Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday freebie & car buying

And today we have zip 17 of Yesterday:

Yesterday we took care of some errands and went by Farmer's Market hoping to buy some corn. The ears were a little small and they were charging $6.50 for a dozen! Not happening. Husband surprised me by stopping in at a Toyota dealer so I could see if the Highlander I want will fit him so he'd have use if his truck breaks down. I saw one in ooh la la rouge I liked and gave it a test drive. Smooth! We made an offer but manager came back with $4,000 more than we wanted to pay and he and husband didn't get along. Today hubby has been negotiating with other dealers and we are set to go to Elizabeth City to see one that is just a bit over price we wanted to pay. I was headed out the door to pick up some stuff from grocery store when the manager from yesterday called and we talked. He has now made an offer about $500 less than Elizabeth City so waiting for husband to come home from taking grand-daughter to doctor appointment. I could have a new car by tonight!

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