Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's Tuesday already? Oops on freebies

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend? Sorry about there being no Saturday freebie. I had thought I'd get back in time from the Red Hat boat party to set that up. It was hot and steamy here that day with tropical storm off the coast threatening to spoil things. Fortunately there was no rain and just a tiny bit of breeze so pretty nice if you were outside and could sit still. But there were supplies to lug down the slope to the houseboat and, after the party a lot of cleaning up to do and carrying of supplies back up the slope to our cars. Thank heaven, Doris's son, Eric, came and did all the heavy lifting after the party. I wasn't all that much help. I got overheated, sweaty, and weak. Which is why, when I got home to a huggy granddaughter and husband, I was pretty well done in. When they took off for Bluegrass, I was able to peel off my sweaty clothes, wash up, and cool down. In short, I crashed and didn't give the computer a thought! It was a wonderful party though and one people will be talking about for some time. I'm putting together everyone's photos for a couple of scrapbook pages and when done will share them. Sunday was just resting up and listening to rain. Yesterday the sky opened up and the rain really poured, faster than it could be absorbed so it pooled and flooded areas. Before it got too bad, we picked up the two granddaughters, Inara (9) and Larkin (5) and took them to see the Angry Birds movie. Good thing I bought tickets online at Fandango because on the way to get the girls, we encountered a bad accident on Virginia Beach Blvd. There were at least 3 fire engines, several rescue squads and any number of police cars, even one state trooper. Seeing the state trooper made us wonder if he had been a chasing someone on interstate who came off and caused the accident. Don't know but took a good while to get through. Cute movie. All the color, cute critters, and movement for the kids but lots of jokes for the adults. The girls were pretty good but wore us out. Kids - all that energy!
Zip 24 of Steamy Spring contains a rose, 2 feathers, a ribbon, and a purse:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_24.zip

Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday lunch out & another zip of Steamy Spring

By the time you read this post, I will be lunching at La Herradura with husband, my Aunt Sissy and her boyfriend, John. There are 2 locations but we go to the one over near Old Dominion University. Mexican food is not my thing but my husband has a friend who works there and he is very nice about catering to my needs: no peppers or heavy spices. I'm debating whether to have Beef Chimichanga or try the Taquitoes this time.
Was going to post some photos of Red Nose Days but while I've collected some, I haven't put them on a page yet.

Today's zip of Steamy Spring includes wall shelves, a small star frame, and a purse.
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_23.zip

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Of red noses and freebies

Do you have your red nose on today? The Red Hats in the Tidewater area put on their red noses and metfor lunch at YNOT Pizza in Virginia Beach. It's all good fun in support of programs that fight the war on childhood poverty. If you miss out this year, look for it to happen again next year. Walgreens sells the red noses and related items. I was surprised to find when I bought my red noses for $1.00 each that Walgreens had partnered with Redbox movie rentals and Redbox gave a coupon for a one night rental ($1.50 value) for each nose! What a good deal for a good cause. A little over a dozen of us showed up sporting the red noses, arm bands, and the like. The food was good as always and I brought home cannoli for husband and I to enjoy tonight. Met a few Red Hatters I didn't know and came home with enough leftovers to serve as my dinner tonight.

Today I've got zip 22 of Steamy Spring. More accessories and a border.
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_22.zip

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Middle of the week and a freebie

So it's Wednesday and I'm about to go in and watch Criminal Minds. Got my hair trimmed and styled, did a little shopping, got the cooler from the attic and cleaned it up. Found a cute summer purse to go with my outfit for the wedding and bought some of that new Lumi make-up. Hope it might brighten me up a bit. Too bad you can't shop and get a safe instant tan and instant slimming. Oh well.

Today I have some steampunk acessories our ladies might shop for:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_21.zip
And back to Criminal Minds Beyond Borders and crochet.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Zip 20 of Steamy Spring freebie

Just back from running errands and have potatoes cooking for potato salad. It's in the 80s today and humid. Summer is coming on! Had some excitement late last night but have idea what it was about. It was 11:30 or so and we were watching TV while I worked on Larkin's blanket. Hubby commented that there was a police car right outside and hoped my car hadn't been hit again. We hadn't heard anything but with TV and AC on, it was possible. We are on a main street and have had trouble with drunk drivers and such before. Of course, we were dressed in PJs so not suitable for going out. I walked to the door and looked out to see if maybe an officer was headed to the door. No, but the car was sitting there, lights flashing, in the misty rain. Then I spotted something further past - a motorized wheelchair, barely moving with what appeared to be an elderly person. Maybe, I mused, the police were concerned about the person's safety? When I closed the door and said this to my husband, who drove a city bus for 42 years, he said those wheelchairs often have trouble in the rain and maybe the battery had gotten wet and it was cutting off. Not much later, a second police car pulled up, behind my car. Heard the door open and one of the officers went over to talk to first car. Nothing much appeared to be happening but them sitting there flashing lights. A little while later some kind of city truck pulled up, nosing in as if it was going to come into our yard! At one point, looking out the window, I could no longer see the wheelchair but saw a couple officers standing by a pile of what appeared to be cloth - light colored with large dark stains. Blood, I wondered? From who or what? No one ever came to the door and eventually the cars and truck drove off, one by one. Very weird. Looked around when I went out today but all I saw was a pair of discarded blue latex gloves at the end of our driveway, about where the second police car had been. That was last night's mystery.
Today's zip:
A little steampunk bling. Some pieces left large so you can play with adding gears etc to create your own.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Another rainy Monday and a full week ahead. Plus freebie.

Another dreary day. Haven't wanted to do anything but think it is coming from feeling a bit overwhelmed at all that will be going on this week and next couple. Being used to weeks where nothing much happens, suddenly having weeks where a lot is going on is kind of a shock to the system. This week it's doctor's appointment, haircut, family visit, lunch out with family and friends, and two Red Hat events plus prep for all. Next week it's wedding prep, shopping for grand-daughter's birthday and I can't remember what else. The following week is my son's wedding followed immediately by June's surgery! Did I complain about being bored?

Today I have a Steamy Spring zip of shop items - skirts and a double hanger plus example of how double hanger can be used.
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_19.zip

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday freebie & Pepsi talk

Just tried the 1898 Pepsi. I think I taste some cinnamon oil in it. Not overly impressed, but then I'm a Coca Cola girl. If you are into Pepsi, you might enjoy checking out the history of the drink here: http://www.sirpepsi.com/pepsi11.htm. It's been a quiet day. I had the rest of my Rt 58 Deli pastrami sandwich for dinner last night and, good as it was, it "talked" to me until early morning, so I sat up playing silly computer games rather than risk lying down and having severe reflux. Hubby got up around 2am in pain. Don't know if it's his back or maybe a kidney stone but he has felt miserable all day. Won't let me take him to Urgent care or ER so I've just been being as quiet as possible. Since I had a sinus headache until it poured down raining, it wasn't hard. But that means I didn't do much that was useful. Today I have a shop sign and another figure for you. Also a cheval mirror (have to see how you look in that new dress, right?) and the same mirror with cutout to make a frame. Decided to add another paper too because the elements looked so lonely on the page.
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_18.zip
See you on Monday!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Running around on errands but have a freebie for you

If you are a fan of Country Liv's Graphics (Liv is a dear friend), you might know that Liv has been waiting for the arrival of her great-granddaughter. Wish you could see the beautiful items Liv has crocheted for that baby and the twins, Willow and Xander. Liv's excitement was contagious so I made a little something for the baby and just put it in the mail today. Running late as little Adalynn Grace was born on the 16th! Sent her a crocheted bunny lovey and a crocheted pacifier keeper clip with a rose. I'd love to show you but still having trouble with the shared printer here and it won't let me read the photo card from my PC. Whenever I think about downloading the photos, it seems hubby is busy on his PC so I can't. Oh well. Had about 8 different places to run to today and am finally home and about to start laundry. First though, today's zip of Steamy Spring:
It includes another paper, a hat stand, and a display of boots.
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_17.zip

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Another week almost gone? & a freebie

Another day of off and on showers and gloomy skies. Four of us (me & hubby, Aunt Sissy and her boyfriend, John) went out to lunch at Route 58 Deli in Virginia Beach http://www.58deli.com/ If you are ever in the Virginia Beach area and love deli food, you must try it. My husband grew up in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY and really misses things like knish and egg creams so he was in heaven. Sandwiches and desserts are huge at Rt. 58! I got my favorite: lean pastrami and Swiss cheese on NY rye. They out a full pound of meat on these sandwiches and hold them together for delivery to the table with a large Rt 58 "flag" marker and toothpicks. I can never eat a whole sandwich. I cut the half into quarters and that filled me up with just a little room left for dessert and my Dr. Brown's cream soda. My dessert choice today was a slice (huge) of Carnegie Deli carrot cake. It has pineapple and coconut in the cake and is layered with cream cheese frosting. So yummy. Brought home the rest of my sandwich and half of my cake and felt stuffed. Had a nice long nap afterwards. I know, not good, but I rested so well! Haven't done another thing today except put a row on Larkin's blanket.
For today's zip we have a bunch of small bows, a table and chair for shop visitors to rest in while their friends try on dresses or browse.
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_16.zip
Hope you are having a good week and are looking forward to fun weekend plans.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A dreary day. some hopeful news, another freebie

It is threatening rain here again. Yesterday I went to gynecological oncologist with June and was called in to speak with the doctor following the exam. He told us that the "mass" in her abdomen is about grapefruit size. He sdays he doesn't think it is cancerous but it is pressing on her bladder. He said many patients June's age (84) opt to refuse surgery and that was up to her. However, he thinks the mass might be contributing to the repeated UTIs she has been having and he wants to do a bilateral removal of the ovaries and Fallopian tubes and examine the mass to ascertain whether or not it is cancerous. He will be able to do this laproscopically as an outpatient surgery, keeping her overnight only if there are complications. June agreed to surgery and Dad wanted it to be at the hospital closest to home. But with scheduling difficulties it's going to be at Virginia Beach General the Monday after my son's wedding. First surgery of the day at 7:30 a.m. so I have to get her there by 5:30 a.m. Yuck! I am not a morning person but Dad doesn't want to travel "all the way" to Virginia Beach (seriously only a 15 minute difference at most) and June wants to get this over with so . . .
Today more ribbons and shop items:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_15.zip
Also just heard that Medicare will not pay for generic Nexium (when they won't pay for a generic it usually means they have found it isn't as effective) but will give me an exception for original Nexium! Will be picking the script up on Friday. Tomorrow we are doing lunch at 58th Street Deli with my Aunt Sissy and her boyfriend, John. Huge deli sandwiches, Dr. Brown's cream soda, and New York cheesecake. Can you imagine the calories? [groan]

Monday, May 16, 2016

It's Monday! & a freebie

Since I stopped taking the new reflux med, I've had no more headaches and muscular pain is reduced. Was supposed to call doctor about that today but forgot. Our new luggage arrived today. Finally got some good sleep too so things are looking up. Tomorrow I'm going with June to the Virginia Oncology Center to see about the problem with her ovary. Dad and I talked about it yesterday here at my house. We both feel certain it is cancerous and are wondering where else the cancer may have spread to. I'm hoping that the first thing June's medical team does is a full body scan to get an idea of whether there are other tumors. She has already had all the radiation therapy one can take following her breast cancer and we believe she is too weak to survive chemotherapy and hope the doctors don't suggest it. June won't speak up for herself, won't ask questions etc, so it is difficult to look out for her best interests. I don't see putting her through any additional surgery either. If they do the scan and find more tumors, the doctors probably won't operate. If all they see is the tumor on the ovary, they might push surgery. I know, that might be done laproscopically, which isn't too bad. Then again, the docs might want to do an open surgery so they can look into the body cavity and that will make follow up care and recovery much more of a problem. Not something Dad can handle even with my help, which would mean nursing home care. Poor woman has no quality of life as it is. I should stop speculating but just don't have much hope.

Today in zip 13, we have some items the steampunk ladies might be shopping for:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_13.zip

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Saturday freebie

Ribbons and bows are always handy, aren't they? Here are some in the colors of Steamy Spring:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_12.zip
See you again on Monday. Have a good weekend.

Apologies, fixed missing link, new free zip

I had a migraine yesterday and missed posting. Today, checking to find out what number zip is needed, I discovered I didn't add the link on Thursday! So sorry. I've edited Thursday's post, so if you will return to that post the link is there now. Now here is what should have gone up yesterday:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_11.zip
Still have residual headache and neck pain so going to lie down for awhile. Hope to put another zip up tonight for you.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Complaint about prescription insurance and freebie

I know I'm not the only person this is happening to. What? You switch medical insurance coverage for whatever reason and get a new prescription plan. Each plan has it's own formulary and despite all the comparisons you make (I had a very knowledgeable insurance agent help me), you wind up with one or more of your regular prescriptions not on that formulary. The new policy refuses to pay for your drug, stating it is not on the formulary. You can ask for an exception, but first you must try one (or more) of the drugs that plan has chosen for whatever ails you. I can understand it if the drug in question has just recently come on the market. But I've just had 2 denials - one for my rescue inhaler and the other for generic Nexium. I don't use the rescue inhaler very often so I'm okay with trying another (although my pulmonologist won't be happy). But I've been on 40 mg of Nexium for over a dozen years after Prilosec stopped working for me. Nexium has been on the market for ages and they won't even pay for the generic? One capasule a day doesn't totally take care of my reflux problem but I am now required to try another drug. This one is generic for Protonix and it comes with more health warnings than Nexium! So I started it this week and every single day I've had a headache and a hot, prickly itching sensation but no outbreak showing. These headaches were like mild migraines. I have been miserable and able to do little. After first blaming the weather, I began thinking about what might have changed. Hubby suggested I try dicontinuing the new pill and see what happens. I was hesitant, worrying I'd have severe reflux. Well, guess what? no headache today! Will call doctor's office tomorrow and see what we do next.
Did not see my son yesterday after all. Seems they were having a Murphy's Law day with everything going wrong and with the weather threatening more rain were doing their pickup (table decorations) in Richmond and going straight down to Nags Head. Will have to mail the charm in the morning. My husband has been craving a snack from his childhood - lupini beans. As I understand it, they look like lima beans but are sort of pickled and have a tough shell. We haven't been able to find them in local grocery stores so I headed over to Grand Market to see if they might have any. Grand Market is primarily an Asian grocery with tons of fresh produce, about every type fish you can imagine, and lots of imported Asian groceries, some Hispanic and other. As soon as you open the door, the fish odor smacks you in the nose but after a few minutes you don't notice. I spotted some beautiful eggplant in the produce area and bought a couple, then went up and down every aisle in search of lupinis and anything else interesting. No lupinis but picked up a box of Pocky (http://www.pocky.com/) a Japanese snack of long, thin biscuits topped with chocolate and a few meringues in the bakery section. Also went to look at some of the hard-sided rolling luggage. Think it's time to trade in those old hard-sided Samsonite pieces. We've got duffles we use for short jaunts but want something waterproof and more secure in case we take a flight or cruise somewhere. Today, I've done nothing useful. But hubby made the best eggplant Parmesan!
Today's preview looks junkey but I wanted to show that not only have I included a shop background but also gave you the png. for both the shelving and wall clock, as well as a ribbon flower. I'll be giving you items you can use as is or scale down to add to the shelves. A good bit more to come.
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_10.zip

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Wednesday freebie

Waiting on short visit from my son and future DIL. They are heading down to NC (from PA) to finish up last minute details for wedding. Stopping in to pick up the horseshoe charm I'm giving the bride for her bouquet. It's an old Irish/English?Scottish tradition - an upturned horseshoe to hold in the good luck and this one has across it a spring of wheat for prosperity and fertility. Some brides have carried real horseshoes dangling from ribbons or smaller porcelain ones that dangle. This one is a sterling silver charm that can later be attached to a bracelet and then given to her daughter (if she has one) for her wedding. Brides also attach the charms to her wedding dresses or lingerie.

Anyway, here is today's zip:
Another room paper, a gear, a frame, and a border.
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_9.zip

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Freebie- zip 8 of Steamy Spring

Today a frame, a corner, a monocle, and a charm chain. More items for the shops to come and I'll do some clusters/displays to show how I imagined some of these working.
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_8.zip

Monday is over and freebie is late

Long day and I didn't accomplish anything! I had 5 "b" items on today's To Do list and "blog" is the only one I can cross off! Here is today's zip of Steamy Spring:
As you can see in the preview, our steampunk lady is doing a little shopping. Zip includes one background/stacked paper, one dress on manikin, and one pair of low boots.
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_7.zip
Tomorrow I've got lots to do so I'll pack up zip 8 and pay some bills before bed. Hugs!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday freebie

Taking a break while making my first beef pot pie. We've had too much chicken and pasta lately and this sounded like a good idea. It will also provide left-overs for tomorrow which is nice because I can never predict when my father will arrive to visit so dinner planning is difficult. Anyway, this is what we have today:
Today a room background paper, another steampunk lady, a button, and a stack of old books.
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_6.zip
No post tomorrow, so wishing you a Happy Mother's Day now.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Busy Friday & freebie

Today my husband, Aunt Sissy and her boyfriend, John, went out to try a new restaurant. Well, new to us. We went to Vino's in Chesapeake for their lunch buffet. Really enjoyed it! They offered about 5 varieties of pizza, 3 types of pasta with 3 sauce choices, salad and dessert. Yummy! Good company too. Then we went over to our favorite shop to pick up their delicious (& reasonably priced) caramel corn and had Italian ices. Everyone but me got chocolate; I got cherry. The owner is so generous when he dishes up the ices. My Aunt happened to ask when was the last time I spoke with my father and his girlfriend. Saw Dad on Sunday and knew Miss June was supposed to be going to an OB/GYN doc soon because when the urologist did her cystoscopy and looked at the MRI taken before, she told June she had a cyst on her ovary. Happens pretty often and if it isn't causing pain, docs don't operate, especially on woman in her 80s. June saw the GYN Monday (I thought it was to be this next week) and after exam, he told her he doesn't think it's a cyst and it is pretty large. Now she has to see another cancer specialist as that is what is suspected. I just don't know what more she can take.

About to go in and relax with hubby, but here is your daily freebie:
Today we have one paper made into a shop scene with one of the borders I'd created for a CU package. You also get a vintage photo mat and a png of an antique trunk.
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_5.zip
I am having too much fun with this!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lazy day & a freebie

Haven't done anything of use today. Had rough night between shoulder pain and fibro in hip (all on same side!) so when I finally got to sleep, I slept in late. Have got to go deal with kitchen, laundry, and pick up prescriptions. Before I go, here is zip 4 of Steamy Spring:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_4.zip
Made some ribbons in every color yesterday so tonight will run an action to create some ribbon- bows with them. Made some fun shopping elements yesterday and you will be seeing those soon. Hugs!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Steaming on with zip 3 of Steamy Spring freebie

Midweek already! Trying to get some business taken care of - you know, the usual stuff: pay bills, catch up laundry, return messages etc. Yesterday I picked up the yarn I'd ordered to make Larkin a crocheted blanket and I've been slowly rolling a skein at a time, trying not to do too much to aggravate my injury. Finished another novel this morning, The Winter Ghosts by Kate Moss. The novel takes it's theme from the treatment of the Cathar Christians in early France. A sad piece of history. Not sure what I'll read next. Do know I must update my reading challenge list on Goodreads.

So here is what we have today:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_3.zip
So far, pretty basic Steampunk. It will get more interesting; at least I think so. I'm happy to hear that some of you are pleased with this theme. Steampunk has been around for a good while and, in the past, I've made some CU elements in the style, some of which I'm using in this kit. I enjoy Steampunk because it plays with Victorian fashions and the wonders of the Industrial age. Most often you see the grimy browns and blacks suggestive of all the soot and dirt that accompanied the widespread introduction of machines into society. Not that the Victorian age was partially clean or hygienic to start, but heavy use of machinery certainly added new pollutants. A primary element in Steampunk is the use of machine parts - gears, cogs, springs and so on, both as decoration and recombined to form fantastical creations. You can find everything from Steampunked versions of everyday products like lamps, guns, even communication devices to mechanical birds and other creatures. It's imagination taken flight.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Zip 2 of free Steamy Spring

Running late posting as we had son, Eric, and his wife, Tanya, over for a seafood dinner. Hubby did all the cooking and I just had to clean up. Thought I had posted this zip earlier today but must have gotten interrupted. Here you go:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/SteamySpring/ws_SteamySpring_2.zip

May goal pages freebie

Here is the May goal pages set:
Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/57614067/2016%20freebies/goal%20sheets/ws_May2016_GoalSet.zip
You could have predicted it would be Steamy Spring themed, right?

Monday, May 2, 2016

It's a Steamy sort of Spring (A new freebie begins.)

Spring arrived with a bounce - cold one day, warm another, chilly nights, and then a hint of the steamy days to come. Young ladies sought information on the latest color and fashion trends. On days that came along with sparkling sunshine and balmy breezes that ruffled the heads of the newly blooming flowers and sent petals spilling down from blooming fruit trees, the ladies set forth to visit the shops. Copper and bronze colored accents glittered in shop windows full of all the latest accessories fashioned in salute to the wonders of the new industrial age. Dresses and hats picked up the colors of newly green vegetation along with the peach and rusty rose of earth and flowers. Come along into a Steamy Spring with the Steampunk ladies gifted by Pat of Pann's Place.

This kit was inspired by the Steampunk cuties created by Pat Sherman of P.Ann's Place and this color swatch:
Here is first zip:

Monthly goal sheets to follow in a.m.

P.S. Doc said I'm pulled a muscle and probably torn a few muscle fibers. Nothing to do but take it easy and hope it heals - in about 6 - weeks!