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Monday, September 26, 2016

Got a couple things done today and freebie

Was supposed to take Dad to his podiatrist today but he wasn't feeling well enough to go so he canceled. Nothing of major concern - just felt achy all over, had tummy problems and a little more shortness of breath. It's really tough finding something he will eat and I've been worried he isn't eating much. Dad is very picky so every day I have to ask what he would like for dinner and then take it to him. Today he only wanted a plain baked potato, said he had his own brand of margarine to put on it and when I got a chance, I could pick him up a box of Crispix because he was tired of having biscuits for breakfast. On the way to take him his baked potato, I stopped for the cereal and picked up a couple of Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes things from Michelena and got some seedless red grapes. Well those "dinners" wouldn't do for emergencies (even though he will eat some Salisbury steak) because they have mushrooms in them. But he was pleased to have the grapes. I asked if he was at least drinking his daily Glucerna. He said he is and told me he knows he's difficult about eating. [Sigh} What am I to do?

But since I didn't have to take dad to the doctor I was able to go exchange the license plates on new car for handicapped plates, got the Verizon paper notarized again and mailed out.

Here is today's zip:

Hope everyone has been able to download the zips now? When I reloaded Dropbox, I didn't have to replace any files so if you missed any of this year's freebies, they are all still available. Except the New Year's kit. think that one is gone.

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