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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Another Yesterday freebie & new

As of 7:30 last night, I am the proud owner of a 2016 Highlander! I hate the negotiation process! The manager that my husband had words with called yesterday morning after hubby had go on-line to place bids with area dealers. We were scheduled to go look at one in a distant city when I got the call. I let the guy know we had already met and he couldn't meet our price so we had contacted other dealers and we had a quote that was just a little over what we wanted to pay. He apologized to me and said if we would be willing to come back, he thought he could do something for us. After talking a little more, he promised to call me back in five minutes after seeing what he could come up with. I reminded him we wanted the bottom line, all included figure and he called back with one only $1,000 over what we had offered and said if we came by that evening , he take another $200 off. So we went and I came home in my new ooh la la rouge Highlander. Drives like a dream! So smooth and quiet after my Blazer. I'm happy with the deal and glad to have dependable transport.

Took Dad to hematologist today who said the other doctors are upset over nothing in terms of his "low" platelets. He re-tested him and compared to previous tests. Dad just has lower numbers than most people. He assured Dad that the ER doc had made a good diagnosis based on the EKG done there and his symptoms but agrees with cardiologist and family doc that it is unlikely he has congestive heart failure. He does think the cardiologist is going to have to re-set Dad's heart rhythm by shock to get that back to normal and he is scheduling liver function tests. I knew liver disease was a possible cause for the fluid buildup so we will wait and see what the tests show.

And now zip 18 of Yesterday.

I have 2 more zips of Yesterday and then - not sure what is next.

1 comment:

KM Miller said...

Thank you for the freebie! Congrats on the new SUV.

Hope they are able to pinpoint the cause of your father's water retention. He is blessed your such an attentive daughter.

Have a great weekend.