Friday, April 20, 2018

Friday-looks to be busy until evening

Tonight John will go to grand-daughter Inara's baseball game. She turned out to be a better ball player than her brother. So I'll be able to clean living room without him underfoot.
As for today's zip of Deco Divas, it wasn't planned with this in mind but other than the fussy frame, I think the papers and elements are suitable for guys. What I'm planning to do at this point is put together some zips of masculine elements we will call Deco Dandies. I think you have plenty of papers but you might see a few more that I feel are more masculine in tone, okay?

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KM said...

Love it! Thank you. Prom pictures came to mind with the name Deco Dandies.

Have a great weekend. No ballgames in MN, still buried in snow.