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Monday, September 12, 2016

Re Dad

Full day. Cardiologist did blood work and started Dad on a new drug that is supposed to help regulate his heartbeat. Told us to make an appointment for a month from now and when we went in he would set up a date for dad to go to hospital for the cardiac inversion (shocking heart back into rhythm). Next appointment and only with assistant is end of November! But they will put Dad on cancellation list. He is frustrated with being so tired all the time. Sow e went over to his bank to make a deposit only to find 4 police cars surrounding it. Not good. Drove out to Virginia Beach to make his deposit, then stopped by pharmacy to pick up new prescription. I could use a late nap but grandson (oldest one _ Tyler) is due over at 6pm for dinner and to watch football with his Papa. Husband is doing all the cooking but I've got to go in and clear dining table. It seems to collect everything! Will go ahead and set up tomorrow's freebie because I'll be with Dad at hospital tomorrow for liver function test. You know how those things are: hurry up and wait. Another long day coming up.

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KM Miller said...

Pray all goes well with your dad.