Saturday, January 31, 2015

Freebie time

It's been a long while since I posted a freebie but I am working on a kit for you. In the mean time how about some pretty brads made from Victorian brooches? These are CU4CU BTW>
Pick up here: And remember, 2014 freebies start disappearing today.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Friendship Jewels freebie & flare-up

I know . . . I said more of Friendship Jewels would appear this past Saturday or Sunday. Knew I'd be having company on Saturday - an Italian feast prepared by my husband for our grandchildren, DIL, and grandson's girlfriend. Thought I'd maybe post in the monring or after the children went home. Mr. Meany, as my friend, Felice, likes to call fibro, had other ideas. A flair up started on Friday but I went ahead with preparations for Saturday, just doing a little at a time. By Saturday morning I realized it was going to be a major issue. Most important stuff done, I gave up idea of vacuuming and applied heat pack. There was pain elsewhere but it was the worst, about a 8 on scale of 10, in lower back and left hip. Took extra strength Tylenol too and somehow made it through dinner and card game. As soon as hubby left to take kids home, I got into pjs, took more Tylenol and when he came in had him apply a large lidocaine patch and tape me up so it wouldn't come off for the 12 hrs I could wear it. Sunday was a 9 on the pain scale and patch had to come off at 11:30. Could not sit comfortably so got the heat pack and more Tylenol and spent most of day in bed. Down to about a 6-7 today and I did get zip of Friendship Jewels put together. This will be last zip of it. Somehow I just can't get it together as a kit. Sorry. But I am working on a new kit for you.
Here is the color swatch of the next kit (supplied by Stacey):
Yes, it is similar to the swatch for Friendship Jewels so you may find you can use some of those freebies with new kit. ***Important note re freebies: end of the month all previous freebies will no longer be available. Also, to make it easier for me, I will start removing freebies at the end of the following month to make room for new. Now for January 2015 those will be available until end of February, February freebies will be removed end of March and so on. Hewre is the last zip of Friendship Jewels
Pick up here: Also, if you want any of my Sher Scraps 4 Cu products, remember I am closing at Digi Style Designs February 1st Those of you on east coast bracing for big winter storm, please stay safe and warm.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Art Journal page on The Southern Lady

My friend, Liv, of Country Liv's Graphics is now producing some art journal packages. Take a look at Mother's Journal
The image shows the full bundle but you can also buy just part 1 or part 2. It's at Scrap Bird and her other stores: I was telling Liv I was gettingg back into art journaling this year and had created one page so far. That sweetie gifted me with Mother's Journal! As sson as I saw the element of the model, I thought 50's (although it might not be) and that made me think of my mother. Thinking of Mom and looking at the stylish woman, who surely was a lady, made me think of Mom's notion of The Southern LADY. If you've ever heard of The Cult of True Womanhood, also known as The Cult Of Domesticity, The Southern Lady was Mama's version of this. (PS at the end I'll supply a link to the PSB program done about the Cult Of true Womanhood for those who haven't heard of it). I know I've forgotten much of what my mother included but had more than enough to make a page. One thing I could have stated in shorter fashion is :A southern Lady has no bodily functions" which is to say none that others should know about. She doesn't belch, burp, fart, have a period ("friend" was the appropriate term in my childhood), or go to the bathroom for anything other than to powder her nose lol.
And here is that PBS link: also Look for more of Friendship Jewels this weekend.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Friendship Jewels freebie

Yes, the cranky old woman is back. It's been the "if not one thing, then another" sort of month. Pain level about 8 tonight from multiple sources. However, I did go back and finish up the rose colored portion of Friendship Jewels so I could post it tonight. Here is the preview:
This one is my favorite so far. Bet you can tell. Here is the link to pick it up: I just can't seem to get anything done! If I'm not hurting badly, then I'm bored but don't want to tackle hard stuff, or I'm blue about not feeling well and/or my failure to accomplish anything. Wah, wah, and yes, I'll take some cheese with my whine. Tomorrow, somehow, I'll just have to suck it up and get some things done. My grandson, Tyler, is bringing his girlfriend, Olivia, over on Saturday for cards and dinner. My husband has met her before and is quite impressed with the young lady. He promised to make the kids an authentic Italian dinner. (Olivia is part Italian too.) Must get house in shape for their visit. Have been thinkiing about what I could make for dessert but have decided I'll just go early Saturday morning to Harris Teeter and pick up some of their cannoli to keep the Italian theme going and reduce work for me. Would love to hear from someone having a good January as everyone I know has been struggling for one reason or another. Hugs!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Another day, another freebie

Still cold here but they say temps will rise to nearly 80 on Sunday! Is it any wonder so many have sinus headaches, cold, and flu? The body just can't adjust so well. I'm pleased to report that after my husband's accident, his company finally put some emergency lights out in the parking lot. Also, most of the swelling in his nose has gone down so he's breathing better but still has bad bruising. Knees etc are okay. As for me, the meds are working and shingles aren't bothering me. Still there but no longer itching or painful 90% of the time. Today was wasted with a headache but more because I got upset last evening than weather. Nothing serious, just me being over sensitive which happens when I'm ill and over tired. Tomorrow will be a better day. Thanks Deb & Stacey for digi hugs; it helps to know such nice people. Stacey, good to hear your wrist is improving and the un-decorating is proceeding well.
Here is today's zip of Friendship Jewels: So how is your January coming along? Doing anything interesting? What are you reading? What projects do you have going? Curious minds want to know lol. BTW that the customer I was looking for? She contacted me and I learned she had been ill. I think she's finally able to get her downloads and knows I'll work with her if she can't get them all from store by end of month. Hearing from her made me feel better. I've been reading up a storm: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, a couple of Laura Child's wonderful tea shoppe mysteries, and now reading Steve Berry's The Lincoln Myth. 15 more minutes and I can take my next dose of medicine and go to bed. Have dried cherries plumpimg up in a leftover bit of Moscato wine and will make some scones in the morning. I plan to go over and see Miss June and Dad and take along some tea and scones for a treat. 3 day weekend here (Monday is Lee_Jackson_King day in Virignia). Stay well and be creative!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Friendship Jewels freebie, cold & fall

We're n the midst of a cold front again with freezing temps (or nearly) rain, sleet, snow flurries. Everything was icy this morning and when my husband went in to work before the sun was up, he was walking across the parking lot towards the office when the lights went out. His company's office is a "green" office building and so loses light, heat, A/c etc depending on area demands. Next thing he knew his foot hit something he couldn't see and he pitched forward. There are some sort of posts (sign I think) in the lot on boxy bases and a number of the poles have been hit by these professional drivers (Right, how is that?) and broken off. In the dark his foot had come up against one of the bases of a broken pole. He told management he was alright and wanted to go ahead and work and would file the paperwork for the on site accident when he came back in. He arrived home this afternoon looking like he'd been in a fight. His Roman nose took the worst of it - cut & badly bruised but he swears he doesn't think it's broken. His foot is badly bruside and both knees have cuts and bruises. January isn't starting out well for him.
I did manage to do the main things on my list the other day but just didn't feel so good. turns out I was getting another outbreak of shingles! Got my antiviral from pharmacy and it's helping a great deal. Only one really bad night so far. And I finally got my Walmart package yesterday which was a good thing since I was not in the best of moods. Got around to opening it today to make sure all was there since the box was kind of beat up. All the pieces seem to be there except instead of sending the black wire modules they sent unpainted (so silver) ones. That's no biggie as it's going into the back closet. On my list to put it together tomorrow and start organzing.
Thought I'd share my first January art journal page with you. It has lots of inspirational quotes and comments ona few things that happend so far this month.
And here is more of Friendship Jewels
Pick it up here and stay warm!

Monday, January 12, 2015

It's a lovely Monday - NOT!

It was football all weekend and I'm not a football fan so, to get away from the noise, I played a PC game and spent the rest of my time reading. Nothing useful. Today, I was determined would be a day I accomplished something. Temps back up to near spring like again but gray and rainy. Rain expected through Thursday. My sinuses do not like this. Finally, while it's down to just a sprinkle, I get out of the house and head for the Neighborhood Walmart where a package I ordered was due in. I'll run in, pick up the package and some groceries, then come home, do some laundry and wrestle the ornament boxes back into the windowseat storage. Uh huh. Only a couple checkers at Wal Mart and not terribly crowded. Pay for groceries then wait over 30 minutes while they find my order and attempt to ring it out. I'd ordered some heavy duty wire mesh cubes for storage in back closet. Paid with PayPal. But when they bring the box to the front, it wasn't scanned in and there was a big mess trying to get it done so they could check it out to me. Calling people for hand held scanners, calling management for help when it wouldn't recognize the code. Lots of waiting in between. They tried keying in the code and that didn't work either. Meanwhile my groceries, some of them cold are waiting to go home. they were going to have to call - who knows - when I said, "Call me when you figure it out," and headed home in increasing rain. Now I don't feel like doing a thing! ***** Also having insurance woes already. I'd filled a few prescriptions last week and all seemed okay. Hubby had not gotten the cards for his insurance, only for his Health Equity savings account. He calls about that and learns there are claims for me! My Medicare Advantage card was issued on 12/05 which means his company got corrected info to drop me before that date. He leaves messages for his company but no one calls back (typical!). Meanwhile, I get a letter from my insurance saying they gave me 30 days worth of Januvia but they don't normally cover this and I have to contact my doc and at least try one other prescrtiption before they wil consider paying for more and to do that requires an appeal. Nothing is simple! And that's my rant for the day. Now I'll go try to salvage some of my chore plans.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Friendship Jewels freebie

It's still in single digits here but no snow so we are luckier than some parts of the country. Football playoff games are on all weekend so I'm able to run off to computer room and play. Made the first freebie using the swatch I posted the other day and am running with name Friendship Jewels. I am hoping some of my friends and readers will play along and create a little something with this swatch too. Tonights offering is made with the 6th color on the swatch and includes a full size paper, a photo mat, and a small frame. I hope you like it.
You will find it here: If you would like to leave a comment (I do appreciate them) it would be best to leave here on the blog as I rarely read what is left on 4shared. Stay warm!

Friday, January 9, 2015

A little future freebie news & tag

Hi everyone, Hope you are doing well. Temps dropped here from near 70's to single digits and as cold front moved in I got bad fibro flare-up (hence the owl pic which was really meant for lupus). Doing better now and finishing up removing and storing all holiday stuff.
The free kit, Ladybug Winter from Wicked Creationz Scraps inspired me to make above tag. Hey, if it's going to be freezing, why not some snow? Of course, easy for me to say since I can stay in. Wanted to let you know that my blog friend, Stacey, and I are collaborating on ideas for some new freebies. I know she will add a fresh perspective and I'm now looking over some swatches she furnished. I think while we're playing with ideas for themes that I'll start by using one of the swatches to make some any occassion papers for you. Here is the swatch I'll be doing that with.
It would be fun if anyone who would like to would make a little something to share using these colors. You could then send us a link to check out and pick up your freebie to go along with the papers. Any takers? I'll add a post to the FB PU freebie group I'm in once I have something up here to offer and see if we can get some participation. What to call it? How does Friendship Jewels sound? More later.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Attn Stacey in Vegas - Want To Play?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it is this: find a color swatch you like and/or a theme for something you'd like me to make in digital scrapbook stuff and e-mail me direct at Please put Mission Accepted in subject line so I grab it quickly. Anyone else who has ideas they would like to submit, feel free to do so.

My day today

Fpund on Pinterest & works for fibromyalgia too!

Monday, January 5, 2015

It's 12th Night & Christmas Is At An End & freebie

The Christmas Season is ending tonight with Little Christmas, as some call it. In some traditions there will be small gifts, or waisail and cake tonight. Tomorrow begins the season of Ephiphany, celebrating (depending upon your particular Christian tradition) the visit of the Magi proclaiming the divine nature of the Christ child, or the baptism of Jesus (in eastern Orthodox churches). The word "epiphany" means "making God manifest" and marks the manifestation of Jesus to the Gentiles. For those of us in the Episcopal church, the color of the Ephiphany season is green, symbolizing "the green things of God's earth." It refers to "the growth of the spirit of God within us in response to His coming at Christmas tide." In my home, I usually put aside a small gift to be opened not on 12th night but on Ephiphany when we take down the tree and other decorations. Taking down the tree is a bit of a downer. A small gift and cocoa and leftover Christmas cookies serves both to cheer us and reward for the hard work of undecorating. I'm running late putting this up but I have a little freebie for you tonight- a Christmas border to go with Holiday Treat. Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Attention: trying to reach Barb Cully

Barb, if you are reading this, I have sent you an email in regards to sale we discussed. Store owner has contacted me, wanting to be certain you are able to get files, so please contact me at to let me know if you got your coupon and what you'd like to do. Thanks, SherryD