Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forever - a kit by GT Designs

Discovered a new designer at Sunflower Scraps Boutique. Actually two, since GT designs is a team effort. I believe the ladies are French. What I know for certain is that they produce some lovely kits.

Let me show you what I did with Forever, the kit found here:

The layout above uses photos of Nichole's wedding (daughter of a friend). I re-colored Nichole's red roses because I thought her photos would look so pretty in this layout lol.

This one uses a photo from my wedding.

Urgent News! Fellow Designer In Need of Help

I'm sure most scrappers know Aneta aka SweetMade and most of you know I've been on her CT for a few years now. About a month or so ago Aneta told us that she and hubby were selling everything and preparing to move their family from Washington state. I just learned that the move to Georgia where they hoped to provide a better life for their three children has gone horribly wrong. Aneta has written about a lot of this on her Facebook page and has given me permission to tell you her story as the family is in dire straits so pride must be put aside.

Without going into specifics I'll say that their plan to move in with family has not worked out. They know no one else in the area at all and find themselves without home or resources. Although Aneta did not say and I did not ask, I do not believe her husband had yet found work in the area either. Many of us with homes and jobs are struggling in this economy; can you imagine what it must be like to be without either? And with 3 children to depend upon you!

Aneta has set her entire store at 50% off (and I noticed many things are less than that) so please stop by SweetMade Inc:
And see if you can't treat yourself to a cute whimsical kit or perhaps some excellent designer resources at a real bargain price. You'll be helping out a fellow designer when you do.

Also, Sweet just let me know about a huge CU bundle she has at Divine & CU.com that you might want to check out:

Anything at all you can do will be a help. And please include Aneta and her family in your prayers.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2fabulous tags made for me!

Carol created this using the Vintage Vixen kit Soft Spring which you can find here:
Isn't it pretty? Please visit Carol here and see more of her wonderful work:

And here's one that LadyHawke created with my part of the Sunflower Scrap Boutique April collaborative kit, April Showers found here:

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Kit from Sweetmade!

Sweetmade has a cute new kit out called Sweet Things

YOu can find it here:

Feathers In The Wind

Have to show you an adorable new kit I've been working with. Feathers In The Wind is by Joyfully Yours, Susannah at Sunflower Scrap Boutique. It's the first time I've seen Susannah's work and the colors in this kit are just so appealing! The blue-greens and browns are soothing and along with the birds make me think of early spring and all the young new things like flowers, baby birds, and babies.
You can find this kit here:

The sweet little guys featured are from ShutterStock

Monday, April 5, 2010

My first tag tutorial

It seems most taggers use PSP but I'm a Photoshop user and created this tag in PS Elements 4.0 so please bear with me. I think those who use PSP will be able to make use of this too, adapting to their program, as it's an easy one.

This tag was created for Manda of Manda'z Dazzling Dezignz at Sunflower Scraps Boutique.
Victorian Blue tagger kit by Manda's Dezignz. You can purchase this sweet kit here:
Elegant Mask v2-5 by Emily Giovanni. You can find this here:
Font: CAC Champagne which you can find here:

1) Open the mask and resize (keeping proportions) to 2.5 h by 2.457
2) Open paper 26 from Victorian Blue and position over mask. Group together, then merge.
3) Appy grid to help you position elements if you wish.
4) Open flower 1 from Victorian Blue and resize to 1". Position this on the left side of background at the second inch down. Apply light shadow.
5) Open flower 16 from Victorian Blue and resize to 1.667" Apply over flower 1 and to right as in photo. Apply light shadow.
6) Open bow and charm 1 from Victorian Blue and position at top left. Apply light shadow.
7) Open butterfly 2. Reverse it so that it faces left and resize to approximately 3/4" Position to right of flower 16 and apply light shadow.
8) Set your font color to #7991a3 and selcet Chamagne font. Type name of choice and add as shown.
9) Merge all layers and your tag is ready.

Great Sales

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope that all who celebrate Easter had a happy one. It was a busy weekend here and I just got to the computer maybe an hour and a half ago. Friday our future son-in-law, Denny, came over in the afternoon to cut the grass, trim the yard, and start pulling up the old garden. It looked like a jungle out there because of all the recent rain and Denny being delayed coming over to cut the grass. Hubby just can't do it anymore because of swelling in his feet and lower legs. And because of nerve damage from bad discs in my neck and fibro, I don't have the upper body strength to do it either. I managed to get my potato salad for today made in advance but that was about it. Thought I'd finish the rest of the cooking except for the ham and rolls on Saturday. Boy was I wrong! BIL came over to complete the patch work on the living room ceiling and put up the blinds in the bay window. Hurrah! finally no more paper in the windows! What I didn't expect is that he's be ready to start the next project which is creating a huge built in bookcase for me. So while he and hubby went to buy wood and whatever else, I had to unload and love two short bookcase plus all the nick-knacks sitting on them and my standing shelves for Precious Moments figures and other stuff. Wore me out! (Okay, doesn't take much lol) Next thing I knew they were back and Denny was coming in to do tilling in the garden and all three guys wanted to know when I was getting lunch. So I cheated and called Pizza Hut. I seriously needed a nap. But when hubby and Denny went out to till our garden and do our friend's, BIL decided he should discuss the bookcases with me. So there I was listening to his suggestions while he checked the walls for straightness and sized everything up. Of course the walls aren't straight nor corners squared but he assured me this happens all the time. Unfortunately, since he considered me intelligent, he went into detail about how contractors and cabinetmakers make adjustments. I could barely keep my eyes open. And really, in the end, I'm going to trust his judgment on everything because it's his specialty, not mine, ya know?

Hubby got back from working with Denny and wanted to know what was for supper. I was so tired, I could have cried. I told him I needed to put my head down - just for a few minutes - which he knew wouldn't be the case, but he just shrugged and let me walk down the hall as fast as my feet would carry me. I crashed and woke up about 5 hours later. I managed to bake and frost the birthday cake for my father then went back to bed. So I hustled today to get everything ready for our Easter & belated birthday dinner. So what the potato salad wasn't as good as usual and Dad thought the glaze made the ham too sweet? So what I'm too exhausted to do much more than play on the computer before bed. Dad enjoyed his cake and I enjoyed having him and June here. He was 81 on 4/2 and although he's in fine health overall, who knows how much longer I'll have him? I had a nice evening with Dad and can see real progress in the living room so I'm calling it a good weekend.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grand Opening for Sunflower Scraps Boutique

This is where Echo (Echo's Scraps) & I (D'Ambrosio Arts) moved our shops after Digital Designer Den closed. Also the Vintage Vixen line which we collaborate on. Please stop by and check out the awesome sales everyone is having.

BTW there's a free Easter QP for you in the store.

Icicles by Wacky Winnie Designz

Here's a cute kit that's good for wintery layouts but also perfect for other occassions.

Here are some children playing in the snow scrapped with Icicles:

And look how perfect Icicles is for scrapping this photo of me and my newborn son (he was born in Decemeber so the icy blue is perfect!):