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Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's Sunday but ... freebies

The last couple of days I've tried to take care of some household chores and in between vegetated. I realized late last night that I hadn't posted on Fridayy or Saturday so let me give you those zips now.
Friday;s freebie:
Saturday zip:

And it is football Sunday time again - yuck! Hubby gets so into games and loud that I can't sit in living room and read or anything. And grandson calls every few minutes for them to compare notes. Guys!

Guess I'll get something useful done now. Thanks to all for sympathetic comments re my father.Hugs.

1 comment:

KM Miller said...

Thank you for fixing the drop box issues. I am so happy to download all your elements and papers.

I'm afraid I am much like your hubby, I LOVE football and am an avid fan of my beloved Vikings. And I watch way too many games...Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football are on even if in the background while I scrap. My husband just smiles. ;)

Have a blessed day!