Monday, March 31, 2014

Bronchitis lingering & some wacky eggs

The good news . . . this isn't going into infection. The bad news: still have a horrible cough but it's finally beginning to break up congestion in my lung. It's also giving me a headache and dizziness, Oh well. Played around a little off and on and made some crazy abstract and fractal eggs - yours if you can do something with them. All pngs so just right click and save.
Will add the abstract/pscyhodelic ones tomorrow.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's 3:30 am Sunday and I am up because . . .

the doorbell rang and was followed by a series of knocks. Norfolk police at door. Someone broke into my husband's truck and stole . . . wait for it . . . a $25 trickle charger for battery. Ripped the wire out. Just wait until they get home and figure out it's not an iPad or Kindle or whatever they thought it was. Had started coughing again just before that so I needed to get up and take my meds again anyway. Yep, sick again. We took some vacation days the week of 3/10 and went to NC. First couple days temps were in 70's then the night before we were to start home, temps dropped 40 degrees and it began to snow. Drove in snow until east of Asheville. Hubby had started coughing on way home and it seemed he had a bad cold coming on. By the time we reached home, it was clearly some flu he'd picked up. At first, I thought I'd be lucky because I'd had my flu shot and he hadn't. Seems I was wrong. He made it to work this past Monday, even while feeling a little rough. I went thru the "just a cold" stage and by Friday was in respiratory trouble, wheezing and miserable. Managed to stay awake and watch the VCU Rams (my aluma mater) lose to a lesser ranked team in the final moments of it's game. I feel bad for the poor freshman everyone wants to blame for the loss. We were all rookies at some time! Trying hard to keep from going into bronchitis again. Living on nasty Nitequil, lots of fluids, inhalor, and trying to eat a little something every time hubby prompts me. This too shall pass. Something free soon - really!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

And may the luck of the Irish be with you. I'm proud of my Irish heritage even though it's a bit less than half. My mother's side (and her the picture of an Irish colleen with strawberry blonde hair, hazel eyes, and milky complexion when young and still lovely with her silver hair when she died in her 70's)was mostly Irish with her maternal grandfather a Welsh miner, who came to America, and some Scottish mixed in somewhere. English on my father's side all the way back to Jamestown, VA colony. So much for my history lesson lol. I've made you a quickpage with my Shamrock Season kit seen here:
which is at DigiStyleDesigns
Pick up QP here: Dont' forget to wear your green!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A little more of Some Romantic Evening

Today a cluster frame I made for you:
Pick it up here:

Jack: a kit for the men in our lives

Added to DigiStyle Designs, Jack is a kit for the men in our lives. The kit consists of 18 papers in casual denim, plaids, and shirt type prints. The elements are generally office related and include 5 frames, various fasteners, ruler, writing instruments, clipboard (clip is separate so you can position something under it), notepad and binder, grosgrain ribbons, pocket watch, several buttons, rope trim, zipper, and a jean pockets border among others.
You can find it here:

Friday, March 7, 2014

Summer Afternoon

Have a look at this lovely new kit from my friend, Liv (Country Liv's Graphics):
Love these colors! I am so ready for warm weather. Check Liv's blog to see more of her designs and where you can purchase them. Sign up for her newsletter too.

Some Romantic Evening

Here is a freebie made with some items I created for a CAK at a former store. The quick page was made by my CT, Judy Underhill. Hope you like it.
You will find it here:

Digital concept store opens

Have you checked out this new digital store? Miriana is developing a concept store - one that will eventually sell everything digital that you can think of. How cool is that? I know a lot of these designers and can tell you it's worth a visit.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Taking some time . . .

this month to continue working on back issue and also do some creative play. Winter has been hard and I really need a change - of scenery, creative venue, yada, yada. Have been doing some experimenting with collage type papers. This is my very first so be understanding, okay? You may use it any way you want.
Get it here: Back at work on one of my novels as well as experimenting graphically and trying to catch up on housework I couldn't get done while in PT. Will be off and on this month. But will try to get more freebies up. Hugs!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Here's the Thing (writing exercise)

PT was killer last week and I'm about through with it. ready to go back to doing my aqua therapy stuff. Doing some graphic experiments when I can be at PC and have gone back to doing some writing. This is a quick little exercise I did, just running with a phrase you often hear, "Here's the thing."
"Here's the thing," he said, his tone growing solemn. [para] There was always a "thing," she thought wearily. [para] "If I don't take this job now, there might not be another opportunity." [para] "So, take it. Do what you think is best. I wouldn't want you to miss out on something good." [para] He smiled and shoved his hair back from his forehead. "Great! I knew you'd understand. So you'll go with?" [para] It was her turn to smile but she tried to keep it small and gentle. "No, I like it here; I'm going to stay." [para] "What?" [para] " I like this location, my new job, and I've made some great friends, although I know you don't like them." [para] He made a disparaging sound. "But this offer - it's supposed to be a great place to live. You can find another job, make friends - better friends." [para] "No, I don't think so." [para] "You're kidding!" He searched her face, sure she was pulling his leg. "But I thought you wanted to find a nice place to live, get married, raise a few rug rats? With this raise, we could maybe do that." [para] "Yes and no. I like this place, this job, these friends. Why move again? I know, it's better for you but I don't see how it is for me. [para] I would like to get married someday and have a couple children - not 'rug rats,' - but I won't be doing that with you." [para] For a minute he just stared at her, dumbfounded. She did not shy from his gaze but tried to keep her expression neutral as a feeling of exhileration swept through her. Why, she wondered, had she put this off? She'd known for a while the relationship was going nowhere and had lost track of why she'd ever been attracted to him in the first place. [para] "I don't understand." He clearly didn't. [para] She motioned for him to sit down beside her on the sofa. When he did, she reached over and patted his hand. "I'm sorry, but it's just not working out. I've been meaning to talk to you, to tell you I think we're wrong for each other. You'd be better off with someone else." [para] "Just like that? Six months together and you're going to throw it all away? There's someone else, isn't there? Someone at that office. Who is he?" [para] She let out a heavy sigh as she realized he was going to make things difficult. Not because he really cared about her, but because he never liked any of his little plans to go astray. She tried calmly to explain that there was no other man she was interested in. In their time together, she told him, she'd come to see that their dispositions were too different, their plans for the future too disimilar. [para] He began again in a weedling tone. "We can work this out. We just need more time. Come with me to . . . ." [para] She stood and began walking towards the bedroom. "I am going to spend the night at Sandra's. I'm sure you have a lot to do to get ready for this big opportunity." [para] "You can't walk out on me like this!" he declared angrily. "The least you could do is help me pack for my trip tomorrow!" [para] She continued to put together an overnight case for her visit. "Sure, I could do that, like I always do. But I think you can manage." [para] "Can't you manage to be civil about this! You're not giving me a chance . . . ." [para] She zippd the bag closed and turned to face the angry figure in the doorway. "I am managing to be civil. And why not? I manage everything else." [para] "What's that supposed to mean?" [para] Sighing heavily, she ducked under his arm and walked to the door. [para] "You could take the garbage down while you're going," she heard him say as the door closed behind her. [para] Sure, everytime she left the apartment, she could take the garbage out, or pick up something on her way home. It didn't matter what her plans were. But it did now. [space] copyright Sherry D'Ambrosio