Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Freebie zip 8 of Grandmother's House and more family news

Wednesday already. Yesterday took Dad to hospital for the ultrasound of his liver. Was supposed to take about 30 minutes. Overall we were gone about 5 hours. After finding 2 "scars" on his liver, the tech called the ordering doctor who decided they should scan everything in his abdominal cavity. Dad was confused about why he might have scars on his liver. Like many, Dad thought that sort of thing only happened from alcohol abuse and he never drank. I was able to explain that hepatitis and even diabetes can damage the liver and liver damage could explain many of his recent symptoms. We will see the doctor who ordered the tests on Monday and will learn more. Meanwhile, the cardiologist's office called to reschedule that November appointment for October 13. Then they will tell him what to expect of the cardiac inversion which they should have scheduled by that time.

I did my follow-up today and hope the blood test will show my liver is clear from the Tylenol damage.

Today I have this for you:

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