Thursday, September 22, 2016

Accident and Wednesday freebie

Left Dad's doctor's office on Monday feeling a little relief. (Tuesday post was scheduled ahead.) Then 4am Tuesday Dad called and asked my husband to come over and help him up. He'd gotten out of bed, gone to bathroom and as he came back to bed, he remembers putting his hand on the bed to sit down and next thing he knew, he woke up on the floor and couldn't get up. So husband went over with my key and told me to give him a 5 minute start then call ambulance. We didn't want to take a chance on moving Dad in case he'd broken something. By the time I got there, the paramedics had been and gone. They checked Dad out and said it didn't appear anything was broken but would take him to hospital for future evaluation. Of course, Dad said "no." When I arrived husband was a little frustrated because he had been trying to get Dad securely back in bed but he was still sitting on edge and he was afraid maybe Dad was disorganized. Overall, Dad seemed okay so I got him tucked back into bed and assured him I was going to stay overnight in case he felt worse. He slept in hard. I got little sleep because he keeps the house way too warm and I was trying to sleep on the lumpy old sofa. Around 10am Tuesday morning I woke him up to eat some breakfast and take his pills. Took a look at his back, about a fourth of it scrapped lightly and bruised. He had knocked off the front trim on the bed side stand and hit his back on that on his way down. I applied a little Neosporin and when he decided to take a nap, I came home for a little sleep. We have been back and forth since, checking on him and bringing him meals. Husband took him in Wednesday for his Coumadin check and told his doctor about the fall. She did a series of x-rays (about 15 Dad said) and decided there was no damage other than the scrape and some bruises and gave him a prescription for the back. I took prescription over and applied and made sure he was okay. Called my brother in Florida with update and then caught up on some much needed rest. I don't know what to think about the fall - could have been low blood sugar or electrolytes since he's had bouts of diarrhea. He won't drink Gatorade so I brought him some Powerade which isn't as bad to taste but he's worried about amount of sugar and or salt in it and hasn't drunk any yet! Could also be because of heart irregularity. Sure wish they would do that cardiac inversion sooner!

It's been raining so hard her last two days that all area schools were cancelled today because of flooding. Having to be extra careful going out to Dad's.

Whew - sorry about my venting but I'm sure you can understand I'm worried.

Wednesday freebie is:
And here is today's zip:
Hope all is well with you friends!


Anonymous said...

I also had AFIB and passed out because of no blood to brain. When they zap him and adjust his meds he'll be fine. If he won't drink the Rower Aid try an instant breakfast drink the powdered kind mixed with milk, same as Insure only way cheaper.

KM Miller said...

How scary for you and your dad. Glad he checked out ok for fractures.
Remember to take care of yourself as caregiver.

*having trouble with the links to today's Grandma's House. File does not exist.


Deb Burroughs said...

I know your dad will feel better after the cardio-vert. My sister had one and it really changed how she felt! It's good that you are so close and can help him.
I am also having problems with the downloads today.

carolynf said...

I can't download. It says the file does not exist.

Carlyn Moore said...

HI - Have been unable to d/l GH #14 & #15 for the last few days. Is it something to do with my computer or firewall? would love to complete this series as I admire your artwork. Thanks for all of your freebies. Love each and everyone.

Angela Hobbs said...

Sending good thoughts for you and you r family!
Thank you so much for your kindness and generous gifts, in the
time of your own need. I do think keeping busy with art tho, is one of the best things to keep your mind occupied with positive things. It is good medicine ;)