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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It's Tuesday and I have some good news and a freebie

dad and I wouldn't admit to one another yesterday as we waited for the hematologist/oncologist, but we were both expecting bad news. Instead the doctor assured us that Dad is not having any trouble making platelets and the fact that his count has been a little lower recently is probably due to the out of sync heartbeat. As far as the "scars" on the liver shown on the ultrasound, it is just fibrosis and some of that can be expected due to his age and also due to long term diabetes. We were told he saw nothing to worry about. I asked about the fluid buildup and as I suspected, it is most likely due to the heart problem. The doctor thinks once the heart's normal rhythm is restored by the cardiac inversion ("shock") and some fluid medication is given, the accumulation of fluid should reduce greatly. He also said Dad is not at high risk for a stroke and that once the heart's rhythm is restored, he would like to see Dad come off the blood thinners, as he should not need them. That's a relief! Just hope that when we go back to the cardiologist on 10/13 we will be given a date soon after for the inversion so Dad can get on his way to feeling better.

In other "news" our new porch railings are up so we will be more secure going up and down the steps come winter weather. And my husband talked to the city attorney's office and now knows how to file a claim against the city for the damage being done to our house because of street problems. However, until the city actually corrects the street problem, there is no point in having any repairs done. We will be calling the streets and bridges department again to inform them that the longer it takes them to fix the problem, the more damage is occurring and that we have already spoken with city attorney and our insurance company. Just makes me so angry because we had just gotten the living room ceiling done about a month before all the house shaking began and now we will have to go through all that mess again to correct the damage.

Sorry to ramble on. Here is today's freebie:

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