Saturday, June 30, 2018

Memphis 80s #6

Another hot day. Sure makes ya feel like just lazing around and we pretty much are. Did make a Costco run because I was out of my magnesium supplement. What a zoo! There was only one person in there who showed good manners - a little old Chinese woman. Everyone else acted as if he/she was the only person in the store. Didn't bother to look to see if anyone was coming before making wild turns. Didn't think about stopping in the middle of an aisle in such a way that you couldn't get by while they stood there playing with their phone or just looking off into space. It's a wonder more children don't get run over in that store!


I wasn't planning on doing anything for July 4th (scrapwise I mean) but got to fooling around and decided to make a couple quick pages. Turns out it will be a little more than that. Not a full kit but some stuff. So check in on July 4 for another freebie

Have to share this old photo I came across. Can you imagine going to the beach dressed like this? I'm imagining this old woman falling out with from heat stroke moments after the photographer snapped this photo.

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