Monday, August 27, 2007

Coupon from Nancy

See what I bought?

Hurray! Sale ends today.

Sorry to be last minute but just saw this e-mail ad yesterday and then Dh had his accident so I didn't get back to the computer.

Scrapbookersplayground is having another great sale (over 100 products on sale!):

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See what I got?

This week's writing prompts & note on freewriting

Sorry to be late but DH had a bad fall last night. Up all night, got some sleep after 9 am. Anyway, here you go. Hope one of these pleases you.

* Random word prompt. Note these words leaving some space to respond to each. Freewrite (see note) on each one for 5-10 minutes. After you have written for each word, read back through your writing looking for any connections between each freewrite. Are there connections? Do they recall a particular incident? Suggest a journaling topic? Suggest a short story? What might you do with them?
-- connect
-- rain
-- sniffles
-- VW bus
-- truth
Note: If you are unfamiliar with freewriting, it is a simple technique to learn and one which will help you bypass the inner censor. To freewrite, you might choose a topic, such as "children," and write that at the top of a piece of paper. Set a time limit. Usually 10-15 minutes at most. (A timer is helpful but not necessary.) Pick up your pen or pencil and start writing! Do not worry about spelling and punctuation. Do not stop to think. Do not stop to read what you have written. Do not lift your pen from the paper! If you can't think of anything to say, just write something like "I can't think of anything" over and over until something occurs to you. Something will occur to you. In fact, when you finish and read what you have written, you will often be surprised by what you have said. The whole idea in writing this way is that you bypass the censor that tells you, "You can't say that!" The censor that worries about what someone might think, about how your writing may reflect on you. When you bypass the censor, your writing will be fresh and original; it will have a unique voice that is your own.

* Use this phrase to start something - a freewrite, a poem, a short story.
-- Tiny mischievous things . . .

* Here's another starting line. This one is courtesy of Cerulean.
--The birds have been singing their colors to me.

* Write two separate versions of the same event. The first one should be in first person. Next write in third person. Notice how each differs. Which one is more effective?

* Here's a good first line for a short story:
-- I could only whisper your name . . .


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Apology and thank you to Blushbutter

In my post of 8/18, you will see a calling card I created. I forgot to mention that the diamond ring image (in lower right hand corner) was a gift from Blushbutter. I'm certain she hasn't seen the blog yet and is such a dear she probably wouldn't mind my forgetfulness but I mind it. Blush, when you see this know that I appreciate you very much!

Layouts made with StrawberryChocMousse by Aimee

Here is a page , When I Grow Up, with a photo of one of my nieces. I used the yummy kit, StrawberryChocolateMousee by Aimee. The font is Sceptre.

The kit is wonderful for creating invitations too. I made an invitation to tea to send to my nieces. This shows the outside of the card and the inside.

Hmm, still forget what order this system will put photos in but you can figure it out, I know.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another recent layout - Someone's Baby Boy

The darling little boy in the cabinet card is from Twisted Papers. His expression really got to me, so I decided to "adopt" him and gave him the name, Edward. This beautiful kit is from Jannidee at Janniscraps and it's called My Sweet Baby Boy. I created the antique rattle element.

Tyler Visits GreatGrandma Rose

Finally getting around to scrapping a few photos of my grandson. This one was taken at my mother's home. I used Clothie Watkins Box 3 kit from SBP. Ty's favorite color is green and it really brings out his red hair.

August Color Challenge For SBP

This is my response to SBP's August color challenge. The paper is from my Jewel Tone Lace Papers pack. I made the other elements as well. The photo is the last I have of my neice, Katarine, who left home several years ago. Kitkat, you made some mistakes, but I still love you and keep you in my prayers.

Beach Baby Dad

I love this photo of my father. It was taken around 1931, I think, at Ocean View beach in Norfolk, VA. Most likely it was in front of his Uncle Herbert's home which was right next to the Sarah Constant shrine. I'd like to give full credits here for the items I used to scrap it but all I am certain of is that the newspaper (I changed the name to reflect our local paper) and the threaded anchor are by Saxon-Holt. I made the crab element and used shells from my image collection. I have searched all my folders trying to find the backround papers and the overlay of waves because I'd like to give credit for them and also want to use them in another layout. If you know whose they are, please let me know. Thanks.

Here are the writing prompts fro the week of 8/19/07

* Tell about a special date you had with a boy/girl friend or your fiance.

* No one I love has ever . . .

*Write a collection of firsts:
- 1st day of school
- 1st date
- 1st kiss
- 1st funeral
- 1st bool
- 1st time you were scared

* My mind is . . .

* Freewrite for 10-15 minutes from this:
The woman wore a leopard hat . . .

Remember, you may share your writing if you'd like.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mom and Dad By The Bay

Materials: Seascapes by Digi Diva , family photos from 1950, seashells from my image collection.

Another layout usig Enchantment

Title: Tribute to Cleo de Merode
Materials: Enchantment kit by Robin Ackler
Cluster frame #4 from CPO, vintage images from my collection

Another recent layout

Title: She Was An Enchantress
vintage images frommy collection

Recent layouts made using SBP products

Title: Sara and Jeremy
Description: photo pf my son and his grilfriend taken recently at Nags Head, N.C.
Materials: Enchantment kit by Robin Ackler
Template #6 by C. Brady

Scrapbookersplayground - a wonderful place to play

Some time ago, while surfing the web, searching for materials to use in my ATCs and altered art, I discovered a real treasure. I'm going to share that discovery with you now.
I was visiting a number of on-line scrapbooking stores when I happened across Scrapbookersplayground (. The name alone drew me in because I often refer to my art as play. But Scrapbookersplayground (SBP) is not just another on-line digital scrapbooking store. Founded on April first 2005 by Katrina Haney, SBP currently has more than 45 designers.
Kat, as the owner likes to be called, maintains a focus on product quality and variety, outstanding customer service, and fostering a sense of community among those who frequent the site. Her daughter, Terri Folsom, and another family member, Diosa Desilva, assist her in meeting her goal of "provid[ing] as much variety as possible to accommodate all different tastes and needs but not limit[ing] the exploration of creativity."
Early on, Kat recognized the potential of digital scrapbooking, including the potential of using digital scrapbooking products for other types of art. With this in mind, her store offers a wide range of products from the traditional scrapbooking "page kit," to clipart and web graphics, and resources for digital designers. The designers represented by the store include a number of artists whose backgrounds are outside traditional scrapbooking. And, in an effort to meet the needs of the artistic community, Kat continues to search out new talent.
When not running the store, Kat designs under the trade name of KatScraps. Her designs reflect the woman herself - a warm, vivacious individual who doesn't care for restrictive labels but prefers freedom to explore her creativity. She delights in getting her family involved. For example, her husband created beautiful fractals which Kat has incorporated into delightfully unique digital products. (See for example, her fractal Easter eggs here:
And she has passed on her love of digital design to daughter, Terri, whose kit, Jade and Ivory debuted recently ( see it here Diosa joins in, leading the creative team. ( Please note: they will be having a call for the CT soon if you're interested.)
In a effort to maintain their reputation for excellent customer service, the ladies of SBP are currently involved in a major overhaul of the site. I've already noticed larger, easier to read print in many places, and clean up of old material from the forums. Of major importance is the re-structuring of the levels of membership. All appear to be very good bargains. Please go to and check it out for yourself.
Speaking of bargains, that's another thing that makes SBP special. Sales at SBP are fantastic! There are times you can find products discounted by as much as 90%! I've collected some amazing buys. Do sign up to receive e-mail messages about new products and sales, and keep a wish list to help you take advantage of these. And, of course, there are wonderful freebies for members!
Additionally, in the spirit of community, SBP offers a learning center (undergoing renovation), a wide range of activities, challenges, and more. I recommend you visit their gallery to view the work of SBP members and check out the forums to get an idea of what you could become involved in. SBP is truly a treasure of a discovery. Discover SBP for yourself; you won't be sorryl

Welcome to Ambrosia Arts Of Virginia

Despite a migraine, I'm going to try to get my intro in right now. So much to do and so far behind!

Welcome to Ambrosia Arts Of Virginia. Doesn't look like much right now, does it? Please be patient and give me a little time to learn to use blogspot to its fullest. It should suit my plans better than frappr has. (You can visit the old blog here: http:///frappr.,com/sherrydofva )

Who am I? A bibliophile, quilter (regular and crazy), writer, amateur artist (no formal training) dabbling in collage, ATCs, altered art and, more recently, digital collage and scrap booking. I'm also a native of Virginia (my father's family has been here since the 1600's), wife to my high school sweetheart, mother of a 29-year-old son who is an artist now studying radiography, Nonna (Italian for grandmother) to an 8-year-old grandson, a loyal friend, liberal Episcopalian, and alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). You can call me SherryD.

I've been a union job steward for the communication industry, spent years in customer service, wrote training materials and instructed employees in the communications field. I've spent time processing health insurance claims, then moved on to handling worker's compensation and subrogation issues as well as dealing with physicians.

I found my niche at VCU where I did research on depression, taught sociology, and - my favorite - taught composition. That's what I seemed to be best at, but life intervened and after completing two Masters degrees and starting a Ph.D. program, I had to give it up and regroup.

For the last four years I've been forcibly retired. I developed chronic fatigue immune disorder syndrome (CFIDS), fibromyalgia and a number of other chronic pain conditions. My job became managing my pain and health care issues. Well aware of the benefits of the arts, I began writing more and shifted my interests from more physically demanding arts and crafts to those that require less physical energy but still are mentally challenging and spiritually uplifting.

That brings us back to this blog. While I plan to share my art, thoughts on and living, it is also my small way of giving back to the creative on-line community that has been so sustaining these last years. The following will give you some idea of what to expect, so you'll know if you want to visit again.

Informative articles about artists and merchants you should know about.

Each week I'll be interviewing or reviewing an artist or artist/merchant. Why? So that others who may not know about them can discover them. Many have small businesses which can be a very tough game. I hope that my little articles will bring them new business while providing my readers with wonderful products, new contacts, and inspiration. Beside purchasing from the merchants I introduce you to, you can help support the artistic community by telling others about them. If you can recommend someone I should write about, please send an e-mail to SherryD at or leaving a comment here. Coming up first is an article on Scrapbookersplayground, one of my favorite places to play. Following that, I'll be writing about a digital artist I've come to know lately, Jay Eliot of Alabama Stone Thrower Designs. In the works is also an interview with Candee of Mermaid's Cove. So please check back often.

Writing Prompts

For those of you who love to write or journal, there will be weekly writing prompts. I must make a little disclaimer here, however. I've collected thee prompts for years and do have all the references somewhere. However, when I was teaching I wrote most down on 1" x 1." pieces of card stock and dumped them into a container so that I could mix them up for variety. Not enough room there to write the references. So unless I draw a prompt that I wrote or one whose author I know for certain, I won't be stating where they are from. If I should post any that you wrote and you would like them removed, just let me know. I hope these will be useful to you.


These will be comments on books I'm reading. Please feel free to respond with your own comments and make recommendations for books you just loved.

I'll note any sites I've come across that I think you might find interesting, note great sales I come across. If you are an artist.merchant and want me to post a notice for a special you have going, let me know.

And since I'm just learning to design digital scrapbook and collage papers and elements, I plan to provide occasional digital freebies.

Thanks for reading! Come back soon.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Blog will open soon

I'm in the process of moving my materials from a Frappr blog to this site so please be patient. This blog will include a weekly review of an artist/merchant, examples of my work, an occasional digital freebie, and weekly writing prompts.