Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ailing computer, family, new products, freebie

thought I had lost my PC for sure when I got some weird error codes while working in PS. Everything froze up, lost what I was working on and had lots of trouble getting computer to re-start. But for the moment, I have fingers crossed it's going to hold out a little longer. Managed to finish a set of elements and papers for my Color Stash series. These are in lime green.
Just got them loaded to Digi Style Designs.
Tomorrow will be very busy. Rachel is coming over in morning and will be staying a couple days to work on "her" room. We want to have her move in at least a couple weeks before school starts. Also, hubby has taken day off to take grandkids to a baseball game with one of our old friends. Afterwards, the kids will be coming back here for awhile until their mother gets off work so we will have quite a houseful. I'm going to cook beef stew tonight so it will be done for tomorrow. Not a typical summer dish, I know, but I've got a craving and it's nice and healthy. Have to get back to work in back room but want to put up a freebie for you. It's available in the store here: You do have to register and be logged in so I will try to get back later with a 4shared link for those who don't want to register with the store. (There are a fair number of freebies in store, however.)
Got to run. Hugs!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Look what I got in mail today

I'm a member of Creative Souls but haven't played in the ATC swaps for a long time. Noticed there was an Alice In Wonderland themed swap for June_July and decided to play. My partner goes by the name of Ivy Gurl and is from Canada. She sent me the lovely card above. With all the confusion around here, the caption, "Escape reality" was perfect! I'd forgotten what a delight it is to receive little pieces of art in the mail. Sure brought a smile as I opened Ivy's envelope. My scan doesn't do it justice. The colors are subtle and peaceful. The mirror is silver foil and she added golden Dresden crown and trim, plus glitter on the wings. Love it! Will happily trade with Ivy Gurl any time. I don't think my entry has reached her yet. I created a digital trio of cards that I accordian folded. I had wanted to decoupage copies of the major element to give some diminsion but soon released they were too small. I've been collecting Alice scrapkits, planning to make an altered Alice book. I used pieces from kits by the following designers to create my cards: Bits 'n Bobs, Designs by Ginger, Miss Honey, Natashas NaSt_Designs, and Scrapper's Delight.
More later - headache coming on!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

More CU products and PU freebie

Today was nice but tiring. Got all of our sweaters, jackets, and all but one coat washed and ready to be stored until winter. Did some laundry and cleaned out some dresser drawers. Messed around a little in back room where my niece will stay and felt overwhelmed by all the sorting and organizing that needs to be done. I've got to figure out where to store the things I want to keep while making room for Rachel's things. This house is just too small for all our stuff! Also learned why Tyler didn't put the futon back into sitting position when he last stayed over. He'd nicely removed the linens and folded them up so I'd wondered why he hadn't refolded the futon. Now I know - he couldn't figure out how to do it because I couldn't get it to work today. I do store some boxes underneath and at first thought one was in the way but it's not that. But we'll figure it out. Meanwhile that means less floor space back there for working. Tomorrow morning SIL will drop Rachel and Kristina (R's younger sister) off to work and we will see how far we can get. Hubby cooked us a nice fish dinner tonight (guess that's last night? Friday) and we had watermelon for dessert. Finished up a couple products:
And here is a layered paper and ribbon wrap for you. Personal use only please.
Pick up here:

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We're in storm mode!

Again severe thunderstorms are hitting our area. I had a doctor's appointment at 11:15 yesterday and then some errands to run. Electricity had gone out while I was gone and stuff I left up in PS when I hurried out to appointment was gone. Had to start computers back up. Got home maybe thirty minutes before the heavens opened up again.. More homes damaged this time - fortunately not ours - but no reported injuries. Expecting more of same tomorrow. Hard to get any work done. BTW the keys were found, niece won't be coming until weekend for room cleanup as there was a conflict with SIL's plans and transportation. Have a paper for you tonight and tomorrow hope to get something else up.
Yes, another waterlily paper. Pick up here:

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday is off to a great start - NOT!

I was up late last night - Mr. Killjoy (as my friend, Felice of Felice Originals , refers to fibromyalgia) was making himself known. So I worked a little on some files before trying to go to sleep. Then my husband got up for his first day back to work. It was pretty much the usual and I was beginning to drift off when the doorbell rang. At that time in the morning (before light) and with him only having closed the door minutes before, I was certain who it was. Of course, before I could get there, he was frantically ringing the bell more and banging on the door for fear I was sleeping soundly. Hubby was in a panic state. He claimed he'd unhooked the big bunch of keys he keeps on his belt to lock the door and suddenly they were gone. Didn't know where he'd put them down. So he was flying around retracing all the places he'd been trying to track them down. No luck and we are talking about a huge bunch of keys, not something that could easily disappear. Finally he grabbed his spare truck key and left for work so he wouldn't be late. Back to bed I went and tried to sleep, expecting to soon get a call from my niece who was due over this morning and wondering if I'd have time for a shower before she arrived. Fitful sleep. Got up a little before ten and took quick shower, dressed, had cereal. No messages on phone and no calls. Here it is nearly one in the afternoon and still no word from Rachel. If she wasn't coming today, it would have been nice to call and leave me a message, then I'd have gone back to sleep for awhile. As it is, I've just done a little of this and that, nothing heavy because of pain level. I'm looking for the plus side here. Okay, it's a plus that we won't be doing stuff in spare room today (I'm not getting started in afternoon and evening!). It's a plus that we have plenty leftover from yesterday's dinner so I won't have to cook. It's a plus that I cleaned up the little work left in kitchen and have a load of laundry going - that's not a bad task on painful day. It's a plus that I put 3 new products in the store yesterday so I don't have to stay on PC much today. It's a plus that once hubby gets in (please let him have found his keys!) and has lunch I'll be able to go take a nap. And tonight, while relaxing with him, I can go through some more paper work that needs sorting etc. All will be well. And I will put something up as a freebie, just give me a few hours to rest. Hope your Monday is going more smoothly. If not, try to find a plus there somewhere. Hugs!

New products, family news, and freebie

Hope everyone had a nice July 4 holiday? I know some had big plans with family and friends. Our grandson, Tyler, and his family went to TN on vacation. My LV friend, Stacey, was preparing for a big family get together. My husband was beginning a vacation that was not so relaxing for him.
(thanks to cheyOkota fro lovely divider here) We've had some pretty bad thunderstorms of late with heavy downpours, lightening strikes and hail. I wasn't able to get much done on computer but at least we didn't lose power like some people did. We even had small tornadoes touch down in Virginia Beach with lots of damage and some serious injuries. And here in Norfolk, one touched down at the cemetery where my mother is buried. It toppled and broke headstones, tore down some trees and did other damage. Fortunately, my parent's marker is a flat one of polished granite that is level to ground. However, it has a bronze vase for flowers and when Dad went to check for damage, he found the vase had been pulled up and was a few feet away - with flowers still in it!
During John's "vacation" he did some painting of house trim and arranged for BIL to come over and repair the damaged wood around garage door frame. He also got his Chrysler ready to turn over to Tyler. We had it waiting for him at his house when they got back today. It's in good shape for an older car and should serve Tyler well for some years. He also cooked two nice meals to which he invited my father and Miss June. Dad is a very picky eater so usually won't agree to come for a meal. He'd rather go to a fast food place and get a hamburger or BLT! So I made him and I BLTs the night John made chicken cacciatre. I don't like it because of the texture of the chicken in the sauce but John was pleased to have June enjoy it with him. Tonight it was homemade barbeque with purchased coleslaw, rolls, and potato salad. We did have homemade deviled eggs though and Dad surprised us by eating well. Sent them home with a bag of leftovers so they won't have to eat out a night or two.
One more bit of family news. We are getting a new addition to our household. Our niece, Rachel, will be taking us up on the offer to live here while she goes to college at Old Dominion University. It will be easier on her than driving back and forth to Suffolk every day. Raci is a delight and I'm looking forward to having her here. She's coming by in the morning so we can start working on making my spare room livable. Right now both closets are stuffed with various craft supplies and things we didn't have any other place to store. I will finally be forced to deal with sorting, organizing and deciding what to give away or throw away to make room for her clothes and whatever else she is bringing. I expect to be quite tired over next couple weeks lol.
I did finish up a few items for my Color Stash collection.
These were added to store tonight. You can find them here: While I was in purple mode, I made a free CU paper for you:
You will find it here: Expecting more severe thunderstorms over next few days so if you don't see me on line, that will be why. Hugs!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A free mini kit

Husband is on vacation for 10 days now. We went to dinner at Outback on Sunday for our anniversary - coconut shrimp appetizer, Victoria filet for me, Babyback ribs for him - our usual and shared a Chocolate thunder From Down Under for dessert. A nice quiet day. Today we've visited with family and BIL came by to fix replace damaged wood around garage door. Spent some time tidying up files but really haven't accomplished much. So I dug into old folders and am posting a mini kit I made a long time back when I was using D'Ambrosio Arts as trade name.
You can get it here:

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Attn Linda

Hi Linda, sorry you couldn't find the elements to We R Family. It's in this post: The blog archive on right side is helpful when kits are split across posts. Enjoy

Friday, July 4, 2014

New Products from Sher Scraps & freebie

Don't know why Blogger was so uncooperative last night but seems to be okay now. We were lucky and pine tree out back is still standing and house is intact. Only got some heavy rain from Hurricane Arthur. Turned out too that this was not the week my son was going to Outer Banks - thank heaven. Have been busy cleaning out fridge and haven't watched news so don't know how bad damage was elsewhere. Surely hope it wasn't too bad. I manged to get 2 new CU products in store and can finally post previews.
I also have a little cobalt freebie for you:
Just right click and save. You may use this for Cu if you like as it is from a vintage image. Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July if you are celebrating it today and a great weekend.

It's another quick post

Hurricane Arthur is upgraded to category 2 and we've been hearing tornado warnings for areas of NC. We hope to avoid brunt of storm but you never know. I've got 2 new CU packages to go in store tomorrow. Here's a sneak peak: then again not. Goggle isn't following thru on posting the images! Just tried the freebie and it stops before option of center, right or left. Enough! I'm going to bed and will try in morning.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Quick post with free paper

Bad sinus headache tonight (hurricane off the coast so barometric pressure is probably triggering it) so short post. Here's a CU4CU beaded paper - full size.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A free quick page

Quick note - have a free QP for you today: We're expecting a category 1 hurricane to come in Thursday afternoon/evening here in eastern Virginia. Lots of people will be disappointed about holiday weekend. Hope where ever you are, your holiday plans go well. Be safe.