Friday, September 30, 2016

Soaked to the skin & a freebie

I just walked in after several hours over at Dad's. He said his back wasn't itching and I forgot to look at it. I'm betting it was just an insect bite. The hardest part of doing anything over there is that he keeps the temperature at 81 degrees! I overheat anyway and heat and humidity make it difficult for me to breathe but I got some stuff done. June, his girlfriend, has been staying at the house the last few years but after her last hospital visit, she has been moved into an apartment in a senior facility that has assisted living. She had asked Dad to bring some of her clothes next time he came over so I went in and bagged and boxed up what I could and will get those to her next week whether Dad feels up to going or not. Did more laundry and changed the linens. Was going to clean the kitchen when I discovered the kitchen sink is clogged. He didn't have any drain cleaner so it ended there. Tonight he is going to make himself a grilled cheese sandwich with the supplies I brought over and eat an apple. Got a list of things he needs from grocery and added it to mine. Wanted to come home and clean up before going to the store but could tell I wasn't going to want to go back out so I went with my hair pinned up, in housework clothes and sweaty. Too bad; I decided if people didn't like how I looked, they could just look away. At least we are having left-over spaghetti tonight so once I post your freebie, I'm washing up and changing into comfy pjs.

Today, zip 22:

Please know I appreciate all your supportive comments and prayers for Dad. Hugs

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Anonymous said...

even if you have had shingles you can get the shot to prevent anymore out breaks the dr. gave my mom the shot while she still had patches on her back