Wednesday, November 30, 2016

December 2016 Goal Pages freebie

Here is your goal set for December:

Would you like to have monthly goal pagess for next year?

The latest here at home and freebie

We were all settled down for a little relaxation last night when the dishwasher began making a screechy noise. When I went in to check it, I found the kitchen floor flooding. We tried everything to shut it off - going to the fuse box to disconnect it (tried all and couldn't find one that cut it off), turning the control knob (first tried), yada yada. Used all the towels in the linen closet and hot water kept flowing into the dishwasher and onto the floor. Finally, hubby went out to the garage and cut the valve to the water heater. I had to wring out all the towels and dump them in tow plastic bins to be washed later. Then I had to pull out all the dishes and pile them in the sink so the dishwasher would be empty when BIL came over today to try to figure out the problem. Of course, with no hot water, I couldn't wash the towels, wash the dishes, or take a shower to shampoo my oily hair. Was not going to shower in cold water. BIL is here now, checking it out now. Thing is old so we will probably have to buy a new one.

Anyway, here is today's zip:

Will try to get December goal page set up later.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Another free zip of Women Who Wear Black

Got some shopping done today and visited the dentist. Last week I noticed an irritation of my gum but over the weekend I realized I had an abscess. Sure enough, x-rays confirmed that and it is near a tooth that has a real long root bringing it up against my sinuses. The dentist was amazed I didn't complain of a lot of pain, just discomfort. Got an Rx for penicillin and and anti-inflammatory. We're hoping it will go away, otherwise once the infection has cleared, it will be a visit to an endodontist for root canal and new crown.

What is more dramatic, more eye-catching than the combination of red and black? All black makes a dramatic fashion statement but that pop of red adds pazazz.

Gave it once last try - new freebie

At last, the Monday freebie (late). This will have a brief run. Women Who Wear Black:

Monday Monday

I have been trying iff and on this past hour and a half to post but am having trouble with connection. Will post 2 zips tomorrow if all is working again.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday -freebies for Fri & today

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. I apologize for not getting a freebie up yesterday. Had thought I'd post after grand-daughter went to bed, but by then I was too tired and hurting too much to get to computer. Not long after dinner on Thanksgiving, my back went into spasms and the muscle relaxer I took didn't do much. We had promised to take grand-daughter, Larkin, to see the Trolls movie on Friday. I went as planned but it was a long boring thing to sit through. She enjoyed it, however. By the time we got home and had our evening meal of left-overs, I was pretty well done in. And Larkin started to have sniffles and sneezes at bedtime. Today she didn't feel good and I started her on a pediatric antihistamine and let her stay in pjs all day. She and hubby were disappointed to not be able to go to Bluegrass tonight. With all her hugging and in the face behavior, I just hope I don't come down with whatever she has.

Here is the zip that should have gone up yesterday:

And today's zip, a couple of stacked papers:

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving & freebie

Scheduling ahead of time so when you read this it will be Thanksgiving. Hope you have a happy holiday with family and friends. In the midst of all the preparations and feasting, do take time to count your blessings and be grateful. Certainly a great day to devote a page in your journal to noting all you are grateful for.

Today's freebie:

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tired & freebie

If I wasn't so behind on cleaning, Thanksgiving preparations sure would be easier! The vacuuming is hard for me, setting off pains in neck, shoulders and hips. I'd almost rather clean bathrooms. Got about half of what I'd planned done yesterday so Wednesday morning means more cleaning. Hubby is planning to rest up during the day and do his share of cooking starting around 9:00 P.M. into next morning. He's been roasting the turkey for years now and making his special sweet potato casserole. And he will peel and cut potatoes for potato salad and chop vegetables, so he is a big help. I'd be looking forward to Friday when all is done and meals just mean re-heating. However, with Larkin here until late Saturday night, there won't be much rest for the weary. Gee, I wish I had her energy. On the other hand, the unconditional love she gives out is so uplifting.

Today's zip:

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Another trip to grocery, more cleaning, a freebie - whew!

What I thought would be a quick run was not. I'm getting fed up with the changes at the Neighborhood Walmart down the street. They did some remodeling and moved everything around. Added more "scan it and go" counters and I have to agree wit h my father on those. Sometimes it is convenient when the store is real busy and you only have a few items. However, it cuts out a cashier job and you have to scan and bag for yourself. Walmart saves money with this feature; you don't. Today they had only one regular cashier and I didn't want to mess with the self serve counter. I also do not appreciate the move of all the alcohol to the front. I don't have anything against drinking alcohol so long as it is in moderation. But I think this placement encourages people to pick up beer or wine when they might not otherwise. And it sends a message to children that alcohol must be important because it's just about the first thing you see. Also the little store was out of an item I especially wanted - Patti La Belle's sweet potato pies. They are so good! I usually make my own pumpkin pies, which have more spice than most store bought pies, but this year I don't want the extra chore. My husband and I love Patti's pie and since Dad likes sweet potato pie too, I decided she could help me eliminate one chore. Had to go to the nearest big Walmart where, thankfully, I was able to get the pies and a few other things I needed. Had planned to stop at Dollar tree on the way home to pick up some gift boxes but was too tired. It can wait for another day.

Today is zip 27 of Deco Dazzle:

To those who may not be enjoying this kit, hang in there. Other themes will come along and if you are hoping for something in particular, don't be shy about asking.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Red Hats, Red Lobster, the red of the new Salvation Army Thrift store and freebie

Just got home about 30 minutes ago. Met with my Red Hat group at Red Lobster for our November luncheon. Only 5 of us today but still nice. On way home my friend, Mary, told me a new Salvation Army Thrift Store opened in the shopping center near her house. Since she had promised to cook for her grandson tonight, we hadn't done our usual stop to shop on way home. (We usually visit thrift stores and craft stores.) So, after I dropped her off at home, I swung into the shopping center and went for a look. The new store has been set up nicely and I met the manager, nice man, who alerted me to when they have 50% off sales. I poked around a little, hoping to find something a little fancy to wear to the Snowball Express next month. Came across a red satin with black print, Chinese tunic thingy - long with slits up both sides to wear over black pants or leggings. $7. Certainly not traditional Christmas garb, but the price is right and if it fits well, I might actually wear it somewhere else. I've got a round, red sequined fascinator base, some white "fur" trim and a white bird that I'm going to make a fascinator with. Will it go with Chinese outfit? Don't know; but I don't have excess funds to buy or make fancy clothes and hats for these events, so just wing it.

Today I have more of the light rose color:
One paper, beads, ribbon flower, and that small fan shaped frame I'd mentioned previously.
Looks like I have 4 more zips of the Deco Dazzle plus a bunch of elements in the colors that might just go in a mixed bag zip.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I sure am not! Tomorrow while hubby takes grand-daughter and her mother to doctor, I'll be busy cleaning. Wednesday will be a cooking marathon. Looks like Larkin will be staying with us over the weekend so I've got to find hiding places for the Christmas gifts we've purchased, and find some energy. Might try to take her to see Trolls on Friday but it's going to be a mad house out there with shoppers. Saturday, there is a Bluegrass concert my husband might take her to. The two of them enjoy the music; not my thing. Once the weekend is past, we've got a bunch of doctor appointments, more shopping to do and prepare for early Christmas with Jeremy and Berkeley on 22-23rd. Have to say, I am already looking forward to January and relative calm.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

As promised . . . Hollomon Chili recipe

I re scrapped the chili page to correct an error. This is an 8" x 8" page. I found that you can often find inexpensive 8 inch albums at Big Lots and other stores and it is a good size to keep in the kitchen. Personalized cookbooks featuring family favorites make a great gift - think newly weds, college students, young people living on their own for the first time. Teach them to cook something delicious and nutritious. Now, if any of our group wants to scrap a favorite recipe to share, let's stick to 8 inch size (even if it has to be a 2 page spread). For those interested, you can either host your own link or, if you prefer, we can arrange for shared recipes to be sent to me and I'll host them from my Dropbox account. Personally, I'd love to learn what your favorite recipes are and try something new.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday, holiday planning, and freebie

Short post. Had a nice early Thanksgiving dinner today with my husband's former co-workers at the Union Hall. Good food and nice people. Just got off phone with my son, clarifying holiday plans. Was a little worried that they were coming all the way from Pennsylvania to spend a few hours here then get back on the road to go to Richmond to see our new DIL's family and the family of dear friends who had hosted son's wedding in Nags Head in June. He grew up with the 3 boys, all of whom will be home for Christmas with their spouses. The parents have always treated my Jeremy as one of their own and are such wonderful people. Anyway, turns out my kids will be here about a day and a half with us, then whirlwind visits with the others before going home. So we will have an early Christmas dinner here. Just hearing my son's voice makes me feel so good!

Today I have some borders for Deco Dazzle:
In the zip is also the gray ribbon without decoration. To come I have a frame that goes with the fan border. The gold border inside is fine so is a little tricky to move. I recommend zooming in on it to be able to grab onto it. It's subtle but can dress up a page.

Kristy asked if I would share my chili recipe and I will be happy to do so. A couple years back I scrapped some favorite recipes as 8" x 8" pages and made a recipe book for Jeremy's bride. Trying to put my hands on the chili page and should be able to post it tomorrow. Meanwhile, here is a seasonal recipe you might enjoy. My son loves this pumpkin bread which is very moist and likes to eat it for breakfast with cream cheese. I scrapped this particular page in haste that Christmas so not my best work.

One Christmas, in one of the stores (now defunct) that I co-owned, we did a collaborative Christmas freebie where each designer scrapped a favorite holiday recipe. It was a lot of fun and something you could try with your scrapping friends. Enjoy!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday freebie

One big cleaning job done yesterday but so much more to go. Ran errands today while hubby baked pumpkin cakes for his union's Thanksgiving (early) dinner tomorrow. Present employees of the transit company, retirees and their spouses will be there. At least I don't have to worry about cooking tomorrow. We did get a little Christmas shopping taken care of yesterday. Love internet shopping!

Next week is shaping up to be a mess with doctor appointments, Red Hat luncheon, Thanksgiving and perhaps a prolonged visit from grand-daughter. Love our little Larken but she is a bundle of energy and will have me worn out by the time we take her back to her mother.

So, what is for today? A couple of stacked papers.
Got to run; lots to be done.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Info - http vs https

You may already know this but just in case you don't, let me tell you about change from http: [blog name} to https. Whenever you try to access my blog, or any other google blog, you may get a redirect. A change to a blogger address that begins https: etc instead of http is a security measure. It means that when you access my blog it is now an encrypted connection. The advantages are that no one can steal your information or make changes to mine. Even if you key or use a shortcut to my old http address, you will be redirected to the encrypted version. Other than creating a more secure connection for all of us, there is no other difference.

Doing some long neglected cleaning and have a freebie for you

Yes, it's true - being able to have coffee again has improved my husband's mood. He even got dressed and went out to get a new aerator for the kitchen faucet. Funny how the little things you need to do around a house add up quickly. I'm taking a break in cleaning to post. Today I have two target areas I am determined to get in shape and will make chili for dinner. Doctor said my husband can have tomato products in moderation and the chili I make is mild enough. The recipe came from a lady who used to cook for Norfolk General Hospital. No, it's not as bland as that makes it sound. It's very tasty and is a recipe we used to make big batches of for telephone company charity events. Usually my husband adds hot sauce and enjoys several bowls of this. He has promised to add no hot sauce or jalapeno peppers, and eat just one moderate size bowl with lots of crackers and no cheese topping. He is desperate for something that has taste.

I'm very pleased with today's zip of Deco Dazzle and hope you will like it too. My parents were born in the 30's and my father is a big car buff; I thought about him while I created this. Of course, he was too young in the 30s to ever wear a straw boater and bowtie, but they are appropriate for the era we're working with.


By now you probably think art deco is my favorite art period, right? Not so. I prefer art nouveau with it's swirly lines, but that is for another day. (Have I done that for you already?) I just tend to get carried away with a project, thinking, Oh, it needs . . . . Still have a lot of elements I haven't posted but don't know if you want more? Couple of stacked papers ready to go. After that, are you ready for a change up? Have ideas for December kit but haven't gotten far, so once I end Deco Dazzle it will probably be some color packs until the December kit is ready to go.

If you have thoughts about what you might like to see in 2017, please let me know. I'll make no promises, but I usually manage to come through with some requests.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Another mistake corrected & Wacky Wednesday

Obviously, I am not, (quoting Dr. McCoy of Star Trek) "operating on all thrusters"! Missed putting in yesterday's link. Will correct as soon as I finish this post, so check back to yesterday's post for added link, please.
Took husband to doc today. Learned that the CT done at hospital really didn't show anything, so based on symptoms, he was treated for infective colitis. Our doctor is following up by scheduling an ultrasound and a colonoscopy to gain more information. He did tell hubby he can have coffee again, just no cream or milk except for skim milk (why bother with that). So tired of doctor appointments!

Today is zip 22 of Deco Dazzle:

And it is Wacky Wednesday when you get an additional freebie that could be anything. Today it is a pack of 5 papers:

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Re Monday freebie and more

As you can see, I was trying to be efficient Sunday and thought I was scheduling Monday's freebie but instead published it. Oh well. You got it a little early. Just got back home after doctor's appointments and a little shopping. Today we have zip 21 of Deco Dazzle:
A bit more manly today, including a 1930's male bust that was used to display hats. I sure hope you can use some of this stuff. Deco runs through 1920s, 30s and even into 40s.

My Daddy is doing a little more for himself and driving short distances now. Finally shaved and got a haircut. Husband is still taking meds, missing his coffee, and having pain but it isn't as bad. Will see family doctor tomorrow. He is worried about whether colitis is a sign he has Crohns Disease (as does his son). Me? Just plain tired. Hope you are doing well.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

Saturday already! Freebie

About to go to bed. Hubby is still having a lot of pain and trying to lengthen time between pain meds to make them last. I'm hoping that the antibiotics will kick in and start calming down the inflammation, thus reducing the pain.

Here is today's zip:
The elements are whimsical art deco birds from an embroidery pattern.

Another oops, hospital and freebies

Took my husband to the ER around 11 P.M. last night and got home about 3 A.M. Best guess diagnosis is colitis. CT showed inflammation so they gave him 2 antibiotics and a few pills for pain - 6 to be exact. He's been in a lot of pain today whenever the pills wear off. The scheduled follow-up with our family doc isn't until Wednesday afternoon. I suspect before then we will need to go back to ER or maybe urgent care for more pain medication. I'm making sure he has nothing to eat or drink that will make things worse. Mostly, in that regard, he is unhappy about not having coffee. Weather has turned cool here so I've been coughing all day. Just plain tired.

Here is yesterday's zip of Deco Dazzle:
Sorry I didn't get it posted on time but was busy taking care of husband .

And today's zip:
The deco dolly is my creation using a Cookie base I have a license for. I think she came out rather well.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Oops, oops, and freebie

Yesterday, it was one mistake after another! I got my days confused, thinking today I would fast and do prep for procedures tomorrow. Went out to lunch and when I checked times on my list for procedures, I realized the mistake. Had to call and re-schedule. Now it will be week before Christmas. Then I posted Wacky Wednesday freebie and did not add link. Thanks to whoever alerted me. If you go back to yesterday's post you can now get link to bookmarks.

Today's zip is:
A nod to the more geometric, hard lines art deco.

Wacky Wednesday freebies

Going to meet my God-daughter, Rachel, at Old Dominion University today. Hubby and I are taking her to lunch at a nearby restaurant. Been a long time since I've seen her so looking forward to it.

Today is zip 15 of Deco Dazzle:
The zip contains a paper that makes me think it could be bedroom wallpaper so the elements are vanity items.

And your Wacky Wednesday freebie:
I think that some of the prettiest art deco designs can be found in bridge tallies. There you see less of the hard geometric lines and more of what is often referred to as sheperdess or Bo Peep fashions. I took some tallies, cleaned them up a little and made them into bookmarks. The zip contains a jpeg of all four since I think most people will print them off and cut apart to use as bookmarks. But I also included a psd file in layers in case anyone might want to do something else with these.
Hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday & next freebie

Today's zip of Deco Dazzle is

A few masculine elements for you.

Having a blue moment. Nothing wrong. Spent some time with Dad, doing some chores for him and recalling old times. I'm missing my Mama and the way things used to be at holiday season when she was alive. Going to distract myself by doing some laundry and reading a little.

Monday, November 7, 2016

It's Monday again & freebie

What a messed up day! I overslept and woke frantically asking about the time because I was to pick dad up for an 11:05 INR visit. I was late and called him to find he had gone back to sleep after John woke him at 7 am. He called to reschedule his appointment and learned he didn't have one! Not until 11/21. Whew. But my husband had an eye appointment he missed. Picked up a little bit and had Dad over to dinner fixing stuff he'd eat. Bleah!
Anyway, here is today's freebie:
Some brown today. Link:

Running out of space in Dropbox account so will be deleting earlier 2016 freebies.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Chore time & Saturday freebie

Computer break between chores. Yesterday, enjoyed Joyce's company and Jack Reacher movie. Must accomplish something today.

Friday, November 4, 2016

It's Friday and I'm taking some "Me time" but still have a freebie for you

After much anxiety and calling everywhere we had been on Wednesday, I found my house keys which had somehow gotten wedged down between the car seats and mostly under the edge. Last evening we took Dad with us to have dinner at Cookout a little place that serves good burgers and about 30+ different milkshakes. He didn't care much for their fries but liked the burger, saying it tasted home made. Wasn't going to try a shake but I insisted he taste mine which was caramel fudge. He thought it would be too sweet but really liked it and let me get him one to take home.

Today my friend, Joyce, is picking me up and we are going to see the new Jack Reacher movie. Probably grab a little dinner afterwards and might even make a quick run into a craft store. Sure will be nice to do something fun.

I promised that today's zip of Deco Dazzle would be something other than gold themed and it is. Today we have the pink/mauve tones:
Hope you like it.

Oops! I thought I had posted for thursday freebie

Was just checking before going to bed to see which zip would be for tomorrow (that is today, Friday) and saw my last posts were on Wednesday. So without further ado, here is zip 10:
Sorry but more gold again. Just how it all came together. The vase with orchids is also included as separate vase and flowers in case you'd like to do something else with them.
Tomorrow a change in color, I promise.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Wacky Wednesday freebie

Almost forgot what day it is! Today I'm sharing a vintage trade card. The girl reminds me of Princess Dianna. What do you think?

November Goal Set


Wednesday - Dad, freebie and such

So it was an afternoon visit to Dad's podiatrist and good thing since it turned out he had an ingrown toenail. Not good for a diabetic. Then on to the pharmacy, got dad some dinner and took him home, put up his garbage cans. In my driveway, I look for my house keys which are on one of those springy bracelets and separate from the new car keys. Couldn't find them and still can't. Will have to call doctor's office tomorrow in hopes they dropped there and were turned in and go by Dad's to see if I left them somewhere over there. Things begin to improve and then . . .Life is full of ups and downs, right?

So, here is today's zip:
Got to get the new goal set up too. More later.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday and new zip of free Deco Dazzle

Getting ready to go to Dad's to clean, take trash out, etc. He has not been released by his doctors yet but they are supposed to confer and give him a call, hopefully today. He is eager to be able to drive again go he can go see his friend and go out for his own choice of dinner. Still needs lots of help at the house though as he's still weak and has let so much go before he allowed me to start helping. [Sigh} Then it will be back home to clean up our mess!

Last night was quiet. Not a single trick-or-treater again. We live on a main street so parents nearby take their children to churches, schools, or malls for Halloween goodies. Seasonably cool weather here today, 59 degrees right now. But by Thursday we may be up into 80's again!

Today's zip:
The cute flapper is from English Rose Designs. Very nice lady I knew when I was still working in dig stores.
Have a wonderful day.