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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday freebie

Today we are up to zip 19 of Grandmother's House & only 5 more zips to go. Hope you have enjoyed this kit.

It's looking like this fall is going to continue being chaotic. Everyday I'm going by dad's at least once, taking him some dinner, checking on how he looks and how he feels. Every week there is at least one medical appointment to go to - mostly his but I have a couple this month too. October is going to be more frantic with Dad's appointment to hear about the inversion (why haven't they just done it already!), the Red Hat Convention in N.C. for 3 days (hope I don't have to cancel as fees are non-refundable) and my Red Hat group's Halloween Tea which I am planning and cooking for. Somewhere in there I have an appointment with my pulmonologist, therapist, need eye exam, and heaven help me, this house is a disaster zone! You probably think I'm exaggerating the bit about the house but I'm not. This stuff with Dad has given me a fibro flare-up and my chronic depression isn't level like it usually is. Someone mentioned up coming holidays to me and all I could do is groan. Can't say I am looking forward to it this year! Sorry for the whining.

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