Thursday, May 30, 2019

Last of Looking For Spring freebie

Thursday already? Trying to do a little more of normal chores. Here's a visual discription of yesterday:
Recognize the stuff from "Chick Thing"? Today it has been 3 loads of laundry and hubby cooking dinner. Tomorrow?


Have an idea of what I'm doing next but it is coming together slowly so might do a couple little things first. Let's see what Saturday brings.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Looking For spring freebie

Some good news from pulmonologist. My lungs are mostly clear with just one area in upper left lung sounding of congestion. All this furious coughing until I see spots? A Reaction response or something like that. That is, my body having been stressed for such a long time, it's still trying to clear bronchial tubes but keeping the swelling from subsiding. I'm on 2 steriods for next two weeks until follow-up. One is a low dose prednisone pill, the other an inhaler to use every 12 hours. Of course, this means it's pretty well shutting down my immune system so I should stay home and away from others. Also, as many of you know, prenesone interferes with sleep, causes sweats and so on.

Anyway, here is zip 3:

Hope you have a nice weekend. See you Tuesday!

Friday, May 24, 2019

Monday, May 20, 2019

Another update & news of coming freebie

Went for ultrasound of liver nurse scheduled only to learn she had mis-spoke. It was an abdominal CT. Which showed only "fatty liver" which is pretty common and only "cured" by losing weight. Still sound terrible and am exhausted but not quite as much as last week. Will see pulmonologist on Friday. This is my page for today:
Used elements from Enigmatic by AK Art.

In meantime I pulled a random swatch from my color swatch files:
Have been playing with it here and there and put together something I called Looking For Spring. Yes, I know it is already here and we are moving towards summer, but that's what the colors suggested. There will be 5 zips startiing Tuesday. The zips include elements and papers, one template, stacked papers, a mask, and some quickpages.

See you Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Correction & update

Someone said she couldn't get zip 25 of Art Nouveau to work. I'm not up to being at computer much yet so didn't go back to original post. Instead, I just uploaded that zip again. Here is new link:

I'm sorry I don't have anything new for you but I am still very exhausted and only up for a few houyrs at a time. What with trying to eat a little something, take meds, and spend some time with my husband, it doesn't leave much for designing. Results of last week's tests showed no pneumonia after all, but high liver enzymes. Which means the pain on my right is related to a swollen liver. I'm supposed to go back to doctor tomorrow for more bloodwork so he can determine what's going on with the liver. Meanwhile, I woke about 5am today with pain in left side under ribs. Seemed to be some sort of swelling there too so I whacked my brain to remember my anatomy classes and think my spleen is enlarged too. A little scary but there are some fairly simple reasons for these things as well as some serious ones. No point getting disturbed until I know more. I do want answers! My breathing is better although I still have a rough, dry cough. And today I finish the second antibiotic round. My husband and I have discussed all this. He has jumped to the conclusion that our doctor doesn't know what he's doing and I should be fine by now. But medicine is still more art than science and I believe my doctor's actions have been reasonable. Still, I agreed that if the left side pain comes back as it was when it woke me, I will go on to the ER. I am so eager to be back to what is "normal" for me so I can get the house clean and move on to doing things I want to do. My husband has been great about keeping the kitchen up, shopping and making sure I get some sort of nutrients, whatever I can handle. But he's got health problems too including bad neuropathy in his feet and there are many things he just can't do. Refusing to let those things bother me too much; we will manage and get things back on track once we get me straight.

Hope you all are doing well. Don't give up on me. I enjoy designing and sharing my work with you.