Saturday, April 7, 2018

Gloomy Saturday but I have a freebie

Overcast here with light rain on and off. Had trouble sleeping last night. I'm a restless sleeper and when I'd go to switch sides I had some dizziness. Beginning to wonder if this has been the flu or is a sinus/ear infection. Going to try to flush my sinuses with a solution an ENT gave me recipe for back when son was having lots of sinus infections. And try a little heat. If still lingering Monday will get in to see my doc.
Today's zip of Deco Divas is in blues and silver. One of the papers is based on a floral fabric from the period. I find many of the textiles made for clothing of that period to be garish with large abstract shapes and odd (to me) color combinations. Couldn't find the examples I wanted but this will give you an idea.
Lots of purples and oranges found. Now the feedsack fabrics of the period, which you often see in quilts are cute, I think.
To complete today's zip there is a ribbon and bow in grey/silver, a silver silhouette and a bead border.

Was thinking about what Kristi said about Downton Abbey, which I've only seen clips of. That series took you from Edwardian period up into 1920s or 1930s didn't it? The stills I've seen show lovely costumes. I'm going to have to find and rent the series because it all looks so beautiful and then there is Dame Maggie Smith whose performances are legend.

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