Saturday, June 9, 2018

They come in 3s & Saturday freebie

My mother used to say that deaths come in 3s. It does seem that way. My Dad in February, Tyler's paternal grandmother last month, and my DIL's mother yesterday. My son and DIL's anniversary is June 11. They had planned a vacation in Florida this year for their anniversary. But they had a very bad day yesterday. Their first flight was leaving from Baltimore so they drove from Pennsylvania around 4:00 a.m. About halfway to Baltimore they stopped to get some coffee and DIL discovered she had left her purse and ID at home, so back to PA they drove. Got to Baltimore, paid extra for valet parking and just missed their flight. Paid for another. Got to Atlanta for last flight and were on the plane when Berkeley got notice her mother had died. She went to pilot with the news and he arranged for them to get off the plane. Back to Baltimore to pick up their car, then on the road to Richmond, VA where they finished the day in the funeral home making arrangements for cremation. Son is being supportive but bummed about loss of much needed vacation and all the lost money. Viewing is tomorrow but I won't be going. Will go up for memorial however, which is expected to be a couple weeks from now. Meanwhile have contacted B's sister and father with sympathies.

Learned yesterday that my labs were good except I'm low in magnesium and that is probably what is causing the plantar fasciities. Started taking supplement again and did my third day of pool for this week. I feel like my posture is improving a little but still pretty tired so stamina lacking. Trying new inhaler but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Oddly enough, you aren't supposed to have to rinse your mouth after taking this one but I sure do. Really need my energy to pick up because so much needs doing around here.

Suddenly Mimi clapped her hands. "Cupcakes!" she exclaimed and looked at Larkin. "Isn't that your favorite treat?" "I love cupcakes!" Larkin agreed. And off they went to search out cupcakes. They found a good variety. It was just a matter of making a choice.
Note: That is a big border, just sized to show hole thing in preview. Also, cupcakes and cake stand included as separate items.

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Bonnie Purtell said...

The fact is that I have believe that your mom is right. Every time there has been a death in our family, the two more follow. In understanding how you feel, I probably can't, because, no one truly knows how other people feel. I do have an understanding of how difficult these times can be. I lost my mother this past Wednesday. So, even though we both may feel different things, my sympathy is with you and my thoughts and prayers are for you. I share in your sorrow. God has more angels now. May God Bless and bring you peace in these times of sorrow.
as always, Bonnie