Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Quick update

Arrived home on 4/13. 4/12 we drove 12 hrs from GA (bad weather & misdirections from Wanda). 12 hrs of Wanda coughing constantly until she was exhausted then a few minutes of silence while she slept. She had gotten sick several days ago - just not feeling well and with seasonal allergy symptoms. She thought. I spent the night in Amelia with sandy at her daughter's house feeling exhausted and a little dizsy - like blocked ear. By the time I got home on 4/13 I had to go straight to bed. I too thought just a sinus thing. And in a way, it was. Did all I knew to clear it up but it got worse and worse. Felt like my head had a swarm of bees in it that I could hear every time I breathed. Then the wheezing began and heaviness in chest. Saw doc this past Monday and was told severe sinus infection and bronchitis. On antibiotics and prednesone every 6 hours. Not a great deal of improvement so far. First day I could be at computer this week and only to check bill payment. Don't know when I'll be back.

Hope you enjoyed Spring Bunnies and had a good Easter.