Thursday, September 8, 2016

Another free zip of Grandmother's House

I've got the pension blues today. Every time I turn around, I hit another snag. Needed to send proof of hubby's DOB and time running out but fax didn't do well. Got that straight. Then learned that divorce decree (from first marriage) didn't have anything about property settlement so it could take a month for that to be settled. Further investigation showed that decree said something about property settlement as per separation agreement. Bad news as I no longer have copy of separation agreement and after today Verizon has to send a new pension package to me to fill in all over again. Missed the deadline to have all in. Have written to ex to see if he can fax a copy of separation agreement (he's sure to have a copy). But it will be about 10 days before new package arrives so I can send that in. All supporting materials will already be there. At this rate it will be December or January before I get a payment but at least it's retroactive to March. [Big sigh!]

Today's zip:

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