible. I have repeatedly tried to come off my antidepressants and, having followed all the protocols, reached the point where it was clear I cannot do without that help for more than a few days at a time. I refuse to be embarrassed about it. Taking my antidepressant is no different that taking an antibiotic for an infection or a diabetic taking insulin. Please learn more about this and reconsider your position and advice to those in need.

Here are some practical, non-medical suggestions you can offer to family and friends who are depressed:
1) Stop feeling guilty. You feel what you feel and denying it or beating yourself up over it will not help.
2) Buy some 3"x 5" index cards. On really bad days when you have to drag yourself out of bed, jot down things you do. All the "little" stuff matters. Write down that you got out of bed, washed up, dressed, and whatever else you do. Eating meals counts. The idea is that at the end of the day, before you go back to bed, you don't want to bash yourself for not having done anything. Look at your card and give yourself credit for whatever you accomplished. Didn't get your chores done? But you did get out of bed, dressed, had meals and that alone was hard, wasn't it? Add something to your next list.
3) Your usual pleasures may not interest you when you are really down. Try to find a thing or two you can do that distracts you and that you can push yourself to do on bad days. For me it is reading and Photoshop. Once I start with either it might be slow going but next thing I know I'm distracted. (I use these for pain management too).
4) Learn about cognitive distortions. You don't have to see a therapist for this. You know that mental "talking" you do in your head? Cognitive distortions are negative self-talk telling you things that aren't true and they will increase depression and lower self-esteem.. Check out these links for useful information on types of cognitive distortions and how you an correct theme.

It might sound simplistic but when you're down and you start noticing negative self-talk, the sooner you can correct it, the better off you will be. Don't let it escalate.

For good information on depression, visit the website for the National Institute of Mental Health:

And remember, if someone has symptoms of depression more than two weeks, it is time to seek professional help.

Healing hugs,

Monday and freebie

I have procrastinated for hours! Did call the audiologist and learned we will have to take Dad in Thursday afternoon to get new ear mold made for hearing aid. And because it will be late when we leave, must stop somewhere to get him dinner. That part will make him happy because he won't have to eat nursing home food but not us so much as Dad's idea of eating out will be something like McDonald's or, at best, Captain D's. Got to be done though.

Quick post here of zip 18 Little Sailors:
That's a huge shell in the preview. I left it large so you could use it as a journal spot if you'd like, or just reduce it for an element.

And I'm off to the bank for a notary so I can send in request for Dad's annuity. Hope you are having a great day.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Friday adventure and freebies

For some time now my husband and I have been talking about getting out of town for a day or two. The original plan was to do this for our anniversary but that didn't work out. Thursday night hubby suggested we take off Friday morning and go on a day trip to the new MGM casino that opened 12/2016 in Oxen Hill Maryland. He showed me photos and told me Google maps said it was about 3 hours away. We could go up and look around, play penny slots for a few hours, have a nice dinner then drive home. It would be my Highlander's first long trip. So we left a little before 10:00 a.m.!1s0x89b7ba8737cdc2a5:0xbe52c6329d110f58!2m22!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i20!16m16!1b1!2m2!1m1!1e1!2m2!1m1!1e3!2m2!1m1!1e5!2m2!1m1!1e4!2m2!1m1!1e6!3m1!7e115!4s!5smgm+national+harbor+-+Google+Search&imagekey=!1e3!2s-QnEknx0SFIo/WHf2JRXg9uI/AAAAAAAAAIg/rFvDLrQgQNQ1yQw56KFHnJNbSXXU8Tn9wCLIB&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi4-qGlmY7VAhVqylQKHTelCUIQoioIlgEwEg

We stopped somewhere at a Wendy's on the way for lunch. So add in 30 minutes to travel time. The route called for I-95, beltways I-295 and I-495. 95 is always busy but we figured Friday, early, no problem. Wrong! It took about 6 hours. $25 for valet parking (which did save us a huge walk.) We wandered around the casino complex and played penny slots for less than two hours. Not too many shops open there yet and all geared to the rich like Rolex and Sarah Jessica Parker's impossible stilettos. We agreed there was no way we were going back by 95 and crawl in traffic for hours. We would go back down Rt 13 through Eastern Shore, stop somewhere nice for dinner, and maybe stop in at over Downs or Harrington to play slots again for an hour or two. Little did we know what we would have to do to get over to 301/13! Back on one of the 95s toward Baltimore to pick up routes south-east. More crawling in traffic and detours. It was taking forever! We got stuck on interstate with no place to get off for food as planned. Finally, a little after 8 p.m. we spotted a sign for a Taco Bell in some little place. Not exactly food we want to be eating that time of night but hubby's blood sugar was dropping so it had to do.

Not long past Annapolis MD we started seeing lightening and it rained sporadically. The further south east we went, the more the sky lit up and heavier rain set in. The lightening was amazingly brilliant. It was like watching some kind of light show at a distance. At times, it was like strobe lights. By the time we got to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, we were in the thick of the storm with lightening and heavy rain all around us. The high wind warnings were up on the CBBT but we were allowed to go ahead after being warned to go more slowly. Looking ahead to the direction of the storm center, we both wondered if our house would still be standing because there were lots of lightening strikes. Coming off the CBBT on the homeward stretch down Shore Dr., we had to ride in the center of the two lane road due to standing water, but since it was after midnight, there wasn't much traffic and everyone out was doing much the same thing. Fortunately, the house was okay and electricity still on when we walked in a little after 2:00 a.m. That's right, 2 a.m. Saturday! Took awhile for us to unwind before we could go to bed, muscles aching from tension and sitting in same positions too long. Easy decision to hibernate yesterday. ATt least we came home with all the money we'd taken with us plus about $200.00 more, some of which went to food and parking fees.

And now you know why I haven't posted until now. One more bit of news. When I talked to Dad yesterday I learned he had dropped his hearing aide and it broke in half. Did you know that Medicare does not cover hearing aides? Can't remember how long he has had this one but I think at the time it cost something like $4,500.00! Got to work it out to get him another.




Thursday, July 13, 2017

Swelling Dad and freebie

Just spent about an hour on the phone with Dad. Had 3 calls earlier from the nursing home to let me know about changes in his meds because he once again has a lot of fluid buildup. We had been noticing this over the last week and wondering if he was headed for another trip to the hospital. When the abdomen fills with fluid it puts pressure on the lungs and heart. Once again he is being given increased Lasix (a diuretic) and increased potassium. They are following up with CBC, tests on liver etc. And also treating his seasonal allergies. He isn't happy about testing, thinks it is a waste of time. More complaints about food, too much chicken on menu and he doesn't eat that so gets some kind of substitute and that isn't to his liking either. I feel helpless as I can't do anything better.

Yesterday I went to Lake Taylor Hospital to inquire about the refund face to face as the legal assistant suggested. (She also told me that it was typical for such refunds to take a long time.) Tomorrow have to go by my bank to get a surrender form notarized. Got to request surrender of Dad's annuity as part of spend down before Medicade application. Waiting on check from life insurance we surrendered. Legal assistant is predicting it will be about October before I have to put house up for sale. There is just so much financial stuff to deal with, it is no wonder I'm getting headaches again.

So today zip 15 of Little Sailors. Think you will like this one with a paper to represent decking, a cluster, couple of decos and another little sailor:
Many thanks for the sweet comments. I am happy you are enjoying this kit.

Sending prayers out to our friend, Kristi and her family as her father is going through major health issues. It is so hard to watch those you love suffer and not be able to do much about it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Same old stuff & freebie

Hot as blazes here today and I had running to do related to Dad mostly. By the time I got in, I was short of breath. But rested up a little and made chicken pot pie with leftover rotisserie chicken. And that seems to be about all I'm accomplishing today.

Here is today's zip of Little Sailors:

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Quick post for freebie

Lots I'd better get doing after a lazy morning. so here is today's freebie:

Monday, July 10, 2017

Another Monday, another freebie

Took Dad to dermatologist today about possible skin cancer on ear and nose. Doc just froze places on ear and one place on nose. Did a little biopsy on the place near end of nose. Back to nursing home through heat and humidity that made it hard to breathe.
Today's zip of Little Sailors is bright:

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Another free zip of Little Sailors

Did I tell you your comments make me smile? They do and I thank you.

Rrecommendation & freebie

Did you know that between 1854 and 1929 thousands of abandoned, homeless and orphaned children were transported by trains to find new homes in the US and Canada? I'd like to recommend a novel by Christine Baker Kline that is well researched and addresses the so-called Orphan Trains. Kline does an excellent job of weaving together the story of a present day teenager in foster care with the story of an elderly woman, an Irish immigrant, who was an orphan train rider. They meet when the girl must do community service hours to avoid going to a juvenile detention center. The results of this meeting will warm your heart.
And if you'd like to learn more about the Orphan trains go here:

Yes, once again I ran into the next day before getting around to posting. Yesterday I had some chores to do for Dad and a list of calls to make. One call was to my brother. He is not doing any better and his son is trying to convince him to go to the Mayo Clinic - which ever one specializes in neurology (I forget which). It means a long trip which is difficult enough in my brother's condition but also lots of expense. However, his son and DIL have said they will pay for him to go. My nephew is in a financial position to do this with ease but of course Thom is uncomfortable with depending on their generosity. We talked about not only his health but also Dad's. I was able to tell him that Dad hasn't had another stroke recently and his mental state seems better. Yesterday I noticed that Dad's feet were badly swollen so I'm wondering how long it will be before he makes another trip to the ER for congestive heart failure. First time was March then again in May. Will this be every few months until his kidneys and/or heart just give out? I spoke with Thom about the need to go ahead with plans to sell Dad's house. I just can't see Thom ever getting to a point to come back and help me decide what to keep and what to sell so told him to send me a list of those things he knows he would like to have.

After that conversation I had the blues, as you might imagine. My brother is 8 years younger than me and it seems his health is on par with or worse than Dad's. While I have health issues of my own, right now my physial health is pretty good. My husband reminded me that there is no point getting upset about things I have no control over but I still feel disturbed. Anyway, we decided to take a brief trip out to the craft store so I could pick up another skein of yarn to finish the afghan I'm working on for Dad and get a frame for Tyler's graduation photo. From there we stopped in at Route 58 Deli for hot pastrami sandwiches, potato knish, egg cream for him and Dr. Brown's cream soda for me.

Once home time kind of got away from me, so I didn't get post in on Friday. Here is that zip of Little Sailors:
and link:
I promise I will be back later today to post zip 11.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Happy Anniversary to us! Freebie

Today it is 21 years since I married my high school sweetheart. We plan to celebrate our anniversary next week due to doctor appointments etc. etc. Don't know yet where we will be going or for how long, just need a change of pace.

Sorry about missing post yesterday. We had our grand-daughter, Larkin most of the day. Took her to see Despicable Me 3 which was a cute movie. I love that Agnes character! After the movie, full of popcorn and cherry slushie, we came back to the house so hubby could get some lunch. He isn't into buttered popcorn. Can you imagine? Lol. Larkin and I didn't want any lunch just some playtime for her and nap for me. The child is a bundle of energy and very loving and clingy. I got a little sleep before Miss Bouncy Bouncy came in to wake me up because her Papa was busy cooking one of her favorite meals - liver and onions in gravy over rice. I can barely tolerate the smell.

Larkin did not pass first grade. She does well in math and science but is resistant to reading and language arts. Now words are my thing so I'm trying to convince her that learning to read is worthwhile. We worked through about half a pack of phonetic cards before she lost focus. But we came to an agreement. If she wants to stay over a night or two here and there this summer, she will work on reading with me. I also want to help her be more articulate. She can be when she wants to make a point, but because so little is expected of her at home, she doesn't bother most of the time. It was getting late by the time we took Larkin home and we were too tired to do much of anything except sit in front of the TV watching Criminal Minds and veg out. Although Spencer's mother has paranoid schizophrenia and Alzheimer's and is much worse off than my father, I could sure relate to his emotions about being caregiver.

Anyway, here is yesterday's zip:

And one for today:

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Independence Day! Little Sailors freebie & more

I'm writing this late on 7/3 and already neighbors are lighting off rockets to celebrate the 4th of July. Tomorrow night the sky will be filled with fireworks and there will be popping noises all around. Happy Birthday USA! To celebrate, I'm giving you a little patriotic add-on to Little Sailors. Be sure you get all the zips.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Are you having a good holiday weekend? & freebie

Just past midnight here & I'll be going off to bed but thought I'd first go ahead and post for Monday. Are you doing anything fun this holiday weekend? We aren't. Felt a little better yesterday so went over to Dad's house to pick up the car keys, thought I'd try stating the car and if it is running okay, go ahead and bring it over here. We'd get it washed up and cleaned out and put a for sale sign on it. Since we live on a main street it should sell quickly. Found the key ring Dad uses for house and car keys. Wasn't surprised to find house key missing - know my brother has it with him because he thought he'd be back soon. No car keys! So I suppose he took those with him too and that isn't good since I have no idea when or if he'll be back. Collected some lotion Dad wanted and went over to see him. It was hot and humid out and he had cut off the AC in his room and was enjoying the heat. Couldn't stay long because the heat was bringing back my headache and nausea. Oh well. Sorted through some paperwork here and did some laundry. Played in PhotoShop and another day is gone.

Today's zip of Little Sailors:

There will be a post on Independence Day. In fact, there will be a patriotic add-on to Little Sailors, so be sure to check in.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Flu? and freebie

Have been feeling bad since yesterday - headache, nausea, achy. Sort of flu like so once I got to sleep this morning, I slept as long as possible.

But I do have another zip of Little Sailors for you:
See you again on Monday.