Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's Thursday - freebie

It's Thursday and I spent several hours over at Dad's doing some cleaning. He slept the whole time I was there. Called him about 4 PM to tell him to get up and move around some, get something to drink and eat dinner. Could tell he was really groggy so called back an hour later to see if he was up. He said he was on his way to get something to drink and hadn't eaten yet. Yesterday my husband made pork chops and bland mac 'n cheese like Mom used to make for Dad. He never got around to eating it! Says he will heat and eat it tonight but has no appetite. Hated to do it, but warned him if he doesn't eat and keep up fluids he will end up in the hospital with a feeding tube. Then right as I'm ready to hang up, Dad says he thinks he is getting a shingles outbreak! Unlike Thom and I, Dad only had it once but it was all over his back. Right now I don't think he can handle another bad outbreak so I'll go over in the morning to check it out and take him to urgent care if needed. Sure hope he is wrong.

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Deb Burroughs said...

I sure hope your dad starts eating and that it is not shingles! Blessings and prayers going your way...

Sue Kimmet said...

I was lucky to receive the beautiful perfume bottle that sat on my grandmother's vanity. My daughter now has it in her guest bath. Thanks for the chance to add that memory to my collection!